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Equations and Inequalities Equations and Inequalities In this article we are going to discuss about concept called algebra equations and inequalities. Equation: Two expressions are in equal is called an equation. For example: x + 3 = 2, x + 2 = 1,…. When we add, subtract, multiply or divide the same number on both the side of the equation, the equal sign of an equation does not change. Inequality: Two algebraic expressions or two real numbers related by the symbol ‘<’, ‘>’, ‘<=’ or ‘>=’ form an inequality. Added or subtracted by the same number on both side of the inequality. Know More About Introduction to Algebra

Multiplied or divided by the same number on both side of the inequality but if we divide or multiply by a negative number, we must reverse the inequality sign. How to Solve Equations Below are the examples based on how to solve equations Example 1: Solve the equation for the variable y: y - 20 = 30 Solution: y - 20 = 30 Add 20 on both sides of the equation y - 20 + 20 = 30 + 20 y = 50 So, the answer is y = 50. Learn More About Function Composition

Example 2: Solve the equation for the variable x: ( ) + 40 = 30 Solution: () + 40 = 30 Subtract 40 on both sides of the equation () + 40 - 40 = 30 - 40 () = -10 Multiply 3 on both sides of the equation () * 3 = -10 * 3 y = -30 So, the answer is 30.

Order of Operations with Exponents Order of Operations with Exponents When the number is repeatedly multiplied by itself,and then we get the powers of that number. Here a• a is called the power of a, or "a squared." a• a• a is the third power of a, or "a cubed (a3)." The first power of a is a itself. Now, write aaaa is similar to place a small number 4: a4 ( "a to the 4Th"). That small 4 is called an exponent. It indicates the number of times to repeat a as a factor. 83 "8 to the third") means 8• 8• 8. Algebraic Expression Formulas A formula is an algebraic rule is evaluating some quantity. A formula is a statement. The formula for the area A of a rectangle base is b and height is h.

A = bh "The area of a rectangle is equal to the base Of the height." And the formula for its perimeter P -- that is P = 2b + 2h. Writing Algebraic expression for a word phrase for an expression. When solving real world problems will need to translate words into algebraic expressions. Write an algebraic expression is not a sentence. Writing algebraic expressions are made up of symbols. The expressions represent one or more quantity. Order of operations Order of operations with exponents Order of operations. Addition (a+b) Subtraction (a-b) Multiplication (ab) Division (a/b) Rules : Read More About Functions Algebra

Perform first calculations inside parentheses. All multiplications and divisions are working from left to right. Finally additions and subtractions are working from left to right.

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Equations and Inequalities