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Life is full of important moments... Choosing to buy a home is an important step and one of the biggest financial decisions in your life. At PrimeLending, we are committed to providing you a mortgage process that is stress-free and simple so that you may enjoy the finer moments in life. Contact us today for a complimentary analysis and a mortgage without obstacles.


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*As listed by MarketracŽ Powered by CoreLogic for Jan-Dec 2012. All loans subject to credit approval. Rates and fees subject to change. Mortgage financing provided by PrimeLending, a PlainsCapital Company. Equal Housing Lender. Š 2013 PrimeLending, a PlainsCapital Company. PrimeLending, a PlainsCapital Company (NMLS: 13649) is a wholly owned subsidiary of a state-chartered bank and is licensed by the Department of Corporations under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act- lender lic no. 4130996. V041013.

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The mission of the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce is to promote the economic environment of all member businesses and by so doing will support the programs which preserve and improve the quality of life.



Brian Connors, Southwest Healthcare System Tom DeMott, Temecula Creek Inn LouEllen Ficke, Commerce Bank of Temecula Valley Kimberly Freize-Uhler, Clear Blue Promotions Jann Gentry, Gentry Studios Kim Kelliher, The Grapeline Wine Country Shuttle Shane Lesovsky, Temecula Valley Communications Suzanne Lingold, California State University San Marcos Crystal Magon, South Coast Winery Resort & Spa Tammy Marine, Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley Paul Nolta, Inland Empire Small Business Development Resource Center Jeff Powell, Abbott Vascular Rick Rawson, Loma Linda University Medical Center, Murrieta Janese M. Reyes, CLB Local Media Robert Rosenstein, The Law Offices of Rosenstein & Hitzeman, AAPLC Jackie Steed, National Merchants Association

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Chairman of the board: Jeff Kurtz, Promenade Temecula First vice chairman of the board: Jerry Konchar, Pechanga Development Corporation Second vice chairman of the board: Lori Marruffo, Virtual Outsourcing Solutions Treasurer: Leslie Doherty, Leslie Doherty CPA Secretary: Janet Scott, iMortgage

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Alice Sullivan, President CEO Laura Turnbow, Chief Operations Officer Katie Edmonds, Membership Director Tiffany Clark, Membership Coordinator/VYP Director Emily Pulley, Communications Director Jennifer Cloud, Special Events Director Brooke Nunn, Special Events Coordinator Jeanette Kristensen, Resource Coordinator Lynn Collett, Resource Coordinator Justin Lawler, Creative Director


SWC Legislative Council Chair — Dennis Frank; Consultant — Gene Wunderlich Membership Services Chair — Jim Mclaughlin, Morrison Mcnabb SC Manufacturing Council Chair — Jack Mobilia, Mobilia & Associates VYP Chair-Kaelan Sutherland, Sutherland Networks



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Deadline for text is the 10th of the preceding month, and deadline for inserts is the 10th of the preceding month. Members wishing to submit articles for upcoming issues of Temecula Today, please submit to Flyer insert: To reserve space for an insert, please call Alice Sullivan at 951.676.5090

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Common Business Problems experienced by Small Business Owners


n this issue we are highlighting our small business members. These hard-working professionals make up over 50% of the TVCC membership. In the United States, small business employs over half of the country’s workforce and has been the stabilizing force in the economy.

reserve at the end of each month against fixed and variable expenses for the next month. That means that if you have $1,000 in fixed and variable expenses on average each month you should have at least $1,200 at the end of each month in the bank. Failure to do this may result in business failure if your sales drop and you cannot meet your expenses.

While small businesses may not generate as much money as large corporations, they are a critical component of and major contributor to the strength of local economies. Small businesses present new employment opportunities and serve as the building blocks of the United States’ largest corporations.


The following articles are by the Inland Empire Small Business Development Center and the Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange. Both organizations are community partners that work with the TVCC to support small businesses and help them thrive.

Advertising Many small businesses do not measure the return on their advertising dollar or track responses to their advertising campaign. For every advertising dollar a small business spends they should see, in general, a $7 return. They should also know where each and every customer has heard of them or for what reason they are shopping at their place of business. Is it in response to an ad, word or mouth, walk-in etc. Each advertising dollar spent that doesn’t generate an adequate return is a dollar not seen on the bottom line!

Cash Flow Many small businesses do not manage their cash flow effectively. They do not know the difference between cash and credit sales as it pertains to the success of their business. Cash flow is cash flowing in and out of the business each day, week, and month, etc. not sales on credit or other receivables. Cash is king and every business should monitor their cash flow on at least a weekly basis. Generally speaking a solid business should carry a 20% 4 | Temec ul a Today | S e p t e mb e r • O c to b e r 201 3

Many small businesses fail to take advantage of this mostly free marketing method. The business owner gets so busy doing business that they forget to get outside the box and spend some time meeting other business owners, chamber representatives, city representatives, etc. I always encourage my clients to invest their time in networking by attending mixers, volunteering for chamber Ambassador duties, seeking out speaking engagements, giving seminars on their business niche, writing articles, seeking free promotional opportunities, etc.

Customer Service One of the least expensive and most rewarding activities that a business owner can focus on is customer service. You can be out of product, unable to service the client and still be able to maintain an excellent reputation via customer referrals if you service your clients professionally and in a timely manner. Customer service means customer focus means the customer is always right. A happy customer can influence 7 to 10 additional customers and an un-happy customer can influence 14 to 20 potential customers not to shop your business! This means that you and your employees that have customer contact in any way must be trained and counseled on customer service and never leave the customer un-happy or dissatisfied. Remember, for every problem there is a solution. Sometimes that solution may cost you money in the short term but pay dividends in the long run.

Written by: Paul Nolta, Small Business Development Center



The Value of Planning


s a business consultant I get the opportunity to meet and discuss a multitude of business issues with clients. All of them are interesting, some of them are challenging, and some of them could have been addressed earlier if the business owner had taken the time to create a plan or timeline for addressing them. There are many different ways to plan and some of them we will discuss in this article. The first plan that any business owner should create is of course the business plan. I know that many of you that are successful business owners will say that you succeeded without a business plan. Of course you are right but I bet that, in hindsight, you would admit that you could have avoided many of the pitfalls and mistakes you made if you would have had a business plan. You could have probably taken advantage of many missed opportunities because you didn’t see them until after the fact and, of course, it was too late to take advantage of them then. A business plan is like a roadmap, without one you may still get to where you’re going but the going may be rough and tortuous and full of potholes.

