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Grand Opening of Shanghai TÜV Rheinland Building


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金太陽證書台灣可申請 德國萊因TÜV與大陸鑒衡認證中心攜手 合作 Golden Sun Certification Now Open to Taiwanese Manufacturers——TÜV Rheinland Joins Hands with China General Certification Center 德國萊因TÜV成立台北EMC& Radio實 驗室 無線產品國際驗證更便利

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電 視 機 的歐 洲 能 源 效率標籤: 能 源 效 率標 示 指 令1062/2010 European Energy Label for TVs: European Energy Labeling Directive 1062/2010 加強消費品安全,歐盟提出多項新法令 EU Puts Forward Several New Laws to Strengthen Consumer Product Safety

動 態 與服務 Featured Service

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TÜV Rheinland Taiwan Has a Newly Established Laboratory in Taipei 玩具產品安全評估,德國萊因TÜV推出新 解決方案

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Easy Way to Improve Toy Safety—— TÜV Rheinland Launches Toy Safety Evaluation Service

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德國萊因TÜV在中國的首家低壓電器CB 實驗室成立 TÜV Rheinland Establishes Its First Low-voltage Apparatus CB Testing Laboratory in China 創新、精進, 生命科學事業群雙「新」報喜 Life Care Division Reports ——Good News in Terms of Both Innovation and Excellence

10/ 11 亞洲最大綜合測試大樓之一上海落成 德國萊因TÜV引領一站式在地驗證服務

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TÜV Rheinland Opens One of Asia’s Largest Independent Integrated Testing Facilities in Shanghai

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榮膺SNEC 2011「十大亮點」企業—— 德國萊因TÜV參展太陽能光電大會,分享 寶貴驗證經驗 Honoured as One of the “Top Ten Highlights” of SNEC (2011) PV Power Expo, TÜV Rheinland’s Participation in the Expo Proves a Success 首家獲中國合格評定國家認可委員會 三項認可——德國萊因TÜV授權成為 QMS, EMS & OHSMS在華驗證機構 TÜV Rheinland Becomes the First Foreign Certification Body in China to Obtain QMS, EMS & OHSMS Accreditations from CNAS

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德國萊因PTL取得美國OSHA授權核發 ANSI/ UL1703認證 北美太陽能安全要求的關鍵認證 TÜV Rheinland PTL Receives OSHA Approval For ANSI/UL v 1703 Certification——Certification for Key North American Photovoltaic Safety Requirement

Enhancing the Competitive Edge of Cables & Cords in the Global Marketplace—— TÜV Rheinland’s Hosting of a Seminar Hailed a Success

Assuring the Quality of PV Inverters ——TÜV Rheinland Signs a MOU with EHE New Energy 德國萊因TÜV獲邀出席歐盟商會「社會 責任」交流論壇 TÜV Rheinland Attends EUCCC Social Responsibility Forum

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提升電線電纜產品國際競爭優勢,德國 萊因TÜV成功舉辦專業研討會

提升太陽能光電變頻器產品國際競爭 力——德國萊因TÜV與頤和新能源簽署 全球戰略合作備忘錄


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要環保也要國際化 大愛感恩環保毛毯獲德國萊因TÜV再生 材質及碳足跡驗證 Da Ai Eco Blankets Verified by TÜV Rheinland to Contain 100% Recycled Materials and to Have a Small Carbon Footprint

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電視機都需要貼上表示該產品能源效率的 標籤。此項要求乃是根據能源效率標示指








籤會顯示七種能源等級(從A到G),不同 的顏色代表不同的等級,紅色表示











考值P ref 來判斷產品的耗電量,計算成







成P ref=P basic+Ax4.322W/m²。若是加入如

能效標籤 Energy Label



去調整器功能則會降低P basic 的基礎值。









After 30th November, 2011, each TV imported into Europe needs to have a label attached which indicates the Energy Efficiency of the product. This requirement is based on European Energy Labelling Directive 1062/2010. The label itself is already well known to European consumers, as similar labelling is employed on ordinary household items such as refrigerators. Each label displays seven energy levels (A to G), which are indicated by different colours and range from red for “not very energy efficient” (category G) to green (category A) for “very energy efficient”. The levels are determined on the basis of the Energy Efficiency Index (EEI), which classifies power intake based on a reference value, Pref, and is calculated

as EEI = P/Pref. The reference value Pref depends on the screen area A. It consists of a base value P basic = 20W and a is calculated as Pref = P basic +A x 4.322W/m². The inclusion of such accessories as HDD increases the base value of P basic, whereas the omission of a tuner reduces it. Similar to USEPA ENERGY STAR®, such features as automatic brightness control result in a superior classification. Next to the aforementioned category designation, the new label must also display the screen diagonal, power usage, average annual energy usage (based on four hours of daily use), standby power as well as the number of the regulation.

In comparison with other household items, it is rather difficult for the current generation of televisions to achieve an A rating. This is intentional on the part of the Directive’s creators, who wish to allow space for improvements. Further improvements are anticipated, with the gradual removal of the worst energy efficiency classes and the introduction of such ratings as A+, A++ and A+++, as the energy efficiency of TVs and related equipment improves. The labelling scheme does not in itself ban any products from European markets, but is intended to achieve greater market transparency and thus boost the self-regulation of the market.




加強消費品安全 歐盟提出多項新法令

時序進入2011年,產品安全仍 是歐 盟高度關切的議題。截至目前為止,歐 盟已 經實 施 至少三項與 消費品安全 相關的 新條 例,目的在於加強消費品安全,保障消 費者的健康。以下將為您簡要闡述這三項歐 盟新條例。

Stepping into 2011, product safety continues to be a key issue in the EU, with at least three new consumer product safety-related laws implemented in recent months. These laws are aimed at further improving such safety. Here, we would like to bring your attention to the following information on a few quality requirement updates.


歐盟法規No. 10/2011

(EU)No.10/2011 有關與食品接觸塑膠 和塑膠製品的安全 歐盟委員會於2011年1月15日公佈一項 名為與食品接觸塑膠和塑膠製品的新 條例(EU)No.10/2011。 新條例將廢除若干現有歐盟指令,包 括2002/72/EC、80/766/EEC和81/432/ EEC。這些條例將於2011年5月1日起正 式廢除,同時新條例的一系列新規定 將於2011年5月1日起生效。 歐盟「與食品接觸塑膠和塑膠製品 (EU)No.10/2011」新條例主要的改 變及重點如下:

s 擴大適用範圍 歐盟新條例No.10/2011的範圍擴展 到包含多種材料、多層材料製品中 的塑膠層 s 授權物質聯合列表 新條例列出附件1中的授權物質聯合 列表(包含885物質)取代前指令中 單體和添加劑的詳盡列表 s 重金屬溶出的限制 附件2中首次詳細說明食品接觸塑膠 製品中,關於重金屬溶出的限制

EU Regulation (No. 10/2011)

New EU Regulation on Plastic Materials and Articles that Come into Contact with Food (EU) No.10/2011, a new regulation on plastic materials and articles that come into contact with food, was published on 15th January 2011 by the European Commission. This new regulation repeals several existing directives, including EU Directive No. 2002/72/EC, 80/766/EEC and 81/432/EEC, with effect from 1st May 2011. A number of new provisions have been made in the new regulation, which also takes effect on 1st May 2011. Key Changes and Highlights: s Expanded Scope !!!The scope for plastic materials in Regulation No. 10/2011 has been !!!expanded to encompass the plastic layers in multi-material, multi-layer !!!materials and articles. s Union List of Authorised Substances !!!The list of authorised substances (a union list that contains 885 !!!substances) published in Annex I is a substitute for the exhaustive list !!!of monomers and additives in the former directives. s Migration Limits on Heavy Metals !!!Limitations on the migration limits of heavy metals in plastic food !!!contact materials are newly specified in Annex II. s New List of Simulants !!!The rules for verifying the compliance of materials and objects have !!!been modified. s New Requirements for Dry Foods !!!The migration of substances from dry foods is now subject to specific !!!migration tests performed with food simulant E, according to Annex III.

s 模擬物新列表 修改材料和物品符合的驗證規則。 模擬物和具體(測試)條件的新列 表已列入附件3 s 乾果類食品的新要求 乾果類食品中的溶出物質測試,需 遵從附件3中特定的食品模擬物E來 進行。

實施日期:2011年5月1日生效 執行過渡期:2012年12月31日至2015年12月31日 Date of Enforcement: 1st May 2011 Transitional period: 31st December 2012 to 31st December 2015





新指令2011/8/EU !!!!!New Directive 2011/8/EU



材料含有害物質雙酚A 歐盟委員會於2011年1月29日宣佈實施 新指令2011/8/EU,全面限制嬰兒奶瓶 含有雙酚A。新措施於2011年2月1日起 正式生效。 雙酚A是一種有害的化學物質,常見於 製造嬰兒奶瓶使用的聚碳酸酯塑膠, 該物質會增加人體罹患乳腺癌及前列

Directive 2011/8/EU Bans the Use of Bisphenol-A in Plastic Infant Feeding Bottles The European Commission announced a new directive, Directive 2011/8/ EU, on 28th January 2011 that imposes a ban on the use of Bisphenol-A (BPA) in bottles intended for use in feeding infants, with effect from 1st February 2011. BPA is a hazardous chemical that is commonly found in the polycarbonate plastics used in the manufacture of infant feeding bottles. This chemical poses a risk of breast and prostate cancer, and has been found to be particularly harmful for infants and young children.

