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Tenterden & Rye

From a simple door swap to a full replacement kitchen...




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• From a simple door swap to a complete kitchen refit

• Huge choice of doors, worktops, appliances, sinks & taps

• Installed by local skilled tradesman

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01797 462021 Visit our showroom: 48 Cinque Ports Street, Rye, TN31 7AN

The Old School House Indian Restaurant Valentine’s Day 14th February 2017

A Glass of Pink Champagne on Arrival  Assorted Starter Platter  Choice of Main Course Served with a Side Vegetable, Rice & Naan  Strawberry Cheesecake with Chocolate Sauce

4 Course Set Menu £24.95 per person Tel: 01233 733350

The Street, Hamstreet, Ashford TN26 2HG

Open 5.30pm - 11pm

Welcome Hi everyone, welcome to the first edition of 2018, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. December is always my opportunity to slow down, catch up on everything home related and thoroughly recharge my batteries. As much as I love, and need, my December break it’s so tough getting my brain back into gear on the return to work, especially when there’s a print deadline to meet just two weeks into the new year. It’s frightening how much a significant break can affect brain function, on the 2nd of January I sat at my desk, stared at the magazine on my screen and thought “Now how do I do this?”! The magazine will be 13 years old this year so you would think the mechanics of creating it were part of my being. Mind you, the opposite is also true, in the early days I experienced the effect of not taking a break and that’s far worse. Another thing I need to get back into gear with is my exercise. Christmas really piles on the pounds, but it’s the fitness aspect that concerns me most. I have a significant birthday in August and I aim to hit it fitter and leaner than I’ve been for many years. Wish me luck! February is the month of Romance with Valentine’s Day on the horizon but Mother’s Day is early this year, on the 11th March. Don’t be caught out, you know what they say about a Mother’s scorn!

Debbie T: 01233 720488 e: e: w: Apr/May Edition Deadline 10th Mar 2018


QurnaNowCreations in Tenterden

Tel: 01580 764131


Storey Plumbing

No Job Too Small - OAP Discounts Emergency Service Available No Call Out Charge For Response 07808 423 927


• Toilets • Gullies etc • High Pressure Water Jetting • C.C.T.V Surveys • No Call Out Charge Call 07741 290 094


Seasoned & Kiln Dried Logs

07966 796 498 / 01233 733373


Pots/Cowls/Birdguards Fitted Brush and Vac Certificates Issued • Fully Insured ICS Registered • Family Run, Est 1983

01233 840948 07756007428

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£15 per month plus vat

10% discount on 6 month bookings Easy monthly payment option available

Sales, Service & Repair of Disability & Mobility Equipment

Tel: 01797 367171

M4 Mobility Ltd 19 Littlestone Road, Littlestone Kent TN28 8LN E:


Time to Get Pruning by Pippa Greenwood At this time of year the weather is often perfect for pruning and cutting back woody plants, and there’s a good chance that there are many pruning jobs that have built up over the last year and could benefit from your attention now - so take advantage of the fact that deciduous trees, shrubs, hedges and climbers are now devoid of leaves and get stuck in. Here’s how to make sure your pruning will really benefit your plants: • If you have a relatively small expanse of hedge or are looking to roughly reshape a shrub, a good, sharp pair of shears should do the job. Make sure they are well-oiled so that the blades move smoothly and then angle the blades to make a level trimmed surface. When you are cutting along the top of a hedge you may want to use a guide line so that you make a neat and level surface - a taut string will do. For large hedges consider using a powered hedge cutter or hedge trimmer, but make sure you are happy with the weight of the machine and can use it safely!


• When the pruning of shrubs and trees includes the removal of stems at various heights and of varying thicknesses, it is worth using some ‘loppers’. These are available in various handle lengths, while some even have telescopic handles so that you can reach up higher without having to use a ladder or platform. They are much better at cutting through relatively thick stems than shears or secateurs and yet also allow for accurate positioning of the cut. If you are having to cut back branches above your head it is worth wearing some protective headgear, as well as goggles to protect your eyes from falling debris. • Everybody with even just a single shrub in their garden needs a pair of secateurs and the better the quality, the better the job you can do. Secateurs can be used for the most precise pruning of smaller woody stems. Provided they are good and sharp, you can make a perfectly clean and accurate cut. Always cut to an outwardfacing bud (so that the new growth produced from that bud grows outwards).

Secateurs are good for removing dead and dying stems as well as for formative pruning (where you are helping to ensure the plant grows in the direction you want it to), and for pruning to encourage flowering. If you are pruning out dead and dying material, bin it or burn it in case it carries infection. • When it comes to pruning out or tidying up larger branches on trees and shrubs then a proper pruning saw is what you need. If you choose one with one or (better still) two lines of teeth you can produce a very accurate and clean cut with relatively little effort. If you have fruit trees to prune then this is the perfect tool for the job. Use a sawing action for best results and again, if cutting above your head, wear protective headgear and goggles to protect your eyes. Make the pruning cut a few millimetres from the main stem to which the branch you are removing is joined. A cut like this will heal over much more quickly and the wound will be smaller and less prone to fungal rotting. • Before you get carried away, check the best pruning time

The Garden for the plants you have in mind. Most hedges and many shrubs can be cut back now, but if you are after a good display of flowers make sure that you prune at the correct time or else you may end up pruning out the plant’s potential. • Some trees - mainly those in the Prunus family such as cherries, plums, apricots, damsons, peaches and nectarines - are very prone to a potentially fatal fungal infection known as ‘silver leaf’. This is less likely to cause problems if these trees are pruned in the summer months, so don’t prune them now unless there is no alternative and you are sure you are prepared to take the risk.

• Always make sure that pruning tools are really sharp. If they are in the slightest bit blunt then the job will not only take a lot more effort from you, but may also end up with the plant being damaged, as the cut made will be jagged or stems may be crushed. • Create sloping cuts whenever you can so that rain and moisture runs off and does not accumulate (wetness encourages wood rotting), and cut close to but not on top of a bud as this will allow new growth without dieback. When you are using shears or large-scale trimmers you cannot do this, so always use secateurs, loppers or a saw.

what the overall appearance of the plant is like, and just where you are best off removing the next bit - if you are close up it is harder to see how your pruning is affecting the overall shape of the plant. Visit Pippa’s website www. and you’ll find some great gardening things: ‘Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood’ (where you receive your chosen garden-ready vegetable plants in the spring accompanied by weekly advice and tips from Pippa) plus Nemaslug, bio-controls, gardening tools, raised bed kits, Grower Frames, signed books and more!

• Stand back from time to time when you are pruning and see



‘ Trust your local experts’ All Aspects Of Tree Work

Hard landscaping • Soft landscaping • Wildlife gardens • Restoration • Conservation • Consultancy

• Felling, Pruning & Shaping • Hedge Cutting • Conifers Reduced • Stump Grinding

01233 730800 / 07771 970570

Seasoned barn dry hardwood logs and barn dry softwood kindling for sale Tel: 01580 761063 / 01233 639633 Mob: 07812 245476

The Complete Landscape Service Professional Garden & Grounds Maintenance Country Estate Maintenance Paddock Maintenance: Mowing, Hedge Cutting, Spraying Wildflower Meadows Planting Plans & Garden Design Hard & Soft Landscaping Pond Renovation, Clearance & Maintenance

Top quality materials. Top quality service. Supply + Install. FREE QUOTATIONS. T : 01233 877 521 | M : 07710 179 600

Everything Outside

Professionally trained & qualified 20+ Years of industry experience Call for a free quote today

Vernon Harris Bsc Hort M: 07563 580 775 O: 01233 770668 E:

Every job is treated with a professional, friendly and reliable service.

