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Rational Expression Application word problems Rational Expression Application word problems The rational expression is an expression which is expressed in from of two integers. The rational expression is rational because one integer is divided by the second one. This is the definition of rational number where denominator is nonzero real number. If m and n are two integer then it can be written as fraction m/n and n is not equal to zero. There are many types of expression which are performed on the basis of rational expression and these are basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There is a property of rational expressions, when we perform any arithmetic operations on the two rational expressions then the result of those rational expressions always gives another rational expression. Let us suppose that A = p/q and B = r/s be two rational expressions, where p, q, r, and s are the integers. Now the product of these two rational expression that is AB = pr / qs and the division of these rational expression is A / B = ps / qr. When we are doing addition and subtraction of rational expressions, then it is compulsory to factor the denominator of each and every rational expression.

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We add or subtract one in fractions and calculate the least common multiple in the denominators, then rewriting each and every fraction in that denominator and lastly we adding the numerators. On other hand when we multiply and divide two rational expressions then it is necessary to factor the numerator of the rational expression and also denominator of that rational expression. Rational expressions word problems utilize this concept. In a cancer research lab, you are observing the growth of cancer cells in two specimens, A & B. Specimen A presently has 2160 cells and specimen B has 1200 cells. After recording data for several days, you later determine that the number of cells in specimen A, N(A), is growing ny the formula: N(A) = 24t^2 + 588t + 2160 where t is the number of days the specimen is in the test environment. Likewise, the data for specimen B indicates that its number of cells, N(B), is N(B) = 36t^2 + 780t + 1200 a. Write a rational expression and simplify the ratio of N(A) to N(B). Show any intermediate steps. b. On which day did the number of cancer cells in specimen B overtake that of specimen A? c. How many cancer cells had developed in specimen B as of the day you calculated in (b)? Show your calculation and write this number using scientific notation. Solving word problems with Rational Expressions is not a very difficult task we can solve them easily, we need to have the knowledge of rational number and rational expressions.

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We are acquainted with the fact that Rational Numbers are the numbers which can be symbolized in the form of x/y , where x and y are real numbers , and y can’t be zero. And if we talk about rational expression, the polynomial is the form of p/q + s/r is called as rational expression where p, q, r, s are real numbers and q and r can’t be zero. Rational number world problems have a wide application in the field of mathematics, as we can solve our day –today problems with the help of rational numbers. For example if in a family there are five members and we need to distribute the an apple among all the family members, and we also want that every person in the family will get equal amount of apple, so if we are having the knowledge of rational number world problem we can easily solve this type of problem.

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Rational Expression Application word problems  

When we are doing addition and subtraction of rational expressions, then it is compulsory to factor the denominator of each and every ration...

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