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Kochi July 2009

This Onam shopping will be a different one Aerens Gold Souk Group has plans to launch 24 more Gold Souks in 10 states within the coming 4 years. In addition to Kochi the Group is targeting Kozhikode, Thrissur, Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram in kerala. As of now Aerens have Gold Souks in Delhi, Gurgaon, Ludhiana and Jaipur. Chennai property will be ready by next year. The construction work of another souk has been started in Indore.

Surender Gupta pointed out that despite the economic slowdown his company had left no stone unturned in delivering the mall on time. With a grand shopping festival lined up to benefit the Onam, Eid and Christmas shoppers, Gold Souk Grande presented their plans to ensure year round promotions and festivals. At the function Gold Souk presented mementos to all retailers in the shape of keys signifying handover of possession. Ashish Gupta ,Vice Chairman & Joint Managing >> Turn to page 4

Surendar Gupta, Chairman,Aerens Gol Souk Group (right) and Ashish Gupta, Vice Chairman









R.N.I. Registration No. 62545/94

Gold Souk Grande getting ready Gurgaon-based Aerens Gold Souk Group is all set to launch it’s large format mall, Gold Souk Grande at Vyttila, Kochi city by this festive season starting August. Speaking at the preview function held at the Gold Souk Grande, Chairman of Aerens Gold Souk Group,


Vitamin D: the best Snap shots protection against First dinosaur cancer blood ‘extracted Taking supplements of from ancient bone’ vitamin D could reduce the incidence of breast cancer by a quarter and bowel cancer by a third, say scientists. What’s more, the vitamin, sometimes called “bottled

Palaeontologists have extracted the “first dinosaur blood” from its bone, a finding they claim could resolve doubts about a previous sunshine”, should be offered report that also claimed to to the population as part of a have extracted dino tissue public health drive, the boffins from fossils. suggested. To reach the A team at North Carolina conclusion, researchers State University extracted a reviewed 2,750 research mix of proteins and microstudies involving vitamin D structures, resembling cells which show that taking daily from a plant-eating supplements of the vitamin hadrosaur’s bone, which has could do more for cancer been buried for 80 million prevention than a library full of lifestyle advice, reports The years, the ‘New Scientist’ reported. Independent.

Business Digest

July 2009

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Climate change can triggers wars, warns expert Climate change-induced damage to global ecosystems and resulting competition for natural resources may trigger wars and conflicts in the future, an expert has warned. Jurgen Scheffran, a scientist at the University of Illinois, reviewing recently published research, concluded that ‘the impact of climate change on human and global security could extend far beyond the limited scope the world has seen thus far.’Scheffran is working with the Program in Arms Control, Disarmament and International Security and the Center for Advanced BioEnergy Research at the university.’The associated socio-economic and political stress can undermine the functioning of communities, the effectiveness of institutions, and the stability of societal structures. These degraded conditions could contribute to civil strife, and, worse, armed conflict,’ he wrote.In fact, ‘large areas of Africa are suffering from scarcity of food and fresh water resources, making them more vulnerable to

conflict. An example is Sudan’s Darfur province where an ongoing conflict was aggravated since droughts forced Arab herders to move into areas of African farmers.’ Other regions of the world including the Middle East, Central Asia and South America - also are being

affected, he said.Scheffran’s review included a critical analysis of four trends identified in a report by the German Advisory Council on Global Change as among those most possibly destabilising populations and governments.They include degradation of freshwater resources, food insecurity,

GM India operations insulated from US developments

natural disasters and environmental migration.In his analysis, Scheffran noted that the number of world regions vulnerable to drought

was expected to rise. Water supplies stored in glaciers and snow cover in major mountain ranges such as the Andes and Himalayas also

are expected to decrease, he said.’Most critical for human survival are water and food, which are sensitive to changing climatic conditions,’ Scheffran said.The degradation of these critical resources, combined with threats to populations caused by natural disasters, disease and crumbling economic and ecosystems, he said, could ultimately have ‘cascading effects’. ‘Although climate change bears a significant conflict potential, it can also transform the international system toward more cooperation if it is seen as a common threat that requires joint action,’ he said.One of the more hopeful, recent signs on that front, he said, was the 2007 Bali climate summit that brought together more than 10,000 representatives from around the world to draft a climate >> Turn to page 5