腺癌的風險,對嬰幼兒造成危害的風 險尤其嚴重。

Denmark, France and the United States have all promulgated laws and regulations restricting the use of BPA.

丹麥、法國和美國已經提出相關法規 限制雙酚A的使用。

The Key Measures of the new 2011/8/EU Directive are as follows.


s Ban on product production (1st March 2011) !!!Effective from 1st March 2011, the use of BPA is prohibited in the manufacture of polycarbonate feeding bottles intended for infants.

2011/8/EU重要內容 s 禁止生產 2011年3月1日起禁止生產含有雙酚 A的聚碳酸酯奶瓶 s 禁止銷售 2011年6月1日起禁止在市場上銷售 和進口含有雙酚A的聚碳酸酯奶瓶 s 雙酚A限制值更新 對於其他食品接觸材料和製品,雙 酚A的特定溶出限制值為0.6毫克/ 公斤

s Ban from placing in the Market (1st June 2011) !!!Effective from 1st June 2011, it is forbidden to import or place on the market any BPA-containing polycarbonate feeding bottles intended for infants. s BPA limit !!!For any other materials or articles that come into contact with food, the specific migration limit of BPA remains 0.6 mg/kg.


歐盟法規No. 143/2011 !!!EU Regulation (No. 143/2011)

No. 143/2011 歐盟宣佈新法令,限

(EU) No. 143/2011 Restrictions on the Use of Six REACH SVHCs

制使用六種REACH 高度關切物質 2011年2月17日歐盟委員會發佈歐盟 法規EU No. 143/2011,正式禁止使用 REACH授權清單中的6種高度關切物質。 除了獲得授權的個別公司可以使用 外,歐盟將在未來三到五年內禁用這 六種物質,因為它們分別被鑒定為致 癌物質,危害生殖系統或長期存在於

On 17th February 2011, the European Commission announced an official ban on the use of six substances of very high concern (SVHCs), which are currently on the REACH authorisation list. These substances will be banned within the next three to five years unless authorisation is granted to individual companies for their use. These SVHCs are carcinogenic, toxic for reproduction, or persist in the environment and accumulate in living organisms. The six following SVHCs are included in REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006, Annex XIV: Substances Subject to Authorisation List

環境中造成生物累積。 以下六種高度關切物質正式列入REACH 歐盟法規(EC)No 1907/2006 附件14:物質授權名單14 s 4,4’-二胺基二苯甲烷 s 鄰苯二甲酸甲苯基丁酯 s 鄰苯二甲酸雙 s 鄰苯二甲酸二丁基酯 s HBCDD, β-HBCDD, γ- HBCDD)六溴 環十二烷 s (MX)二甲苯麝香

s s s s s

4,4’-Methylenedianiline (MA) Benzylbutylphthalate (BBP) Di(2- ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) Hexabromocyclododecane (HBCDD) and all major diastereoisomers (˷– HBCDD, ˸– HBCDD, ˹– HBCDD) s 5-tert-butyl-2,4,6- trinitro-m-xylene (MX)






首家低壓電器CB實驗室成立! TÜV Rheinland establishes its

first low-voltage apparatus CB testing laboratory in China

2011年1月27日,德國萊因TÜV與浙江省機電設計研究院,在溫州香格 里拉酒店簽署了低壓電器產品測試的合作協定,宣告德國萊因TÜV 在中國的首家 低壓電器CB實驗室成立。 On 27th January 2011, TÜV Rheinland Group signed a cooperation agreement for low-voltage apparatus testing with the Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering at the Shangri-La Hotel in Wenzhou. This collaboration between the two parties marks the establishment of TÜV Rheinland’s first low-voltage apparatus CB testing laboratory (CBTL) in China, as well as a new chapter in the partners’ friendly cooperative history.


低壓電器CB實驗室將依據國際市場准入的 標準,為客戶提供在地測試以及國際標準 相關資訊等服務,為低壓電器製造業者提 供更專業便捷的服務。 德國萊因TÜV大中華區副總裁呂伯肯先生 與浙江省機電設計研究院董事長謝平女士 出席了合作慶典。謝平女士表示:「我們 很高興能與德國萊因TÜV在低壓電器產品 領域的檢測建立合作關係。」並且表達了 希望透過與德國萊因TÜV的此次合作,進 一步提供中國低壓電器廠商更好的拓展國

The CBTL project has benefited from the long-term cooperation between the TÜV Rheinland Group and the Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering. The new lowvoltage apparatus CBTL is a response to the demands of customers in the Yangtze River Delta. It will provide them with better international market access through local testing services according to international standards and access to a centre of information on standards.

際市場的機會。 呂伯肯先生也在致詞中表示:「我們在與 浙江省機電設計研究院長達10多年的合作 中,建立了深厚的信任和友誼,並且針對 促進中國企業發展保持開誠佈公的溝通。 作為世界領先的檢驗鑒定機構,我們始 終致力於協助中國的企業提高全球化的能 力,並保有持續發展的動力,這對中國經 濟及社會的發展,都是非常重要的。」

Ms Xie Ping, Chairman of the Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, and Mr Gerhard Luebken, Vice-president of TÜV Rheinland Greater China, presided over the agreement ceremony. Both praised the strengthening of cooperation between the two parties. Ms Xie said: “We are very pleased to have the chance to cooperate with TÜV Rheinland in the field of low-voltage apparatus”. She further expressed her desire to grant China’s low-voltage apparatus


manufacturers greater global access via this cooperation. In reply, Mr Luebken stated: “We are glad to have such a strong Chinese local partner. The Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering has always shown trust in our services and been open in terms of communicating their expectations when it comes to collaborating in the promotion of Chinese enterprises”. He further added: “As one of the world’s leading inspection and certification service providers, we focus on helping Chinese enterprises to improve their globalisation capability, as well as to attain sustainable development, which will prove to be instrumental in pushing forward China’s economic and social growth”.




創新、精進 生命科學事業群 報喜

雙 「新」 台北 微 型 實 驗 室 誕 生


生命科學事業群多所實驗室,獲頒台灣 食品醫藥管理局(TFDA)認 證 標 章













的檢驗風氣。而德國萊因集團生命科學事 合併後的實驗室,除了一般生化與微生物









































勢,更是高效率解決許多項特殊流程與技 術的唯一方案。」



Taipei Demo Lab Now in Service A wide range of tests is required to ensure the safety of food and medicine. To this end, the Life Care Division of the TÜV Rheinland Group has established a “Demo Lab” in Taipei that specialises in microbiology and allergen tests to guarantee the quality and safety of food and medicine. In addition to the Taipei Demo Lab, which is a compact, flexible and fully equipped laboratory, the Division has also set up a comprehensive testing process with dedicated personnel and a project-based workflow. This process facilitates the professional testing and monitoring of materials, allergens, and infectious agents, as well as of the rod- and ball-shaped bacteria and fungi that are of particular concern for food safety in many Asian regions. The new Demo Lab follows strict procedures and boasts the latest facilities. The highly experienced engineers and consultants on staff provide complete industry-leading testing and specialist consulting services. Lab manager Alvin Wei confidently states that “the Demo Lab is a development that many of our customers have been looking forward to. It is also the only effective solution for many specialised processes and technologies”.

