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Welcome Hi everyone, welcome to the Summer Edition, I do hope you are all well. At last freedom from lockdown is here - although it’s a cautious one and we are far from back to ‘normal’! In this edition I have an article on setting up a garden office. This one is close to my heart as I was an early adopter of working from home. I have been working in my garden for around 25 years now, even before I started The Village Directory! I was lucky enough to have a trusting, forward thinking boss in London that allowed me to work from home for part of the week so that I could organise my working life around my son when he was young. The recent lockdown has introduced many of you to this way of working and the challenges it presents, least of all being able to get away from ‘The Office’! My office at home kept being move from one room to another, there was no perfect spot, and it was often a dumping ground for anything that came through the letterbox. That was until my husband spotted the solution at the garden centre - a summer house we could use as an office.

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It was perfect for part-time working from home, but when I began the magazine and working there full time, we realised some issues. It was really hot in the summer and freezing in winter. This is something we could have dealt with at the point of building, but not when everything is in place and you have deadlines to meet. There were also no opening windows, just fixed panes!

worst is over. If any of you are considering a garden office feel free to drop me an email if you want to know more.

All these years later, it’s showing it’s age but it still serves us well, and I do believe it’s one of the best things we did - the worst was not insulating it and having no opening windows! We now have mature plants stategically placed against the east facing wall to reduce heat, but it is still cold in the winter, so I migrate back to the house until the

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Until next time keep stay safe.



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LIQUID GOLD Water conservation and management in the garden

As you swivel the magic turnkey that releases a gushing stream of clean and sparkling water into your can, pause for a moment. Marvel at the luck of the draw that finds us living in a part of the world where water is available for us to use and to misuse. The water that you pour into summer hanging baskets and sprinkle liberally on your beds and borders was once excreted by huge reptiles. Your café latte contains dinosaur pee. Indeed, water on Planet Earth has been here for almost five billion years and the total amount is just about the same as ever. It represents the ultimate success story in terms of recycling. So, what’s the problem – we’re all familiar with the water cycle, right? A massive 97.5 per cent of water contains salt. So that means that only 2.5 per cent of Earth’s water is suitable for our use – and the majority of that is frozen and therefore unavailable. It’s hugely expensive and difficult to extract fresh water from the sea. It can take thousands of years for some parts of the water cycle to complete, such as the replenishment of underground aquifers. The warming planet Climate change is causing a warmer atmosphere. This holds more moisture and means that some areas will be wetter, whilst the dry regions will continue to get drier. We either have too much water or too little; Goldilocks would rarely judge things to be ‘just right’. We all need to do our bit, so what ‘bit’ is best in a garden? Firstly, let’s understand some of the consequences of what can happen when we interfere with the precious surface of the earth, both with and without a capital letter: • We cover it in impermeable material so that water falling on this will act in an unpredictable and sometimes dangerous way. Water moves into rivers far more quickly when there are fewer surfaces to soak it up en route. • We send water cascading into drainage pipes that can so easily be overwhelmed, eventually causing flooding.

• We confine rivers and drain flood plains so that water channels are no longer big enough during times of excess rainfall. • We cut down trees and remove vegetation, reducing the absorption potential of plants and destabilising soil that had previously been held in place by roots. Land surfaces can easily capsize and slip away when the anchors have been removed. How can gardeners help? • It’s a win-win situation. Creating space for water within a garden can be life-enhancing. Aim to slow rainfall down – allow some of it to be absorbed in vegetation, then catch and retain some more. Provide a pond that collects water run-off, then enjoy watching the biodiverse-rich habitats that develop. Surround your pond with plants that can cope with flooding and drought. They will help to absorb some of the excess during times-aplenty, but they won’t die of heat exhaustion during a prolonged dry spell. Some examples are: Acanthus, Asters, Astilbe, Brunnera, Carex, Cornus, Eupatorium, Hemerocallis, Iris, Kniphofia, Miscanthus, Monarda, Persicaria, Rudbeckia, Sanguisorba, Scabious and many more. Experimentation is all part of your gardening fun. • In places that require hard materials, choose porous options through which the rain can drain. By Caroline Knight:


The Garden • Divert your downpipes into water butts – these can be surprisingly beautiful if you shop around. It means you capture some of the rainwater for use when you need it the most. • Choose drought-tolerant planting for the driest parts of your garden. These plants will generally have silvery-coloured leaves or foliage that is covered in fine hair, which cuts down on evaporation through the leaf pores. Once established, they should survive the hottest, driest weather that they are ever likely to get, without needing to be watered. Surround them with gravel, pebbles or boulders as this will conserve what little moisture there is in the soil, plus it looks great too.

