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Sectors Of A Circle Sectors Of A Circle In mathematics circle is the different shape that we saw in geometry and meaning of circle is the distance from centre of circle is same to all the points around the central part and when we join them we found circle and meaning of sector of circle is that the some part of a circle. Now the meaning of sector of circle is given below So sector of a circle which is enclosed by two radius of circle and an arc of circle is called sector of circle and sector of circle is also called circular sector. Now the smaller area is called minor sector and large area is called major sector. Now if we want to find the area of sector of circle then we have to multiply the area of circle to the ratio of angle formed by two radii and 2π So area of sector of circle A = (πr2) (θ/2π) Where, pi (π) = 22/7 θ = angle formed by radii of circle

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So, A = r2θ/2 By this formula we are going to find out the value of area of sectors. Now we are going to discuss how to find the perimeter of sector of circle so to find perimeter we are going to add the length of arc and twice of radius and the formula is P = L + 2r P = θr + 2r P = r (θ + 2). Where θ is in radian and θ is the angle formed by two radii of circle. Now we are going to study the meaning of segment of circle. A chord of circle divides the circle in two parts and are called segment of circle. Now the larger area is called major segment of circle and less area is called minor segment of circle. Now to understand the sector of circle we take some examples. Example 1: Find out the area of sector of circle whose central angle is 600 and radius of circle is 4 m. Now in example 1 600 is equal to π/3 radian so now apply the formula of area or sector of circle A = r2θ/2 A = (42) (π/3)/2

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A = 8(π/3) m2 Example 2: - let’s take another example so radius of sector of circle is 100 m and area is 10000 m2 now find out the central circle of sector. Now the first thing is that we have to rewrite the formula so that θ is only at one side of circle. Therefore we get Now apply the formula A = r2θ/2 Then, θ = 2A/r2 θ = 2 (10000)/ (1002) θ = 2 radian. So the meaning of sector of circle is very easy to understand and by seeing the example given above u will help to find out the sector of circle and in this the angle formed by two radii are represent by θ (theta) and also called central angle and to form the sector of circle, two radii touches the circle at two different points is also included in sector of circle.

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Sectors Of A Circle