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It is shocking that there are many people who are not aware that there are solutions available to block porn from computers. Even more surprising is that some people do not realize that you SHOULD block porn from their home computers. Porn is readily available on the Internet to anyone who wants to see it - or does not want to see it. If a child is old enough to click, he will likely be exposed to pornography before he turns eleven. The only way to be sure that your child is not exposed to porn is to take the responsibility of installing a web filter to block all porn. There is no other way to be sure that porn will not appear on a computer screen - other than removing Internet access. While agreeing on rules about Internet use is important and a healthy lesson for children, no matter how much you educate about online dangers and limits, porn can still find its way into your home and to your children. It can be without intention, it can come from friends that email links to x-rated videos or websites and it can be innocent curiosity, no matter how well behaved a child may be. Adults are also highly vulnerable to the temptations of online pornography. Even those who have trouble admitting it have likely taken a peak at sex sites. While that in itself may not be a problem, it's a fact that some people can not stop looking at porn once they have been exposed. It becomes an obsession and even an addiction. So why not block porn from all computers in your home? There is not any real reason to maintain access to Internet pornography for anyone! Governments seems to have their hands tied in efforts to protect us from exposure to pornography and it has fallen on individuals and parents to take responsibility to protect children and block porn. Today's porn industry is no longer about Playboy magazines at the corner drugstore.Today's pornography is far more hardcore, violent and real. No differentiation is made between a woman baring her breasts and a video of sexual violence. Good solutions are available for blocking out pornography.Take control of the Internet content you allow in your home just as you have control over what else goes on under your roof.

Learn more about how to block pornography from your computers with a porn blocker. Blocking pornography is an important part of creating a healthy Internet environment for everyone.

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==== ==== I highly recommend you visit this site to learn how to block porn: ==== ====

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