• Use plants to help your plants. One species can prop up another and provide shade if they are planted close together. Avoid bare patches of soil that will dry out in hot weather. • Consider adding structural reinforcement to your shed roof so that you can add plants. It’s such a great look and captures water as it falls. Sedums and wildflowers will give you butterflies and bees all spring and summer long. 10+


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This high-quality garden building is one of four designs, each customisable in terms of size, style and budget. TGO4 Garden Room, 5m x 4m, £25,245,

Setting up an office or studio in the garden may be the ideal solution to pressure on space inside the house. Here we outline some points to consider before you start.

than-average windows or additional security, for example. Most people will want electricity in their new outdoor office, but will you also need a landline, a sink with running water, a kitchenette or a WC?

If the future of work is at least partially at home, many of us are going to have to think long and hard about where to set up permanently. Sharing the dining table with the kids or perching on the end of the bed are not going to suffice long term, and although using a spare room as an office can be a great solution, it’s not ideal if you have regular guests to stay, or simply need the storage space. The answer may be a garden building that’s set up as a fully functioning work area – with the bonus of some welcome separation from domestic distractions, but an enjoyably short commute. The first place to start is with an assessment of how you’ll use the building. While a tiny office with not much more than a desk, chair and shelf will suit some, others may require a lot more floor space, specially designed storage, larger-

Garden office painted in Cuprinol Garden Shades Honey Mango and Black Ash, £19.99 for 2.5l,

The Home This unique garden room has a removable desk top. Medium summerhouse garden pod, £18,995,

Next come decisions about quality, size and position. For comfortable working, and to add value to your property, a garden office should be built using good quality materials and to a high standard. Ideally, its style will complement that of the house and garden, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal. On a practical level, insulation is vital. Think walls, floors and roof if the space is going to be used beyond the summer months, with double glazing and draught proofing around doors and windows. Heating is important, too. Many owners of garden studios use electric convention heaters, which can be thermostatically controlled on 24-hour timers. Electric radiators are great, while wood burners look gorgeous and are super-cosy (but must be professionally installed). Considerations of security are equally important. If anything valuable is going to be stored in the space, glass windows (perhaps even double glazed) are infinitely better than plastic, and a sturdy door with a proper lock will be necessary. Size-wise, your garden office must be big enough for your needs but not so large that it decreases your outside space to a problematic degree. A very modest example might not be much over 4m square, while the grander types could be 15 to 20m square or even more. In many scenarios, there will be a maximum size possible, and also an obvious location. Where there is a choice of position, however, think about how close you want the room to be to your home, whether the ground is sloping, where there are trees or other potential obstructions, how the sun falls at certain times of the day, and which way you want the windows and door to face. Unless you’re opting for solar or wind power, and have your own bore hole, consider how you will connect utilities. The closer you are to the house, the cheaper it will be to lay

pipework and cables, whether for lights and plug sockets or a flushing loo. If using the internet is essential, you may be able to access your usual router wirelessly, or extend its signal relatively easily; if not, you may need to lay a wired connection across the garden. And don’t forget how you’ll get from your back door to the new structure. You might need a new path, because it’s no fun trekking across a squelchy lawn in the middle of a rainy winter’s day. Whether you’ll need planning permission is another thing to consider. Most garden buildings are deemed ‘permitted development’, but it’s vital to check with your local authority. If the structure is going to be larger than 15 square metres, or used for sleeping in, then it will have to pass building regulations, too. Bear in mind that, unless you have been granted planning permission to do so, you can’t put an outbuilding in your front garden; nor are you allowed to take up more than 50% of the area of land around the original house. Design-wise, a garden office could take the form of a glorified shed, a futuristic dome, a traditional shepherd’s hut, an all-singing, all-dancing structure that offers every conceivable luxury – or anything in-between. Whatever you decide, whether it be off the shelf, customised or entirely bespoke, your new garden office is limited only by your imagination and your budget. By Katherine Sorrell