Chemical Analysis Lab Resources Integrated with Pingtung Laboratory The Chemical Division’s analysis laboratory has now been amalgamated with the Pingtung Laboratory run by TÜV Rheinland’s Life Care Division. The resulting expansion in testing capacity and service scope will provide more diverse, flexible and professional services in the food and medicine sectors. Engineers with expertise in chemical analysis and consulting will join forces with the biochemistry and microbiology technicians at the amalgamated laboratory, and LC/MS, GC/MS and other advanced laboratory equipment will also be introduced on a large scale. The existing edibility and contaminant analysis used in food testing have been upgraded to the contact-level. The amalgamated laboratory is therefore fully equipped to test for heavy metals, organic and inorganic additives, environmental hormones, special hazardous substances and other chemical materials. The resulting improvements in food hygiene and pharmaceutical safety will help our customers to establish a safety monitoring mechanism for everyday products.


This integration of resources and processes is just one example of TÜV Rheinland Group’s ongoing commitment to the development of new professional testing services.

Life Care Labs in Taiwan Gain TFDA Accreditation Regulatory authorities around the world offer laboratory accreditation to assist the market in identifying high-quality laboratories and eliminating poor testing practices. The numerous laboratories run by the TÜV Rheinland Group’s Life Care Division in Taiwan were successful in gaining accreditation from the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) last year. The TFDA accreditation mark can now be displayed on all test reports and public documents issued by these labs. The strict self-management process implemented by TÜV Rheinland Group and its proactive search for food/medicine hygiene and safety solutions have proved very effective over the years and garnered considerable industry praise. The laboratory accreditation offered by the Taiwanese authorities has also been a source of great encouragement to the Group. In the future, TÜV Rheinland will not only continue to provide the same high-quality services in food, medicine, cosmetics and hazardous chemical substances, but also leverage our strong reputation, advanced facilities and professional staff to continue our pursuit of international innovation and excellence. By offering more solutions and models of collaboration, we will create new opportunities for the safety and testing industry in Taiwan.




金太陽證書 台灣可申請 德國萊因 TÜV與大陸鑒衡 認證中心攜手合作 Golden Sun Certification Now Open to Taiwanese Manufacturers: TÜV Rheinland Joins Hands with China General Certification Center

全球太陽能模組測試服務領導者德國萊因集團繼去年於 上海與北京鑒衡認證中心(China General Certification Center, CGC)簽訂金太陽認證合作後,北京鑒衡認證中心再度於今年1月12 日在台灣舉行實驗室認可授權儀式,經台灣德國萊因測試合格的 太陽能光電產品檢測報告將被北京鑒衡認證中心所承認。未來台 灣的太陽能模組進軍大陸太陽能市場可在台灣先進行申請測試, 再由北京鑒衡認證中心CGC發出太陽能產品的金太陽證書。 After the signing ceremony celebrating the Golden Sun Certification cooperation agreement between TÜV Rheinland and the China General Certification Center (CGC) in 2010, the two parties held another ceremony in Taiwan on the 12th of January 2011 in honour of CGC’s accreditation of TÜV Rheinland’s Photovoltaic (PV) laboratories in Taiwan. Thanks to the cooperation between the two parties, all solar product test reports issued by TÜV Rheinland in Taiwan will now be recognised by the CGC. In future, solar modules made in Taiwan can be submitted for testing domestically and then receive the Golden Sun Certification issued by the mainlandbased CGC.


北京鑒 衡認證中心,是由中國認證認可 監督管理委員會(CN CA)於 2003年批准 成立的專業機構,專責 於可再生能源產 品認證、檢 測等技術服務。2007年,北 京鑒 衡認證中心啟用了「金太陽」認證 標誌,開展 太陽能光電、光熱產品認證 服務。目前,金太陽認證標誌得到中國 金太陽示 範工程、西 藏村電力先導項目 等地方太陽能光電 項目,以 及世界銀行 支持的國際 太陽能光電 項目所採信,已 逐漸成為中國大陸極具影響力的太陽能 產品認證標誌。 全球 約80%的太陽能 零 組件製 造商在德 國萊因進行產品測試 和 驗 證。德國萊因 集團在全球 擁有6家實驗室,超 過170名 太陽能 光電專家為太陽能光電零 組件 和系統提 供檢 測服務。此 次 與 鑒 衡 認 證 中心合作,代 表台 灣太陽能模 組 廠商在 進行國際標準型式驗 證時,可以一 併取 得鑒 衡 認 證中心的認可,不但 節省測試 時間,更是 節省費用。 台 灣 德國萊因太陽能實驗室 經理包沂 風出席認可授權儀 式時 表示:「很高興 能與北京 鑒 衡 認 證中心合作,讓台 灣廠 商有機會參與 大陸 太陽能 光電 市場的 成長機會。」北京 鑒 衡 認 證中心萬琳副 主任表示:「德國萊因在世界太陽能 光 電檢 測認 證領域 擁 有很高的信譽和豐 富的經 驗,鑒 衡 認 證中心是中國太陽能 光電 產品認 證的權 威機 構,我們希望透 過雙 方的合作,促 進全 世界的太陽能 光 電 產業的交 流和發 展。」

The CGC received approval from China’s Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA) in 2003, allowing the professional organisation to provide nation-wide technical services dedicated to the certification and testing of renewable energy products. The CGC launched the Golden Sun Certification scheme for solar products in China in 2007, and such certification is now accepted by many regional solar projects, including the National Golden Sun Model Engineering Project and the Tibet Village Electricity Pioneering Project, as well as international projects such as the World Banksupported International Solar Project. Accordingly, it has become one of the most authoritative certification marks for solar products in China. Approximately 80% of solar module manufacturers worldwide have their products tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland. The company employs more than 170 PV experts in six laboratories around the world to provide


testing services for solar products and systems. Its recent collaboration with the CGC means that solar module factories in Taiwan can now receive CGC certification in addition to international certification, saving them not only time but also money. During the certification authorisation ceremony, Robert Struwe, Manager of the TÜV Rheinland Solar Energy Laboratory in Taiwan, said: “It is a pleasure to be able to collaborate with the CGC, which involves manufacturers in Taiwan in the growth of the PV market in mainland China.” CGC Deputy Director Wan Lin said: “TÜV Rheinland has a great reputation and extensive experience in the area of global solar testing and certification. The CGC is the most authoritative organisation for solar product certification in China. Through collaboration between these two parties, we anticipate promoting the development of the global PV industry.”




無線產品國際驗證更便 德國萊因T Ü V成立台北

新實驗室的使命在於整合及擴充德 國萊因的產品測試能力。結合台灣德國萊因位於 台中的電磁相容測試據點,加入新的台北實驗室 後可提供客戶更完整的電磁相容及無線射頻測試 服務。新實驗室的規劃產能為1200件專案以上。 對於有安規、人體工學測試及環球驗證測試需求 的廠商,結合電磁相容與無線射頻的測試將更具 優勢。此外,大中華區的香港、深圳、廣州、上 海、北京等地也提供充足的支援能力。 The new lab will integrate and expand TÜV Rheinland’s product-testing capabilities. Designed with a test capacity of up to 1,200 projects per annum, the Taipeibased facility will provide a wider range of EMC & RF testing services in coordination with our EMC lab in our Taichung office. For manufacturers who must undergo safety and ergonomics testing to meet various national requirements, combining EMC & RF testing will undoubtedly bring greater advantages. In addition, TÜV Rheinland Greater China’s laboratories in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing will provide additional support whenever needed.

為提供客戶更便捷完整服務且因應無線產 品測試服務不斷增長的需求,台灣德國萊 因已於日前投資數千萬成立新的電磁相容 及無線射頻測試實驗室,將現有的電磁相 容及無線測試能量加倍,提供電子及通訊 產品廠商在申請眾多國際驗證時更方便的 選擇,一次申請即能滿足多種驗證需求。 根據歐盟的指令要求,所有電子電氣產品 都需符合電磁相容性的規範,也就是產品 的電磁 波干擾不能影 響其他電子產品運 作,產品本身也需具有相當程度的電磁波 干擾耐受性,才能在歐盟境內銷售。新的 電磁相容及無線射頻測試實驗室符合國 際測試標準,配備有最新的測試設備,可 對資訊產品、無線射頻設備、醫療器材、影 音視聽產品、家電產品、燈具產品、工業設 備、藍牙產品、汽機車零配件等不同市場 進行綜合性測試。新實驗室可符合台灣、 美國FCC與歐盟EN標準等規範,測試頻率 能量最高可達40GHz,並具備有5GHz無線


便利 北

實驗室 射頻設備TPC(發射功率控制)與DFS(動態 頻率選擇)的檢測能力。

To provide more convenient and comprehensive services and to cope with the growing need for wirelessproduct testing, TÜV Rheinland Taiwan has invested hundreds of millions of NT dollars and recently completed a new EMC & Radio Laboratory, doubling our testing capabilities for electromagnetic compliance and radio testing. The new lab will offer greater convenience desired by electronics and ICT manufacturers applying for multiple national approvals at the same time.