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Free no obligation quotation / Fully Insured

William Smith T: 07795 465 861 / 01580 766232 E:


M & C Conservatory Maintenance ‘Restoring Perfection to Your Conservatory’

• Cleaning • Maintenance & Repairs • Leadwork & Guttering • New Roofs • Misted/Broken Down Glass Units • Painting & Varnishing • Fully Insured

For a Free Quote Please Call

012 3 3 50 0719 / 07 8 3 0 0 6 9 9 91 6

SEASONED LOGS You’ve tried the rest now try the best. 30 years of experience

The Home

The Friendly Fencer

Fencing - Patios - Drives All Aspects of Hard Landscaping

Twin Wheel Tipping Lorry Load - 3.3 cu metres of Hard Wood. Seasoned for 3 years. Barn Stored and Air Dried

IDEAL TO BURN IMMEDIATELY Full Load £225 / ½ Load £135 Premium Apple Logs £20 extra per load Prompt Reliable Delivery.

Tel:- 01233 732439 or 07793 028 859

T: 01233 732469 07791 540 282



Home & Interiors Make the Most of Outdoor Living >ifm\nff[J`cbN_`k\


What are the different styles of shutters? There are three types of shutters: plantation, solid and cafĂŠ style. Most people go for the plantation style, which have slats (also known as louvers) that rotate open and closed to control light levels. Solid shutters are ideal for those wanting to create a more traditional look, and are designed to be folded back during the day and closed at night. Extremely (!  shutters can be made to '  any size or shape

Shutters provide a chic and stylish alternative to blinds and curtains and are a cost-effective way to completely update the look and feel of a room. They are more hygienic too as they simply wipe clean and don't absorb the dust, unlike curtains or blinds. Shutters offer you a great deal of flexibility, for instance you can have different slat sizes, different colours and different panel designs. You also have more control over how much light enters the room. With blinds, there's relatively little light control flexibility. Shutters can also save you valuable pennies as they provide further insulation, which is particularly appealing in these cash strapped times. And finally, shutters last longer and are more 8 durable.

CafÊ style shutters are popular in restaurants and cafes, hence the name. With this style, the shutters normally cover just the bottom half of the window. Shutters can help retain heat – a bonus for household bills

With tier-on-tier shutters, there are two sets of shutters, one above the other. You can open each set individually, which gives you more flexibility and more light control. These are ideal if you have larger bay windows.

Which styles would suit which types of windows? Solid shutters are mainly used in Victorian and older style properties. They keep out more light and offer the ultimate privacy. This type of shutter is perfect in a room with a simple and minimal dĂŠcor, and works particularly well in country cottages where they look quaint folded back during the day. Solid shutters with a solid lower half but with movable slats on top work fabulously on French doors, giving a lovely Continental feel that will certainly remind you of your summer holiday.

mely  s

The Home >ifm\nff[NXcc>i\p


With the plantation shutters, you can really get creative with the design, the colour and the rods, and as such these types of shutters suit most spaces. Can shutters still be fitted in awkward spaces? Shutters are perfect for awkward places! There are very few spaces that can't accommodate shutters For further information advice on awnings Shutters can help retain heat, a bonus for household bills.>> and accessories please contact JLS Blinds & Shutters on 01233 226570

o  e pe

Shutters can help retain heat – a bonus for household bills

Quality, Made to Measure Blinds at Affordable Prices FREE HOME DESIGN SERVICE

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Roller Blinds Roman Blinds Vertical Blinds Venetian Blinds Wooden Blinds Pleated Blinds Shutters Conservatory Blinds Commercial Blinds

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We Also Sell Curtains & Awnings For more information or to book an appointment

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By Ann Haldon

Choosing the Best Mobile Phone Plans in 2018 fixed 12-month contract.

Choosing the right mobile phone plan can be quite daunting, especially if you don’t understand how they work. Perhaps you have always bought a contract with a phone included, but you might find that choosing a SIM-only contract is better thanks to its flexibility. With so many different plans available these days, here’s an idea of what to look out for. MOBILE PHONE PLANS EXPLAINED There are essentially three types of mobile phone deal: Pay monthly contract Pay monthly contracts are the most cost-effective if your phone bills are high or you want a topof-the-range handset. Contracts generally last for 12 or 24 months and you pay a fixed minimum monthly amount by direct debit. This is for your inclusive calls, texts and data allowance. Pay monthly contracts incorporate a free or subsidised handset. SIM-only deal When you already own a phone and don’t want to change it, or are happy to buy your own new handset, a SIM-only deal can offer flexibility and cost-savings if you make a significant number of calls. You can choose between a rolling one-month deal and a


Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) If you don’t use your mobile phone very much, pay-as-you-go helps to avoid spending money when you do not really need to. You simply top up your phone using a credit card or top-up card when you run out of minutes, texts or data, and you don’t need to be credit-checked as you do when you take out a contract. DATA ROLLOVER If you don’t use your full data allowance each month, you can buy a plan that lets you rollover what is left, and use it the following month. So which networks offer this facility? At the time of writing, iD Mobile, O2, Virgin Media, Vodafone, Freedompop and Sky Mobile all offer plans with data rollover. It isn’t a new concept, but until recently providers have only allowed you to rollover your data from the previous month. Now, however, Sky Mobile has come up with a very useful online ‘piggybank’ facility that lets you store your unused data at no additional cost for up to three years. You’ll need to have a minimum of 1GB saved in the piggybank before it can be accessed, and Sky let you roll back data in 1GB volumes. FLEXIBLE SIM-ONLY DEALS Giffgaff Giffgaff’s ‘goodybags’ offer flexibility and choice if you are looking for a SIM-only deal. A goodybag is basically your allowance of minutes, texts and data, and it lasts for one month.