I have had many clients that have come in seeking assistance with obtaining a loan. After introductions and a few questions I usually end up asking them when they need the money. Quite often I get the answer “next week” or “as soon as possible”. I then try to bring reality to the situation by helping them understand the need to plan and create a timeline of events leading up to the funding of the loan. We identify each step required in the process, which may be 5 to 10, and timeline those out over the next few months. This helps my clients focus on the actual steps required and alleviates much of the stress in opening, expanding, buying or selling a business. It allows them to focus on one step at a time and not worry about the end result until it is time or occurs. Finally, the last plan we will discuss in this article is a “To Do List.” Some people may not be aware that this is a plan but it is and allows you to focus, prioritize and complete many tasks that you may have forgotten or overlooked in your busy day. It insures that you will call back clients, check on the back-ordered customer product, do followup calls, and many other activities that are easily over-looked on a busy business day. To show you that I practice what I preach my Monday’s To Do List includes calling the SBA, writing this article, turning in my monthly expense report, scheduling a seminar, and working on a client’s business plan demographics.

Another plan may deal with networking. In one of my recent articles I discussed various ways of marketing your business for free or little cost by attending community functions, chamber events, networking functions and other events that cost little if anything at all. One of the ways to be successful at this kind of networking is to plan ahead. Make sure that you have plenty of business cards and perhaps brochures available. I can’t tell you how many times I have been at networking events and have met someone that Written by: Paul Nolta, Small Business Development Center might be of service to one of my clients and asked for a business card and have them reply that they didn’t have any with them. They just lost some potential business. Also plan on whom you want to try to meet or contact at these events. This planning entails not only identifying who but what value you would bring to them or their business and how you would articulate or demonstrate that.


Joanne Castro, Temecula Notary on Call

Amber Young, WJ Bradley Mortgage Capital LLC

John Ciaiazzo, Acuvest Commodity Brokers

Cathryn Leff, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Jonnie Flanagan, Magnolia School of Etiquette and Protocol

Dan Keck, Keck Insurance

Julie Morton, WJ Bradley Mortgage Capital LLC

David Paget, WJ Bradley Mortgage Capital LLC

Kristen Muzio, Bella Capelli Salon

Dean Thomas, The Inn at Europa Village

Laura Williams, Access West Insurance Services, Inc

Deborah Garvin, WJ Bradley Mortgage Capital LLC

Lea Bommarito, NZN Labs

Diana Monahan, Inland Valley Surgery Center

Lisa Lynton, Get Air Temecula

Diane Strand , JDS Video & Media Productions, Inc/JDS Actors Studio

Michael Ford, NZN Labs

Ed Ferrel, Fitness Together - Temecula

Nicole Thomas, The Inn at Europa Village

Garth Humbert, BabyJunk

Peggy Salas, John Hine Temecula Mazda Subaru

Heather Pilapil, Heather Pilapil’s Gallery

Peggy Newman, David Neault Associates Inc

Jennifer Rasmussen, Commerce Bank of Temecula Valley

Ricardo Parsons, The Pollakov Financial Group

Jennifer Walters, Twin Cities Realty

Scott Brovsky, NZN Labs

Jim Miller, Pinnacle Mobile Marketing

Timothy Beck, The New You Academy S e pt e mb e r • O ctob e r 201 3 | T e me cula Today | 5



Creating an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Supporting Local Businesses: TVE2 Continues to Grow!


t’s been just short of a year since the Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange opened its’ doors to serve as a resource to the business community. Since that time, TVE2 has offered over 75 workshops to the community on business related topics, including marketing, social media, QuickBooks, investment, legal issues for business and human resources issues. We have also provided business consulting services to many businesses in the Valley. In addition, the TVE2 incubator is nurturing start-up technology companies with the goal of growing Temecula’s job base and technology sector. Learn more about the start-ups at TVE2.

Anywhere Science Inc. It must seem like every day that you hear of some amazing new thing that your smartphone can now do. At Anywhere Science, Inc. we have just added another unexpected one to the list, chemistry.  You might say, “What, chemistry?!”  While it might seem surprising at first, if you manage your diabetes, check your pool/spa water, hydroponically garden, check your pregnancy status, take care of an aquarium, or home brew beer, you are doing everyday chemistry.  Our first product LabStrip converts your iPhone into an inexpensive, yet powerful mobile chemistry lab that can measure a bewilderingly large number of things quickly and easily.  We have also created an associated Cloud system to store the data generated from LabStrip and combine those with additional useful inputs from your phone, your location, and other wireless sensors.  Most recently we have been working with a partner to combine the power of LabStrip and our Cloud system in order to help people objectively monitor their weight loss.  You can get started with our health and fitness Cloud system by signing up for a free account on and stay tuned for the commercial launch of LabStrip very soon!

BabyJunk BabyJunk is the easiest way to buy, sell & trade gently used kids items in your local community. BabyJunk is a location based, peer-to-peer, buy/sell/trade marketplace for baby & children’s items. Built on the trust of Facebook, the friendliness of your neighbors, and thrill of scoring great deals. BabyJunk is a local, mobile & simple solution to help moms find great deals on gently used kid’s items. It allows moms with closets full of kid’s stuff, to connect with others in their community who are looking for good deals on baby and kids gear. Check out your local BabyJunk community today at

NZN Labs NZN Labs is a wearable tech company launching its first product LIT. Mom wears a Fitbit. Dad wears a FuelBand. Their kids (young and old) living the action sports lifestyle wear LIT. LIT tracks dynamic data from airtime to G-force to a whole range of more competitive metrics and socializes them out to your whole community. The LIT app provides rich, detailed visual displays, adding 6 | Tem e c ul a Today | S e p t e mb e r • O c to be r 201 3


depth, analysis, and measurable meaning to the rad stuff you and your friends do every day. Check LIT out at