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This fun tent bed is made from solid pine and MDF, with lookout holes at each end. Kids Teepee cabin bed by Woood, from £399; matching bookcase, £215; both Cuckooland: 01305 231 231;

Why not make your little one’s room as goodlooking as it is practical? Choose coordinating colours and attractive textures, with appealing accessories to complete the look. The priority in any young child’s bedroom is, of course, to ensure it’s a safe, calm and comfortable space in which to sleep and, once they are a little older, a great place to enjoy playing. What are the key ingredients? To start with, a good mattress and a set of well-fitting blackout curtains or blinds will go a long way towards helping them get a full night’s rest. You will also need suitable flooring, excellent storage and flexible lighting. Finally, add interesting furniture and accessories, and brighten up the walls with eye-catching art. The ideal bedroom floor would be soft and cosy, durable, non-slip and easy to mop. While some man-made carpets claim to be washable, they


Natural colours and textures, with piles of cushions, make a child’s room feel super-comfortable. Nihla bed by Bloomingville, £195; Bloomingville Kesa storage box, £124; Bloomingville Eman sleepy bear basket, £93; all Sweetpea & Willow: 0345 257 2627;

are still susceptible to spills and accidents, and perhaps a more versatile choice would be wooden or laminate floorboards plus a soft rug (with an anti-slip mat beneath). Alternatives include vinyl, linoleum, cork or rubber and, to add extra play potential, why not add a play rug with a printed design such as hopscotch or a racetrack? If you do opt for carpet, look for a texture or pattern that won’t show the dirt, and ask for a stain-resistant treatment before installation.

The Home To encourage children to put things away after themselves, toy and book storage should be plentiful and easy to access. Try to incorporate it into tucked-away spaces such as the alcoves either side of a chimney or below a window, coordinating built-in storage with the decorative features of your home as a whole. Low shelving, securely fixed to the wall, plus a variety of boxes or baskets, is ideal; you could install a few higher shelves for items that you would prefer only to be used under supervision. Avoid heavylidded, traditional toy chests that could trap tiny fingers, and remember the basic rule of storage: suit the size of the container to the size of its contents. Small plastic lidded boxes are perfect for LEGO, Playmobil and so on, while a large basket is great for soft toys. Don’t forget peg rails, hooks and hanging fabric organisers – all of which are useful space savers – but in your storage choices, try to stick to a limited colour palette or a group of similar textures (the natural, neutral look is fashionable and will stand the test of time) so that the room looks thought-through rather than randomly assembled. Well-designed lighting is essential – bright enough to play by in the dim winter months, with a bedside lamp (and maybe one on a desk, too) and some purely decorative extras, such as strings of fairy lights, colour-changing LEDs or a projector lamp. In general, remember always to use the correct wattage of bulb, and position the fitting so that there are no trailing flexes. Inset ceiling lights and high-up wall lights are better than too many floor or table lamps that could

get in the way of games and be knocked over. One option is a wireless lamp that you charge up and can then place wherever it’s needed. Avoid pendant shades that reveal the dazzle of a bulb – though a diffuser will conceal the bulb discreetly. For great adaptability, consider a dimmer switch, which can be retro-fitted quite cheaply (though check that your bulb will work with a dimmer, as not all of them are suitable), and smart lights, operated via remote control, an app or even voice commands. In terms of furniture, it’s best to keep larger, more expensive items relatively neutral, so that they last as long as possible as your child grows up. However, if you have the budget, then a special bed makes an amazing centrepiece, and there are some wonderful options, from tepee beds to cars, rockets and high sleepers that look like castles or tree houses. Without crowding the room too much, you’ll want to add a chest of drawers and a small wardrobe, and possibly a low table or a small desk for reading, writing and craft activities. These can be smartly coordinating or second-hand, vintage or repurposed – provided there are no sharp bits or splinters, a lick of paint can brighten up an old piece no end, and will add heaps of character. For quiet play and general lounging, floor cushions, low stools and beanbags are probably a better (and less expensive) idea than miniature children’s sofas and chairs, which are quickly outgrown. When it comes to finishing touches, there are plenty of ways to add pizzazz to plain walls, from decorative stickers to an entire wall of attractive storage. Oversized images – a mural or an enlarged child’s painting – are full of impact and can set a theme, if you so wish, complementing your furnishings. Add quirky cushions, sweet rugs and interesting lamp shades, and you’ve got an attractive room that’s flexible, functional and – importantly – great fun.