This means you can change your goodybag if it doesn’t offer quite enough minutes, for example, or you need more data that month. Three’s ‘Go Binge’ The Three network offers a useful ‘Go Binge’ facility with some of their mobile phone deals. This allows you to stream music and films from Netflix, Deezer, SoundCloud and TVPlayer without using up your monthly allowance, as long as you have some of your data allowance left. (If adverts are shown on these apps, they may use up your allowance, however.) Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) If you’re not a heavy mobile phone user, or are worried about being credit-checked, a pay-as-you-go deal may be the best choice. You can opt for ‘traditional’ PAYG or a bundle of data, minutes and texts. As you can see, there’s a wealth of choice when looking for mobile phone deals – it just takes a little time to compare them and decide on the best option. what-is-data-rollover-and-whichnetworks-offer-it/ features#feature-roll

Oast House Taxation Limited Accountants

Are you working as self employed or through a partnership or limited company? Do you let out property or simply need help with the complexities of accounts and taxation? As a local firm of accountants we understand the needs of businesses. We provide a wide range of services including: • Trading accounts for the self employed, buy to let landlords and partnerships • Limited accounts and corporation tax returns for companies • Self Assessment tax returns for individuals • VAT returns and payroll services for businesses • Construction Industry Scheme returns • Bookkeeping services • Personal tax compliance and advice For more information and a personal approachable service please call 01233 822235 or email at Suite 4, The Oast, Thorne Business Park, Forge Hill, Bethersden, Ashford, Kent TN26 3AF

The East Kent Glass & Mirror Company Ltd For all your practical & affordable glazing solutions We are a small family run Glazing Company with over 30 years experience in all aspects of Glass and Mirror requirements, including:• Glazing Repairs • Coloured Glass • Balustrades • Leaded Lights • Mirrors

• Double Glazed Units • Safety Glass • Locks • Sash Renovation / Draught Proofing

We aim to provide a friendly and professional service at very competitive rates 365 days a year.

T: 01797 367576 M: 07968 111412 e: www.

Professional Services NEED A HAND WITH YOUR FAMILY HISTORY RESEARCH? Call Robin on 01233 758632

or email Friendly Service, Reasonable Rates Ten years ago, when I retired after a lifetime of working in public relations for the police and the nuclear industry, I was looking through a collection of photos and military keepsakes left me by my late father. I just had to put together all the pieces of the jigsaw and reveal their history. I hadn’t a clue how I might go about researching my Dad’s life, who his parents were and, indeed, his grandparents. But bit by bit I learned how to prise open the box of mysteries…and then I found myself in a world of fascination and excitement. It’s a journey that has taken me to the site of dreadful battles on the Somme and Ypres, to Japanese POW camps; it has led me through the annals of church history in the 19th and 20th centuries and I have wended my way across the world from Germany to Australia. I’m very much an amateur family historian, one with no formal training. Over the years, among other projects, I have managed to help one lady find a previously unknown close family relative and, with a bit of hard work and perseverance, reveal the roots of a family which suffered great financial hardship in the early 1900s following the death of both parents in the north of England. Currently I am helping an elderly gentleman discover what looks to have been the very colourful past of his unknown grandfather who set out to find riches in the goldfields of South Africa in the late 1800s. Fame and fortune is not my particular aim – if you’d like to contact me about a sticking point in your research or if you’d like me help you get started, you’ll find my rates are very reasonable. Call me on 01233 758632 or email me at robin. for a chat.

Robin Thornton 11

Brush Strokes

General Painter & Decorator & Handyman - Internal & External

Electrical Contractor

• Local • Affordable • Reliable • NICEIC Approved From small domestic works to large commercial contracts undertaken. • New Installations • Re-wires • Emergency Lights • Fire Alarms • Testing • 24hr Emergency Call Out. Call for a free quotation on 01233 822410

Competitive Rates Free Quotations Trustworthy & Reliable - Public Liability Insured No job too big or too small

Call: Lee Brooker 01797 690025 M: 07990 575858 E:

THE ANTIQUE OAK FLOORING CO Antique and Reclaimed flooring for period and historic restoration plus characterful commercial interiors.

01233 659508 • 07733 263540 • 0208 501 7555 12

The Home

Bargain Carpets & Floors Carpets and flooring, laminate and wood supplied and fitted at reduced rates. Same choice as any shop but at up to half the price. We can move your furniture and take away your old carpet. For a free home sample viewing and estimates please call Stuart on

01424 855882 / 07734 659834

We can produce made-to-fit glass shower screens I Splashbacks I Replacement double glazed units I Balustrading I Glass partitioning I Mirrors I Glass roofs and Glass floors

Let our bespoke glass products bring your ideas to life


t 01303 264169 e



JMP Electrical are a friendly and reliable family run business offering All Domestic & Commercial Electrical Works Whether you need a light replacing or a complete rewire, we are here to help. All work undertaken. Please call James for a FREE quotation

T: 01233 626081 M: 07976 616756 E: W: 13

The Excitement of Moving Home by Elizabeth Connell Pengelly & Rylands Solicitors

The excitement of moving home Moving home can be one of the most stressful times of your life, but it can also be an exciting and positive time. The conveyancing process is full of uncertainty. Your transaction may be linked to numerous other transactions over which you have no control and this can be stressful, but knowing what you can and cannot control in this process can help. Five top tips to help the process run smoothly: 1. Seek early legal advice and be organised Seeking legal help as soon as possible can ensure that any problems are quickly identified. There will be a lot of information to be gathered and forms to be completed before your transaction can proceed; a good solicitor will guide you through this process, helping you save time and money. 2. You have the right to choose your solicitor Your estate agent may recommend that you use one of their panel solicitors or conveyancers, but you have the right to choose your own solicitor. You are not under any obligation to use the panel solicitor. 3. Choose the right solicitor When appointing a Conveyancing Solicitor, do not make a hasty decision. But how do you identify a good Conveyancing service? • Experience is the most important thing to look for; the firm should specialize in conveyancing. • Check whether the firm is CQS accredited the Law Society’s gold standard for residential conveyancing. 14

Elizabeth Connell

• They should provide a named contact person, email address, a physical address and a phone number. • You should receive a “Client Care Letter” upfront, showing a costs breakdown and description of the service they will provide. • Above all, remember ‘you get what you pay for’, so don’t be taken in by the cheapest quote. 4. Be realistic about time scales There are often long chains which can cause delays. Be flexible about time frames, and have a ‘Plan B’ in case your deadlines cannot be met. 5. Communicate Always communicate with your solicitor as soon as possible if there is a problem. Keeping information from your solicitor or delaying in telling them can affect the speed and even the outcome of the process. The more open your relationship is the less stressful it is likely to be and never be afraid to ask questions. However, constantly contacting your solicitor for updates may stop them from getting on with the actual work! For more information or guidance please feel free to contact Pengelly & Rylands – even if just for peace of mind!

The Home

Solicitors • • • • • • • • •

Wills Probate Powers of Attorney Trusts Family Employment Residential Conveyancing Mediation Business Services

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Charities Civil Liberties Commercial Property Complete Legal Care Court of Protection Debt Recovery Licensing Personal Injury Professional Negligence