Promethean Dynamics Promethean Dynamics takes technologies that make the world a better place and makes them a reality. Our technology catalog focuses on the world’s most vital resources and renewable energy technologies. Founded in 2010 as the technology commercialization arm of Promethean Biofuels, Promethean Dynamics manages patent development, licensing, technology management, and commercialization for a suite of technologies destined to change the world, improve the human condition, and make sustainable existence a reality for us all.

iWARE Industries, Inc. iWARE Industries Inc. is a small innovative company established to pursue its owners dream to introduce a new, revolutionary iPad stand to the market. Its product, The Corsair, sets a new standard in iPad accessories. The Corsair comes standard with a set of modular accessories that support the most desirable features, including the multi-device case, our comfort grip hand tote and the 12” standard steel gooseneck arm with an attached wide-mouth C-Clamp. Your tablet never needs to leave the case. Set of accessories allow the Corsair to be used as a hand held, gooseneck attached, wheelchair compatible case. Our rack and pinion gear system accommodates the entire family of iPads as well as other tablets. iWARE Industries is in the process to having one of their patents issued in the near future. To learn more visit

Inviscid Software At Inviscid Software, our mission is to support clinics that perform therapy for autistic and learning disabled children so they can spend less time worrying about running their businesses, and have more time for working with the kids. Their


work is profoundly improving the lives of the 1-2% of American children with autism spectrum disorders and their families, and we believe that they deserve the best software and services to enable them to work at peak performance and efficiency. Our cloud-based and HIPAA compliant software gives them this power by managing all of their scheduling, billing, demographic and clinical data in a secure manner to help them keep organized, stay on top of their revenue cycle, and track the progress of their students. Our products work great on all major devices and browsers so that therapists can always have access to all of their data, and be just as productive at the students’ homes as they are in the clinic. We are one of the newest companies at TVE2, and are looking to work with local organizations involved with child therapy, as well as to hire more talented and enthusiastic people soon! Learn more about us at And remember, it’s all about community, collaboration, and innovation for us – think you have a way to support TVE2 or to connect our companies to customers and capital? Looking for one-on-one business consulting services or business education opportunities? Give us a call – 951-506-5180, we’d love to hear from you! 3800 Kilroy Airport Way Suite 100 Long Beach, CA 90806

Diana Camba Sales Representative

951.201.1309 License #: 0606568

MeDIA sPonsoRs

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story Becoming the Humble Student Surviving in Today’s and Tomorrow’s Economy


s the title to this article suggests it takes commitment and perseverance for a small business owner to survive in today’s economy and to prepare for tomorrow’s economic growth. To survive in today and tomorrow’s economy a small business must consider several factors in their market such as financing, overhead, technology, capital spending, personnel and marketing. Strong businesses don’t assume they can change a market, they examine it closely, understand it, then develop their approach accordingly. It is not an arrogant approach. As soon as a company starts thinking it has “it all figured it out,” often the market will show them (sometimes painfully!) all that they do not know. Approach a market with confidence, but also with respect for the fact that even large groups of customers can turn on a dime – and the success of your company can turn with it. Take every opportunity to learn about your business and your market. A big part of this is adopting the viewpoint of a humble student. And while being humble is an important part of learning from the market, it also is important to take on the mindset of the student. Here are some important areas to gain knowledge in:

Financing and Capital Spending Do you as a business owner have your financing arranged to meet the needs of tomorrow? If indeed the economy is turning around do you have debt and/or equity arranged to finance any potential expansion ahead of the power curve. As far as debt financing have you considered obtaining a line of credit to support hiring additional staff, purchasing additional inventory or equipment to prepare for additional business or contracts. If you don’t you may be stuck with trying to do that out of your cash flow. If sales don’t pick up as you projected you may end up in a negative cash flow situation which is very difficult to recover from.

Overhead Have you analyzed your overhead expenses and compared them to industry averages? Have you driven as much cost out of the organization as possible without sacrificing customer service? Have you made the necessary adjustments to get your expenses in line with industryaccepted percentages?

8 | Teme c ul a Today | S e p t e mb e r • O c to b e r 201 3

Technology Have you taken the opportunity during this economic slowdown to clean up you records and/or implement new programs to track costs and sales? Have you worked on improving customer service by tracking your customer complaints better? Have you considered implementing a website to enhance your marketing capabilities?

Marketing Have you taken the opportunity to sharpen your “sustainable competitive advantage”? Have you added more products and services? Have you attempted to reanalyze your market and market niche to find new growth areas in you market? Have you taken advantage of any “targets of opportunity”? Have you gotten ready to defend your space from potential competitors? Remember, the future is in your hands. The economic recovery will provide numerous opportunities in one of the highest business growth areas in the United States, Southern California and the Inland Empire. Being in business requires confidence, but can be hindered by overconfidence or by not taking a serious enough approach to collecting information. There are always dozens of details and an abundance of learning opportunities for a company. Take the time to learn about the 200 workshops each year offered for little or no cost, by the Inland Empire Small Business Development Center ( In addition there are several opportunities to gain knowledge from other resources such as your Local Chamber Of Commerce. What will you learn about better serving your customers today?

Written by: Paul Nolta, Small Business Development Center

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10 | Temec Tem ec ul a Today | S e p t e mb e r • O c tOb e r 201 3



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12 | Temec Tem e c ul a Today | S e p t e mb e r • O c tOb tO b e r 201 3



2013 Women In Business:

“Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary; A Woman’s Touch in Today’s Business”. Announcing keynote speaker, Marala Scott, Oprah Winfrey’s Ambassador of Hope. Thursday, September 12, 2013 8am - 5pm South Coast Winery Resort & Spa 34843 Rancho California Road, Temecula The 7th Annual Women In Business event will take place at the beautiful South Coast Winery Resort & Spa. Join the TVCC for an event that focuses on providing an arena for women to network with each other, find resources, mentor others and receive additional education and support.  This year’s event offers you the opportunity to hear five incredible business women speakers including our keynote speaker, Marala Scott. Marala is a Multi Awardwinning Author, Inspirational Speaker and Leadership Advocate who spends her time Teaching to Forgive, and Inspiring to Live. Her efforts earned her the unique honor of being named an O ​ prah Winfrey’s Ambassador of Hope​recipient, in addition to being named one of The Sunny 95’s 2 ​ 0 Outstanding Women You Should Know​. You don’t want to miss out on this “must” event that brings hundreds of women back year after year!  We look forward to seeing your business represented at this great event. Many sponsorships are available. Be on the lookout for more information.  If you are interested in participating as a sponsor, exhibitor or event guest please contact Jennifer Cloud at or (951) 676-5090.

