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Algebra Solver Algebra Solver In mathematics algebra plays very important role or we can say that the general math that we use in our day to day life is all about algebra. Algebra, and important math part consists of several number of important topics. Algebra was first introduced by Greek mathematician after that the branch that deals with operators, operations, variables and their relation has gone through several numbers of changes. If be split the word algebra in two parts then it will be 'al + jebr', which is an Arabic word that means reunion of broken parts. When we solve any algebra problem we have to deal with algebraic equations. Equations, plays a very important role in algebraic problems and every problem either is a word problem or any other problem first we have to convert it into equation and then it is solved. This means conversion in equation form is required every time when we have to get solution of any problem.

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Equations are defined as the mathematical statement that tells the equality in both the statements having variables and constants. For instance let’s take an equation and see how to solve that algebra problem. -170 + 12 x - 145 -234x = 500x + 12 + 50 – 200x, This is an algebraic equation having constant, variables and mathematical operators. Solving this equation means determining the value of the variable i.e. ‘x’. We can easily determine the ‘x’ value by changing the position of the variable and constants. First of all take the variables on the left hand side and in the same way take all the constants on the other side i.e. right hand side. On doing this we get the new form of equation as: 12x – 234x + 200x – 500x = 170 + 145 + 12 + 50, Now, simply the x terms and constant, -522x = 377, - x = 377/522, x = - 377/522, Here, you see how simple it is, and you all can simply simplify the equations and get the value of variable i.e. ‘x’. As you see the above example, linear equations are also of same type. Linear equation means the equation may have single variable. If any equation having two or multiple terms then it is called as polynomial equation. In the present scenario many online tools are available in order to solve several mathematical problems.

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To solve the algebra problem a tool named as free algebra solver is present online, with the use of this solver students can easily solve different algebraic problems either they are related with percentage, time and work or other topics that we learn while studying algebra. This is all from my side, if you want to solve any problem of algebra simply switch to the free algebra solver and get solution of all the problem either they are simple or complex. With the help of free solver you get solution of problem and you can also learn the steps that are used while soling any problem. Apart from free algebra solver many other solvers are also present using which you can solve problem of geometry, trigonometry, co-ordinates or calculus.

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Equations, plays a very important role in algebraic problems and every problem either is a word problem or any other problem first we have t...