Here for you

Call: 01580 762248 39/41 High Street, Tenterden, Kent, TN30 6BJ


Into the New Year Books about awakenings and new beginnings to see you into 2018. The Power – Naomi Alderman Not a new release this one, but well worth a read if you missed it back in 2016. Teenage girls across the world discover they have the power to hurt, and even kill, with just their bare hands. And they have the ability to awaken that same power in other women. Now that men are the weak ones, how will the gender balance shift? An engaging read that twists modern day happenings and examines the dark side of power. Gripping, thought-provoking and a real conversation starter, The Power is ideal for book clubs. Me. You. A Diary – Dawn French This book combines writing your own diary with taking a peek into Dawn French’s. She shares her thoughts each month, along with various insights into her life, and invites you to do the same. The idea is that, by the end of the year, you’ll have a ‘fatter, scruffier book that is written by me but totally personalised by you.’ With various writing prompts, this book makes keeping a diary altogether easier. The perfect start to the new year. How to be Champion: My Autobiography – Sarah Millican Sarah Millican’s autobiography is like a glorious ramble through her


life. The book is split into chapters with headers such as ‘Things I’ve Been Bullied For’, ‘Why I’m Not A Criminal’ and ‘My Love Of Stationery’. It’s part autobiography and part self-help guide. Nothing is off limits, so it’s probably not the book for you if you’re not keen on swear words or reading about bodily functions. However, if you want a book that’ll make you feel good about yourself and is snortyour-tea-out-of-your-nose-funny, buy it now. History of Wolves – Emily Fridlund 14 year old Linda lives in an ex-commune out in the woods. Lonely, socially-inexperienced and left to her own devices by her parents, Linda craves friends and a sense of belonging. When a new family moves nearby, she befriends the young mother and regularly babysits the four year old child. But she soon discovers that all is not right. The choices Linda has to make to keep her new found family could have tragic consequences. Compelling reading. The Art of Hiding – Amanda Prowse Nina seems to have the perfect life, but it soon starts to unravel when her husband is killed in a

car crash. Left with two children to care for, a mountain of debt, and the growing realisation that her husband wasn’t all he seemed, Nina has to fight to rebuild a life for herself and her family. An enjoyable easy read – perfect for long winter’s nights. Mrs Osmond – John Banville Banville picks up the story of Isabel Osmond (née Archer) from where we left her in the classic The Portrait of a Lady. While this novel will likely appeal most to fans of Henry James’s work, Banville retells enough of the original story for Mrs Osmond to work as a stand-alone piece. Upon learning of her husband’s betrayal, Isabel has journeyed to London, leaving him behind in Italy. Away from her husband and reunited with her friends, Isabel starts to rediscover her desire for independence. Lively characters, elegant prose and engaging dialogue combine to make this a very enjoyable read.

The Home

STANFORD Conservatory & Building COMPANY All Work Fully Insured Start & Completion Times Guaranteed

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Conservatories - Advice, design & CAD Paths, patios, driveways, block or paving Decking and Car Ports General building & renovations General Maintenance & Repairs


01303 812889 • 07710 077711

STANFORD LANDSCAPING & PAVING COMPANY • All Block Paving types supplied and laid. • Natural Stone supplied and laid • Decking Specialists • Full height glass or wood Gazebos / Barbecue Areas • Ponds and Patios • Free Design and Build Service


01303 812889 • 07710 077711 17

L i v e Ja z z 2018

T h e Fo l k e s t o n e J a z z C l u b At T h e To we r To B o o k C a l l : 0 1 3 0 3 2 7 7 1 7 5 All gigs start at 8pm ~ All gigs £12 admission Seat Bookings: 01303 277175 Email: Website: Feb 1st Pete Long’s -- Pocket Basie

Jacqui Hicks with The Brian Dee Trio Feb 8th

Feb 13th Direct from Ronnie Scotts

The Artie Zaitz Quartet Feb 22nd The music of Al Jolson “ Jazz’n

Jolson “

March 1st Brandon Allen Quartet play the

music of Gene Ammons

March 8th Alan Barnes Sextet play Duke

Ellington & Johnny Hodges

March 13th Craig Milverton Quartet play

Oscar Peterson

March 22nd From New York City -Marlene

verPlanck & her trio

March 29th Derek Nash Accoustic Quartet

T h e Fo l k e s t o n e J a z z C l u b i s a n o n p r o f i t m a k i n g j a z z c l u b. R u n b y & fo r p e o p l e w i t h a l i k e m i n d e d i n t e re s t i n OUR KIND OF MUSIC D e r i c k Wo o d l a n d 0 1 3 0 3 2 6 0 3 3 0


Fe b r u a r y 5th Woodchurch Local History Society meets on the first Monday of the month at Woodchurch Memorial Hall, 7:30pm. Our first speaker of the year (Alex Ferris) will give a presentation entitled ‘Plague Doctor of the Weald’ on Monday March 5th. Why not come and give us a try? New members are very welcome indeed, paying £10 annual membership. Visitors pay £2 at the door. Please ring Geoff, 01233 860393 for more information. 9th Woodchurch Film Society will be showing Manchester By The Sea. Doors open 7pm for 7.30pm screening. Tickets: £4 (members), £5 (non-members). All available at the door. Venue: The Memorial Hall, The Green, Woodchurch TN26 3PF. Refreshments: hot & cold drinks plus our usual delicious home-made cakes for sale during the interval. 10th Spiritualist Meetings held every Saturday evening, at Highbury Hall. Highbury Lane. Tenterden. TN30 6LE. Doors open at 6pm ready for 6.30pm start. Refreshments afterwards. All are welcomed. February 10th - Iain Mason £4. February 17th - Stephen Morrell. February 24th - Philip Holden from London, £4. PS. We also have a page on facebook, Tenterden Spiritualist Centre. 15th Iden Village Hall Bingo, held every once a fortnight. Doors opening at 2pm ready for eyes down at 2.30pm. 20th Ashford Flower Club is holding its Annual General Meeting at Furley Hall, Maidstone Road, Ashford TN24 8TX. The formal part of the evening will be followed by a short floral demonstration by Trudie Easton. The meeting starts at 7.30pm (doors open 7.00pm). Anyone interested in joining the Club is very welcome to attend. 21st The Weald of Kent Computer Club will meet in Biddenden New Village Hall at 7.30 pm. This evening Phil Birch, of Highway Learning and Support, will be giving a talk on “Security and your computer.”. Annual membership is £10.00. Nonmembers are welcome at £2 a visit. Full details: http:// Enquiries: 23rd Brabourne & Smeeth Gardeners’ Society will meet 7.00 for 7.30pm in the village hall when our speaker with be Ian Rickards of Kent Wildlife Trust who will be giving a presentation on “The Wildlife of Hothfield Heathlands”. Those who came on our escorted tour last year will know how interesting this area of Kent is, we are planning another trip on Wednesday 9th May. For further enquiries please

What’s On

contact Wendy Sanders on 01303 813 451 or email Visitors will always be made welcome. 28th The Biddenden Horticultural Society meets in the New Village Hall. Mrs Elizabeth Hall is going to start the year with a talk entitled “Dragons: Animal, Vegetable and Miscellaneous”. If you would like our events calendar for 2018 contact Irene Orsborne on 01580 291777 or Lesley Lidgett on 01580 291931 or visit the website www. Our usual fees for Village Hall meetings are Members £2, Non Members £3. Annual membership £5. New members always welcome.

Aldington School Table Top Sale Saturday 24th February 2018 Aldington School Hall 10am until 12Noon

Ma r c h

17th The first event of the High Halden Horticultural Society ‘s year is a quiz night in the Memorial Hall at 7pm for a 7.30pm start. Entry is £3, there will be a great raffle, bring your own refreshments. Contact 850579 to reserve a table

Refreshments served Set up from 9am £7 a Table Book at:

30th Lydd Airport Art Exhibition. Easter Weekend 12.00 - 5.00 Sat & Sun, 31st March & 1st April 10.00 - 5.00, Mon 2nd April 10.00 - 4.00. Free admission and car parking. Refreshments available in restaurant. Local Artists supporting the Air Ambulance. Further information from Anita Warden 01797 367734 St Martins Church Aldington invites you to our

27th February, 2018


10 -12am

at Silcock’s Farm, St.Michaels, Tenterden, TN30 6TL


£5 PER TABLE. TO BOOK PLEASE CALL: Sue 01233 720652 Proceeds to charity.

