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Marine Radio & Beacon Testing (Including Cospas-Sarsat)

Testing Service Equipment used in a marine environment has to comply with a range of technical specifications and standards to ensure that the equipment is safe and will withstand everything this environment throws at it. It also has to conform to legal obligations such as the Marine Equipment Directive for Europe and specific procurement requirements.

Typical Product Types:

TÜV Product Service specialises in marine radio and beacon testing, particularly the 406MHz beacons using the CospasSarsat satellite system. Accredited testing is performed at our superbly equipped laboratory in Fareham, UK, or can be performed at manufacturers’ premises if required. We also provide certification for R&TTE Directive compliance and for USA /Canada.

TÜV SÜD Product Service

• VHF Portable and Fixed Mount, including • •

• • •

DSC, ATIS and AIS VHF and HF Transceivers EPIRB Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (Ship borne use) PLB Personal Locator Beacon (Personal use) ELT Emergency Locator Transmitters (Aircraft use) SART Search And Rescue Transponder (Ship borne use) SSAS Ship Security Alert Beacon


• C/S T.007 (Oct 2006) (EPIRB / PLB / ELT) • C/S T.015 (Oct 2006) (SSAS)


• Federal Communications Commission, Code of Federal Regulations, Title 47 (CFR47), Part 80 (Maritime Service) • RTCM PAPER 77-2002/SC110-STD (2002-06) (EPIRB) • RTCM PAPER 76-2002/SC110-STD (2002-06) (PLB) • RTCM Paper 110-2004/SC110-STD (2004-06) (SSAS) • RTCA DO-204 (ELT)


• RSS-287 Iss1 (Feb 2007) (EPIRB, PLB, ELT) • RSS-188 (1996-08) (SART) • RSS-138 (Commercial Shipborne Radar) • RSS-182 (Maritime Radio)


• ETSI EN 302 152-1 (2003-11) (PLB) • ETSI EN 300 066 (2001-01) (EPIRB) • ED62 (1990-05) (ELT) • EN 300 698 (Inland Waterways VHF) • EN 301 025 (Marine VHF with DSC) • EN 301 178 (Portable VHF – Maritime) • EN 302 248 (Non-SOLAS radars) • EN60945 (Marine equipments)


• AS/NZS 4280.2:2003 (PLB) • AS/NZS 4280.1:2003 (EPIRB) • AS/NZS 4415.2 (Non-DSC VHF)


• IEC61097-2 (2002-09) (EPIRB) • IEC61097-1 (1992) (SART) • IEC61097-7 (VHF DSC - GMDSS) • IEC62238 (VHF DSC) • IEC60945 (Marine equipments) • IEC61993-2 (AIS)

TÜV SÜD Product Service +44 (0)1489 558100

Octagon House, Concorde Way, Segensworth North, Fareham, Hampshire, PO15 5RL

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Typical Test Standards

Marine Radio and Beacon Testing

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