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Paloma Leon Campos has a master’s degree from

Kjell Havnevik is currently senior researcher at the

the Department of International Environment and

Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala, and professor of

Development Studies, Noragric. Her master’s thesis was

development studies at the University of Agder. His

a study on the different perspectives on development and

has worked with Norwegian, Swedish and Tanzanian

its linkages with indigenous food systems. Paloma holds

universities and research institutions for four decades

a Bachelor in Pedagogy with a major in Sociology from

developing and conducting research and education

the University of Oslo and has worked as a teacher and

relating to rural development, agrarian change, the role

seminar leader in Nicaragua. She is also a lover of music,

of international financial institutions and development

literature, movies and plans to take a course in video

assistance. He is currently developing cross-continental

editing in the future.

and cross-cultural research networks (Latin-America, Africa and the Nordic countries) addressing the critical

Piper Donlin is a master’s student at the Centre for

role of agriculture and rural development (production/

Environment and Development studying indigenous

food security, environmental- and employment issues) for

food systems and food sovereignty in the US. Piper

an alternative sustainable development model.

holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy and Sustainability from the University of Minnesota. Piper is

Tex Hawkins is a retired conservation biologist from

a contributor to the UiO blog, “Matlære.” She is also an

the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Hawkins graduated

avid lover of food and cooking and spends a great deal

from the University of Minnesota in Wildlife Biology

of time in the kitchen experimenting to the delight (and

and Mass Communication, and conducted post-graduate

dismay) of her partner, Carl Frederik.

fieldwork at Texas A&M. He was the North American Representative to the Scientific and Technical Review

Dr. Meredith Gartin is a scholar of global health and a

Panel of the International Treaty on Wetlands, known

postdoctoral fellow with the Urban Sustainability Research

as the Ramsar Convention, and reviewed draft reports

Coordination Network. Dr. Gartin examines urban food

and proposals of related U.N. treaties, on biodiversity,

systems. Prior to conducting her research in Paraguay, it

desertification and climate. He currently works at Winona

was implied that food deserts could exist in the Global

State University on interdisciplinary sustainability, climate,

South; yet, no prior empirical evidence provided support

and agriculture. Hawkins lives in Winona with his Costa

for food deserts in the region. Nor was there evidence to

Rican wife Amalfi.

support if the impacts on individuals who reside in food deserts are the same (or even worse) in the Global South

Cecilie Hirsch is a Phd fellow at the Centre for

as compared to various cases from the Global North. Her

Development and the Environment, and a PhD student

empirical research has been published in a special issue

at Noragric at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

on Global Obesity in 2012 with the American Journal of

Cecilie has worked with social movements in Latin

Human Biology.

America the last 10 years, and has done both fieldwork and organizational work in Mexico, Guatemala and

Arve Hansen works at the Centre for Development

Bolivia. She is currently writing her PhD thesis about civil

and the Environment, University of Oslo, and has spent

society’s participation in environmental policy making in

a considerable amount of time in Vietnam during the last

Bolivia, REDD and socio environmental conflicts. Fan

5 years. Normally a development geographer studying

of Latin American cuisine, such as beans, quinoa, maize

consumption and capitalism, he has made a serious

tortillas and hot chili-tomato-coriander sauce (aji), or a

attempt to taste every dish (excluding dog and cat) offered

real seafood ceviche made by her Ecuadorian partner.

in the amazing variety of Hanoian street food.


Tvergastein Issue #5  

Food Rights and Food Fights

Tvergastein Issue #5  

Food Rights and Food Fights