[Type here]

A FUN MEET-UP FOR non-fiction WRITERS Aldington Village Hall

be inspired Workshops for Positive Change

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Come and find out what this new group is planning for 2018 and

u network u tell

us about your writing project the in’s and out’s of self-publishing u share ideas about marketing & social media u have fun with mind-mapping u set some achievable goals u discuss

The group is led by Zoe Meyer, writer and publishing consultant, who enjoys sharing her ideas and wide experience with fellow authors.

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Chorizo & Prawn Paella Serves 4

Ready in 50 minutes

This one-pan supper can be on the dinner table in less than one hour. Serve with a crisp green salad and some crusty bread for a delicious and filling midweek meal.

Ingredients: • 1tbsp olive oil • 250g chorizo sausage, diced • 1 large onion, peeled and chopped • 2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed • 4 celery stalks, chopped • 225g paella rice • Few strands of saffron • 850ml hot chicken or vegetable stock • 200g raw king prawns (thawed if frozen), peeled with tails left on • Salt and freshly ground black pepper • 1 tsp paprika


Heat the oil in a large deep frying pan and fry the chorizo sausage for 2-3 minutes, stirring frequently until browned. Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside. Add the onion, garlic and celery to the pan and fry gently for 8-10 minutes, stirring, until softened. Stir in the rice and saffron strands and cook for 1 minute, then pour in the stock. Bring to the boil then reduce the heat to a simmer and cook for 20-25 minutes, until the rice is almost tender and nearly all the liquid has been absorbed, stirring frequently. Add the chorizo and prawns to the pan and cook for a further 5-6 minutes, until the prawns are cooked through and pink. Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper and serve in warmed bowls sprinkled with the paprika. Add some diced red or yellow pepper and a TIP handful of chopped fresh parsley for extra colour and flavour.

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SWEET Choc ‘n’ nuts – spread warmed pancakes with chocolate and hazelnut spread then fold into quarters. Drizzle with warmed chocolate sauce and serve with toasted hazelnuts. Orange cream – heat 4tbsp thin-shred marmalade with 150ml orange juice in a frying pan and simmer for a few minutes until syrupy. Fold the pancakes and add to the pan, turning to coat in the syrup. Serve topped with whipped cream or crème fraiche. SAVOURY Cheese and bacon melts – add 2tsp dried Italian herbs to the pancake batter. Fill each cooked pancake with some grated Cheddar and 2 rashers crisply fried smoked bacon rashers. Fold over and pop in a hot oven for 10 minutes until the cheese has melted. Tuna parcels – place a spoonful of canned flaked tuna fish in the centre of each cooked pancake and top with some canned sweetcorn and chopped spring onion. Fold the pancakes to make parcels and enclose the filling. Serve with sweet chilli sauce.

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Kid’s Corner


Making STEM Fun by Kate Duggan STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are the fastest growing industries in the world. Even if your child doesn’t fancy a career in STEM, they will need to use elements of it throughout their working life. According to The National Science Foundation, “To succeed in this new information-based and highly technological society, students need to develop their capabilities in STEM to levels much beyond what was considered acceptable in the past.” So how can you help your child to develop a real enjoyment for STEM? SCIENCE There are lots of children’s science sets available to buy, but you don’t actually need any fancy equipment to conduct simple experiments at home, such as: • Asking your child to add a few drops of oil to a glass of water. Discuss what they think will happen. Will the oil and water mix or stay separate? • Finding four old, dull two pence coins. Soak each one in a different liquid (water, coke, vinegar and lemon juice) for a few minutes to see which liquid cleans the coin the best. TECHNOLOGY Computer programming now features in the National Curriculum and many schools

offer basic coding clubs from Key Stage 2. Paul Lyons, IT Director at, explains, “Even if your child has no interest in becoming a software developer, they will benefit from skills such as problem solving and following instructions - which can be applied to other areas. Many parents may not know where to begin, but introducing educational aspects into children’s technology use at home can have a real impact on a child’s ability.” There are lots of resources available to help your child at home. Useful websites include: •, which lets children aged six and up learn the basics of creating games online. • while this American site is mainly aimed at teachers, you can sign up as a parent or student to access a free short course. •, which lists coding clubs for 9-13 year olds across the UK. ENGINEERING K’Nex model building sets are a fun way to introduce engineering concepts. The K’Nex Education Introduction to Simple Machines: Levers and Pulleys Set, for example, contains more than 170 pieces, and instructions for building eight mini machines. You can also help your child to

make simple structures using household items. Straws and play dough are ideal materials for building model bridges. Or try searching www.instructables. com for instructions on making structures out of lolly sticks or toothpicks. MATHS Kjartan Poskitt, author of Murderous Maths and Ambassador for the National Young Mathematicians’ Awards 2017, says, “I always say that maths is like broccoli. You either like it or you hate it, but you have to have some because it’s good for you. If learning the tables is driving your child mad, what can you do to sauce them up? The secret is to play around with numbers and get to know them. Here are a couple of little facts and tricks to get you started: • If you write out the digits 1 2 3 4, you can turn them into 12 = 3 x 4. You can also do this with 5 6 7 8 because 56 = 7 x 8. • Pick any three consecutive numbers (e.g. 4, 5 and 6). Multiply the smallest by the biggest, and then add one. (So here we get 4 x 6 = 24, then 24 + 1 = 25). The answer is always the same as the middle number squared (5 x 5 = 25).”


Clubs & Societies Tenterden Tenterden Al-Anon Family Groups Hope and support for family and friends of Alcoholics. Every Tuesday at 8pm at West View Care Centre. www. Ashford Ramblers T: 01233 668762 Benenden Players Bethersden Art Group We meet on Thursday evenings in Bethersden Village Hall, 7.30-9.30pm, for ten weeks each term. For further info contact Sue - 01233 820585. Bowls Club T: 01580 766659 Deep South Line Dancing Club every Tues evening 7.30pm until 9.30pm at St Michaels Village Hall, St. Michaels, Tenterden. We are a small friendly club and welcome new members of all ages though not suitable for beginners. Great music and good exercise with a qualified teacher. Contact Pam on 01580 241389 for further details. Homewood & District Astronomical Assoc. (Hadas) Meets 2nd Thurs of each month, 7.30pm, Homewood School. Martin Frey: 01233 758222 Homewood Badminton Club Tues Evenings, Tenterden Leisure Centre. Contact Doreen Mackey 01580 762965 Lions Club Of Tenterden Contact Rod Macdonald Tenterden 01580 764705 Parkinson’s UK, Ashford Branch. Meets 1st Wednesday of every month at Godinton Village Hall, Loudon Way, Ashford. For information call Mike Wharrad – 01233 623530 PILATES. Tenterden Mondays 9.30am, Wednesdays 9.00am. Mixed ability classes. Body Control Qualified Instructor. Contact Liz 07958 708874 or email: Rotary Club Of Tenterden Kelvin Williams, 01580 761376,