Coir Board to ensure larger participation of foreign buyers at the IICF-2009: Vijayaraghavan

The Coir Board has decided to chalk out detailed plans for the conduct of the India India growth plans on track and business as usual International Coir Fair-2009, which was coinciding with the golden jubilee of the Central Chevrolet Cruze from our GM India has announced that and customer support Coir Research Institute, in services will remain unafmother plant in Halol and an it continues all its normal order to earn better visibility all new Chevrolet mini car operations and is not included fected and continue to to coir products in the global function as normal. Its from our new state of the art in the court reinvention market in the context of the country-wide dealership plant at Talegaon,” said Karl process of GM’s US operaInternational Year of Natural network and service centres Slym, President and tions. Fibre. Managing Director, General GM announced a U.S. Court will continue to do business A meeting of the representaMotors India. filing of the automaker under as usual and customers can visit their local dealer for “We will remain aggressive in tives of the Coir Exporters Chapter 11 of the United all areas of our business and with the Board officials, States Bankruptcy Code. The service and warranty convened to discuss issues continue to introduce new launch of New GM, which will coverage, while dealers will receive new vehicles and and exciting products that are related to exports, held the have substantially less debt view that larger participation spare parts as usual. best in class, in order to and operating cost, is of foreign buyers, buying “We are committed to contribute to our own longexpected to be completed ensuring that our customers term viability and the bottom- houses and buying agents within two or three months, had to be ensured to make continue to receive a topline of our company as a and is aimed at creating a notch sales, service, spare whole. Our product programs the IICF-2009 a grand company that is stronger, parts and warranty coverage and other plans for the future success.Speaking on the leaner and ready to move occasion, Board Chairman V experience. Our dealers will remain on track. forward. “In its 14 years of established S Vijayaraghavan, former MP, “We believe this step – which also continue to receive all operations in this country, GM hoped that the Coir Exporters was taken with the support of our carlines, while our Federation would play a the U.S. government – is the suppliers will continue to work India has invested over leading role in enhancing the with us to supply parts and Rs.5000 crore to create a most efficient and effective growth of the coir industry in components for our cars, manufacturing capacity of means for GM to quickly which we will continue to 225,000 vehicles per annum. all its dimensions and achieve a competitive and assured the Board’s full build at our state-of-the-art We are deeply committed to profitable future. ,” said Mr. support in taking timely action Talegaon and Halol facilities, this market, our customers, Nick Reilly, GM Group Vice to redress the problems of in the normal course of suppliers, dealers and all President and President of exporters. other stakeholders to GM Asia Pacific in Shanghai. business. We have no He also thanked the intention to modify our continue our rapid story of GM India operations are not exporters for their collective product, brand or other successful growth in India. included in the US filing for Chapter 11. Consequently, all business plans including new Over 4000 people are directly efforts in surpassing the product launches, the all new GM India dealers, warranty >> Turn to page 5 export target for 2008-09 both

in terms of quantity and value in spite of tremendous odds and conspicuous impediments. India’s coir exports during 2008-09 had touched 194791.08 tonnes valued at Rs.634.17 crore, achieving 106% of the Rs.600 crore

of exporters with Board officials also received attention at the meeting held on Monday. It was decided to hold the next executive committee meeting of the Board at Bangalore on May 26. The meeting also considered the suggestion to revamp the Coir Board showrooms and sales depots throughout the country in tune with the growing expectations of all sections, especially the upper strata of the society, so as to remain competitive in the domestic market. A six member committee headed by Board Vice Chairman Hajee Abdul Gafoor was also constituted V S Vijayaraghavan to submit suggestions in this target fixed for the year as regard. against 187566.72 tonnes Over 30 Coir Board show valued at Rs.592.88 crore rooms spread over the earned during the previous country had achieved a sales year. turnover of Rs.11.19 crore, The need to obtain timely accounting for 86.10 per cent governmental sanction to of the Rs.13 crore target fixed participate in overseas fairs to for the year 2008-09, as achieve greater mileage in against Rs.10.30 crores the export market, setting up achieved during the previous of a container freight station year. The current year’s sales at Pollalchi, Tamil Nadu, in target had been fixed at Rs view of its growing contribu15 crore, Vijayaraghavan tion to exports and increasing said. the frequency of the meeting

