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Odd Integrands Odd Integrands Whenever we do the integration then after integration we get some function that function is called as Integrand. Now if we talk about Odd Integrands, it is also a type of integrand but when we integrate any function between two odd limits then the result we obtain after that will be called as Odd Integrands. If we are asked to draw graph of odd integrand then we will always have a graph in odd quadrant. It means whenever we will draw the graph of odd integrand it will be always in first and third quadrant. Now we will see an example of odd integrand. Example: Integrate the function: 3x+7 ? In an interval -1,1 Solution: It’s very simple to integrate this type of function. Know More About Equivalent Rational Numbers Worksheets

For this we must know integration. Integration will be: = 3x2/2, Now, 3x2/2 +c is called as integrand. Now if we put -1 in the first equation we will get 3/2 and we will put 1 in the equation we will get again 3/2. Now have a look on the properties of odd integrands and they are given as: Integrands can be integrated or differentiate again and again up constant. If we are using definite integral then the value of integrands is always constant. If we are using definite integral then the value of integrands can be integrated easily but when we differentiate the value, it will always be 0. Integrands can be positive or negative depending on the functions which we are integrating. We can find odd integrands for any type of function quit easily, we just need to integrate the function in odd intervals. If we take any trigonometric function and we integrate in odd intervals then we can find the graphs in all quadrants but the function will be continuous only in odd quadrant. In this way we can find the odd integrands.

Learn More About Equivalent Rational Numbers Worksheet

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Odd Integrands