Tenterden & District Residents Association - looking after the interests of locals - Membership Secretary Mike Lyons (01580 765423) Sinden Theatre Contact Homewood School 01580 764222 Ext 284 St. Michaels Short Mat Bowls Club Tel. 01580 762037 Friday Evenings 7.15pm St. Michaels Village Hall. St Michaels Village Community Group Meet once a month, please check our website for event information and details of our next meeting www. Tai Chi - Every Friday at Tenterden Club, upper hall, from 10.30 to 11.30 at £5 per person, this is Tai Chi Yang Style focusing on the health aspect of Tai Chi, and can help with balance, stability, relaxation, co-ordination strengthening and overall wellbeing in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Just turn up and join us. The Tenterden Club, Church Rd, Tenterden TN30 6AT T: 01580 762888 Tenterden Active Retirement Association (TenARA) Secretary: Anne Alexander 07873 579581 (after 5pm) Email: tenttenara@ Tenterden & District Assn. Angling & Preservation Paul Locks: 01580 292201 Tenterden Badminton Club T: 01233 633488 Tenterden Bowls Club Recreation Ground Road. Come join our 100 yr old outdoor club in Tenterden. Fresh air, gentle exercise, good company, new friends, good fun for 8 to 80+ year olds. Tenterden Bridge Club meets at the Tenterden Club,Church Road, every Wednesday at 7.10 pm.

Host system applies. Visitors and new members welcome. Contact Margaret Clement 01580765194 Tenterden Camera Club - A chance for members and guests to meet socially and discuss photography, exchange ideas, tips and problems. We have an informal “Snap Chat” meeting at 7.30pm in the William Caxton on Tenterden High St on the first Monday of each month to discuss photographic issues. There is no charge and all are welcome - just buy yourself a drink... We also meet fortnightly (the second Thursday and the fourth Wednesday each month) in the upstairs meeting room at the Zion Baptist Church, Bridewell Lane in Tenterden. New members and guests very welcome. Full details on our web site: www. Tenterden Cricket Club T: Mr D Carter 07970 747244 Tenterden Cycling Club For Tenterden & St Michaels & surrounding areas. Suitable for all abilities. Contact Ian McCormick by email or text, email preferred TN30CC - Cycling Club. Email:, T/txt, 07724 141115 www. Tenterden Day Centre, Church Road, Tenterden. Contact Sally Pettengell 01580 762882 Tenterden Duplicate Bridge Club. Contact Sue Rolles 01797 252753. Tenterden Golf Club T: 01580 763987 enquiries@tenterdengolfclub. Tenterden & District Horticultural Society. Guest speakers, plant sales, outings and practical workshops on all things horticultural. Contact: Lindy Bates 01580 764505.

Tenterden and District Twinning Association, (twinned with Avallon, France) Contact Suzanne Tiltman 01233 770777 suzanne. Tenterden & District Local History Society T: 01233 770082 Tenterden & District Museum Assoc. Tenterden Museum T: 01580 764310 Tenterden National Trust Assoc Ann Stevens 01580 764791 Tenterden Over Fifties Singing Every Wednesday afternoon 2pm - 3.30pm term time St. Andrews Church Hall, Ashford Rd. Tenterden...just at top of Turners Ave. Just FUN singing for all. First visit is free to see how you enjoy it. Contact us on 01233 750585 Email: Tenterden Operatic & Dramatic Society Mrs. A. Patrick 01580 241966 Tenterden Singers T: Martin Bailey 01233 820322 Rehearsals on Tuesday evenings 8pm in the Music Block of Homewood School. Musical Director: Stephen Pusey Tenterden Spiritualist Centre Highbury Hall. Highbury Lane. TN30 6LE, every Sat evening, from 6.30pm all are welcomed. Contact David Burgess 01233 756127 Tenterden Tennis Club T: 01580 762580

Tenterden Ukulele Club. Open to all ages and levels. Contact Darren 07718 134 404. dcollins40@ Tenterden U3A If you are not in work with time to spare, the U3A offers leisure activities and an opportunity to meet like-minded people in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere Contact Linda Matthews T: 01580 764093 E: Tenterden Youth Club Alan Sugden Tel: 01580 765531 The Warblers Tony Singleton T: 01580 753431 Tenterden Writers’Group We meet every other Monday from 10.30- 12.30 at the London Beach Hotel. We are a friendly bunch and new members, whether experienced writers or complete novices, would be made more than welcome. For details see our website (just google Tenterden Writers) or phone Ken on 01580 201184. The Tenterden Club Church Road, Tenterden w: Any queries please contact Ann Francis (Club Secretary) on 01580 762888 weekdays 10 till 2.00 Weald Of Kent Art Society We are are friendly and vibrant art society.

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If you would like to find out more about us or are interested in joining please visit our website: or ring Secretary: Maggie Macaulay 01580 241843 Weald U3A is a society for the dynamic over 50s with a thirst for knowledge, social activities and new experiences. We have a large number of interest groups including Bridge, Films, Italian, Jazz, Stargazers, Lunches and Theatre Visits. See weald or contact Richard Sargent, T: 01580 764239 e: Yoga St Michaels village hall @8.00 pm on Wednesday evenings. Price £8.00 contact Sue Wainwright 07958606939 or 01622890746 for more info. Women’s Institute: Tenterden: S.Dalgarno. 01580 76498 St. Michaels: B. Watkins 01580 765085 Tenterden Glebe: Ann Hathaway 01580 761525 Young Wives: St. Michaels J. Coombs 01580 763733 Tai Chi For Health Monday Appledore Village Hall. Beginners 9.45 , Intermediate 10.45. Thursday Hamstreet Victory Hall Intermediate 9.30 , Beginners 10.30. £6 pay as you go, www., 07587 167756

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By Alison Runham

Sleep: Vital for Good Mental and Physical Health

We’ve known, vaguely, for a long time that losing sleep can make us struggle to concentrate and keep smiling. Even Shakespeare knew the value of sleep, describing it as the ‘balm of hurt minds’ and the ‘chief nourisher in life’s feast’. But research is increasingly proving that a lack of good quality sleep can seriously damage our physical and mental health. More than 20 large-scale studies have proved conclusively that the shorter your sleep, the shorter your life - and it’s not hard to see why… HOW A LACK OF SLEEP AFFECTS PHYSICAL HEALTH


Weight gain and obesity Research shows that insufficient sleep is a factor in weight gain and obesity. This is probably because sleep deprivation reduces levels of leptin (the hunger-inhibiting ‘you’re full’ hormone) and increases levels of ghrelin (the hunger-stimulating hormone). It’s a vicious circle, too, as you’re more prone to sleep problems if you’re overweight.

Increased diabetes risk People who usually sleep less than five hours a night, particularly those lacking deep or ‘slowwave’ sleep, are at increased risk of developing diabetes. Their body processes glucose differently, reacting as though suffering from insulin resistance (a condition in which your body doesn’t react properly to insulin). Tiredness causes you to secrete more stress hormones (e.g. cortisol), making it harder for insulin to function correctly and leaving excess glucose in your bloodstream.

