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Stem and Leaf Plot Stem and Leaf Plot Hello friends, today we are going to focus on a very intriguing topic of mathematics i.e. Stem and leaf plots. As you all know statistics is an important part of math and whenever we learn statistics we learn few important topics one of them is stem and leaf plots. Whenever we have to show frequency with certain classes of value occur we use Stem and Leaf Plot methods. It is very commonly used method using which we can calculate the frequency distribution table or histogram values. Stem and leaf method is used to analyze the large amount of data, as analyzing the large data manually is very difficult. In stem and lead method we can use graphical, probability and statistical methods. Using this method we can simply calculate the value of any data its relative density, it is also use to summarize the data. For plotting stem and leaf graph we use the following mention points that are given as: 1. Firstly, analyze the values of the given data. For instance: the data value lies between 45 to 100 or form 1 to 50. Know More About How to Graph a Circle

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2. After that calculate the values which repeats itself in the given data set and how many times it is being repeated. 3. Suppose we have tenth digit, like we have 61, then we can take 6 and this tenth digit is called as stem and 1 which is at one's position is called as leaf. 4. After evaluation of stem, you can easily calculate all values which are related with stem for instance we have 32 33 37 39 as data values, then we have 3 as stem and values related to stem are 2, 3, 7 and 9. The data values related to stem is commonly called as leaf. Let's understand the concept in order to understand the concept properly and in detail. Few data values are given as: 12 25 23 44 48 68 45 71 and we have to solve the given values using step and leaf plot method. Solution: step 1: firstly analyze all the given valuesHere all the numbers are present only once so we can say that no number is repeating itself. Now, move to next step. Step 2: the stem value from the above problems are: 1 2 4 6 7

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are the stem values because they all are present at tenth digit position of the above placed values. Step 3: Now in this step you will evaluate all leaf values i.e. the values which are related with stem1=2 2 = 5, 3 4 = 4, 5 and 8, 6=8 7=1 from here it is clear that values at ones position are called as leaf values or right hand side values are leaf value and the values at ten's position is called as stem. Or in more simple words we can say that right side value is known as leaf and left hand side value is called as step. I hope that now the topic stem-and-leaf plot is clear to you. It is easiest value to analyze the large quantity of data and once you understand this you will enjoy solving questions related to this.

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Stem and Leaf Plot  

Stem and leaf method is used to analyze the large amount of data, as analyzing the large data manually is very difficult. In stem and lead m...

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