國內電磁相容測試實驗室競爭激烈,相較 於大部分的實驗室都在偏遠的郊區,德國 萊因的台北電磁相容及無線射頻測試實驗 室位於交通十分便利的市區,方便客戶往 來溝通。另一方面,客戶申請驗證的測試 時間可較以往縮短約一週左右,整體的配 套服務費用也可更為降低。 德 國 萊 因 努力拓 展 專業 的服 務 組合,不 但為歐 盟官 方 認可的 E M C 指定 驗 證機 構 (Notified Body),也具有合格的美國FCC TCB與加拿大IC FCB reviewer資格,可以 協助廠商符合歐盟、美國與加拿大等無線 產品所需的相關符合證明,廠商產品經過 嚴謹第三方測試實驗室的驗證,可讓測試 結果更具公信力,進一步取得國外買主的 信賴。

According to European Directives, all electrical and electronic products must comply with EMC regulations in order to be marketed in the EU. That is, an electronic product must remain operational within a certain range of electromagnetic interference (EMI), while its electromagnetic emissions must not affect the operation of nearby electronic products. The new EMC & Radio Lab adheres to international testing standards and houses the latest testing equipment. We are able to conduct myriad types of testing for IT products, RF products, medical equipment, AV products, household appliances, luminaries, industrial equipment, Bluetooth products, automotive components, and other products. The new lab fulfills all requirements in Taiwan as well as US FCC and EN


(European) standards, able to test products with a frequency range up to 40GHz. In addition, equipped with TPC (Transmit Power Control) and DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection), we are able to test 5GHz equipment. Competition among EMC labs in Taiwan is fierce. While most other labs are located in suburban areas, TÜV Rheinland’s EMC & Radio Lab in Taipei is conveniently situated within the city, meaning numerous transportation options to facilitate optimal communication with clients. Among other bonuses created: the lead time required for certification testing will be shortened by one week, and package pricing will be more favorable. TÜV Rheinland continuously seeks to expand our service portfolio. We are a Notified Body recognized by the European Commission, and a qualified FCC TCB (USA) and IC FCB (Canada) reviewer, as a result able to assist manufacturers in obtaining necessary approvals for RF products to be exported to these markets. Certification by an independent third party will lend greater credibility to test reports and help manufacturers gain the trust of overseas buyers.




玩具 產 品 安 全 評估 德 國萊因 TÜV 推出新解決方案 歐盟新玩具安 全指令2009/48/EC即日起生 效。新指令的規範比以往更為 嚴謹,目的在加強玩具產品的 品質和安全。


The EU’s new Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC is now in effect, establishing tougher rules for the quality and safety of toys. To thoroughly prepare manufacturers to meet the challenges of the new directive, TÜV Rheinland is launching an exclusive Safety Evaluation Service.


萊 因 TÜV特 別 推 出 了 兩 項 全 新 的 服 務,確保產品安全。

1.全面性合格審查 根據現行玩具產品的強制適用標準, 做全面性的合格審查,提供從產品設 要求的完整評估。

2. 風險評估 由於製造商或用戶很難預測玩具產品 的潛在風險,德國萊因TÜV的風險評 估服務,從各個層面排除可能出現的

This service will strengthen the capacity of toy manufacturers, thus ensuring better product quality.

1. Comprehensive Compliance Review This service offers a full range of assessments according to the current mandatory requirements applicable to toy products. The service scope ranges from product design and testing to applicable product standards to packaging and marking requirements and beyond.

風險,是目前確保玩具安全的最有效 方式。風險評估包括: s 產品設計評估[設計失敗模式及後果 分析( DFMEA) ] s 可預期的使用調查 s 危害識別與分析 s 相關資料結果(回收和損害資料) s 包裝/標記要求 s 設計建議 透過專業的玩具安全評估服務,德國 萊 因 TÜV不 僅 為 製 造 業 在 提 升 玩 具 產品品質方面提供有力的支援,同時 也為消費者的生活提供更好的安全保 障。

2. Risk Assessment The potential risks that toys pose are very difficult for manufacturers or users to predict. Our new Risk Assessment service emphasises the removal of risks to the greatest extent possible. The service constitutes one of the most secure ways currently available to make sure that toys are safe. The scope of our Risk Assessment service includes the following. s Product Design Evaluation [Design Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (DFMEA)] s Foreseeable Use Findings s Hazard Identification and Analysis s Relevant Data Findings (Injuries and Recall Data) s Packaging/Marking Requirements s Design Recommendations With our professional safety evaluation services, TÜV Rheinland not only ensures the quality of toy products for manufacturers, but also a better and safer life for end-users.



亞洲最大 綜合測試大樓 之一上海落成 德國萊因TÜV引領一站式在地驗證服務

2011年 4月15日,上海。全球技術檢測和驗證服務專家德國萊因T Ü V 集團隆重舉行了 上 海 萊因大 廈的啟用儀式,向出席儀式的4 00多位 嘉賓正式宣佈了亞 洲最大的實驗 室 綜合 大樓 之一正式投 入 運營。德國萊因T Ü V 集團全球首席執行官Fr i e d r i c h

H e c ke r專程前來上海主持啟用儀式,並陪同嘉賓參 觀

佔地17000平方公尺的實驗室綜合大樓。參加儀式的重要嘉賓有上海市閘北區區常委、區宣傳部部長張錫平、 上 海 市出入境 檢 驗 檢 疫 局局長 徐 金 記、中國 認 監 委 認可監管 部主任 生飛、上 海 市閘北區副區長 孫國彪、中國 檢科院院長李懷林等政 府相關人士。上海萊因大 廈的正式啟用,象徵德國萊因 T Ü V 集團在中國22年的發展 歷 程,邁入新的里程碑,更進一步顯示集團致力於為企業提 供高品質、在地化、一站式檢 測服務的決心。 15th April 2011, Shanghai. TÜV Rheinland, one of the world’s leading independent technical testing, inspection and certification service providers, recently held a grand opening ceremony to mark the establishment of its new TÜV Rheinland Building and to formally announce to the 400 attendees the start-up of operations of one of Asia’s largest independent integrated testing complexes. Friedrich Hecker, CEO of the TÜV Rheinland Group, flew in from the company’s headquarters in Cologne, Germany, to preside over the ceremony and to lead a tour of the new 17,000-square-metre state-of-the-art facility. Among the invited VIP officials and clients counted Zhang Xi Ping, Standing Member of District Committee of CCP and the Director of Zhabei Publicity Department, Xu Jinji, Director of the Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Sheng Fei, Director of Division for supervision on Accreditation, Sun Guo Biao, Deputy Director of Shanghai Zhabei District, Li Huai Lin, Dean of CAIQ. This official opening marks yet another important milestone in TÜV Rheinland’s 22 years of operation in mainland China and further signals the reputed Group’s long-term commitment to ensuring high-quality onestop local testing services.