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July 2009

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Business Digest

July 2009

The hopeless BJP

The CPM rout

- AM -

Business News Service CPM's wrong decision to support the earlier Congress Government and its anti-BJP propaganda cost dearly for the party in the Lok Sabha elections. Congress being the main opponent of the CPM in its strongholds of Kerala, West Bengal and Thripura, it was not a wise decision for the party to support the Manmohan Government after the 2004 Lok Sabha elections. More than a supporter, CPM was the architect of the earlier UPA Government. It was all under the 'anti-communal' platform. Eventhough the CPM withdrew support to the Manmohan Singh Government over the nuke deal, the party has lost political credibility. CPM was all along for the 3rd front, a combination of left parties and some regional parties against both Congress and BJP. By supporting Congress Government left has diluted its proclaimed stand and

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when they again came forward with the 3rd front, people rejected it. Left continued the tirade against BJP as the number one enemy of the country. The result was obvious-party sympathisers, who want to avoid BJP, voted for Congress. Left lured the earlier allies of BJP in Tamilnadu, Andhra and Orissa weakening the BJP-led NDA set-up. That development also helped Congress win. Groupism in the party in Kerala and West Bengal did harm for CPM. The squabble among the LDF constituents was also a negative factor. In Bengal some good work done by the Buddhadab Government for the development of the state and employment generation worked against it. Violent incidents and police firing while facilitating the land acquisition in Nandigram created problem for the Government. Mamata Banerji and Congress capitalised the situation cleverly. Since

Muslims were the main victim of the police atrocities, Mamata succeeded in mobilising entire Muslim Community of the state against CPM. The CPM, which has been cultivating the Muslim Community all these years, even giving voting right to the infiltrators from Bangladesh 'rewarded' 'appropriately. The minorities ensured the defeat of the champion of the minorities in Kerala as well. Sonia factor and self finance college issue consolidated the Christian votes towards Congress. Projecting the LDF-PDP alliance with the support of the media, UDF enlisted the support of every communal elements against LDF. BJP and RSS also voted for UDF in some constituencies. The political violence followed by CPM was the main reason for this. The campaign of muslim organisations against Shashi Tharoor in Thiruvananthapuram and

brands was a true strength of the development and this would attract shoppers from nearby cities and hordes of NRIs. Babu John of Sky Jewellery, Dubai said that there is no one in the world who has not heard about Dubai Gold Souk and this concept has played a vital role in making Dubai as city of gold for the whole world to shop for best gold jewellery. It gives lot of dreams and expectations for this to make Cochin as the hub of gold trade in South India. Spread across 5 lakh square feet of premium space, Gold Souk Grande will bring over

200 regional, national and international brands under one roof, says, Ashish Gupta.. Anchored by Gold Souk Zone, India’s first specialty jewellery mall, Gold Souk Grande will delight customers with its unmatched collections, unlimited avenues for entertainment and exotic cuisines. Gold Souk Grande has been exclusively zoned to provide a state-of-the-art shopping experience to Kochites, shoppers from neighboring cities and the large NRI population that frequents the region. In fact, the entire mall has been designed keeping

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The poll verdict was not on the expected lines - political pundits and media were predicting a hung parliament. Congress win has surprassed even the calculation of that party. The credit for the Congress win goes to the BJP leadership. Lack of planning, inability to enlist the support of media and inept election management proved costly for the BJP. BJP lacked a charismatic campaigner like Vajpayee and a strategist like late Pramod Mahajan. Arun Jately was good in planning but the politically bankrupt party president Rajnath Singh has succeeded in sidelining him at the beginning of the election process. Jaitely also has to be blamed as he shared his differences with the president with the media. The 'Weak Prime Minister' campaign against Dr. Manmohan Singh was also not right. This negative campaign helped the consolidation of the Sikh votes towards Congress. When Congress retaliated the