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2013 legiSlatiVe Summit:

“finding Common ground in an unCommon politiCal world”. The 9th Annual Legislative Summit will be held on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at South Coast Winery Resort & Spa from 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. The event is an annual forum that gives business and local leaders the opportunity to meet with peers and state policy experts to focus on priority legislative issues facing California business.

Keynote Speakers: California State Senator Richard representing the 31st Senate District


California State Assemblymember Marie Waldron, representing the 75th Assembly District

Moderator: Gene Wunderlich – Realtors and Government Affairs Director, Southwest Riverside County Association of Realtors

Panelists: Kimberly Davidson, Business Development Manager, City of Murrieta Rick Glasmann, Vice President/General Manager, International Rectifier By attending the Legislative Summit you become a part of the voice to State Legislators. Specifically, you will: • Receive information from those closest to the action. • Learn about the budget and the likely impact on you. • Get insights on current issues affecting our state. • Become a better advocate with tips and information you can use to make your voice heard. The cost is $40.00 per person and seating is limited so please register early. Corporate tables are also available for $500.00. Reserve an expo table for $125 (includes 1 tickets to the event.) For additional information or to reserve your spot at the Summit please contact Jennifer Cloud at 951-676-5090 or email jennifer@

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SET YOUR TRAVEL PLANS WITH US! Discover Tuscany March 18-27, 2014 Italy awaits you, a land rich in history, culture, art and romance. On this special journey you will enjoy walking tours in Italy’s most charming towns, visit magnificent historic monuments, and sample mouth-watering cuisine & wines. Travel with ease knowing that Collette Vacations has selected the best hotels, restaurants, and tour guides for your trip. The Discover tour will have you departing on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 and returning on Thursday, March 27, 2014. The cost of this incredible trip is $3,449 based on double occupancy. Book early and save $250 per person! Price includes: Round Trip Air from San Diego Int’l Airport and Hotel Accommodations. Not included in price: Cancellation waiver and Insurance of $220 per person. During your vacation you will visit Rome, Assisi, Basilica of St. Francis, Montecatini Terme, Siena, San Gimignano, Winery Tour, Florence, and have a Tuscan Feast. Also included with the trip are 13 meals: 8 Breakfasts, and 5 Dinners. The deadline to register is September 18, 2013. A $250 deposit is required.

Shades of Ireland July 27 - August 5, 2014 The Emerald Isle, a land renowned for its “forty shades of green,” is filled with rolling hills, warm people, stately castles and rollicking fun. Visit Dublin, Waterford, Killarney and Limerick as this comprehensive tour introduces Ireland’s natural beauty, rich history and most importantly, its hospitable culture. The tour will depart on Sunday, July 27, 2014 and return on Tuesday, August 5, 2014. Book early and save $250 per person! The cost of this incredible trip is $3,749 based on double occupancy. Price includes: Round Trip Air from San Diego Int’l

Airport and Hotel Accommodations. Not included in price: Cancellation waiver and Insurance of $220 per person. During your vacation you will join in the festivities as a guest at a traditional Irish Night, travel the Ring of Kerry, one of the world’s most beautiful coastal routes, meet an Irish family during a visit to a working Irish farm, sample homemade tea and scones while they explain their everyday life, behold the spectacular beauty of the Cliffs of Moher, and experience an overnight on the grounds of a castle and experience old Ireland at its finest. The deadline to register is February 21, 2014. A $250 deposit is required to reserve your spot.

Colors of New England October 10 - 17, 2014 Trip Highlights: Boston, Boston Harbor Cruise, Woodstock, Quechee Gorge, Stowe, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory, Rocks Estate, North Conway, Lake Winnipesaukee Cruise, Kancamagus Highway, Boothbay Harbor and Lobster Dinner. On this trip, enjoy a locally guided tour of historic Boston and visit it’s famed Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Cruise the waters on stunning Lake Winnipesaukee and enjoy a true taste of New England at a farewell dinner featuring succulent fresh lobster. The cost of this incredible 8-day trip is $2,999 based on double occupancy. Price includes: Round Trip Air from San Diego Int’l Airport, tour guide, 13 meals and hotel accommodations. Not included in price: Cancellation waiver and Insurance of $175 per person. Book your trip by April 10, 2014 and save $100 per person! A $250 deposit per person is due upon booking. The booking deadline for this trip is Friday, May 2, 2014. 2014. For detailed information or questions on any of these trips, please contact Jennifer Cloud at (951) 676-5090 or jennifer@

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Congratulations again

to the 2012 Awards Gala Award Recipients


he core of what makes Temecula so special is its people and businesses. So many individuals make extraordinary contributions to our community and now is the time to recognize them. The Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce is seeking nominations for Business, Citizen and Service/Charitable Organization of the year to recognize at our annual Awards Gala.

Do you know someone in the business community who makes Temecula a better place to live, work and learn? A Business that demonstrates best practices in business sustainability and growth, commitment to employees and a track record of community involvement? An individual who demonstrates superior leadership and service to our community? An Organization that is active in our community with philanthropic activities? We encourage our members to celebrate the achievements of their fellow business owners and colleagues by nominating them for the 2013 Business, Service/Charitable and Citizen of the Year awards. Nominees will be honored at the 48th Annual Awards Gala on February 22, 2014 at Pechanga Resort & Casino. Nomination forms are available at To submit entries or for more information about the nomination process contact Jennifer Cloud at (951) 676-5090 or

Sterling Business of the Year A Grape Escape Balloon Adventure

Bronze Business of the Year Promenade Temecula

Gold Business of the Year CR & R Environmental Service

Platinum Business of the Year Rancho Ford

Service Charitable Organization of the Year Assistance League of Temecula Valley

Valley Young Professional of the Year Jason Hope, JD Promotions

Citizen of the Year Trish Shea

Chairman’s Choice Jerry Konchar, Pechanga Development Corporation

Ambassador of the Year Robin Johnson, Attorney At Law

Lifetime Achievement Award Perry Peters

16 | Tem ec ul a Today | S e p t e mb e r • O c tob e r 201 3



SaVe the date

mEmBEr apprECiation night


ave the date for the Chamber’s Annual Member Appreciation Night This is an evening just for you! An opportunity to network, enjoy delicious appetizers and desserts and celebrate with longtime members. The Chamber will recognize and honor its milestone members as they are presented with certificates and awards in appreciation of their partnership.

