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ProtectTVs TV Screen Protector, Standard version with Optional Patterned Straps for 47 inch LED, LCD and Plasma TV

Please select ONE of three types of patterned straps as you want. We displayed them ; Duck Tracks, Hearts and Pink Paws from the 2nd left on the above displayed pictures. Leave the name of patterned strap which you want when you check out. We will pack and ship the patterned strap you selected. PLEASE select only ONE of them. *************** The 47" Standard TV Screen Protector, manufactured and sold by ProtectTVs, features a unique cell casting method in order to meet our consumers' exact requirements and complete satisfaction. Experience the higher physical and optical properties of this product when compared to other television screen protectors. Our product is Triple Strength Enhanced and manages to maintain only A Third of other comparable products' thickness. Keeping the Balance and Weight of your TV is a very high priority for us, which is why our product is extremely Lightweight and Stable. Our built in UV Filter will also protect you from harmful UV emitting rays. Our ProtectTVs TV protector will shield your LCD/LED/Plasma televisions from flying objects, dust, and fingerprints. Enjoy your Blu-ray movies, HD video content, and console video games without sacrificing quality! *************** ProtectTVs is designed to protect your TV whether it is on a stand or mounted on the wall and installs within seconds. Our TV Screen Protectors are used by Families with Children & Teens, Wii owners, Schools & Colleges, Churches, Hotels, Hospitals and other institutions

Products Feature 1. Perfect Protection : ProtectTVs TV screen protectors securely protect your TV from damages, scratches or any accidental events, which have features of Triple Strength Enhanced & A Third Less Thickness than other protectors this size 2. Maintains Sharp Picture Quality of 2D and 3D TV, No distortion at all, higher quality than optical or museum grade, No different picture quality between with and without ProtectTVs' screen protector 3. Easy on Eyes : reduces eyestrains - Protecting and Filtering for Screen are Our Specialty. We have been making filters and screen protectors for last 25 years, since 1986. ProtectTVs' TV Screen Protectors have a feature of filtering harmful rays. Our products give you an experience of that. Now enjoy your TV with the technology ! 4. UV Filtering : blocks 94% of harmful UV emitting from TV 5. Lightweight : TV stands are designed for holding the actual television set only, and they often have strict weight limitations. Our lightweight TV screen protectors are very helpful when it comes to handling and cleaning. For your safety, do not add too much weight to your television set

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ProtectTVs TV Screen Protector, Standard version with Optional Patterned Straps for 47 inch LED, LCD