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Simplify Fractions Calculator Simplify Fractions Calculator A fraction is a Latin word which means ‘broken’. In the general aspect Fraction can be described as a partitioning group of whole number or any number of equal parts. If we talk about the fraction in mathematical term then fraction can be stated as parts that will be created of equal size from one single piece. Fractions are the parts of the number system in which different types of numbers can be represented in the form of numerator and denominator. Suppose in the birthday party of John there are 8 friends joining the party. Then tell how the single cake will be distributed among the friends. In that case fraction numbers help us to solve the problem of distributing the cake among the friends. In the party each and every friend gets the equal share of cake that is 1 / 8 share of the cake. Fractions numbers can also be written without using the concept of numerator and denominator, without using decimal pattern and without using percent sign. Fractions can be represented by negative exponent like 10-2 = 1 / 100. In a more general term simple 5 number can be represents in fraction like 5 / 1. Know More About Decimal Calculator

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There are various other fields for using a fractions number like representing the ratios of number and division of number system. By using a fraction numbers other number of number system can be defined like rational numbers. Rational numbers are those numbers which can be represented in the form of numerator and denominator like x / y. Here x refers to numerator and y can be represented as denominator of a rational number. Here one thing must be remembered that denominator must not be equal to zero in any situation. Now we come to the point simplify fractions calculator. These types of calculators are generally used to solve the fraction problem by using the different operations like add, subtract, multiply and divide. But here we are going to simplify the fractional numbers. In this topic we study about how to solve the problem of fraction. The solution we show you by example that is given below: Example: Solve the fractions 12 / 36? Solution: The above given example we can see that 12 is numerator value and 36 is denominator value, so to simplify them we need to divide the both fraction value by the same number. Let’s show you below: 12 / 36 (divide by 6 in both value of denominator) 12 / 36 = 2 / 6 In above we can see that the fraction number get simplified into simpler form 2/6. After that we can see that the obtain number can again be simplified by dividing the fractional number by 2.

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Then output will be 1 / 3. At the time of simplifying the fraction numbers, both value means numerator and denominator should be divided by the same number. Simplify the fraction 1218 Step 1 : Factors of 12 = 1,2,3,4,6,12. Factors of 18 = 1,2,3,6,9,18 So, H.C.F. = 6 Step 2 : 1218 = 2×63×6 = 23 Answer : 23 Simplify the fraction 627 Step 1 : Factors of 6 = 1,2,3,6. Factors of 27 = 1,3,9,27. So, H.C.F. = 3 Step 2 : 627 = 2×39×3 = 29 Answer : 29

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Simplify Fractions Calculator