Thursday, December 12 5:00 - 7:30pm at Pechanga Resort & Casino Grand Ballroom, 45000 Pechanga Parkway, Temecula



calling all reStaurantS!


t’s that time of year again, the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Temecula Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau are gearing up for Restaurant Month in January 2014. Now is the time to get registered so you can be sure to be included on all Restaurant Month promotion! To get registered as a participating restaurant call 951-491-6085.

SUNDAY September 29th 2 pm to 7 pm

Meet Our Physicians Wellness Education


Farmers Market Fresh Local Food Health Screenings

Prizes Raffle Petting Zoo at 6:00 p.m.* Rock Climing Wall *Must be present to win


Professional Office Building Parking Lot 28078 Baxter Road, Murrieta CA 92563 Need information? Call 951-704-1950

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THE FASTEST GROWING ADULT PROGRAM IN THE INLAND EMPIRE Bachelor’s Degree Programs Accounting Business Administration Christian Ministries Communication Studies Computer Information Technology Criminal Justice Early Childhood Studies Graphic Design Kinesiology Marketing Political Science Public Administration RN to BSN Sociology... and More!


Master’s Degree Programs Business Administration Counseling Psychology Communication Disability Studies Education Public Administration Public Relations

•Flexible class schedules •Affordable tuition

•Online & hybrid courses •Christian values

To learn more, ATTEND AN ONLINE INFORMATION SESSION at RSVP today by calling 877.CBU.3285



18 | Tem ec ul a Today | S e p t e mb e r •

40764 Winchester Road, Suite 590 CA 92591 O c tO b e r Temecula, 201 3 tOb


Vyp member

supporting small BusinEss in our VallEy


hen Dione Moser first thought of creating a coworking space, there was no way to know just what a pivotal part of the economic growth of our community it would become. The idea seemed simple enough- provide the entrepreneur and small business owner a place to thrive, to work, and to meet other like-minded professionals in an environment that would, in turn, continue to promote success and growth. With that idea in mind, Coworking Connection was opened in the Fall of 2011- the first of its kind in the Valley- and the only such offering between Carlsbad and Riverside. As such, Coworking Connection has fostered long-standing and productive relationships with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and

networking groups, and was even recently nominated for Small Business of the Year by the Murrieta Chamber of Commerce. Coworking Connection’s laid-back feel aligns with VYP’s objective of allowing network marketing among other professionals in our region to happen naturally and, as a result, professional and personal relationships are being forged every day, creating a strong, viable economic foundation for generations to come. With the mentality of “Paying it Forward” in mind, Coworking Connection continues to look for ways to help endorse the entrepreneurial spirit in our professional community and ensure this through continual mentorship, coaching, workshops and networking events.

September’S featured member

tara wundErliCh – BElla CapElli salon & BoutiQuE


ara has been a member of Valley Young Professionals since 2010 and is also a member of New generations Rotary and the Murrieta and Temecula Chambers. She works out of Bella Capelli Salon & Boutique and has been in the business for over 10 years. Many of our current VYP members enjoy her styling expertise. Tara says, “If you don’t love your hair, then you need to try something new. I provide up-to-date styles that compliment your individual coloring, face shape and style.” Tara has lived in the area for 24 years. She specializes in color, haircuts and extensions. She offers correctional and special effect coloring, while reestablishing and maintaining the health of your hair. She continues her education to keep herself & her clients updated on the newest trends. She says, “I appreciate the value of loving your job and am privileged to be so fortunate to love what I do. I look forward to helping you love what I do too!”

Vyp cOrnhOle tOurnament

thursday, sEptEmBEr 26, 2013 – 5:30-7:30pm at swEEt lumpy’s BBQ Valley Young Professionals is hosting a fundraiser event to assist in funding our civic projects. Cornhole is a Midwest bean bag toss game that has become a popular competitive sport in the west as well. Sign up a team of 2 for $40 which includes an appetizer and two drinks, or sponsor the event as either an Event Sponsor for $250, a Board Sponsor for $125 or a Bean Bag Sponsor for $100. Please visit our website for more information S e pt e mb e r • O ctO b e r 201 3 | T e me cula Today | 19


news city Of temecula

dEmystifying thE CErtifiCatE of oCCupanCy pErmit proCEss


n order to conduct business from any space in Temecula, every business must have a Certificate of Occupancy, or “CofO”, for short. A Certificate of Occupancy is issued by the City’s Building Official to ensure appropriate use of space. Obtaining a CofO must occur prior to your business opening, even if the business is moving right in with no construction work being done. For spaces that have been expanded or remodeled, the CofO would be issued after a permit for tenant improvement work has been issued and inspections have been performed. You might ask “do I need to get a CofO if I am not making any physical changes to the building?” The answer is YES. For a new tenant not

performing construction in the space or a change in tenant, a NonConstruction Certificate of Occupancy permit is required. This is to ensure the safety of all tenants and customers. CofO inspections are performed by the Building and Safety, and Fire Departments, as well as any other involved agencies/departments (i.e. EMWD, RCWD, Environmental Health). Your first step? Visit the City’s Permit Center and request the appropriate form – either a Non-Construction or regular CofO. For more information please call or visit our Permit Counter at City Hall at (951) 694-6444. We are open Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm, no appointment necessary.

Experience Our Passion for People. Have you Heard?