Alzheimer’s disease. During deep sleep, amyloid deposits (a toxin that accumulates in the brains of Alzheimer’s sufferers and kills surrounding cells) are ‘cleaned’ from the brain. Without sufficient sleep, these plaques build up, especially in deep-sleepgenerating regions – meaning you sleep even less and are even less able to destroy the plaques. It’s a vicious circle.

Increased cancer risk Professor Matthew Walker, author of Why We Sleep, says that after just one night of only four or five hours’ sleep, your natural cancerattacking cells drop by 70%. US researchers have discovered that when people work nights, they produce 80% less of a chemical which is a by-product of DNA tissue repair, indicating that their bodies aren’t carrying out the crucial cell restoration which should happen naturally overnight.

Weakened immunity Sleep deprivation damages production and distribution of immune factors.

Increased risk of Alzheimer’s Disease Long-term insufficient sleep significantly raises your risk of

Increased risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke Persistent sleep deprivation is associated with increased heart rate and blood pressure and higher levels of inflammation, which can all put extra strain on your heart. Over-45s who sleep less than six hours a night are 200% more likely to have a heart attack or stroke.

Reduced fertility and libido Research has revealed that men and women who don’t get enough quality sleep have lower libido and less of an interest in sex. This may partly be linked to sleep apnoea, which disturbs sleep, as men who suffer from sleep apnoea also tend to have lower testosterone levels, which can lower libido. Regular sleep disruption can also reduce the secretion of reproductive hormones.

Health & Fitness HOW A LACK OF SLEEP AFFECTS MENTAL HEALTH Increased risk of depression and anxiety Many studies have linked anxiety and depression to poor quality and insufficient sleep. Daniel Freeman, co-author of major research on the link between mental health and sleep published in Lancet Psychiatry, says that having insomnia doubles your chances of developing depression and that treating insomnia is shown to reduce depression. Increased risk of paranoia, hallucinations and psychotic episodes The same study also showed that when people sleep better, they’re far less likely to suffer from paranoia, hallucinations or psychotic episodes. General mental health is much improved in people given therapy to improve their sleep. Reduced memory, concentration and reaction times While we can usually cope with the odd late or broken night, the effect on our mental health and abilities becomes far more pronounced after several nights or frequent occurrences of poor sleep. Your ability to concentrate and make decisions will decline and your reaction times will slow significantly. This can be dangerous, affecting not only your health and safety, but that of others you work with, care for – or drive past. Studies show that sleep deficiency harms your driving ability as much as, or more than, being drunk. Less than five hours’ sleep? You’re 4.3 times more likely to be involved in a crash. Four hours’ sleep? 11.5 times more likely. It’s estimated that driver fatigue is responsible for around 100,000 car accidents and 1,500 deaths each year.

A CHANGE OF ATTITUDE “No aspect of our biology is left unscathed by sleep deprivation,” says Professor Walker, who fears sleep loss is costing the NHS and our economy dearly. “Things have to change: in the workplace and our communities, our homes and families.” He believes that sleep “needs to be prioritised, even incentivised” and that we have “stigmatised sleep with the label of laziness” because we want to seem busy; “It’s a badge of honour.” That’s an attitude we need to change.


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Don’t Leave Your Clutter To The Kids! by Kate McLelland

If you have children, you’ve probably thought about what you might leave them when you die. Maybe your home, if you are lucky enough to own a property? Some money? Or perhaps there are precious family heirlooms that you’ve planned to share out between them? Most of us are happy to make a will, setting out how we will dispose of these assets, but not enough of us stop to consider what will happen to the rest of our possessions: the bits and pieces we accumulate throughout our lives. Every item, including furniture, ornaments, clothes, framed pictures, souvenirs, books and papers – not to mention boxes of stuff that you’ve been meaning to sort out for years – will need to be picked over and subsequently sold, given away or discarded.


Almost inevitably it will be your children who are left to scale this mountain of possessions. Most people who have had the job of clearing a parent’s home will tell you that having

to sort through the myriad objects that represented a person’s life is not an easy task, particularly when you are still grieving. As well as organising your funeral and dealing with all the legal and administrative tasks that accompany a death, your children will have to spend hours at your property, emptying the contents of cupboards and drawers into black plastic sacks. Whose responsibility is it anyway? When a person dies, a grant of probate is needed for the executor of the will to act on important financial matters, but there is no official framework in place to handle the disposal of household items and possessions – legally known as ‘chattels’ or ‘fittings’. While chattels may have little monetary value, they can nevertheless hold great significance for family members on an emotional level. If two or more family members can’t agree what to do with mum or dad’s possessions, it may lead to arguments and even to the

break up of relationships. If there is a difficult family dynamic to begin with, the effort of clearing out a parent’s home may make things even worse, particularly if there is pressure to act quickly because the property is being sold. When Joyce Petersen died, her two sons Peter and Daniel – who had previously fallen out and no longer spoke to one another – needed to clear out her two-bedroom house in Broadstairs, Kent. Unfortunately there was a stand-off over the house clearance as her sons couldn’t agree who should be responsible for undertaking the work. The house had still not been cleared by the completion date for the property sale, so the new owner was forced to take on Joyce’s possessions – including a set of family photographs – when she became the legal owner of the house. Some days after the sale had gone through, Joyce’s younger son Daniel sent an emotional message to the owner via his

Health & Fitness solicitor, asking her to save the photographs, but there was no happy ending to the story. The owner told him that the album had been dumped at the local waste and recycling centre, along with many other deeply personal possessions that belonged to his mother. How can I cut my clutter? While it’s unreasonable to expect older people to clear out possessions that they still need and value, over time we all accumulate items that we seldom use, or even look at. If that applies to you, start by working systematically through cupboards and drawers, making three piles – things you want to keep, things you can recycle or give to a charity shop, and items you can throw away. Check through your clothes,




eliminating anything that hasn’t been worn in the past two years: if you haven’t put it on within that period of time, it’s unlikely you’ll ever wear it again. Do an audit of your furniture. Once you’ve managed to sort through your possessions, you may find that some cupboards and drawers are now half empty. If so, think about combining your remaining possessions in one place so you can eliminate at least one piece of furniture.

of the pieces they will take when the time comes. As you grow older you may need mobility aids to get around, so you’ll be glad of the extra space you have created through your de-cluttering efforts. You can also be reassured that by taking time to sort through your possessions now, you’ll be saving your family a lot of time, effort and heartache in future.

One way to avoid arguments after your death is to call the family together to discuss how they would like you to divide up the pieces that they value. You don’t have to give those things away now – just agree who will receive each item, encouraging family members to take a photo

Specialist Auctioneers & Valuers - Toys -Teddy Bears & Dolls -Military Items -Antique Collectibles -Coins -Memorabilia -Fountain Pens -Clocks & Watches

Free Valuations Every Thursday 11:00 - 3:00 Unit 4, High House Business Park, Kenardington, Ashford, Kent TN26 2LF

Tel: 01233 510050 Email:


Puzzle Time

Word Ladder

Sudoku Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3 x 3 box contains the digits 1 through 9, with no repetition! That’s all there is to it, you solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic there’s no maths involved and no adding up. It’s fun. It’s challenging. It’s addictive!