Create a play corner with shelves, desk space and plenty of storage, all at a low level. Bloomingville Moris shelf (on floor), £70; Bloomingville Hubert rattan stool, £50; both Sweetpea & Willow, as above.

By Katherine Sorrell


Views on Life Biographies, memoirs and life lessons…

Who the Hell is….? – Various Authors Academic books aren’t always the easiest of reads. They can feel inaccessible to anyone without a degree in the subject. This series aims to put that right – each book is written in plain, jargon-free English. The series covers key historical intellectuals such as Plato, Rousseau, Marx and Nietzsche. You’ll learn about the events that shaped each person and where they got their ideas from, and take a closer look at three of their key theories.

Slug – Hollie McNish As you’d expect from this hugely popular poet, there’s plenty of humour, honesty and straight talking in Slug. No subject in McNish’s life is out of bounds it seems – she covers everything from birth, periods and motherhood to sex and death. Slug is not a typical poetry book – it’s sprinkled with prose and short stories. If you offend easily, it may not be for you, but if you want to dip into a book that feels like a private conversation with your best friend, Slug is out now. More Than a Woman – Caitlin Moran Caitlin Moran’s second memoir picks up where the first left off. Moran brings her trademark wit as she explores what it means to be a middle-aged woman in modern Britain. She also lets us in on some of the most difficult challenges she’s had to face over the past few years, including helping her teenage daughter battle an eating disorder. It can feel a little smug at times, but on the whole More Than a Woman is well worth a read. Choose Your Own Autobiography – Neil Patrick Harris The clue to this one is in the title – rather than a straightforward ‘the whole truth and nothing but the truth’ memoir, this one gives the reader the chance to choose what to read about next and, in some cases, in which direction Harris should have headed. Will you end up starring in Doogie Howser MD or eaten by piranhas? Only you can choose. Hilarious, insightful and original, this is a great holiday read. Captain Tom’s Life Lessons – Captain Tom Moore and Wendy Holden In 2020, Captain Tom set out to raise money for the NHS. He soon became a household name. A number one single followed, as did his bestselling autobiography, Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day. In Captain Tom’s Life Lessons, he shares some of the things he learned over his 100 years. There’s no preaching or lecturing, just bucketloads of warmth, humility and quiet humour. Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the Planet – Kate Pankhurst Kate Pankhurst has written several children’s books about fantastic women in history. This one focuses on environmental heroes. You’ll read about Jane Goodall and Anita Roddick, alongside lesser-known figures such as Wangari Maathai and Ingebord Beling. Each mini-bio is accompanied by full-colour illustrations. Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the Planet may be aimed at young children, but parents, grandparents and teachers are sure to enjoy it just as much.


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Puzzle Page

R A D G N E You have two minutes to find all the words of three or more letters that can be made from the letters above. Plurals are allowed, proper nouns are not. The 6-letter word will always be just a normal everyday word. 3 letters: 15 4 letters: 19 5 letters: 5 6 letters: 2

Hidato Starting at 1 and finishing at 49, track your

Starting 1 and finishing at 49,either track your way fromatone square to another, way from one square another, placing either horizontally, vertically or to diagonally, horizontally, or diagonally, consecutive vertically numbers into the empty placing squares as numbers you go. Some numbers consecutive into the emptyare squares asalready you go.given. Some numbers are already given.