Southwest Healthcare System offers new and expanded facilities to keep up with our growing communities. Bigger and better emergency departments, an expanded ICU at Inland Valley, and a brand-new Women’s Center at Rancho Springs. And we’re proud to provide you with excellence in heAlthcAre progrAms And services, including: • Weight-loss Surgery – Nationally Ranked Center of Excellence • Orthopedic Surgery – Hip, Knee and Total Joint Replacement • Women’s Continence Program for bladder control problems • Senior Program with special discounts and incentives • And so much more. Visit for a complete overview of our services.

Now that you know, come experience Southwest Healthcare System. Physicians are practitioners who are not employees or agents of Southwest Healthcare System. 20 | Tem ec ul a Today | S e p t e mb er • O cindependent tO b e r 201 3 The hospitals shall not be liable for actions or treatments provided by physicians.



taking a break


or an all-too-brief period at the end of July and beginning of August your business was safe from an onslaught by the policymakers and regulators in Sacramento - they were on vacation. Unfortunately for us they’re back.

While on vacation we can assume the legislators who want to tax you more, regulate you more and infringe on your daily life more spent time with their constituents that are apparently demanding higher taxes, more regulations and fewer liberties. The legislators who want lower taxes, less regulation and more personal liberty, talked to us (and hopefully, you). But they’re/we’re in the minority so our voices hardly matter. The Southwest California Legislative Council enjoyed an update at our most recent meeting by 75th District Assemblymember Marie Waldron. As a freshman legislator as well as business owner, Assemblymember Waldron brought a refreshing perspective from Sacramento. It is her observation that the freshman Now Open - Surgery Center in Temecula delegation of both parties appear to be focused less on partisan politics and more on effective governance. The new kids in the capitol, who account for nearly 1/2 the class, are aware of the dismal approval ratings accorded our elected officials and, according to Waldron, appear intent on changing the culture. One can only hope. The year-to-date vote record compiled by the SWCLC provides a mixed review of that optimism at best. Bills identified as Job Killers, invariably authored by Democratic lawmakers, have been passed on straight party-line votes with no support from our local legislators. Bills identified as Job Creators, numbering less than half that of Job Killers, have also been authored by Democratic lawmakers but passed with bi-partisan support. To date not a single Republican authored Job Creator supported by the SWCLC has passed. A Joel Anderson co-authored bill (SB30) that would provide tax relief to homeowners who short sale their homes is progressing but it has been linked with another Democratic authored bill (SB391) that would raise your fees on all manners of real estate transactions by $75 per document. Not exactly a win-win. If you would like to find out more about what Sacramento lawmakers are doing to impact your business, please join us the 3rd Monday of every month at noon. It’s a chance to hear about new laws you will get to deal with and find out what your federal, state and local elected officials and utilities have to say on the issues. This year’s meetings are being hosted by the Lake Elsinore Valley Chamber of Commerce at the Ortega Adult School, 520 Chaney Street in the west side conference center. We’re fighting for your business too.


Inland Valley Surgery Center designed to embrace multiple surgical specialties. Medical professionals interested in the opportunity to be credentialed at IVSC, please contact Diana Monahan 951-461-6502.

41900 Winchester Road, Suite #102, Temecula Conveniently located on the corner of Winchester and Diaz.

951-461-6502 • S e pt e mb e r • O ctO b e r 201 3 | T e me cula Today | 2 1



22 c ul a Today | S e p t e mb e r • O c tob e r 201 3 2 2 | Tem e ec



Governor’s New Econ Development Tools

Have Promise for Improving Jobs Outlook


overnor Brown executed a political doubleplay last week: wrapping top priorities for business and labor into a single bill and gaining bipartisan support for the package. At issue was the future of the once-popular, but recently embattled enterprise zone program. Eliminating that program’s hiring tax incentives had been a priority for the Governor since he regained the office—and for much longer for his union allies. While labor wanted to dismantle a program they believed was subsidizing nonunion workforces (and incidentally grab the money for general programs), the Governor had wanted to redeploy the economic resources for more effective incentives. Fortunately for the California economy, the Governor’s path prevailed. Out of the ashes of the enterprise zone program arose several new economic development incentives, including one long sought by businesses and economic developers.

Sales Tax Exemption The most important new incentive is creation of a true exemption from the state general sales tax for equipment and personal property used in manufacturing and in research and development. The exemption is limited to equipment and property with a useful life of more than one year, and does not include equipment used in agriculture or natural resource extraction. The exemption would be limited annually to the first $200 million of equipment purchased per taxpayer, but there is no overall cap on the total amount or number of exemptions that could be claimed statewide. This means that beginning in one year, July 1, 2014, manufacturers and researchers will no longer be subject to the 4.19% state general sales tax, until June 30, 2022. The sales tax exemption is a long-overdue step in rationalizing California’s treatment of business property used for manufacturing,

bringing California closer to the policies followed by nearly every other state with a sales tax. But with the average California state and local rate at around 8.4%, this exemption offsets only about half of the overall sales tax burden on manufacturing equipment. The challenge for business leaders and economic development officials during the next eight years will be to demonstrate the importance of this reform to justify making it permanent and expanding it to encompass the entire sales tax rate. But wait, there’s more.

Select Tax Incentives The administration also devised an intriguing new economic development incentive that is unprecedented in California. For five years, the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz)—with the approval of an oversight committee—will distribute up to $780 million in income or corporate tax incentives to companies seeking to locate, expand or remain in California. Compared to a typical tax credit or exemption, which the taxpayer automatically receives if the targeted activity qualifies, the criteria to qualify for these credits are vague. GO-Biz will have wide latitude in determining how to select eligible companies. At a minimum, GO-Biz must “give priority” to companies with projects in areas of high unemployment or high poverty. In addition, GO-Biz must differentiate the amount of the credit according to 11 enumerated factors, such as job creation, compensation levels, economic impact and the “strategic importance” of a project. Every tax credit agreement must be ratified by an oversight committee, comprising the director of GO-Biz, the Treasurer, Director of Finance and two legislative appointees. The identities and tax credit terms of all applicants would be discussed in open meetings and become public records. (Continued on page 29)

