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Algebra Worksheets Algebra Worksheets Algebra Worksheets, which are online available for free must be used by the students to get the exposure to the algebra. On working with Algebra Worksheets, you will avail confidence about the concepts of Algebra. Algebra is basically the combinations of basic relations expressed in form of statements. It comprise of the alphabets used to express the variables and the operators. Any statement of algebra can be formed by joining the terms combined by the help of the operators. It is also termed as an algebraic expression. Algebra can help in solving the expressions and yielding the results. Any algebraic equation is formed by equating the left hand side and the right hand side expression of the equation. In order to get the result of the variable in the equation, we simply have to take care of the following rules: 1. Always try to bring all variables on one side of the equation and the constants to the other side of the equation. Know More About Product Rule

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2. We must remember that when the Variables or the constants are moved from one side of the equation to another side , first we must take care of addition and subtraction relation and then followed by multiplication and division relations in the expression. 3. When any expression with positive sign is taken to another side of the equation, then the expression becomes negative and if the expression is with negative sign and it is taken to another side of the equation, then the sign becomes positive. 4. If any variable or constant with multiplication relation is taken to another side of the equation, it becomes divide and if the relation is division, it changes into the relation of multiplication. It order to learn how to solve the algebraic equation, we must start with an example: Let 2x + 7 = x +20 Here we will try to bring all the terms with x on one side of the equation and the terms without x on another side of the equation. These terms must be moved with the terms and conditions learned earlier. So we get: 2x – x = 20 – 7 Or x = 13

This value of x is correct or not can be verified by putting the value of x expression and then check if LHS = RHS or not.

in the given

Solve 5y + 300 = 2y – 150 Learn More :- Simple Interest Calculator

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We will bring all the terms with Y on one side of the equation and get; 5Y – 2Y = -150 -300 Or 3y = -450 Now we need to remove 3 from Y, in order to get the value of Y. So we will take 3 on another side of the equation with division sign and the equation becomes: Y = -450 / 3 Or y = -150 Now we can verify if the result we get as the value of y is correct or not. For this we put the value of Y in the given equation and check if the value satisfies the equation or not.

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Algebra Worksheets