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MARCH 2014

TUW RACING At this point, the team is keeping busy manufacturing a diverse range of parts. Our new monocoque is already finished and is the end phase of preparation in order to apply further parts. Designing our new powertrain started in the spring of 2013, so currently we are manufacturing the last couple of parts, anticipating its completion. We will begin testing the new motors shortly in order to have our car ready for our upcoming rollout of the EDGE6. For the first time in years, the team will be taking part in four, not just three events in one race season. We are very excited for the upcoming FSUK event. We will participate after abstaining for four years that the team has been seen in Silverstone. All our important TUW Racing dates and events are listed below:


8. April 2014 -----------ÖVK-LECTURE

14. Mai 2014 -----------ROLLOUT EDGE6

9.7 - 13.7 -----------FS-United Kingdom

29.7. - 3.8. -----------FS-Germany

17.8. - 21.8. -----------FS-Austria 7.8. - 10.8 -----------FS-Czech Republic

September -----------SPONSORDAY

I N F O R M AT I O N E V E N T S S 2 0 1 4 We will also be holding another information lecture, where we will introduce the current team, our work and answer all your questions should you have any concerning participation in our team. We are always looking for new members. The information event will be held on 10.4.2014 from 13:15 – 14:15 in room FH8 (Freihaus).

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Once again we have plans to carry out new ideas. The change from combustion to electric car has brought a vast amount of challenges. Here a quick overview of what has changed since the EDGE5:

CFK Drive Shafts

2 self developed electric engines,one at each rear wheel

Electric Differential

Technical Specifications: Power 2x 40 kW, max 16000 rpm Akkupack 6,23 kWh, 385 V

Improved Steering

2-stage gear reduction

Suspension 10� Carbon-Rims Gear reduction 1:11,8


Improved Aeropackage

Layer optimizedCarbonmonocoque

Top Speed 115km/h Acceleration 0-100km/h 2.9s Total Weight 165kg

DRIVETRAIN Our drivetrain department has developed a new transmission and complete set of carbon fiber driveshafts. The key challenge was being able to convert the high amount of revolutions coming from the electric motors into torque directed towards the driveshafts. The objective was to unite the two transmissions which work independently into one housing and use the housing as a link to the electric motors, in order to achieve a compact package. All the needed parts are currently being manufactured, and we hope to be able to test them before they are built into the car. Some parts have already arrived but we are anticipating the entire module.

ELECTRONICS The control unit, which can be described as the brain of the car, evaluates the angle of steering, the position of the accelerator and the braking pressure and calculates the needed torque for each rear wheel. Using an algorithm (Torque Vectoring), the torque is reduced to the needed optimal amount of slip, in order to transfer as much power as possible. The control unit was programmed by us using MATLAB/ Simulink. The energy need to power the car is stored in an akkupack. Because of its excellent properties, we chose Lithium-Polymer Cells. 3 Cells are switched on parallel to each other, after which 104 groups of the same order in series are activated. Safety is very important, so all critical connections and systems are monitored and in case of an error all connections to the pack are switched off. Safety measures require us to install a blinking light at the top of the mainhoop. The needed circuit was developed by us. The so called TSAL (Tractive System Active Light) should only be powered by voltage coming from the high voltage. The entering voltage has to be between 40V and 440V (max. voltage of the akkupack) and was achieved by switching numerous linear regulator in series.

SUSPENSION The suspension system of the EDGE5 has withstood numerous tests in the past season, so it will also be found in the EDGE6 with just a couple of tweaks. The front and rear stabilizers were redesigned in order to make them more efficient than last years versions. Our rain tires also received a makeover in order to achieve more grip on a wet surface. Using multi body systems dynamics, which was given to us at the disposal of SIMPACK, we developed a model of the EDGE. Not only does it evaluate the forces which act on the suspension, but we also use it in order to simulate tracks used in the Formula Student, such as the Skid Pad.

Š TUW-Racing - Rennteam der TU Wien || ZVR 023258505

CHASSIS After last year’s revolution of designing a monocoque, this year’s chassis has seen a makeover in terms of evolution. The carbon fiber monocoque was modified on order to implement the needed requirements of our electric powertrain. Using last season’s manufacturing know how, detailed calculations and an intelligent selection of materials, the layer buildup was optimized in order to accomplish a significant weight reduction. After a successful process of laminating, our monocoque has already reached its end destination in our shop and is being reworked to make race ready. Not only the monocoque but also our aero package has evolved. Using a better recipe of materials and slight changes, the efficiency of individual components was improved. Last season we used a diffusor on our undertray, but this year’s car will not see the same implementation. The steering system received a brand new concept which includes better ergonomics and will enable our drivers to facilitate an even more precise change of direction. Combined with a new system of adjustable pedals, our pilots will feel even more comfortable after having received the basis for a successful race season.

ELECTRIC POWERTRAIN The electric powertrain department is working on numerous fronts. Manufacturing of our three motors is in the endphase. Our partner Egston wrapped the motors precise using manual labor while Brisker produced our transmission housing in sheer excellence. The driveshafts are still with our partner Ehrlich&Co, but are being manufactured. As soon as they are done, they will be connected with rotors made by Bomatec. Then we will be able to build the motors. Parallel to all that we are working on building a Dyno in order to start testing as soon as the motors have been completed. The inverters have seen some modifications so that they share the same cooling system. Additional conductor boards have been produced and the software has been customized. As soon as the moulds for our composite inverterbox are finished, we will be able to start building it.

Š TUW-Racing - Rennteam der TU Wien || ZVR 023258505

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TUW Racing Newsletter March 2014  
TUW Racing Newsletter March 2014