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The Coordinate Plane The Coordinate Plane We define coordinate planes as a surface with the two dimensions where we are able to plot the points and locate the position for the particular point with respect to the given axes. We say that it is a plane with two scales called x – axis and y – axis, which are perpendicular to each other and thus form the right angles with each other. We must remember that axis word is the singular form and axes are the plural word for axis. When any point is marked on the plane, it is located with respect to x and y coordinates, which are measured starting from th point of intersection of the two lines called origin. T he coordinates of origin are (0, 0 ) and it is the starting point of the measurement of both the axes. The labeling of the axes is done in the form of the scale, where each mark represents the number and are marked at equal distance. x- Axis is the scale which is placed horizontally on the plane Its marking starts with zero at the origin and as we move towards right direction the numbers increase by 1 unit and as we move towards left of origin , the number reduce by 1 unit.

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So we conclude that on the left of zero, we have negative numbers and on the right of the origin we have positive numbers. Now we look at the y- axis, as we move upward, it has positive numbers and as we move down from origin , it has negative numbers. All the measurements of the distances are done from the origin. Thus we say that the origin is the middle point on the Cartesian scale and it helps us to locate any point on the coordinate. Now if we look at the coordinate plane, we observe that the coordinate have two axes which are placed perpendicular to each other and intersect at the origin. These intersecting lines divide the coordinate plane in 4 quadrants. These quadrants are represented by the roman numerals I, II, III and IV. Any point on the plane can be located only if we know the location of the point with respect to x and y axis. We call this pair of points representing the location as ordered pairs. Thus the equations formed by the combination of x and y axis can be plotted on the coordinate plane. We call these types of equations as linear equations with two variables. We can work on the two variable equations and get the solution of the equations by working on the coordinate plane. Coordinate plane is also called as Cartesian plane. If we have two different equations in the linear form of two variables, and we need to find the solution to the pair of equations, the simplest method to find the solution for such pair of equations is to plot the equations on the Cartesian plane and then locate the point of intersection of the two equations. This point of intersection will represent the solution for the pair of equations. In case we observe the lines do not intersect, we conclude that the pair of equations do not have any solution.

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It must be noted that the value which a domain contains is usually the independent value and the value which range contains is the value corresponding to the dependent value. The coordinate plane is a two-dimensional surface on which lines, points and curves are plotted with the help of ordered pair. Origin is the point where 0 is placed and 0 is equidistant from both horizontal and vertical axis. Two axes divide the plane into four quadrants. As we know that coordinate plane is made with the help of convection, so convection are also helpful in defining the quadrants, the first quadrant is at the top right side of the plane and rest are counted in anti-clockwise format. This is all about coordinate planes.

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The Coordinate Plane  

We say that it is a plane with two scales called x – axis and y – axis, which are perpendicular to each other and thus form the right angles...