「作為全球領先的檢測和驗證服 務 供 應 商 之一,德 國萊 因 T Ü V 集 團 一直 致 力於 協 助 中 國 企 業 開 拓 國 際 市 場,確 保 他 們 的產 品 符合 進口 國家或地區的特定技術要求,並且在我們的驗證加值 下獲得市場廣泛的認可」,德國萊因T Ü V 集團全球首 席執行長Frie dric h H e c ker 說道。 德國萊因TÜV集團全球首席執行長

貼 近客戶,更快 速 地 為產 品 提 供 所 需 的

Frie d ric h

測 試 服 務,提 升服 務 效 率。

H e c ke r 說 道,「有了這個

最 先 進的 一站 式測 試中心,我們上 海 的 技術 團隊可以有 效 率 地 為上 海及 周邊

「這 座 實 驗 室 綜 合 大 樓 的 建 立 獲 得 地

省份 的 製 造 商 提 供 服 務,滿 足客戶的 各

方 政 府 的 大 力 支 持」,德 國 萊 因 T Ü V

種 需 求,例 如 擴 大 企 業 產 品 線 和 產 品


種 類,以 及 縮 短 產 品 上 市 時 間、節 約 成

負 責 人 呂伯 肯 表 示,「實 驗 室 大 樓 座 落

本、降 低 供 應 鏈 風 險 等。」

於 上 海 中心 城 區閘北區,毗 鄰上 海 虹橋 交 通 樞 紐,我們 不僅 要 提 供 上 海 客戶更

從 2 0 1 1年 4 月 起,上 海 萊 因 大 廈 全 面 投

好 的服 務,更要 將服 務 範圍 擴 大 到長 江

入 運 營,是 亞 洲 面 積 最 大、技術 最 先 進

三 角洲及 其 周邊 的企 業。」

的 獨 立 檢 測 綜 合 大 樓 之 一。這 座 實 驗 室 大 樓 可 以 滿 足 消 費 性 產 品、機 械 和

驗 證 行 業 正 經 歷 著 測 試 服 務 外包 的 趨

太 陽 能 行 業 製 造 商 的 測 試 需 求,擁 有

勢,一 些 測 試 服 務 商 將 部分或者 全部的

最 先 進 的 設 備,可 以 進 行 化 學 分析、電

產品測試 轉 移 給一些小型實驗 室 以降

氣 安 全、校 準、性 能、物 理 和 機 械 等 測

低 成 本。德 國 萊 因 T Ü V 集 團 則 逆 勢 操

試。德 國 萊 因 T Ü V 集 團 整 合 實 驗 室 和

作,選 擇 在同一地 方進 行 有 競 爭力的 集

各 種 資 源,縮 短 檢 測 週 期,目 的 在 於 更

中 測 試,整合 標 準 品 質,量 身 訂做 解 決

方 案。對 於 統 一 大 量 進 貨 的 零 售 商 來 說,貨 物 品 質 是 否 如 一 是非 常 重 要 的, 量 身訂做 的 解決 方 案 能 夠 讓 中 國 的 製 造 商 逐 步 過 渡 到 多 元 化 生 產。隨 著 驗 證 行 業 快 速 的 發 展,全 球 競 爭 也 益 趨 激 烈。驗 證 週 期、品 質、價 格、風 險 規 避 等,是 決 定 業 務 發 展 的 關 鍵 因 素。因 此,靈 活 應 對 和 能 力 培 養 任 重 道 遠。我 們 投 資 建 設 上 海 萊 因 大 廈,擴 大 測 試 能 力,目 的 就 在 於 增 強 測 試 靈 活 性 和 認 可信譽度。 「一 百 三十 五 年 來,我 們 公司 一 直 致 力 於 促 進 人 類、科 技和自然 的 和 諧 共 存」 ,呂 伯 肯 表 示,「上 海 萊 因 大 廈 的 啟 用 讓 我 們 向 這個 使 命 邁 進了一 步,我 們 透 過 完 善 的 技術,以 及一支 規模 化 的 專 業 工程 師 團 隊,成 功 的 提 高保 護 消費 者 和 保 護 環 境 的 技 術 服 務 水 準。這 座 綜 合 實 驗 大 廈的 設 立,結 合 技術 團 隊 和 實 驗 室,能 更 有 效 地 降 低 生 產 風 險 和 提 高 產品品質,並 以 更 加 嚴 格 的環 境 標 準 來 測 試 產 品,提 高 能 效。所 有 這 一 切 都 是 為了 協 助 我 們 的 客 戶 能 夠 持 續 的 符 合 市 場 需 求。」


“As a global leader in independent technical testing and certification, TÜV Rheinland strives to help clients to gain greater access to global markets by ensuring that their products not only conform to the receiving country or region’s specific technical standards, but also benefit from the recognition associated with our brand”, Mr Hecker said during the ceremony. “This latest one-stop centre empowers our Shanghai team to rapidly provide assistance to manufacturers from neighbouring provinces, notably by helping them to fulfil their clients’ demands for growing product variety, shortened production cycles, cost reductions and supply chain risk management.” In full operation as of April 2011, the TÜV Rheinland building houses one of the largest and most modern integrated testing spaces in Asia. It caters to manufacturers from the consumer goods, machinery, and solar industries and houses the latest in chemical analysis, electrical safety, calibration, fitness-for-use, physical and mechanical testing machinery under one roof. Combined offices and laboratories guarantee closer client follow-up and grant immediate access to all applicable

required services for submitted test samples. The overall result is to enhance the customer experience by generating savings in terms of logistics and shortened lead-times. “The establishment of the building obtained great support from the district government and the local China Inspection and Quarantine Bureau”, noted Gerhard Luebken, Vice President of TÜV Rheinland Greater China and responsible for TÜV Rheinland Shanghai operations. “By conveniently locating our new building near the Hongqiao transportation hub in Shanghai Zhabei District, we aim to not only serve Shanghai-based clients, but also those from the Yangtze River Delta and beyond”, Mr Luebken added. The certification industry is undergoing a trend towards the partial or complete outsourcing of product testing to smaller labs to keep costs low. Going against this prevailing current, TÜV Rheinland has opted to instead competitively group tests under one roof to combine standard quality and tailor-made solutions in one location. The question of uniform quality is particularly important for retailers that


deal in large volumes, whereas our tailor-made solutions benefit Chinese manufacturers, which are gradually shifting towards more sophisticated production models. In today’s fastpaced global marketplace, lead-times, quality, price and risk mitigation determine deals, and flexibility and recognised competence go a long way. With its formula of investment in its own capacities, TÜV Rheinland aims to reinforce both. “For more than 135 years, our company has advocated sustainability by means of ensuring the right balance between man, technology and nature”, Mr Luebken said. “This opening brings us closer to meeting this target, as we have established technology-based operations that employ hundreds of locals and promote services that protect both consumers and the environment.” He concluded: “Our investment in this new compound further aligns our experts and labs to mitigate production and product risks, to test products according to the strictest environmental standards and to formulate efficiency improvements, all in order to help our clients to meet market demand sustainably.”




榮膺SNEC2011「十大亮點」企業 德國萊因TÜV參展太陽能光電大會,分享寶貴驗證經驗 Honoured as one of the “Top Ten Highlights“ of SNEC (2011) PV Power Expo TÜV Rheinland’s participation in the expo proves a success

「德國萊因TÜV的全球太陽能光電網路讓我們能提 供便捷的在地化服務,隨著全球實驗室容量的擴展,我們不斷 縮短服務週期,透過本地的實驗室為太陽能光電元件廠商提供 最佳的支援,讓中國的太陽能光電企業在技術創新上與歐洲保 持同步。 」 2 011年 2 月,德 國 萊 因 T ÜV參加 第 五 屆


(2011)國 際 太 陽 能 產 業 及 光電 工程( 上

池技術部總 監 唐嫵 麗女士在現場交流中




依靠出口,隨著海外買家對產品品質要求 的不斷加強,中國的太陽能光電元件廠商













學會(CRES)等15個國際機構和組織聯合 主辦,展會的宗旨在於促進太陽能光電行




According to Mrs Therhaag, TÜV Rheinland’s global PV network and constantly extended testing capacity has allowed it to shorten lead-times and provide strong support to domestic PV manufacturers, thus enabling them to keep pace with the developments in European markets in terms of technical innovation.

動中國太陽能光電企業優質產品進入國 透過SNEC太陽能光電大會的專業化平臺,




分享了德國萊因TÜV 在太陽能光電領域


最 新 的 驗 證 檢 測 服 務;此 外,來 自 海 外

T ÜV 提 供的一站 式服務,將為企業爭取

T ÜV 的太陽能光電 專家也 親 臨 展會,與


中國的技術專家一起為來訪者提供現 場 諮詢,並交流技術和經驗。

德國萊因T ÜV大中華區太陽能及燃料 電池技術部總監唐嫵麗女士 Mrs Ulrike Therhaag Director of Solar/Fuelcell Technology at TÜV Rheinland Greater China


TÜV Rheinland participated in the 5th SNEC International Photovoltaic Power Generation Exhibition & Conference in February 2011, during which it had the great honour of being named one of the event’s “Top Ten Highlights”. TÜV Rheinland’s participation in the Expo ensured that it was a great success. Regarded as one of the most influential international events of its kind in Asia, this PV Power Expo was held from 22nd to 24th February at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC). Hosted by the Shanghai New Energy Industry Association (SNIEA) and jointly organised by 15 international associations, including the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) and the Chinese Renewable Energy Society (CRES), the Expo showcased the latest technologies and services of this booming industry.


