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GRAMÁTICA Leer el siguiente texto. “Tony is very nice. He really has got many friends. Tony’s friends are all from Stockton. They love the sea and playing volleyball in San Francisco’s Ocean Beach. Tony’s brother, Frank, is a great volleyball player. Sometimes Frank has got time to play volley with him and his friends. This is Tony’s favorite moment.”

1. A partir del texto conteste las siguientes preguntas: Question Is Tony a pleasant person? Are Tony’s friends from San Francisco? Is Tony’s brother a good sportsman? Is Ocean Beach in Stockton?


2. Complete las siguientes respuestas:  She is Med. This is her cat.  This is __Meg’s__ cat.  His name’s John and this is his room.  This is _________ room.  They are my parents. They’ve got a car.  This is my _________ car.  He is Jeff. He’s got a guitar.  This is _________ guitar.


3. Responda empleando la palabra en paréntesis:    

Is this Candy’s pencils? (Jack)  No, it isn’t. It’s ____Jack’s___pencil. Is she Tom’s wife? (Albert)  No, she isn’t. She’s______________wife. Is this your brother? (Howard)  No, he isn’t. He’s__________brother. Is that the door of the shop? (garage)  No, it isn’t. That’s the ___________________


1. Lea el siguiente texto y conteste las preguntas:

“Why have we got an empty room? That is the guest room! All the family is happy when we have a visit. Normally, the visitors are our grandparents, Olaf and Ann. The room has got a really nice view of the yard and a beautiful furniture, specially the closet. The walls are light blue and they have got pictures.”

Question Have the Browns got an empty room? Has the room got a view? Who are normally the visitors? Who are normally the visitors? What’s specially nice in the room?



2. Emplee estas siete palabras para completar el texto: Yard, floor, stair, window, second, house, rooms

The Smith’s ________________ has got six rooms. Three rooms are on the ground _______and three on the _____________. All the ________________have got a big __________________. In front of the house there’s a beautiful _______________. The door of the house has got a ______________.

3. Escriba las respuestas correspondientes: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Joe is Helen’s husband. Helen is ______Joe’s wife___________. Kate is Jane’s mother. Jane is ___________________________. Tony’s Mary’s brother. Mary is __________________________. Ben is Judy’s nephew. Judy is ___________________________. Sam’s John’s son. John is _______________________________. Robert is Joe’s uncle. Joe is _____________________________.

4. ¿En qué habitación está cada objeto? Bathroom, study, kitchen, balcony, living room, bedroom

a) Plant:


b) Computer

c) Alarm clock




d) Towels:

e) Television

f) Refrigerator




5. Rellene los espacios con la forma adecuada del verbo TO BE:       

________she a teacher? They ______old friends from school. We _______from Kansas. We’re from Boston. ________ it a cat or a dog? You _______ a very tall girl! I _______Mr. Jone. And you? She’s a teacher. _______she?

6. Ordene las letras de estas palabras: Question POMERUTC OMOR TSIRA ROOD NWIOWD FERTIRAGORER WOLFRSE

Answer Computer


7. Señale si las frases siguientes son correctas o no: Question How are you do? The house’s stairs are brown. Whose’s that computer? Have you got a pen? Yes, I have. This is Josephine, a friend of my. Is that their family? Yes, they is. John is Barry’s brother. The neighbourhood is very quiet.

Answer Incorrecta

Estimado Aprendiz: Recuerda guardar tus respuestas, y enviar el documento a tu tutora a través de “LINK DE ENVIO” que encontrarás en la carpeta de la Unidad correspondiente.


Beginner - Actividad Unidad 3  

Actividade propuestas para la Unidad 3 del nivel Beginner. Elaborado Vanessa M. Castillo y Sandra M. Villalba. SENA Regional Atlántico, Cent...

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