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How To Solve Equations How To Solve Equations Hi friends, once again I am here to explain you few math concepts. Today, we will learn about the different topics that algebra 2 covers and how you can use algebra 2 solver to solve all the problems related to algebra 2. Algebra 2 is the second part of algebra that is taught to students after algebra 1. Algebra 2 covers all the basic math topics and your base must be clear if you want to become the master of the subject. In algebra 2 students deal with different topics such as factorization, completing square, and quadratic formulas, polynomials, exponential functions, special functions, sequences and series, and many more students can take help of Algebra 2 Solver to solve all the problems related to algebra 2 topics. As you all know equations are the base of algebra and they are used in all part of algebra up to College level. The general algebraic equation defines the equality relation between two mathematical statements. Whenever there is an equal to (=) symbol, the mathematical statement says that it is equation. Let's take a linear equation and see how to solve equations. 4y + 7 = 2y -- 5,

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In this we have y variable which is present on both the side, so first take both y term on same side i.e. left side and constants on right side. 4y -- 2y = -5 -- 7, 2y = - 11, y = - 11/2. So in this equation value of x is (- 11 / 2). A large number of equations are present in mathematics and some students even get afraid by the names of these equations as their names seems very difficult, for example: transcendental equations, functional equations, differential equations, polynomial equations, Diophantine equations, etc. These equations are further divided in sub parts, you can learn them easily using online math help. Students think homework as wastage of time and always ask to their friends a question that please do my homework. For all the subjects who have a mentality that homework is simple wastage of time and teachers give them so that they can't play etc. can enjoy completing their homework with help of online homework help. In this, students get solution of all the mathematical homework sums. So, start taking help of online math and start enjoying mathematics and say bye to math phobia and problems. Different type of equations. 1.) Equations which have solution: In these types of equation we can find the value of variable like a, b, c. Examples :

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a.) 5x + y = 12 , 7x - 2y = 21

b.) 2a - 3b = 6 , 5a + b = 10

After solving these two equation we will get the value of x and y. 2.) Equation without solution: An equation which have no solution. Means we cannot find the value of variable. 0 = -2, 0 = 12 ,7=8 Examples: a.) 5a + 4 -7a = 6a +7 - 8a - 5 Step:1. 4 + 5a - 7a = 6a – 8a + 7 - 5 Step:2. 4 - 2a = -2a + 2 Step:3. 2a – 2a = 2 - 4 Step: 4. 0 = -2 Example b.) 7x - 6 = 7x + 6. Step:1. 7x - 7x = 6 + 6 Step:2. 0 = 12 etc. For equations with solution, we can solve the equation by the following method. 1)Elimination method

2)Substitution method

3) Graphing method.

4.) Trial and error method.

5.) Taylor method.

6.) Numerical Method

7.) Solving Equations usingInverse Functions

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How To Solve Equations  

As you all know equations are the base of algebra and they are used in all part of algebra up to College level. The general algebraic equati...