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Tuesday, February 5th  Arboriculture  Business & Management H Horticulture Skills  Landscape Architecture & Design  Landscape Management  Plants & Production 8:00 - 9:00 am Class Choices (continued) TURFGRASS TUESDAY -------------------------------------------

Sprinkler Scheduling & Efficiency for Turf Health

(L06) L David Evers, CIC, Sales Manager, Hunter Industries Inc. This session provides a concise explanation of proper irrigation scheduling based on soil and turf type. Learn to conserve the most water while ensuring your plants remain healthy. CEUs 1 = IRR: Tier 1 / SAF: 2


All-America Selections, Past, Present & Future (P06) P Diane Blazek, All-America Selections, National Garden Bureau All-America Selections has just celebrated their 80th anniversary and are launching several new initiatives, all designed to make AAS Winners more relevant, more well-known and in the end, help you sell more product that's guaranteed to help consumers be more successful gardeners. CEUs 1 = LA:HSW

We Warned You: EAB, WTB & IFA Are Here! (A02) A

Eric Day, Manager, Insect ID Lab, VA Tech, Dept. of Entomology For many years these beasties have been encroaching on our borders. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Learn about EAB (Emerald Ash Borer), WTB (Walnut Twig Beetle), and last but not least, the onerous IFA (Imported Fire Ant), if you haven’t come across that one already. Now that these insect pests are officially in Virginia, what are the implications for our industry? CEUs 1 = ISA: A,C,M,Bs / SAF: 1-CF

9:00 - 9: 15 Am BREAK 9:15 - 11: 30 Am Workshop CHOICES

Antsy About ANSI? New Tree Maintenance Standards & You (A03) A

Donald F. Blair, President, Sierra Moreno Mercantile Company, Inc. Rob Springer, Safety & Training Coordinator, Bartlett Tree Experts Get in-depth information from two top ANSI A300 Standards experts. Find out what is critically important, why they were written and how to implement them as standard practice every day. CEUs 2.25 = ISA: A,U,C,M,Bm / LA:HSW / SAF: 2 (2 only)

Woody Plant Propagation Workshop (WP1)

Brian Upchurch, Owner, Highland Creek Nursery This workshop introduces different plant propagation methods of rooted cuttings, grafting, seed propagation, and tissue culture. It will then take an in-depth, hands-on look at the primary method of modern woody plant propagation by rooting cuttings. Learn about timing, stock plants, media, hormones, and mist systems. LIMIT 20. Repeated Tuesday afternoon.

9:15 - 10:15 am CLASS CHOICES

Superior Plants for Southern Gardens (D07) D

Buddy Lee, Director of Plant Innovations, PDSI Gardening is a Southern tradition. Gardenias, crepe myrtles and azaleas have successfully served as the backbone of the gardens for many years. The “new plant craze” has brought an onslaught of new and/or improved plant varieties to the market. Let’s review some new varieties that have performed well for the Southern gardener. CEUs 1 = DCR / ISA: A,M,Bs / LA:HSW

Bug Basics (H07) H

Dan Nortman, Extension Agent, Virginia Cooperative Extension Did you know that 99% of insect species are beneficial? Learn practical ID and how to handle damage after the bugs are gone. CEUs 1 = ISA: A,C,M,Bs / SAF: 2

TURFGRASS TUESDAY -------------------------------------------

Managing High Traffic Turf Areas (L07) L

Bradley Park, Sports Turf Research & Education, Rutgers University A common problem facing sports field and grounds managers is contending with overuse of turfgrass areas, most notably sports fields. This talk explores practical methods of improving and maintaining turf cover on these difficult to manage locations. CEUs 1 = DCR / SAF: 2


Irrigation in Nursery Tree Production (P07) P

Donna Fare, Research Horticulturist, US National Arboretum, USDA Container grown trees perform better with afternoon irrigation rather than morning irrigation and when using cyclic irrigation with a micro-irrigation system. Emitter selection is critical to managing nutrient and irrigation effluent. Learn why. CEUs 1 = IRR: Tier 1 / ISA: A,M,Bp / LA:HSW / SAF: 2

10:15 - 10: 30 Am BREAK 10:30 - 11:30 am CLASS CHOICES Gardens of the Gods (D08) D Ellen Zachos, Garden Designer, Owner, Acme Plant Stuff Ancient Greek literature is filled with references to plants that were used for cooking, magic and medicine. This presentation describes 15 plants cited in the classics and details their practical uses for 2,000 years. Discover where they grow today and how to add them to your designs. CEUs 1 = LA

Irrigation Components: Parts & How Irrigation Systems Work (H08) H

David Evers, CIC, Sales Manager, Hunter Industries Inc. A very basic overview of the "nuts and bolts" of an irrigation system, and how they operate. Understanding the difference in types of controllers as well as what they control. CEUs 1 = IRR: Tier 1 / ISA: A,M,Bp / SAF: 2

CEUs 2.25 = ISA: A,Bs / LA / SAF: 1-CF (2 only)

2013 Mid-Atlantic Horticulture Short Course


2013 Mid Atlantic Horticulture Short Course Program  

2013 Mid Atlantic Horticulture Short Course Program

2013 Mid Atlantic Horticulture Short Course Program  

2013 Mid Atlantic Horticulture Short Course Program