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Can Irrational Numbers Be Negative Can Irrational Numbers Be Negative The best way of understanding that negative of an irrational number is an irrational number or can Irrational Numbers be negative is mention below. Friends first we discuss about irrational number:- irrational number are number that can be represented by a fraction. Means they don’t have terminating or repeating decimal. Example of irrational number is Pi (3.14) Friends let us discuss about the topic of a irrational number can be negative: we can say that a negative irrational number definitely is irrational number. Let us take a simple example to prove that negative of an irrational number is an irrational. Suppose Y is an irrational number but –y is rational number that means –y= p/q for some integer p and q . That’s a contradiction because y=-(-y) =? Irrational number cannot be obtained be dividing one integer by another. So -1/3=-0.333 is not a irrational because it is obtained by the ratio of two integer. 1 and 3.

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Irrational number can’t have a finite decimal expression the numbers we wrote are actually -1428479/10000000 irrational number like I said can’t have a finite or even periodic decimal expression. Negative has nothing to do with the property of being rational or not. A negative number might be rational or irrational. Rational numbers are once that can be written as fractions such as 1/5. the number -1/5 is also rational. Once that cannot be written as fractions are irrational such as the square root of 2, but the negative square root of two is also irrational. Negative irrational number such as negative pi, negative square root of 2 . But some negative irrational number that are rational include -2, -13, -8, -4/7,-241/39, 5/0 etc. This is all for today.In above articles we discuss about that can irrational numbers be negative number. Q 1. Find the positive and negative rational numbers. 1, -2/3, 8/9, 18/19, -7/3, -7/8, 45, -16/13, 45/96, -78/93? Solution: Positive rational numbers: 1, 8/9, 18/19, 45, 45/96 Negative rational number: -2/3, -7/3, -7/8, -16/13, -78/93. Q 2. Find the positive and negative rational numbers. 21, -12/31, 58/9, 181/194, -17/37, -17/8, 445, -168/113, 145/96, -278/93, -96/78, 72/45? Solution: Positive rational numbers: 21, 58/9, 181/194, 445, 145/96, 72/45 Negative rational number: -12/31, -17/37, -17/8, -168/113, -278/93, -96/78. From the above discussion, we surely get the answer of the question that can a rational number be negative?

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1. All the rational numbers are subset of real numbers or we can say all rational numbers lie in real line. 2. Countless rational numbers lie between two rational numbers. 3. There can be infinite numbers of rational numbers between two integers. 4. Any integer can be represented as rational number. 5. Rational numbers are countable numbers as we can easily count them. Rational numbers are very densely populated as I mentioned above that there can be infinite rational number between two integers. We can also find many rational numbers between two numbers. We can perform many Operations on Rational Numbers like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

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Can Irrational Numbers Be Negative