6 1 8 EASY



43 9







Solve the anagrams then put 2 the 4 grid the words into

3 Easy




48 4


3 9 2 6 8 7 1 3 3 2 4 9 5 8 4 9 6 2 3 6 1 5 4 1 8 2


3 8 20 9 2 6 8 7 12 17 1 3 36 2 4 5 5 1 40 42 4 9 6 2 26 24 3 396 27 33 1 35 5 1 32 8 37



2 4 9 4

4 2 9 5 3 9 6

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6 1 8


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4 23 9 6 510 3 11 9 6

9 9 4IRSTW 3 AAILMN 2 AEMNOORRST CCDEILOORS 9 4 3 64 1 7 8 2 13


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The Rockits will be back in September singing their hearts out and raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support They are hoping to start their indoor singing sessions on the following dates: Monday September 6th at Hawkhurst Copt Hall Wednesday September 8th at Singleton Village Hall. Thursday September 9th at St Mildreds Church Hall Tenterden New members are always welcome to join this fun non-profit community choir. You will not find a friendlier group and you will quickly feel like one of the gang. You don’t need any musical experience whatsoever and there are no auditions. Every term is brimming with all styles of music, from your favourite musicals to chart toppers. 20

Under The Rockits umbrella, is their performance fundraising group, The Heart of Kent Show Choir and the super swinging close-harmony quintet, The Ruby Sisterz. They also run classes for little ones, Baby & Toddler Rockits. They have several events planned over the winter months and start off with a wonderful Macmillan coffee morning with songs coffee and cake on Saturday 25th September at The Market Place, Tenterden, where they are currently holding sessions during the summer. The Heart of Kent Show Choir will be busy in October with their Think Pink Campaign Shows and end the year with a fabulous Cabaret Evening for two nights in Tenterden Town Hall. For up to date information on how to join these fantastic groups and their calendar of events visit: and www.

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A NEAR NORMAL FESTIVAL! We are going ahead with a Covid safe Tenterden Folk Festival with a few changes but as near normal as possible. We will still be using most of our regular venues but will move some events to the larger venues to allow audiences and performers more space, so expect to see us making more use of The Tenterden Club, The Town Hall and especially St Mildred’s Church. We have some very special events lined up for you to enjoy as well as a near normal mix of concerts, song and music sessions, workshops, sea songs and shanties session, meet the guest events, dance displays, procession, crafts and stalls, free music stage, etc. We hope to go ahead with the Friday barn dance but understand that some people may be reluctant to dance with close contact to strangers so may have to come up with some changes. You can see a full list of guests booked for the festival in our advert but there could still be some late additions so also check our website. Sadly, Jeff Warner has had to postpone his UK tour again so will not be with us this year but will be with us in 2022. Bill (Belinda) Jones has had to drop out having taken on a fulltime role with the NHS but we hope to book her another time. Chris and Steve Wilson will be making a rare duo appearance followed by the full Wilson Family next year. Recent additions to the guest list include the return of Discovery (Jeff & Elaine Gillett) and Keith Kendrick and Sylvia Needham and a first visit to Tenterden by Dora Darling who was recommended by our friend Nick Dow. Events of particular interest will include The Thursday Evening Concert with Brian Peters and Scolds Bridle, The Cinque Ports Sea Songs and Shanties Session with a selection of guests on Saturday, Broomdasher’s Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady which is part of a national tour of Churches and The Gilchrist Collective’s audio visual show with The Snapes, Sue Burgess and Brian Peters. We are also pleased to say that The Marsh Warblers and The Yardarm Folk Orchestra will be back with us. The list of events just goes on and on. We have also had a very good response from stallholders and already have over 30 stalls booked into the extra wide marquee on The Recreation Ground. Most of the regular stalls will be there along with several excellent new ones. Morris sides and display teams were not able to meet and practice for nearly two years but we hope to have at least 30 sides with us over the weekend, may be more, so the streets will be full of the sounds of music and bells. The procession will go ahead on Saturday as normal. We also have a good lineup of bands on the free music stage. Tickets are on sale online and by post and will be on sale from the box office over the festival weekend. For the first time we will be accepting payment by card at the festival to reduce the need for cash. You can still put cash in the collecting buckets though! More information at Alan Castle and the festival committee 10th July 2021. 21

This is such an easy recipe. Everything is simply placed in a roasting dish and slow-cooked in the oven, creating an amazing spicy lemony flavour. Serve leftovers for lunch the following day cold with salad. SERVES: 6 Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 2 hours 30 minutes Ingredients • 1 tbsp smoked paprika • 1 tsp sumac • 3 tbsp olive oil • 1 organic chicken, jointed • 1 bulb of garlic (separated into unpeeled cloves) • Sprig of thyme • 2 unwaxed lemons, cut into quarters • 150 ml chicken stock • Black pepper • 1 x 400g can artichoke hearts


