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Spanish omelette Ingredients: • • • • •

5 Eggs 1 kg of potatoes onion olive oil salt

Steps: 1. Peel and cut up the potatoes 2. Fry the potatoes 3. Beat the eggs 4. Mix the eggs and the potatoes 5. Cook the mixture in a pan.


Ingredients: • Two kilos of steak. • A kilo of potatoes. • Salt. • Olive oil. • And a pan.

Steps: 1.Peel and cut up the potatoes. 2.Fry the potatoes in the pan. 3.Cook the steaks. 4.Put the potatoes and the steak on a dish.


Ingredients: -Two potatoes. -Two eggs. -One onion. -Olive oil.

Steps: Step1:Wash and cut the potatoes, heat the oil and fry the potatoes with a little of salt. Step2: Beat the eggs with a little of salt and add the potatoes. Step3: Cook the eggs and the potatoes in a pan until the omelette is done.

Roasted turkey with potatoes Ingredients: 1. 4 Turkey legs 2. 16 small potatoes 3. 3 leeks 4. 1 cup soy sauce 5. olive oil 6. salt.

Steps: 1. Fry the turkey legs and put them in the oven, mix the half soy sauce and oil. 2. Put the potatoes in a big bowl. 3. Add salt and served on a big dish.


Ingredients: Olive oil, salt, fish and tomatoes.

Steps: Add salt to the fish and fry the fish. Put the fish and the tomato on a dish. ¡AND… IT’S READY TO EAT!


Ingredients: Fish , lettuce , tomato , sweet corn , carrots and potatoes .


clean the fish and cook it .

Wash and cut up the lettuce, the tomato and the carrots. Put Them with the fish on a dish. Dress the salad.


(for four persons)

1- Two big onions 2- Two big tomatoes 3- One big and red pepper 4- Olive oil 5- Saffron or food colouring

6- Two garlics 7- Cattlefish (500 Grs) 8- Mussels (300 Grs) 9- Clams (300 Grs) 10-Prawns (250 Grs) 11- Rice (500Grs)

Steps: 1.

Cut the onions, the pepper, the garlic s and the tomatoes. Put oil in the Paella pan and fry the vegetables.

2. Then clean the mussels and the clams. In another pot with a bit of water, put the mussels and the clams. 3. Cut the cuttlefish and mix it with the vegetables. 4. And add the rice. Mix well, and cover with the broth. Put 2 parts of broth for each one of rice. Add the salt and the saffron. Boiled the rice for approximately 18 min. 5. Five minutes before the rice was cooked, add the clams, the mussels and the prawns. 6. Le the paella goes down for 5 minutes and ‌ it’s ready to eat!

NOODLE SOUP Ingredients: • onion, • half tomato, • noodles, • pepper, • water, • garlic, • broht.

Steps: 1. Put the vegetables, some water and the broth in a pot. 2. When the water boils, add the noodles. 3. Boiled the mixture some minutes.

MIGAS OF ARAGÓN Ingredients: •

• • • • • • •

Bread Oil Fried egss Salt Garlic Sausage Chorizo Grapes or melon

Steps: 1. Cut up the bread in very small pieces. 2. Pour some water just to wet the bread a little. 3. Add some salt and cover it with a cloth. 4. Let the bread go down . 5. Cut the onion and the garlic in very small pieces. 6. Fry the onions and garlic in a pan with olive oil and butter. 7. Cut up the sausage and add it the pan. 8. When all of those ingredients are well fried add the bread. 9. Fry until the bread becomes browned. 10. Put the mix on a dish, add the fried eggs and the grapes.

MACARRONI Ingredients: Macarroni and oil.

Steps: cook the macarroni. Put the macarroni on a dish and add some oil.


Ingredients: 200g of smoked salmon 200g of smoked cod 2 tomatoes 1 onion 12 green asparagus Extra virgin olive oil Vinegar of Modena. Salt.

Steps: Peel the tomatoes and cut up them. Put the tomatoes on a platter and add sea salt. Chop the onion very well and put it on the tomato. Over place thin pieces of smoked cod and finally thin pieces of smoked salmon. Clean the asparagus, remove the stems and cook the asparagus in a frying pan with oil. Add them in the salad dress with balsamic vinegar and virgin olive oil


Ingredients: Small watermelon balls, melon, small stars and flowers of kiwi and small portions of mandarine.

Steps: Wash all the fruits, empty the melon, cut up the fruits and put them in the melon and eat the salad.


Ingredients: Fruit: grapes, raspberry, banana, orange, strawberry, pear, apple, cherry, pineapple and kiwi.

Steps: Peel and cut up all fruit, put them in a bambu skewer and put the fruit sticks on a plate.

APPLE CAKE Ingredients: • • • • • •

A pastry sheet Tree apples One knob of butter Apricot jam Sugar Mint leaves (to decorate)

Steps: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Blend the apples for 2 minutes. Put the pastry sheet and blended apples in a mold. Decorate with some small pieces of apple and introduce it in the oven (180ª) for 60 minutes . Spread some apricot jam.


Recetas saludables desde Zaragoza

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