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Many global companies hire translators to help them with their business or you can start a translation business. The position usually requires interpreters to analyze the original message and select words which most accurately convey the true meaning of what is said. Translators help in communicating across linguistic and cultural barriers. These services can include telephone translation, multilingual document translation, and legal translation. Some industries which need translators include health care, social and legal services, financial corporations, and accounting firms. Requirements Translators need to have a background in certain subjects to apply for positions. For example, if you want to apply as an interpreter for a legal firm then you will need a specific knowledge of the law. Having an education in a specific area plus the ability to speak a second language will help you in acquiring a position with a company. Subjects that are used most often are law, science, engineering, medicine, finance, insurance, and corporate business. Another aspect of translating is proficiency in spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage, and sentence structure. The position will need you to know these elements in both languages you translate. Companies also look to see if the applicant has good communication skills. Can you speak concise, correctly, and polite in both languages? Good customer service skills and good memory retention is a must. Most translators hold a college degree. They have excellent verbal and written communication skills, fluent in both native and acquired languages. Interpreters need professional level background experience. If working at home as a translator or interpreter, then you will need to have a quiet professional work environment during work hours. You will need a dedicated phone line with a headset phone or corded headset with a noise cancelling microphone and a mute button. When working from home you will need your own personal computer with reliable Internet access. Finding Work Search global job listings online. Contact large corporations and find out if they hire translators or interpreters. Scour national classified newspapers. If you can't locate a position using traditional methods then try more contemporary means. You can hire someone to design a website. Your site will help you sell yourself. If you cannot afford to hire your site created, then you should try

creating one yourself. There are many businesses online which offer templates for websites plus hosting. All you have to do is upload your personal images and your content. Conclusion You can earn extra money by becoming a translator and translating documents or an interpreter and verbally interpret what people are communicating. Business today has expanded beyond our borders and commerce has reached a global economy. Because of this many companies find that they need translators and interpreters to complete business transactions. You can put your lingual abilities to good use by earning money for yourself. Best of all, some of these positions do not require you to appear in the office, so you can work at home.

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==== ==== Speak Two Languages?Get Paid To Translate ==== ====

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