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Stationary point on the graph is the point where the gradient of the function is zero. At maximum points the gradient of the function is positive just before the maxima and at minimum points the gradient is negative, zero and then rise to position. The derivative of any function tells you that how the output of the function changes, as you make change in the input. In geometrical language, we define differentiation as if, we draw the graph of the function then, the point on the slop of tangent line is the derivative. According to the definition of differentiation, we can say that it is a process of finding derivatives. The opposite of differentiation, is called Integration. If we take the a general example, let 'x' is any distance and 't' is the time than, differentiation of 'x' with respect to 't' will gives velocity. How to proof of the derivative of a constant? Before going to study of the derivative of a constant, we should know about the derivative. Derivative of a function can be find out very easily the important thing that we must have is knowledge about the derivative. Derivatives have wide application in mathematics, as we can use them in trigonometry, calculus and algebra. With the help of derivative we can derive many equations which are useful in mathematics. If you are asked to find out the derivative of a constant, then the answer of this question is 0. The reason for this is that, if we have to find derivative with respect to x then any variable that not containing x is a constant for that. That is why the derivative of a constant is 0. Read  More About Rounding Fractions

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Explain Differentiation  
Explain Differentiation  

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