1. Pre-heat the oven to 160°C/150°C fan/gas mark 3. 2. Mix together the paprika, sumac and olive oil. Put the chicken pieces into a roasting tin and add the garlic cloves, thyme and lemon quarters. Pour over the paprika oil and rub all over the chicken pieces. 3. Drizzle over the stock and season with black pepper. Cover the dish with foil and cook in the oven for 2 hours. 4. Remove the foil from the roasting tin, add the artichoke hearts and turn the oven up to 200°C/180°C fan/gas mark 6. Cook for another 30 minutes or until the chicken is golden. Nutrition per serving: 387kcal, fat 27.8g (of which saturates 7g), carbohydrate 1.4g (of which sugars 0.6g), protein 33.2g.

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The East Kent In Season Glass & Mirror August Company Peas Fruit

For all your practical & affordable glazing solutions We are a small family run Glazing Company with over 30 years experience in all aspects of Glass and Mirror requirements, including:• Glazing Repairs • Coloured Glass • Balustrades • Leaded Lights • Mirrors

• Double Glazed Units • Safety Glass • Locks • Sash Renovation / Draught Proofing

We aim to provide a friendly and professional service at very competitive rates 365 days a year.

T: 01797 366 380 M: 07968 111412 email:

Plumbing Masters No Callout Charge Free Esitmates

No Callout Charge • Free Estimates 24 hour Emergency Service 24 hour Emergency Service All Work Guaranteed No Job Too Small

All Work Guaranteed • No Job Too Small


Call Tony on 07738 717 g 907 01233 365999 Plumbin

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Unit 1, Mill Farm Business Untis, Bethersden TN26 3DB


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Make the most of fresh blackberries with this delicious gluten-free cake. Ideal as a dessert with yogurt. Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 30-40 minutes Makes one 6 inch cake / serves 10 Ingredients • 150g gluten-free self-raising flour • 1 tsp baking powder • 75g xylitol or coconut sugar • Pinch of sea salt • 2 eggs • 100ml dairy-free milk or regular milk • 60g coconut yogurt or Greek yogurt • 120ml olive oil • 100g fresh or frozen blackberries • A little apricot jam for brushing • Yogurt to serve


1. Grease and line a 6 inch cake tin. Preheat the oven to 180C/160C fan/gas mark 4. 2. Place the flour, baking powder, xylitol (or coconut sugar, if using) and salt in a large bowl and mix together. In a separate bowl whisk together the eggs, milk, yogurt and olive oil, then pour this mixture into the dry ingredients and beat well with a wooden spoon. 3. Fold in the blackberries, reserving a few for the top. 4. Spoon the batter into the tin and smooth the top. Press the reserved blackberries into the top of the cake. 5. Bake in the oven for 30-40 minutes until golden and cooked through. Remove from the oven and, with the cake in the tin, brush the top with a little warmed apricot jam to glaze. Allow the cake to cool before removing from the tin. 6. Cut into slices and serve with yogurt. Nutrition per serving (using xylitol): 218kcal, fat 13.4g (of which saturates 2.2g), carbohydrates 20.4g (of which sugars 1.5g), protein 3.4g

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Stephen Jepson Joinery & French Polishing

Floor Sanding & Re-polishing Period Window Repairs Sash Replacement Oak Doors, Cupboards, Shelves

French Polishing Service Heirloom Restoration Furniture Repairs Kitchen Door Refurbishment

Traditionally Made, Quality Goods Unit 2 Old Willow Farm, Norwood Lane, Newchurch, New Romney Kent

Modern spray or traditional finishes

Tel: 07710 903600 01233 612873

Oil Heating Oil Cookers Tank Installation Specialists

New Installations · Relocations · Emergency Replacements Fast

We’ve years of experience in oil tank installation and care. Whether you’re looking to move your current tank or want a new installation fast, we can take care of every step, including emergency fuel storage.