Using the professional communication platform afforded by the Expo, TÜV Rheinland shared information on the latest PV product quality standards, technical specifications, and related services and offered visitors a face-toface opportunity to engage in discussion with TÜV Rheinland’s reputed experts from home and abroad. Speaking at the Expo, Mrs Ulrike Therhaag, Director of Solar/Fuelcell Technology at TÜV Rheinland Greater China, noted that “at present, 95% of China’s PV products depend on exports”. She continued: “As overseas buyers impose higher quality requirements, Chinese manufacturers will be faced with increasingly stricter international market access hurdles. Thus, price competition will no longer be the major strategy for manufacturers to establish themselves in international markets. In our cooperation with Chinese panel manufacturers in recent years, we’ve been happy to see that more and more manufacturers are

strengthening their technology via R&D and thus improving the quality of their products.” “As a trusted partner among buyers”, she said, “we’re dedicated to facilitating good-quality Chinese PV products in accessing global markets. Furthermore, we’re also able to provide the Golden Sun Mark Certification service, which means that for those who want to enter domestic and international markets at the same time, our one-stop services help to save time and effort to the maximum extent possible.”




首家獲中國合格評定 國家認可委員會三項認可 德國萊因TÜV 授權成為 QMS, EMS & OHSMS在華驗證機構 TÜV Rheinland becomes the first foreign certification body in China to obtain QMS, EMS & OHSMS accreditation from the CNAS


「QMS是在品質方面指揮和控制組織的管 理體系,在公司的整體運作中具有舉足輕

德國萊因TÜV獲 得中國合格評定國家認 可委員會(CNAS)授予的



















系驗證機構)、OHSMS(職 業健康安全管理體系驗 證機構)三項專業機構認

證,避免無謂的重複申請尤見成效,真正落 實一站式客戶服務解決方案。

2010年末,地方監管機構加強了對外資驗證 機構的監察,對品質及流程的嚴密監測是

「 CNAS的認可對我們來說具有重大的意



義,我 們 對 此 感 到 非 常 榮 耀 」,德 國 萊



因 T ÜV大 中 華 區 體 系 部 總 監 汪 如 順 說




道,「 這 無 疑 進 一 步加 強了 我 們 既 有 的 可以頒發CNAS認可的資格證書。」


Beijing, 22nd February 2011—Global third-party testing, inspection and certification leader TÜV Rheinland has become the first foreign certification body to be granted three types of accreditation from the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). This CNAS accreditation provides further recognition of the Quality Management System Certification (QMS), Environmental Management System Certification (EMS) and Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OHSMS) assessments carried out by TÜV Rheinland. TÜV Rheinland provides authoritative certification and inspection services to companies around the world, granting reliable assurance of product safety and sound quality management systems. In line with China’s flourishing export-oriented business and its rising position in international trade, the country’s official accreditation body

has begun conducting competence assessments of the foreign certification bodies that apply for accreditation. These locally accredited bodies can then grant clients one-stop solutions to both domestic and foreign regulations, thereby allowing them to avoid repeat certification applications. “We are extremely proud of this milestone”, states Wong Yushun, TÜV Rheinland’s Director for Systems. “With this accreditation, we strengthen our offerings, as we add to our existing QMS, EMS and OHSMS third-party assessments capabilities the authority to grant certificates that abide by and are recognised by the CNAS criteria.” Mr Wong continues: “QMS plays a crucial role in the whole operation of a company, as it serves to command and control quality within that company. EMS, in turn, is aimed at controlling


the environmental impacts on human beings and the ecosystem. Lastly, OHSMS refers to systems that ensure the occupational health and safety of employees in the workplace. We at TÜV Rheinland are happy to support local companies that are conscious of the difference they can make by taking corrective and preventive actions. In fact, undertaking such an approach can significantly improve a company’s overall offerings to staff, clients and stakeholders all the while becoming more efficient.” At the end of 2010, local authorities in China began to implement the reinforced monitoring of foreign certification bodies, including the closer monitoring of licensing and other procedures to correct any discrepancies. Recognition by a national accreditation body such as the CNAS is a crucial indicator of the quality of the certifier.




提升太陽能光電變頻器產品國際競爭力 德國萊因TÜV與頤和新能源簽署 全球戰略合作備忘錄 2011年2月22日,德國萊因TÜV與安徽頤和





新IMS Research研究報告預測,到2014年,





面進行更深入廣泛的合作。 頤和新能源是一家專門研發生產併網型太

德國萊因TÜV集團與安徽頤和新能源有限公司 簽署全球合作戰略備忘錄














義大利、中國等市場准入標準,為中國太陽 能光電企業提供相關的產品安全測試、電 磁相容測試、工藝和品質控制等服務。

何仕登先生總結:「隨著產業規模的不斷擴大,太陽能光電 變頻器市場的行業競爭也將日趨激烈。德國萊因TÜV憑藉豐富的專業經 驗,以及對相關法規的深入理解,幫助製造商瞭解目標市場的准入要求, 整合的一站式專業服務,更是為中國企業增強產品的國際競爭力,提供有 力的支援。


On 22nd February 2011, TÜV Rheinland officially announced its signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Anhui EHE New Energy Tech. Co., Ltd. (EHE New Energy) during the Shanghai SNEC (2011) PV POWER EXPO. Under the terms of the agreement, the two parties will engage in deeper and more extensive cooperation in product certification, system safety assessment and project management. Mr Uwe Halstenbach, Director of Electrical at TÜV Rheinland Greater China, who was present at the MOU signing ceremony, stated: “TÜV Rheinland has long been committed to providing professional testing and certification services locally to assure the safety and quality of Photovoltaic (PV) products, thus facilitating their global market access.”

In recent years, the PV industry has undergone rapid, but steady growth, which has boosted demand for PV inverters in the global marketplace. According to a recent report issued by IMS Research, the international PV inverter market is forecast to reach US$8.5 billion in sales by 2014, a compound annual growth rate of nearly 25%. As a high-tech enterprise that specialises in the research, development, manufacture and


export of PV inverters, EHE New Energy began cooperating with TÜV Rheinland in terms of product testing and market access in August 2009. The signing of the MOU marks an important milestone in the establishment of closer ties between the two parties. TÜV Rheinland can currently offer safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) services that conform to the requirements of North America, Australia, Europe, Spain, Italy and China.

According to Mr Halstenbach, “the constant expansion in the development of the PV industry has also led to fiercer competition among the manufacturers of PV inverters”. He continued: “From the technical standpoint, domestic manufacturers still have considerable room for improvement in light of the advanced technologies seen abroad. TÜV Rheinland, with its extensive experience in the testing and certification of PV products and in-depth understanding of global standards, keeps manufacturers informed of the latest requirements in their target markets and offers one-stop solutions that help them to strengthen their products’ competitiveness.”

資料來源!Data Source




德國萊因T Ü V獲邀出席歐盟商會

社會責任 交流論壇 TÜV Rheinland attends EUCCC Social Responsibility Forum 德國萊因TÜV協助企業面對利益、社會責任和環境保護 三者互動所帶來的挑戰。建設美好未來,積極宣導人類、科技與 環境之間的和諧發展,是德國萊因TÜV企業發展的目標。關注人 類生活安全和品質,提供滿足市場需求、同時符合永續發展的解 決方案,減少人類活動對大自然的影響,為德國萊因TÜV贏得了 全球客戶的尊重和信賴。 2011年2月25日 深圳
















ISO26000發表演說,並與到場的近60名 企業和組織高層管理人員積極探討如何在






了解,從而引出在新經濟時代的企業社會 責任可轉化為一種投資與商機,在營利的



月1日正式提出的ISO 26000:2010,是目



















TÜV Rheinland can assist you in meeting the challenges that arise from the interactions amongst corporate benefits, SR and environmental protection. We strive for a better future by ensuring a balance between man, technology and nature. Our group’s success in delivering helpful solutions for quality and safety, market access, and sustainable development has earned us the trust and respect of our customers around the globe.

