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Slope of Line Slope of Line In geometry the meaning of line is the straight line without any curve and in line there is minimum two points are there and also no thickness in line and if we join two points in a straight way are called line and line should be extended in both the direction up to infinity. Now in geometry the meaning of slope of line is the inclination of line to the horizontal is called slope of line. There are various forms of equation of line like slope intercept form, point slope form etc but here we studying about the standard form of equation of straight line so the equation of straight line is Ux + Vy = W Where x and y are the variables and also called as x intercept and y intercept and U, V and W are constants in which U and V never equal to 0 if this happens then this is not a equation of line.

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Now what is Slope of a line the meaning of this is when any line making an angle with horizontal the that line has some slope means some inclination are called slope. The formula of slope of straight line is m = (y1 – y2) / (x1 – x2) Where m = slope of line. x and y are coordinates. Now there are two types of slopes negative slope and positive slope. Positive slope means that if we are moving from left direction to right then line moves in upward is called positive slope and negative slope means that when we move from left to right direction then line goes downwards direction are called negative slope. So numerically we can say that slope of line is the ratio of change in y coordinate to the change in x coordinate so Slope = (change in y) / (change in x). Let’s take the example to find the slope of a line so that we can understand the meaning of slope properly. Now suppose that we have two coordinates (-3, 6) and (7, -8) and we have to find the slope So in very first step we are going to label all the coordinates then, X1 = -3, x2 = 7, y1 = 6 and y2 = 8

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Now in second step we are going to put all the values in formula and simplify the equation and we get the result. So, slope = (change in y) / (change in x) m = (y1 – y2) / (x1 – x2) m = (6 - 8) / (-3 - 7) m = -2 / -10 m = 1/5 So this is the slope of given coordinates and the slope of line is also known as gradient. Now suppose that we have an equation 5x + 3y = 6 Now when x = 0 then value of y = 2 When x = 1 then value of y = 1/3 And when x = 2 then value of y = -4/3 So we have three coordinate (0, 2), (1, 1/3) and (2. -4/3) and when plotted on graph we get straight line.

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Slope of Line  

Where x and y are the variables and also called as x intercept and y intercept and U, V and W are constants in which U and V never equal to...

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