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How To Do Fractions How To Do Fractions By the term fraction, we mean the part of the whole. If we write the fraction 1/3, we say that it is one part out of the three units. We can also say that we divide a whole in three equal parts and then we say that 1/3 means picking one art out of three equal parts. Now let us learn how to do fractions comparison and numerical operations. For this we say that different mathematical and logical operations can be performed on the given fraction numbers. By mathematical operations we mean that we can add the two fraction numbers, we can subtract and find the difference between the two fraction numbers, by multiplication we mean that we are going to find the product of two given fraction numbers and in the same way, we say that by division of two fraction numbers, we mean that we are going to find the quotient of the division of two fraction numbers. Now we talk about the comparison of two fraction numbers. In order to compare the two fraction numbers,

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we say that if the denominators of the two numbers is same, then we say that the smaller the numerator, smaller is the number and larger the numerator, larger is the number. So we see the two fractions 2/5 and 4/5, here we have the denominators same sao we conclude that the 2/5 is smaller than 4/5. So we write 2/5 < 4/5 Now we are going to learn, how to compare two fraction numbers which have same numerators but different denominators. For this we say that the smaller the denominator, larger is the number. In this situation we come to the conclusion that among 3/5 and 3/7, as the denominator 5 is smaller, thus the fraction 3/5 is greater than the fraction 3/7. It can be represented as 3/5 > 3/7. Now let us see that how to perform the operations of addition and subtraction on the fraction numbers. The rules vary for the like fractions and unlike fraction numbers. In case the two faction numbers are like fractions, it means that the denominator of the two fractions are same so we will simply add the numerators and thus we get the result. Similarly in case of unlike fraction numbers, we say that the first thing to be done is to change the denominator to its like form and make it same. Once the denominators are made same, we come to the conclusion that the fraction number can be added or subtracted only by adding or subtracting the denominators So we say that 3/5 + 6/5 = ( 3 + 5 ) / 9 = 6/9 and 2/5 + 3/2 = 4/10 + 15 / 10 = ( 4 + 15 ) / 10

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= 19 /10 Ans In case we have to find the difference, we say that the same rules as that of addition apply for the difference of the two fraction numbers. 5/6 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 3/6 = ( 5 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 3) / 6 = 2/6 = 1/3 Ans Similarly 2/5 - 3/2 = 4/10 - 15 / 10 = ( 4 - 15 ) / 10 = - 11 /10 Ans

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How To Do Fractions