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BSHS 442 Week 3 Learning Team Mediator Interview Summary Review the Week Three objectives and discuss insights and questions you may have. Interview (Keep in mind that all team members should complete at least one interview during the class) Interview someone at an agency that uses mediation or other conflict resolution processes either internally (employee disputes) or externally (client advocacy). This may be within a social service agency, court system, or corporation. You must use a different agency from the one you used for the interview in Learning Team Meeting Two. You may use similar interview questions to the ones you used before, but include discussion of the following topics: Mediator neutrality and impartiality Confidentiality Mediator bias Limitations of the mediator Scope of power Conflict of interest Prepare a 1- to 2-page summary of your interview to be submitted to the faculty member in Week Four. Roles of Mediator and Advocate As a group, compare and contrast the roles of mediator and advocate and describe the power limitations of each role. Under what

circumstances an advocate would be used during mediation? Which role is most critical to problem solving? Why? Record your remarks and conclusions in a 1- to 2-page paper to be submitted to the instructor in Week Four, along with the summary paper described above. Study for Concepts and Terms Quiz (week 4) Study together the concepts and terms you have learned thus far, including the following: The various types of conflict resolution Conflict of interest Neutrality Confidentiality BATNA Win-win Advocacy Positions and interests Client transformation Ethical practices in mediation and advocacy

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Bshs 442 week 3 learning team mediator interview summary  
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