TUV.COMMUNICATION Shenzhen, 25th February 2011 The European Union Chamber of Commerce (EUCCC) and the EU-China Managers Association (EUCMA) jointly hosted the 2011 Pearl River Delta Forum at the Grand Mercure Oriental Ginza Hotel in Shenzhen in February. This successful event adopted the theme “Being Globally Responsible”. TÜV Rheinland, a global inspection and certification leader, was invited to attend the forum during which Andreas Münch, General Manager of Certification and Accreditation of Systems at TÜV Rheinland Greater China, elaborated upon the ISO 26000:2010-Guidance on Social Responsibility (SR). Approximately 60 executives and managers from a range of companies attended the forum and displayed a strong desire to learn more about how they can fulfil their corporate social responsibility (CSR) by following the guidance provided by ISO 26000. During the forum, Mr Münch noted that “1st November 2010 marked the official launch of ISO 26000, the SR guidance standard that provides the most authoritative, up-to-date and comprehensive definition of what it means for any organisation to be socially responsible”. He continued: “It both adds value to existing work on CSR and extends the understanding and implementation of SR. In the past, there were many different code of conduct and standards, but many with a strong focus on the industrial supply chain and not many covering all aspects of SR. For instance, consumer issues have been neglected so far, but of course consumers are an important stakeholder group whose interests need to be considered when balancing the demands from so many different directions.” Mr Münch concluded: “ISO26000 is planning to change that.

The standard now provides guidelines applicable to any organisation – whether small or large, public or private, in the developed world or in developing countries – allowing them to better plan SR fulfilment.” Brian Ho, Director of CSR Asia’s China offices focused on promoting understanding of the CSR concept amongst Chinese firms. He encouraged the attendees to view CSR not only as a social benefit but also as a chance to explore new business opportunities in the new economy. Fu Lei, Nokia’s CSR Director, Greater China, Dou RuiGang, Executive SecretaryGeneral of the Tencent Fund, and Li


Jun, Chairman of the Humanitarian Advisory Council at Operation Blessing China, also attended the forum and shared their knowledge and experience of CSR best practice. By highlighting the example of leading companies and organisations, the forum encouraged small- and medium-sized enterprises to take the leap from good intentions to concrete actions in fulfilling their social responsibilities to achieve a harmonised society.




關於德國萊因PTL (北美太陽能測試中心) 德國萊因PTL(北美太陽能測試中心) 座落在亞利桑那州,無論是在太陽 光電或是太陽光電熱能利用市場, 或是從供應鏈端到太陽能廠設立都 是太陽能安全和性能測試驗證服務 的市場領導者。德國萊因集團有全 球最大的太陽能實驗室網絡,分佈 在三大洲六個實驗室,德國萊因PTL 則為其集團成員之一。德國萊因 PTL是由德國萊因集團與亞利桑那州 立大學合作設立,具有超過50年的 豐富的太陽能研究和廣泛的測試技 術。

About TÜV Rheinland PTL, LLC Based in Tempe, Arizona, TÜV Rheinland PTL, LLC is a leading provider of safety and performance testing and market certification serving every sector of the photovoltaic and solar thermal marketplace, from the supply chain through installation. TÜV Rheinland PTL is a member of the TÜV Rheinland Group, which has the largest network of solar energy laboratories worldwide, with six major laboratories on three continents. The lab was formed as a unique partnership between Arizona State University, an institution with more than 50 years of research on solar energy and extensive solar testing know-how, and TÜV Rheinland, a global technical service provider of independent testing, assessment, and certification.



德國萊因PTL取得美國OSHA授權 核發ANSI/UL 1703認證 TÜV Rheinland PTL Receives OSHA Approval for ANSI/UL 1703 Certification

北美太陽能安全要求的關鍵認證 Certification for Key North American Photovoltaic Safety Requirement

!!!!!!!!!! 亞利桑那州,2011年3月24日。德國萊因PTL(北美太陽能測 試中心)是北美最大的太陽能和太陽光電測試公司,巳取得美國職業健 康與安全管理局(OSHA)認可,可核發ANSI/UL 1703驗證所需的北美太 陽能安全標誌。此一新的發證資格將使德國萊因的太陽能測試驗證業 務更加完整,協助客戶更深入全球市場。 Tempe, Arizona, 24th March, 2011. TÜV Rheinland PTL, LLC, North America’s largest solar and photovoltaic testing company, was approved by the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) to provide certification for ANSI/UL 1703 the required North American solar safety mark. The accreditation is the latest in TÜV Rheinland´s comprehensive portfolio of testing and photovoltaic certifications to help clients penetrate the global marketplace. 據業內人士分析,全球太陽能模組製造 商和相關零組件供應商均視美國為最大 的目標市場。美國ANSI/UL 1703驗證則是 太陽能產品進入美國市場重要的法規要 求之一。 「我們非常高興取得北美OSHA的認證資 格。德國萊因PTL晉升為美國國家認可測 試實驗室(NRTL)的事實將為我們的全球 客戶提供另一個進入市場的關鍵機會」,

Worldwide, photovoltaic solar module manufacturers and the suppliers of related components consider the U.S. a large target market according to industry analysts. ANSI/UL 1703 certification is currently one of the pivotal regulatory requirements to launch photovoltaic products in the U.S. marketplace.

北美太陽能業務事業單位主管Richard Bozicevich表示:「有了這個認證,我們 在全球的德國萊因網路可以更有效地利用 專業和地理優勢,提供更好的全球客戶服 務。」 欲了解更多訊息,請上網

For more information, visit:

“We are very pleased by the accreditation of our North American certification body from OSHA. The elevation of status as a Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory (NRTL)

for TÜV Rheinland PTL will give TÜV Rheinland Group another of the key pieces to service our clients globally,” said Richard Bozicevich, North American Business Field Manager for Solar Services, “With this accreditation we can leverage the expertise and geographic reach of the TÜV Rheinland network to better service clients across the globe.”






近年來隨著能源、鐵路、軌道交通、建築、通訊、 船舶、汽車等產業的高速發展,配套的電線電纜行業有著前所未 有的出口商機。目前,中國電線電纜製造的產銷量已居世界之 冠,但是許多電線電纜製造業者卻面臨著生產集中度低、製造成 本高、以及因為缺乏核心的開發能力導致行業同質化競爭的嚴峻 挑戰。德國萊因TÜV的專家在本次研討會中,特別針對企業最關 心的核心競爭力,提出解決方案,讓企業在保障產品安全之外, 透過技術創新,讓產品升級,進而掌握全球市場的關鍵商機。 The soaring development of such industries as energy, rail, rail transit, construction, communications, shipping and mobility has resulted in a dramatic rise in export opportunities for the related cable and cord industry. Although the production and sales volume of China-made cables and cords rank at the top globally, numerous manufacturers are facing such tough challenges as a low production concentration, high manufacturing costs and industrial homogenisation competition due to a lack of core development capability. In the recent seminar, experts from TÜV Rheinland provided professional solutions that will help these manufacturers to ensure product safety and upgrade their products via technological innovation, thus also helping them to enhance their core competence and stand out from the global competition.