'Weak Prime Minister' campaign by projecting Kandahar incident and Parliament attack at the time of Advani's Home Ministership, BJP was in defensive. Congress succeeded in enlisting the support of national as well as regional media and the media helped them a lot to project only the follies of BJP leadership. In this election money power also played a crucial role. Congress spent money like anything to win over the power broakers and the voters. Manmohan Government's agricultural debt waiver scheme also helped them in the elections. Here also money was a major factor-public money has been spent among vote banks. Eventhough Vajpayee Government has done a lot to strengthen the economy, that Government failed to chart a major project for the poor. The problem of BJP was they were saying nothing about the poor people. Congress, eventhough, doing anything for the poor, says lot about

them. An impression has created that BJP is a party of the rich and the rich were reluctant in coming to vote on the election day. The polling percentage in metros like Delhi, Bombay and Hindi heartland were only 35-45%. The divided, brain-less BJP has failed miserably to capitalise the price rise, terrorism denigration of democratic insitutions like election commission and CBI, appeasement policies of the Congress Government etc. Only Karnataka unit of the party was successful in managing the election campaign. Another drawback of the BJP was that the central leadership has no grip over the state units and the state Governments ruled by the party. In Rajasthan the central leadership did nothing when Ms. Vasundhara Raje Scindia mishandled the Gujjar agetitation- the result, BJP has been washed out from the state. In Kerala BJP was acting like

customer comfort in mind. Today’s average customer has less time on his hands and wants to multi task while on the move. He wants to make his daily purchases, grab a bite and even catch a movie if time permits. To do all this he needs a place that offers all under one roof – hypermarket, food court, anchor stores and of course a multiplex. It is this philosophy of comfort that is reflected at Gold Souk Grande and coupled with its location at Vytilla, its little surprise why retailers are in such a hurry to start operations.

Gold Souk Billed as India’s most revolutionary specialty retail concept, Gold Souk will be the anchor and premier attraction at Gold Souk Grande, Kochi. Featuring a grand collection of renowned national and international jewelers and luxury brands, Gold Souk will delight customers with its unmatched variety ranging from KundanPolki from Rajasthan to Fillgiree from Calcutta to Jadau diamond work from Mumbai. The presence of Gold Souk will make Gold Souk Grande a true destination mall attracting customers from a radius of over 200 kms. Jewellers like Bhima, Alapatt, Josco, Malabar Gold, Kalyan, VNM among other 50 top jewelers have entrusted their confidence in the project and will be exhibiting best of their collections through their boutique at Gold Souk at Vytilla.

Hypermarket Stocking anything and everything, the hypermarket zone will add a whole new world of convenience to everyday shopping. With its massive display of products the hypermarket will turn everyday chores into everyday pleasures. Food Court & Multiplex From local coastal cuisine to ubiquitous ice cream parlours, and fast food joints the food court at Gold Souk Grande Kochi will wow visitors with its fabulous variety of cuisines. With its unlimited choice of eateries, it isn’t hard to guess where customers will head to after all that shopping. And with the latest blockbusters on show, who will be able to resist the biggest movie experience in town? KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) will be opening their first outlet in Kochi with the Souk. Others to offer are brands like Chic-Inn, Food Court chain from Dubai and many other fine dining restaurants. Major Anchors at Gold Souk Grande, Kochi are Pantaloons, Parthas & Seemas for lifestyle retail category; Spencers for hypermarket; E-Zone for white goods; Fun Cinemas for Multiplex and Dubai based Chain for food court and over 200 regional, national and international retailers.

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Director Aerens Gold Souk International Ltd.,P.V.Jose, Chief Patron ,Jewellery Manufacturers Association, James Jose, District President , All Kerala Gold & Silver Merchant Association,.Shivaram-,Vice President of,World Gold Council,T.O.Suraj IAS , Director Industries & Commerce, Govt: of Kerala M. Venugopalan, MD & CEO, Federal Bank, and V.I. Mathew, Dy. General Manager, Union Bank of India also spoke on the occasion. Speaking about the ‘shopping wonder’, K.L Rajendran of Parthas said that Gold Souk Grande is a big boon not only for Kochi but also for the whole of Kerala as customers would for the first time be exposed to an international shopping experience. Bindu Madhav of Bhima Jewellers who was extremely pleased with the progress of the development said that he is eager to start their operations at Gold Souk Grande at the earliest. . Babu of leading jewellery house Alapatt felt that the combination of jewellery alongside retail, hospitality and entertainment would provide the right brand mix and he was confident that Kochites would take to the mall in a big way. Head of Kalyan Jewellers, Kalyana Raman felt that having an optimal balance of local, national and international

