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Complex Rational Numbers Complex Rational Numbers A complex number is a part of numbers system which can be expressed in the form x + yi, where x, and y are two real numbers and i is called the imaginary part. From this x is the real part and y the imaginary part of the complex number. The real part is shown by the horizontal axis and the imaginary part shown by the vertical axis. x + yi can be identified with the point (x, y). If the real part of complex number is zero then it is purely imaginary, on other hand if imaginary part of a complex number is zero then it is a real number. Complex numbers are applicable in many fields like scientific fields, engineering, electromagnetism, quantum physics, applied mathematics etc. Know More About Slope of Polar Curve Worksheet

An Italian mathematician Gerolamo Cardano is the first person who introduces the complex numbers. So that complex number is can be expressed as x + yi The value of i2 = −1. For example −4.5 + 3i, commonly we can write x for x + 0i and yi for 0 + yi. On other hand if the imaginary part is negative, then it is common to write that is x − yi with y > 0 rather than x + (−y)i, for example 5 − 7i rather then 3 + (−4)i. C represented the set of all complex numbers. z = x + yi It shows the real number x of the complex number is called the real part of z, and other number y is called the imaginary part. From this the imaginary part is a real number and not including the imaginary hence y, is not yi, and is the imaginary part. The representation of binary of complex rational numbers is not based on qubits. This is based on the distribution of four types of systems that is +1, −1, +i, −i.

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Complex Rational Numbers