2011年2月26日至27日,德國萊因TÜV在河 北白洋澱管理培訓學院舉辦電線電纜研討 會,宗旨在於跟為數眾多的電線電纜企業, 交流市場上一些新型、高附加價值的特種 電纜技術,以及相關的歐洲及中國的規格要 求。這次研討會獲得了中國國家電線電纜品 質監督檢驗中心以及河北中聯塑膠科技發 展有限公司的大力支持與協助,共有來自90 餘家企業,超過190位貴賓參加。其中有50% 以上的貴賓來自北方地區電纜企業,華東 華中地區則佔了將近50%。此外,中國國務 院辦公廳的相關領導和雄縣當地領導、河 北省質檢院的總工、河北省電纜協會會長孫 士明先生、以及北京電線電纜行業協會會 長童志強先生也撥冗出席了這次活動。 為期兩天的研討會中,德國萊因TÜV大中 華區商用與工業產品服務部總監陳偉康博 士,與電力傳輸產品總經理劉偉海女士等 講師,分別分享了歐洲最新的碳足跡驗證 以及太陽能電纜、電動汽車電纜及機車電 纜的認可驗證情況。中國國家電線電纜品 質監督檢驗中心吳長順主任則針對新興產 業特種電線電纜技術的發展,做了詳細的 介紹。不少企業表示,此次研討會為企業的 技術研發與產品升級,提供了非常有力的支 援和指導,許多與會者並希望進一步瞭解 德國萊因TÜV在該領域的驗證經驗,以及 更多電線電纜產品出口到國際市場的資訊, 取得先機拿到國際市場的通行證。

TÜV Rheinland hosted a cable and cord seminar at the White Pond Training Centre in Hebei Province on the 26th and 27th of February with the aim of exchanging views with a large number of cable and cord manufacturers and highlighting the technical features of a variety of new and high value-added special cables, as well as the European and domestic requirements covering them. The seminar received strong support from the China National Centre for the Quality Supervision & Testing of Electric Wire & Cable (TICW) and Hebei Zhonglian Plastics Technology Development Co., Ltd. It was attended by more than 190 representatives of over 90 companies, among which cable companies from the north of China accounted for more than 50%, with those from east and central China accounting for the remainder. Joining them were top officials from the General Office of the State Council and Xiong County, the chief engineer of the Hebei Academy of Quality and Technical Supervision, Mr Sun Shiming, Chairman of the Hebei Cable Television Association, and Mr Tong Zhiqiang, Chairman of the Beijing Wire and Cable Industry Association.

此次研討會圓滿結束。德國萊因TÜV將憑 藉超過20年在該領域的豐富經驗,持續的 為各類傳統電纜以及特種電纜產品,像是 太陽能光電電纜、電動機車電纜、風能電 纜、機車電纜、電梯電纜等,提供專業的在 地化一站式服務,協助中國電線電纜製造 企業提升產品競爭優勢,進而提升銷售,為 企業帶來更大的利潤。

During the two-day seminar, Dr Chen Weikang and Ms Liu Weihai, Director of Commercial Products and General Manager of Power Transmission Devices, respectively, at TÜV Rheinland Greater China, familiarised


the attendees with the latest European carbon footprint assessments and the certification status quo for Photovoltaic (PV) cables, electric vehicle cables and locomotive cables. Furthermore, Mr Wu Changshun, Director of TICW, gave a detailed introduction to the latest technological developments of special cables for these emerging industries. The seminar received strong feedback, with attendees noting that they had found it very useful, particularly in the guidance it provided them in terms of technological, R&D and product upgrading. They said they had also appreciated learning more about TÜV Rheinland’s certification services in this arena, as well as receiving information on international market access, thus giving them a competitive advantage in business development. Since the successful close of the seminar, TÜV Rheinland has continued to draw on its 20+ years of experience in this field to fulfil its commitment to providing a one-stop service for manufacturers of traditional and special cables, including PV, electric vehicle, wind energy, locomotive and elevator cables. We stand by our pledge to fully support domestic cable and cord manufacturers in promoting the competitive advantage of their products and achieving further business growth.





再生材質及碳足跡驗證 Da Ai Eco Blankets verified by TÜV Rheinland to contain

100% Recycled Materials

and to have a small carbon footprint


常用來傳遞人間溫暖的大愛感恩環保毛毯於 日前取得正式的「血統證明」,一口氣通過德國萊因的 再生材質驗證及碳足跡驗證,不但證明環保毛毯從原料 到產品百分百符合國際環保再生要求,更證明慈濟在環 保回收上的努力正與國際減少碳排放量的趨勢同步。 Da Ai Eco Blankets, which provide warmth with great love, have been granted certification and verified by TÜV Rheinland Group to contain 100% recycled materials and to have a small carbon footprint, thus proving that these green blankets are in full compliance with the environmental requirements of international markets. It also offers proof that the Tzu Chi Foundation’s efforts to make use of recycled materials in line with the international trend towards carbon emission reduction are paying off.

通過驗證的綠色環保毛毯為名符其 實的真正「綠色產品」,具有易 乾、不易髒的特性,在全球賑災中 常可見到它的身影,不僅取之於廢 棄PET寶特瓶,製造過程中也不加以 染色重製,減少紡織品於染整的大 量用水,毛毯的綠色係為綠色PET 瓶的原色。取得再生材質驗證也代 表此一環保紡織品通過有害物質檢 測,對人體無毒無害。

These blankets are a true green product. They are highly dirt-resistant and easy to dry, and are often used in global disaster relief operations. The blankets are made from waste PET bottles, and no new dyes are involved in their manufacture, which substantially reduces the amount of chemicals introduced into the environment, as well as the amount of water employed in the production process. Their green colour not only is testament to their environmental credentials, but also shows off the natural colour of recycled PET bottles. The attainment of recycled materials verification demonstrates that the product has been tested and proven safe and non-toxic to humans.





大愛感恩環保小貼士 Da Ai Green Tips







大 愛感恩同時表示,清洗


毛 毯時,建議以手洗代替



洗 衣機,不但可節省洗衣



機 消耗的電能及水資源,







高 達90%碳排放量。



To further protect the environment, Da Ai recommends hand-washing the blankets rather than using a washing machine, thereby saving more energy and reducing water consumption. Air- rather than machine-drying can further reduce carbon emissions by up to 90%.






渣、PP/PE等,及紡織品、電 子 產 品 、







洗 淨後自然晾乾,不用烘 乾 機或脫水機也可以減少

產品特色。 大愛感恩科技此次特別選擇德國萊因作 碳足跡是基於不同活動所產生的溫室氣














「 相對於使用新的原物料,產品充份應 用 再 生料的特質大大減少碳排放量,減少地球資源的 消 耗 ,將可成為非常具低碳優勢的環保產品」 “Compared to the use of new raw materials, putting recycled materials to use can reduce carbon emissions dramatically and decrease consumption of the Earth’s resources. This product is perfectly placed for the eco-friendly, very low-carbon market niche”.


Commenting on the verification, Jason Wu, general manager of TÜV Rheinland Systems Greater China Sales and New Business Development, said, “Normally, the recycled PET impurity rate at recycling plants reaches 1520%, but Tzu Chi’s volunteers have helped to reduce this to less than 10% by using a good PET bottle separation and classification procedure. Such superior processing not only facilitates better quality, but also leads to the consumption of less energy.” Combined with the technical capacity of supply-chain vendors, the end result is green blankets of much greater added value. Da Ai Technology has also found that its use of carbon footprint measurement tools has given it a fuller picture of its green blankets. First, compared to the production of brand new materials, the use of recycled materials reduces carbon emissions by 15%. Second, the company’s green blankets are made of 100% recycled PET, with no additional dyeing ingredients, and thus they require no energy use for dyeing and produce no carbon emissions. Yet, they maintain their naturally green colour and boast strong dirt resistance. The use of carbon footprint tools enables a better understanding of the greenhouse gas emissions produced by different activities and measures the impact of these activities on climate change. The use of oil, water and electricity produces greenhouse gases. The more energy and other resources we use, the more serious climate warming becomes. TÜV Rheinland has verified that Da Ai has fully implemented carbon footprint reduction technology throughout the


圖左至右:台灣德國萊因總經理何士登先 生, 大愛感恩科技執行董事李鼎銘先生 Mr.Uwe Haistenbach, General Manager of TÜV Rheinland Taiwan, and Mr. James Lee, CEO of Da Ai Technology (from left to right)

entire lifecycle of its green blankets, from the recovery of PET particles to the processing of the yarn that goes into the finished blankets.

products and food products, thereby helping manufacturers to improve the efficiency and green credentials of their products.

According to Jason Wu, “companies can use recycled materials to meet the requirements set down in international environmental standards, and also take advantage of carbon footprint tools to measure the carbon emissions of green products at different stages of their lifecycle – from raw materials and manufacturing to consumer endproducts”.

Da Ai Technology chose TÜV Rheinland as its preferred recycled materials and carbon footprint verification partner because of its ability to implement strict internationally recognised third-party audits. The company’s objective in gaining such verification has been not only to fulfil the international environmental requirements for its products, but also to incorporate international-standard documentation and procedures in the hope of promoting the recycled product concept in international markets and doing its part to cultivate a green ethos.

TÜV Rheinland has extensive professional experience in the provision of recycling and carbon management services. For more than 20 years, it has been assisting manufacturers by verifying a wide range of recycled materials, such as waste coffee powder and PP/PE, and has provided carbon footprint verification for textiles, electronic

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