S e pt e mb e r • O ctob e r 201 3 | T e me cula Today | 2 3



New Members: a very special welcome All County Community Property Management Kristene Foley 41689 Enterprise Circle North, Ste. 110 Temecula, CA 92590 (951) 800-7000 Property Management American Express OPEN Small Business Credit Cards Alice Wong (212) 640-0088 Financial Services Anywhere Science Brian Noland 43200 Business Park Drive Temecula, CA 92590 (951) 216-3081 Technology Services As You Like It Events at THCC Rachel Rola / Phyllis Russell 41687 Temeku Drive Temecula, CA 92591 (951) 795-4280 Catering BabyJunk, Inc. Tom Jones 43200 Business Park Drive, #104 Temecula, CA 92590 (951) 595-7737 Clothing – Children Bike 365 Mary Diaz 43980 Mahlon Vail, #2802 Temecula, CA 92592 (951) 595-0347 Recreation Budget Blinds David Fruge 44377 Penbrook Lane Temecula, CA 92592 (949) 290-1233 Blinds - Vertical & Mini CERV Keith Potter Temecula, CA 92591 (408) 348-6469 Life & Relationship Coach Crumpacker Law Group Diane Crumpacker 1801 Century Park East, Ste. 1150 Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 551-1292 Attorneys

Dan Henderson’s Athletic Fitness Center Patrick Aleksanyan 27901 Jefferson Avenue Temecula, CA 92590 (951) 677-1684 Fitness Clubs

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EJ Dental & Orthodontics Dr. Samuel Rivera 31773 Temecula Parkway, Ste. A Temecula, CA 92592 (951) 302-1376 Dentists

Motion Sports M.D. Jerry Hizon 25150 Hancock Avenue, #200 Murrieta, CA 92562 (951) 790-0107 Physicians

Escuela del Sol Tutoring, LLC Solange Hommel 28410 Old Town Front Street, #105 Temecula, CA 92590 (951) 852-4035 Tutoring

The New You Academy Timothy Beck 26413 Jefferson Avenue, Ste. A Murrieta, CA 92562 (951) 297-3525 Counseling

Grand Canyon University Laura Brock (951) 315-4183 Education - Colleges / Universities Heritage Classical Charter Schools Denee Burns 29970 Technology Drive, Ste. 110 Murrieta, CA 92563 (951) 239-3248 Education - Charter School Inviscid Software, LLC Mark Adams 43200 Business Park Drive, #107 Temecula, CA 92590 (619) 675-6767 Computer Software J & M Display International Luis Pena 40880 County Center Drive, #C Temecula, CA 92591 (951) 296-1661 Signs J. Hilburn Marija Maxfield Temecula, CA 92592 (951) 972-6139 Clothing – Mens La Bella Vita Massimo Ghalami 39738 Winchester Road Temecula, CA 92591 (951) 699-5999 Restaurant

24 | Tem e c ul a Today | S e p t e mb e r • O c tob e r 201 3

oBizMedia Corporation Ritu Pant 41593 Winchester Road, Ste. 200 Temecula, CA 92590 (507) 461-4338 Graphic Design One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating Michael Lombardi 43397 Business Park Drive, Ste. D5 Temecula, CA 92590 (949) 269-8290 Air Conditioning / Heating PMI California Inland Empire Chapter Kevin Reilly Temecula, CA 92592 (951) 529-2998 Organizations / Non-Profits Rabobank Garrett Yacopetti 40723 Murrieta Hot Springs Road Murrieta, CA 92562 (951) 461-4530 Banks Realty One Group Southwest Barbara Baker 41463 Margarita Road, Ste. 100 Temecula, CA 92591 (951) 216-2000 Real Estate

Reflection Perfection Mobile Detailing Kimberlie Bruggeman Temecula, CA 92592 (951) 676-2320 Auto Detailing / Mobile Sauer & Wagner, LLP Eve Wagner 1801 Century Park East, Ste. 1150 Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 712-8104 Attorneys SR Realty Shanna Rogers 40485 Murrieta Hot Springs, #118 Murrieta, CA 92562 (951) 240-2205 Real Estate Starbuzz Hookah Lounge Mohammad Shaath 32483 Temecula Parkway, Ste. 108 & 109 Temecula, CA 92592 (951) 452-8985 Entertainment Sunpro Solar Emily Barry 34859 Frederick Street, Ste. 101 Wildomar, CA 92595 (951) 570-7914 Solar Energy Equipment & Systems Repair Service SW Riverside County Calif. Association Marriage Family Therapists Kelly Orchard 32605 Temecula Parkway, #207 Temecula, CA 92592 (760) 887-4444 Counseling Tal D. Jergensen Orthodontics Tal Jergensen 27450 Ynez Road, Ste. 106 Temecula, CA 92591 (951) 693-9373 Dentists Turner’s Outdoorsman 27230 Madison Avenue, Ste. D Temecula, CA 92590 (951) 296-5097 Sporting Goods



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Temecula Valley

riBBon Cutting CErEmoniEs The Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce celebrates each new member with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Or, if you are an existing member and move locations let the business community know with a ribbon cutting. At no additional charge Chamber staff and Ambassadors will to come out to your place of business and will bring the camera, red ribbon and the giant scissors. If you have a home office or no physical business location we can do it right at the Chamber. Contact Katie in the Membership Department at to learn more or to schedule your ribbon cutting.

all about Empowering women P.o. box 2603 temecula, CA 92593 (760) 898-9585

ardent mobile drug testing 29970 technology Drive, ste. 122 b Murrieta, CA 92563 (951) 837-5892

BBVa Compass Bank 40440 Margarita Road temecula, CA 92591 (951) 308-6500

heather pilapil’s gallery 27371 Jefferson Avenue, unit u temecula, CA 92590 (951) 551-5706

inland Valley surgery Center 41900 Winchester Road, ste. 102 temecula, CA 92590 (951) 461-6502

Jacob’s house 27636 Ynez Road, l7#293 temecula, CA 92591 (951) 452-2627

my Big fat greek restaurant 26460 Ynez Road temecula, CA 92591 (951) 296-2157

temecula facial oral surgery 31560 Rancho Pueblo Road, ste. 101 temecula, CA 92592 (951) 302-9100

temecula Valley polo Club (760) 832-5297

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We invite all Jewish families and inter-faith families to join us for High Holiday services: Rosh Hashanah September 4th at 7:30p.m. September 5th and 6th at 9:00a.m.

