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MKT 571 Week 2 Team Assignment Marketing Phase I - GPS 2000 Hedge Trimmers Create a new product for an existing organization that will be the basis for your Marketing Plan Paper. The product can be completely new. But the product category must currently exist. Your product must have competition. Please send me a note on your product choice for approval. Review my assignment description and outline in the rear of this syllabus. For this Marketing Plan Phase I paper, prepare a 2000 word summary to include: 1) A detailed description of the new product or service. Include product name and branding decisions, features etc. 2) A definition of your target market and a description of the factors that influence their purchasing decision. Explain market segmentation strategy. 3) A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis on the new product or service. 4) Your Secondary research findings. 5) The Primary marketing research

approach you would use. (methodology, sample size etc.) Make up the results of your research To Purchase This material Click below link

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Mkt 571 week 2 team assignment marketing phase i