Family run co-operative of OFTEC Technicians

Tel: 01233 770138

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Make the Switch We’re increasingly comfortable with switching insurers or energy suppliers to get the best deal, yet many of us stick with the same bank for decades. Switching isn’t as tricky as it used to be and it can be well worth your time. Nearly all major banks are part of a programme called Current Account Switch Service, launched in 2013, that guarantees a simple switch. It works in a similar way to switching energy suppliers but is much smoother and quicker. To use it you simply open a new account, tell your new bank that you want to use the service, sign a couple of forms, and choose the date you want to switch. This must be at least seven days after you open the new account and can’t be a weekend or bank holiday. The new bank will switch over your regular payments, standing orders and direct debits automatically from that date. Any manual payments made to your old account are automatically ‘redirected’ to the new one for at least three years, and your new bank will tell the sender you’ve moved. The only thing you need to change manually is any continuous payment authorities for subscriptions where you’ve given a seller your card number, rather than your account number and sort codes. Credit cards aren’t affected by a bank account switch and any direct debit you have to pay the minimum or full amount each month will transfer over. Glitches with the transfer are rare, but the Current Account Switch Guarantee means that your new bank will refund any charges or interest caused by problems with the switch.


So why bother switching anyway? You could get higher interest rates on your balance, lower overdraft fees and interest, or better offers such as discounts on some purchases. Check whether it’s a ‘permanent’ rate or a time-limited introductory offer. Often the main reason to switch is a cash bonus, with some banks offering £100 or more. Check for any conditions though: you may have to pay in a certain amount to qualify. Amounts vary, but usually the idea is to make sure you’re using it as your main bank account. Remember that when you apply for an account, the bank will usually run a credit check. This is only likely to be a problem if you have a very poor credit history, and even then some banks will offer an account with a low overdraft or no overdraft at all. The credit check itself will appear on your record but this is only likely to raise eyebrows if you have a lot of checks in a short period. It may be safer to hold off switching accounts just before a big loan or mortgage application. One big myth is that you can’t switch accounts if you are in your overdraft. This isn’t the case, as the new bank can transfer over a negative balance when you switch, though it’ll need to be inside any limit on the new account.

Professional Services 01580 762248

39/41 High Street, Tenterden, TN30 6BJ

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Across 7 Take away (6) 8 Irish lochs (6) 9 Couch (4) 10 Wraps around (8) 11 Disregarded (7) Across 13 Hard, strong alloy (5) 15 Hints 7 Take away (6) (5) 17 Supply (7) 20 Easy 8 Irish lochs (6) going (8) 21 Ashen (4) 9 Couch 23 (4) Heavy mass (6) 24 Woken up (6)




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13 Hard, strong alloy 3 Umpire (7)(5)

Drudge (5) Type of fish (6) 6 Tends sheep (8) Supply12 (7) Ran very fast (8) 14 Authors (7) Easy going (8) stamina (6) 16 Power, 18 Gas (6) Ashen 19 (4) Prickly plants (5) 22 Untruths (4)

17 20 21

23 Heavy mass (6) 24 Woken up (6)

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15 Hints (5) 5




11 Disregarded (7) (4) 1 Nothing







3 Umpire (7)

14 Authors (7)

4 Drudge (5)

16 Power, stamina (6)

Across 7 Ta 8 Iri 9 Co 10 W 11 Di 13 Ha 15 Hi 17 Su 20 Ea 21 As 23 He 24 W

Down 1 No 2 Ve 3 Um 4 Dr 5 Ty 6 Te 12 Ra 14 Au 16 Po 18 G 19 Pr 22 Un



Taylor Made Tuition

Special Offer 30% Off

Tuition in GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Only £35 plus vat per edition

Marc Taylor: BS Biological Sciences/Chemistry 25 yrs Teaching Experience £30 per hour or £100 for 4 sessions Live video lessons available *Current

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Plus A-Level Biology

Coverage: 5,100 homes via Royal Mail

Call Marc on 07904 298 012 email:

DBS Certificate available upon request

The Friends of St Mildred’s Church Tenterden is a small non-religious charity that runs a range of high quality events to raise funds to help protect and enhance the beauty and fabric of the church, the oldest and finest building in Tenterden. We are looking to recruit new

members of all ages to our Committee, with the vision, ideas and energy to plan and run future fund raising events. If you are interested in joining the Committee, please contact Jeremy Cooper on 01580 763993 for more information.

