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How to Solve an Equation How to Solve an Equation An equations is a combination of one or more terms separated with equal symbol "=". Terms can be numerical, alphanumerical, expression etc. Different type of equations. 1.) Equations which have solution: In these types of equation we can find the value of variable like a, b, c. Examples: a.) 5x + y = 12 , 7x - 2y = 21 b.) 2a - 3b = 6 , 5a + b = 10 After solving these two equation we will get the value of x and y. Know More About How to Solve Equations with Fractions

2.) Equation without solution: An equation which have no solution. Means we cannot find the value of variable. 0 = -2, 0 = 12 ,7=8 Examples: a.) 5a + 4 -7a = 6a +7 - 8a - 5 Step:1. 4 + 5a - 7a = 6a – 8a + 7 - 5 Step:2. 4 - 2a = -2a + 2 Step:3. 2a – 2a = 2 - 4 Step: 4. 0 = -2 Example b.) 7x - 6 = 7x + 6. Step:1. 7x - 7x = 6 + 6 Step:2. 0 = 12 etc. For equations with solution, we can solve the equation by the following method. 1)Elimination method Learn More About Solve this Equation

2)Substitution method 3) Graphing method. 4.) Trial and error method. 5.) Taylor method. 6.) Numerical Method 7.) Solving Equations usingInverse Functions

Infinite Solutions In this article we are going to discuss about infinite solutions concept. Infinite indicates the limitless who are derived from Latin word infinities mean unbound ness. History says if we remove some value or adds some value to infinite, it will remain same like removing glass of water from ocean or adding bucket of water to ocean, which results same infinite. So infinite which is indicated by letter " ∞ " . System of Equation for Infinite Solution The system has infinite solutions Systems have only infinite solutions when the lines are parallel and the lines have the same y-intercept. If our two lines have the same slope are and the same y-intercept, they are actually the same exact line. In other words, systems have the infinite solutions when the two lines are the same line!

As an example, consider the following two lines Line 1: y = x + 3 Line 2: 2y = 2x + 6 These two lines are exactly the same line. If you multiply line, 1 by two you get line 2. System of equation for infinite solution The systems of solving equations are methods to solve two or more linear equations in two or more variables. We generally solve systems of equations in two and three variable. To solve systems of equation in two or three variables we need to determine first whether the equation is consistent, inconsistent, independent, or dependent. So, suppose we have two equations in two variables as a1x + b1y = c1 ------- (1) a2x + b2y = c2 ------- (2) Condition: The equations are consistent and dependent with infinite solution if and only if a1a2 = b1b2 = c1c2. Read More About What is an Dependent Variable

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How to Solve an Equation  

Know More About How to Solve Equations with Fractions How to Solve an Equation Examples: Different type of equations. After solving these tw...