Change one letter at a time (but not the position of any letter) to make a new word - and move from the word at the top of the ladder to the word at the bottom, using the exact number of rungs provided.




Crossword Across 7. Red fruit (6) 8. An agreement (6) 9. Water activity (4) 10. Pieces (8) 11. Non-attendance (7) 13. Slightly inebriated (5) 15. Quarrel (5) 17. Brine (7) 20. Holding tightly (8) 21. Pain (4) 22. Customer (6) 23. Soak up (6) Down 1. Spider’s trap (6) 2. Tepid (4) 3. Neat (7) 4. Begin (5) 5. Determined (8) 6. Smells badly (6) 12. Supplied with (8) 34 14. Line drawing (7)

16. Infrequently (6) 18. Cling to (6)

19. Unclean (5) 21. Plus (4)

The Home

1.5 tonne (2.4 mtr digging depth) 1.7 tonne (2.5 mtr digging depth) .8 tonne mini digger (2017 models)

We are also able to supply larger diggers and dumpers, all with retractable tracks. Please call for a price on our mobile first or visit


T J K Plastering & Building Friendly reliable service Qualified and fully insured Call Tom on

07835 140 477

Plumbing & Heating Services

All plumbing work undertaken no job too small! Burst pipes, Blockages, Taps, Pumps, Radiators & Drainage work. Bathroom & Shower Installation

Call: Michael on 01233 733779 or 07515 651 717 No Call Out Charge. 24hr Service

All Aspects of Plastering Clean, Reliable Service Call Brett on

01233 714 772 or 07707 029 609 Charing Based


DOMESTIC - INDUSTRIAL - COMMERCIAL - AGRICULTURAL Free Estimates - Established Tenterden 1970 - Family Run Business Rewires • Fault Finding • Test & Inspection Extra Sockets/Lights • Maintenance • Extensions DBS enhanced certificate for schools Approved Electrical Contractor for over 25years Call Andrew: 07786 342454 or Dave: 07880 680046 e:

Easy Access Bathrooms Safe, sound and stylish

Walk-in showers • Walk-in baths • Wetrooms Beautiful bathroom & shower conversions

Family run business with over 15 years of Knowledge & experience Zero VAT on Mobility bathrooms

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w w w . b a t h e i n s a f e t y . c o . u k 36

Plumbing Masters No Callout Charge Free Esitmates

No Callout Charge • Free Estimates 24 hour Emergency Service 24 hour Emergency Service All Work Guaranteed No Job Too Small

All Work Guaranteed • No Job Too Small

g Call Tony 907 717 lumbonin07738 P

The Home

MV Electrical & Building Contractors yy yy yy yy yy

Bathroom Installations Kitchen Renovations Extensions House Refurbishments All Electrical Work Undertaken Part P Reqistered Electrician

Tel: 07739 588762

Bathroom Suites • Taps • Ball Valves Hot & Cold Tanks • Blockages & Burst Pipes

OilHeaHeating & Oil Cookers ting

R-OAK Services Installations • Repairs • Pumps & Radiators Specialist Powerfl ushing and M. Oakley & O.Stanley - Oil-fired De-Scaling Service


Breakdowns & Servicing • Boiler Installation • Power Flushing Telephone: 01303 812148

AGA, Rayburn, Alpha, Stanley, Worcester, Tel: 01233 770138 07738907717 Grant, Boulter,Mobile: Potterton, Trianco and more...




Call Noel @ Dial-a-Plumber on 07711 666 656 37

Important Information 01233 840448 Rye & Winchelsea Rotary Club East Kent Strokes Membership: St. John Ambulance Brigade 01797 225739 Russel Parkin 01580 766245 Meetings: 01797 226380 Tenterden & District Residents’ Royal British Legion Roger Thomas 01580766880 Assoc. Chris Mason 01580 e: 765199 Rye Tourist Information Centre Women’s Section: N. Holman 01580 762302 01797 S E Kent Multiple Sclerosis Soc. 229049 Sinden Theatre (Arts College) 07767 326138 01580 763826 Electricity: Tenterden Active Retirement (Tenara) Southern Electric 0845 770 8090 Chair: Teri Witcher 01580 763892 EDF Energy 0800 783 8866 Royal Mail Residential Gas: Tenterden Disabled In Action Customer Services Natural 0800 111 999 Tenterden Day Centre 01580 761060 08457 740740 LPG - Details on tank e: Charities Doctors Surgery NSPCC: Tenterden & District Hypohounds 07872970009 Ivy Court, Tenterden 01580 763666 Mrs J Coombs 01580 763733 East Cross Health Clinic 01580 262 000 Pregnancy Sickness Support Rye Medical Centre 01797 223333 Kent and Sussex Tenterden Alcoholics Anonymous Tenterden Counselling Service We hold three weekly meetings in West Confidential 0776 968 3347 T: Denise Clifford View Care Centre on Tuesday and Friday evenings and one on Saturday mornings Transport Tenterden Charities Veterinary Practices Bus Enquiries Michael Wells 01580 762353 Rye 01797 222265 Arriva Bus Enquiries Tenterden Community Hub Tenterden 01580 763309 (Travel Line) 0871 200 22 33 (previously Tenterden Savers) (Customer Services) 08456 00 22 99 St Mildred’s Church Hall, Church Road, Rye Town Council 01797 223902 National Train Enquiries Tenterden, TN30 6AT. Tenterden Town Council 01580 762271 01580 766155 (answerphone) Parish Councils: Wealden Wheels 01233 840000 Rolvenden 01580 740242 Mobile: Kevin: 07821 387727 E: Tenterden 01580 762271 John: 07851 395210 Volunteer Bureau Town Hall, 24 High Wittersham 07944 183798 Street. Tenterden, Tn30 6an 01580 765819 Rye & District Community Transport Ashford Borough Council 01797 227722 Rother Voluntary Action 01797 229600 Ashford Gateway Plus 01233 331111 Age UK Ashford 01233 668 765 Tenterden Gateway 0300 041 4141 Citizens Advice Bureau 01233 626185 Homewood School & Sixth Form Centre CARM 01233 758122 01580 764222 Rye Primary School 01797 222825 Rye College 01797 222545 Parkinson’s UK, Ashford Branch Kent Adult Education Contact Mike Wharrad 01233 623520 Homewood Centre, Homewood School: 01580 764356 High Pressure Jetting Rye College: 01797 222545 Service & Repair to Tenterden National Trust Assoc Sewage treatment plants Ann Stevens 01580 764791 Soakaway Testing Rotary Club Of Tenterden Cesspool Emptying Ian 07812 203139 01233 840624 Service Emergency 999 Police Neighbhd Team Ashford & Tenterden 101 Rye 0845 60 70 999 Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 Out of Hours Doctor 0845 4349655 William Harvey Hospital 01233 633331 Conquest Hospital, Hastings 01424 755255 Samaritans 08457 90 90 90

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Tenterden February 2018  

The Village Directory, a community and advertising magazine delivered monthly to every rural home and village in the borough of Ashford Ken...

Tenterden February 2018  

The Village Directory, a community and advertising magazine delivered monthly to every rural home and village in the borough of Ashford Ken...