Down: 1 Zero, 2 Potato, 3 Referee, 4 Slave, 5 Mullet, 6 Shepherd, 12 Galloped, 14 Writers, 16 Energy, 18 Vapour, 19 Cacti, 22 Lies. Across: 7 Remove, 8 Loughs, 9 Sofa, 10 Envelops, 11 Ignored, 13 Steel, 15 Clues, 17 Provide, 20 Tolerant, 21 Pale, 23 Weight, 24 Roused.



Down: 1 Idea, 2 Wept, 3 Yo-yo, 4 Animal, 7 Wrist, 9 Sir, 10 Rocky, 11 Nod, 13 If. Across: 2 Way, 4 At, 5 Dye, 6 Oven, 8 Astronomer, 12 Crocodiles, 14 Many.

Mini Cross

C, B, C, A, A & B


Puzzle Solutions 29



The answers are from top to bottom....

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Important Information Emergency 999 Police Neighbhd Team Ashford & Tenterden 101 Rye Crimestoppers 0800 555 111

Wealden Wheels Kevin: John:

01233 840000 07821 387727 07851 395210

Hypohounds 01233 756555

Electricity: Contact UK Power Networks 24 hours a day on 0800 3163 105 / 0333 3232 105 Tenterden Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings, West View Care Centre, Tues & Fri Eve + Sat Morning. or go online to NHS 24 111 Help if you have a medical problem and you’re not sure what to do William Harvey Hospital 01233 633331 Samaritans 116 123

Doctors Surgeries Ivy Court, Tenterden East Cross Health Clinic

01580 763666 01580 262 000

Tenterden Counselling Service Confidential 0776 968 3347 Veterinary Clinics Cinque Ports Vets Rye Cinque Ports Vets Tenterden Milbourne Equine Vets Tenterden Town Council Ashford Borough Council Ashford Gateway Plus Tenterden Gateway

01797 222265 01580 763309 01233 500505

Tenterden Charities Michael Wells

01580 762353

Tenterden Community Hub St Mildred’s Church Hall, Church Rd TN30 6AT.

01580 766155 (answerphone)

Volunteer Bureau Town Hall, 24 High Street.TN30 6AN

01580 765819

Age UK Ashford -

01233 668 765


01233 758122

Parkinson’s UK, Ashford Branch

01233 623520

East Kent Strokes

01233 840448

Royal British Legion Roger Thomas e: Women’s Section: N. Holman

01580 766880 01580 762302

01580 762271

S E Kent Multiple Sclerosis Soc.

01233 331111 0300 041 4141

Tenterden Disabled In Action Tenterden Day Centre 01580 761060 e: NSPCC: Tenterden & District 01580 763733 Pregnancy Sickness Support Kent and Sussex T: Denise Clifford

Parish Councils: Rolvenden Tenterden Wittersham

01580 740242 01580 762271 07944 183798

Citizens Advice Bureau

01233 626185

07767 326138

Homewood School & Sixth Form Centre 01580 764222 Homewood Centre: 01580 764356 Rye College: 01797 222545 Tenterden National Trust Assoc Ann Stevens 07749 415061 Tenterden & District Residents’ Assoc. T: Chris Mason 01580 765199

High Pressure Jetting Service & Repair to Sewage treatment plants Soakaway Testing

Sinden Theatre (Arts College) 01580 763826 Royal Mail Residential Customer Services 08457 740740

Cesspool Emptying Service


01233 840624

Disclaimer: Every care is taken to ensure this directory is as accurate as possible but the publishers do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from errors or omissions.


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Testimonial: The Village Directory is one of the best publications we’ve worked with for advertising. Debbie’s communication is excellent and everything was made extremely clear for us, and any support required was immediately provided. There were no pressure tactics, just providing details and letting us decide on our own terms. Nothing is too much trouble and the quality of the directory is always professional and clearly appreciated and kept by a lot of readers. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Debbie, we can’t recommend her enough. The Handyman Property Maintenance - Rye



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Tenterden Aug/Sep 2021  

The Village Directory, a community and advertising magazine delivered monthly to every rural home and village in the borough of Ashford Ken...

Tenterden Aug/Sep 2021  

The Village Directory, a community and advertising magazine delivered monthly to every rural home and village in the borough of Ashford Ken...

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