Kol Nidre

September 13th at 6:00p.m.

Yom Kippur

September 14th at 9:30a.m.

Please join us for our weekly Shabbat services: Friday nights at 7:30 p.m. followed by an Oneg Shabbat and

Saturday mornings at 10:00 a.m. followed by a Kiddush lunch. WE ARE LOCATED AT: 26790 Ynez Ct. Suite B Temecula, CA 92591 (just east of Ynez Rd. in the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce Building)

S e pt e mb e r • O ctob e r 201 951-679-0419 3 | T e me cula Today For information call

| 27

news ut T h o e b A A n l l imals A ’It s Living Free member

A public supported non-profit animal sanctuary

Saving Cats & Dogs from Shelter Euthanasia Since 1980 Featuring Grammy Award Winner

E t h a eridge s s i l e M

E th eridg a s s i l e e M

Featuring Grammy Award Winner

Live Entertainment Arts & Crafts Vendors Silent Auction with Incredible Items Children’s Corner Great Food & Fun for the Whole Family Adoption Fair

An Outdoor festival on the grounds of Living Free Saturday, October 5th, 2013 10:00am to 4:00pm MC Sharon Lawrence

For Vendor or Sponsorship Information call 951-659-4687 Living Free Animal Sanctuary, 54250 Keen Camp Road, Mountain Center, CA 92561

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Governor’s New Econ Development Tools (CONT.)

The tax credit program ramps up quickly, with $30 million provided to GO-Biz this year, $150 million next year, and $200 million each for the three following years. At least one-quarter of all credits annually allocated must be reserved for small businesses, and no single business may receive more than 20% of any single year’s total allocation. The credit may be carried forward for up to five years, and is subject to recapture if the business does not meet the terms and conditions negotiated with GO-Biz. This new program has the potential to launch GO-Biz into the upper tier of state economic development agencies—at least for five years— in terms of incentives available to attract and retain businesses. Competition will be fierce for these incentives among individual businesses and local economic development agencies seeking to land new economic development. After all, with the demise of redevelopment agencies and enterprise zones, the GO-Biz incentives will become one of the few competitive incentives available in California.

Challenge The challenge for GO-Biz will be to develop transparent, predictable, and de-politicized criteria that serve a region’s and the state’s economic and growth interests, and not the interests of narrow constituencies. Enterprise zones may have been inefficient and overbroad, but the new grants will help create more jobs if they are not constrained by, for example, prevailing wage requirements and other costly mandates. California’s unemployment and poverty rankings are shameful. Used properly, the new sales tax exemption and GO-Biz incentives can materially improve them. Written by: Loren Kaye, California Foundation for Commerce and Education

Chamber Calendar Septermber 2013 Friday, September 6

Thursday, September 12

Wednesday, September 18

Tuesday, September 24

8:00-9:30am – Coffee Connection @ TVCC

8:00am-5:00pm – Women In Business @ South Coast Winery Resort & Spa

5:30-8:30pm - Temecula Extravaganza @Wilson Creek Winery

11:30am – Manufacturing Council

Monday, September 16

Thursday, September 19

12:00pm-1:30pm – Southwest California Legislative Council

9:00-11:00 – SBDC workshop “How to Start your Small Business” 2:00-4:00pm – City Walk. Meet at TVCC

Tuesday, September 10

12-1:30pm – Business Encounter @ TVCC Wednesday, September 11

8:00-9:00am – Membership Committee Meeting @ TVCC

Tuesday, September 17

11:30am-12:30pm – Ambassador Luncheon @ Trinity Worldwide Reprographics

Wednesday, September 25

7:30-9:15am – Morning Mixer @ Embassy Suites Hotel Temecula Thursday, September 26

7:30am – TVCC Board Meeting

Chamber Calendar October 2013 Thursday, October 3

Tuesday, October 8

Friday, October 11

Wednesday, October 23

8:00-9:00am – Ambassador Training @ TVCC 4:00-5:30pm – New Member Reception @ TVCC

12-1:30pm – Business Encounter @ TVCC

9:00-11:00am – Professional Development Series. Class 1 of 4 @ TVE2

7:30-9:15am – Morning Mixer @ Embassy Suites Hotel Temecula

Wednesday, October 16

7:30am – TVCC Board Meeting

5:00-8:00pm – Business & Health Expo @ Macy’s

Friday, October 25

Friday, October 4

8:00-9:30am – Coffee Connection @ TVCC

Wednesday, October 9

8:00-9:00am – Membership Committee Meeting @ TVCC Thursday, October 10

7:30-10:00am – Legislative Summit @ South Coast Winery Resort & Spa

Monday, October 21

12:00pm-1:30pm – Southwest California Legislative Council

Thursday, October 24

9:00-11:00am – Professional Development Series @ TVE2. Class 2 of 4.

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TVCC Referral Rewards

Refer a friend and benefit through the Chamber Rewards program. No one is better qualified to spread the word about the benefits of membership in the TVCC than YOU,

a dedicated member.

TOP 3 REASONS to refer a friend... 1. Increase your network making connections crucial to helping your business grow! 2. Support local business! 3. Receive a $20 voucher good toward your purchase of any TVCC event, Chamber advertising, sponsorship or even your TVCC membership renewal!

The Fine Print:

This opportunity is open to all active TVCC members. There is no limit to the number of members you can recruit. To receive credit, your name must appear in the “Referred by” section of the online or print application when submitted. Voucher will be officially credited to the recruiter when new member has become active by paying for annual membership in full. For more information on the program please contact Katie at or (951) 676-5090 3 0 | Tem ec ul a Today | S e p t e mb e r • O c tO b e r 201 3



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26790 Ynez Court • Temecula, CA 92591 Change Service Requested

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Sept/Oct 2013 - Temecula Today  

In this Issue: Small Business, Legislative Summit, Travel, Valley Young Professionals, Legislative News, Member News

Sept/Oct 2013 - Temecula Today  

In this Issue: Small Business, Legislative Summit, Travel, Valley Young Professionals, Legislative News, Member News

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