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A Newsletter For Tuxworth Springs Owners & Residents

Water Conservation Water is one of Tuxworth’s most expensive services. DeKalb County has been raising water/sewage prices for several years and will continue for another year at least (their reserves were not as healthy as ours!). The HOA has worked to absorb as much of the increase as possible but as you noticed last year, we’ve had to pass on the cost to the homeowners. Along with increasing water/sewage costs, our water consumption continues to rise as well. While we can’t control the prices we pay, we can control the amount we use. Toilets use the most water in the home. The Board organized a toilet replacement program in which over 20 toilets are scheduled to be replaced. This is a water reduction of 6-12000 gallons/year for each toilet. The Board has also made the decision to discontinue car washing on the property to conserve precious water and save money. And a meter study is being completed as well to make sure they are working properly. For more ideas on how to save water check out these sites: and

Volume 30 Issue 1 2014

Tuxworth Springs Recycling Program Tuxworth Springs Condominiums has teamed up with B Green Services to provide recycling for our community! You will find the recycling bins at the back of the 100 building next to storage shed. See the below chart for what we can and cannot recycle. Spread the word with your neighbors! Let’s do our part to save money and save the planet!

Parking and Plate Tags As a reminder, please be considerate when parking on the property. While most neighbors abide by community rules and common courtesy, occasional violators and guests may complicate parking for others. Some things you can do to help alleviate parking lot problems are to park within the painted lines; move your car away from building entrances when you will be out of town for a couple days; take a space in near your own building before filling

spots near others; and park near your entrance only when loading and unloading bags and packages. In an effort to keep unwanted vehicles off our property we require all cars to have up-to-date license plate tags. If you notice any vehicles with expired tags or not being moved on a regular basis please report them. The board will tag these vehicles with a towing notice and enforce towing if necessary.

National Night Out 2014 Mark your calendars for this year’s National Night Out on TUESDAY, August 5th at 6:30PM. National Night Out began in 1984 as a way to promote community involvement in crime prevention activities and build camaraderie in neighborhoods and with local police. National Night Out now involves over 37 million people and 15,000 communities from all fifty states, U.S. Territories, Canadian cities, and military bases worldwide. Tuxworth Springs marks the event each year with a community cook out at the pool. Please stop by to hear more about how you can participate in crime prevention. This will also be a chance to get to know your local law enforcement as Dekalb County police officers will join us to for food and conversation. In an attempt to provide more communication regarding our community the board will also utilize this time to hold a “mid-year” meeting. We will plan to update the community on activities from the first half of the year as well as future plans. Keep an eye out for flyers at the mailboxes with additional event details. The Board will furnish burgers, hot dogs, turkey burgers, drinks, ice, and paper goods. Tuxworth residents are asked to bring a side dish to share. Want to learn more about being involved in your community? Be sure to follow the Tuxworth Springs Facebook Page and participate in surveys to help us better serve our community. You can also contact the board at

Gad-A-Bouts August & September Calendar The Tuxworth Gad-A-Bouts, an active senior group, has planned some great activities for the coming months. All, regardless of age, are invited to join! Please contact Bette Prestwood 404-982-0732 if you’re interested in attending any of these events. TUESDAY, August 5th at 6:30PM. The Tuxworth Annual “Crime Night Out” gathering for our condo community. Burgers (beef and turkey), hot dogs, chips, and drinks provided. Bring a side dish or a dessert to share. Meet your neighbors and also the police officers who will advise us on security and safety issues.

(404-320-8699) if you are coming along. There will be NO Book Club and no Pool Potluck in August. Many of our members will be on vacation.

drinks and wonderful sociability. In late September or early October, there will be a trip to the High Museum. Details later.

WEDNESDAY, September 17th at 1:30PM. Tuxworth Book Club meets at Beth Withers’ home. Book to be determined.

FRIDAY, August, 15th at 12:30PM. The Tuxworth Lunch Bunch will eat at Chili’s Toco Hill. Call Pat Sobon

SATURDAY, September 27TH at 6:30pm. The 4th Pool Potluck dinner. This will be the last gathering at the pool for eats,

If you have any suggestions for future activities, e-mail Bette Prestwood (prestwoodce@; Pat Sobon (; or Robin MacLeod (

Charcoal/Propane Grills Unfortunately State Law requires that any grill using charcoal or propane be located at least 10 feet from any building structure. In fact, charcoal and propane tanks cannot even be stored within multi-family units, including here at Tuxworth. Violators are subject to fines of $500 or more and will likely void homeowners insurance policies. The only grills permissible in our community are electric grills. The association does provide several charcoal grills for use by residents inside the pool area only.

For Sale/Lease Signs

A reminder that residents and/or real estate agents may not post For Sale or Rent/Lease signs in windows, on balconies, porches, or patios, etc.

Bicycle Parking

A reminder that bicycles are not to be stored or parked in common areas or hung on porches, balconies, or patios. In support our community bikers, the board has installed several bike racks in a few buildings. The goal is to put the bike racks under the stairs to keep them out of the way, to add some security by keeping them out of sight from potential thieves, and to keep the bikes compliant with HOA rules. As a reminder, bikes are not allowed to be chained to railings and the HOA is not responsible for damaged or stolen bikes secured on the property. Please feel free to check out the racks in place at the 900, 1300, and 1500 buildings. If you’d like to request a rack for your building, contact Leslie Fellows at

CONTACT INFO Emergency & Utility issues Fire/Police................................................ 911 Georgia Power....................................... 888 891 0938 Atlanta Gas Light.................................. 877 427 4321 SCANA........................................................ 800 815 0083 Georgia Natural Gas.......................... 770 907 4231 Dekalb Water......................................... 770 621 7200

Property management issues Leslie Fellows - Homeside Properties (678) 297-9566 extension 162 email:

Community News and Info

Join us on Facebook

Don’t forget to join us on Facebook @ TuxworthSprings. Fellow neighbors created this page so that we could connect socially online. Please post your favorite pictures of our property and community reminders. If you have property issues please contact our management company. Scan with your mobile device to be taken directly to our Facebook page:

TUXWORDS A Newsletter For Tuxworth Springs Owners & Residents

TUXWORDS VOL. 30 Issue One  

A Newsletter For Tuxworth Springs Owners & Residents - Articles in this issue: Water Conversation, National Night Out, Recycling, Events Cal...

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