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Types of Variables Types of Variables Variables are very important study within algebra. Learn about the concept here and gain quality algebra help. What are variables? Variable are any alphabet or combination of alphabets that contain the constant value. It can be varying. For example the speed of the vehicles is a variable. Variables with similar roles are mentioned with consecutive alphabets. For example the sides of triangle can be mentioned as a, b, c. Example: x+ 5=y+10 ,Where x, y are variables. ax2+bx+c=0, Where x is variable. Know More About How do you Factor Trinomials

(a+b)2 =a2+b2+2ab, Here a,b are the variables. Types of VariablesBack to Top There are several types of variables, Different Types of Variables:Quantitative variables Qualitative variables Independent variables Dependent variables Discrete variables Continuous variables Different Types of VariablesBack to Top Below is the explanation about types of variables Quantitative variables: Quantitative variables are always having different numeric value. Ordered values, interval sequence, ratio values are quantitative variables. Example: Height, weight, age, temperature, and marks on an exam. Learn More About Subtraction Property of Equality

The variables that are not having the particular ordering are called as Qualitative variables. These Qualitative variables can be measured on a nominal scale such as colors, names. It can be coded to appear numeric but their numbers are meaningless, as in true=1, false=2

Writing Algebraic Expressions Writing Algebraic expressions for a word phrase for an expression. When solving real world problems will need to translate words into algebraic expressions. Write an algebraic expression is not a sentence. Writing algebraic expressions are made up of symbols. The expressions represent one or more quantity. Order of operations Order of operations with exponents Order of operations. Addition (a+b) Subtraction (a-b) Multiplication (ab) Division (a/b) Rules : Perform first calculations inside parentheses. All multiplications and divisions are working from left to right. Finally additions and subtractions are working from left to right.

Addition: More than Increase by Greater than Add Total Plus Sum Subtraction: Less Difference between Take away Subtract from Decreased by Less than Subtract Multiplication: Times Twice or double Read More About How to Solve Algebra Equations

Multiply Of Product Triple Division: Divide by Quotient Split equally Divide.

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Types of Variables