Brand & Vanilla Anchor Stores Brand and anchor zone will be a one stop shop for the most sought-after brands in the world. With exclusive stores for lifestyle products, accessories, electronics, footwear, cosmetics and what have you, this zone will fulfill Kochi’s love for the finer things in life and usher in a whole new world of convenience.

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July 2009

Federal Bank net profit up 36 % Federal Bank has achieved a net Profit Rs. 114.17 Crore for the 4th quarter, up by 11 % y-o-y over the Net Profit of Rs. 102.86 Crores for the fourth quarter of last year. The Net Profit of the Bank for the financial year ended March 2009 was Rs. 500.49 Crores, up by 35.98 % over the figure of Rs. 368.05 Crores clocked during the corresponding period of the previous year. Managing Director & CEO M. Venugopalan at a press conference in Kochi said that the total income for the fiscal ended 31.3.2009 increased from Rs. 2910.16 Crores to Rs. 3831.15 Crores, showing an increase of 31.65 %. Total business of the Bank increased to 54590 Crores. The Bank has been able to show a strong growth in profitability and an impressive growth in Net Interest Income during the report period. The Net Interest Margin of the Bank for the fiscal ended March 2009 is at 4.28 % as against 3.49 % in March 2008. The Bank’s balance sheet got further strengthened during the 12 months ended March 2009, with good improvement in profitability ratios. The Net NPA, Return on Average Assets and Capital Adequacy Ratio were at 0.30 %, 1.48 % and 20.14 % respectively as on 31.03.2009, compared to 0.23 %, 1.34 % and 22.46 % as on 31.03.2008. For the twelve months ended 31.03.2009, the Bank earned a total income of Rs. 3831.15 Crores, registering a growth of 31.65 %, as against Rs. 2910.16 Crores for the From page 2

employed by GM India at our manufacturing plants in Halol and Talegaon, our Engineering, R&D and Design Centre in Bangalore and our corporate office in Gurgaon. We are not going anywhere and we are here to stay for the long term,” added Slym. It may be recalled that GM India has already announced the launch of three brand-new cars for this year. Of these, it has launched Chevrolet From page 2

plan.In addition to global cooperation, Scheffran believes that those occupying the earth now can learn a lot about the future by studying the past.’The great human civilisations began to flourish after the last ice age, and

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North Malabar Gramin Bank achieves excellent growth

North Malabar Gramin Bank has registered excellent corresponding period in the Remittance / Distribution growth in almost all paramprevious fiscal. For the three business, Cash Management eters during the financial year months ended March 2009, / Depository business, 2008-'09. the total income increased to recovery of written off loan NMGB, a scheduled bank Rs. 1016.28 Crores from Rs. accounts, etc. For the 3 owned by Government with 841.79 Crores as on March months ended March 2009, operational area in Kannur, 2008, the growth being 20.73 the y-o-y growth in Noninterest income was 20.82 %. Kasaragod, Wayanad, Ernakulam, Kottayam Total business of the Bank Alappuzha and Kollam reached Rs. 54590 crore, showing an increase of 21.80 districts with head office at Kannur and having 176 % from the corresponding period of the previous fiscal. branches and two extension counters (11 branches Total deposits increased by opened in 2008-09), has 24.25 % from Rs. 25913.36 achieved a total business of Crores as on 31.03.2008 to Rs. 32198.19 Crores by end Rs. 3357 crore from Rs.2791 of March 2009. crore as on 31.03.08, Net Advances went up by showing a growth rate of 18.45 % to Rs. 22391.88 Cr 20.28%. Deposits of the Bank M. Venugopalan as on 31st March 2009 from grew at a rate of 25.22% from %. The impressive growth in Rs. 18904.66 Cr as on 31st Rs.1386 crores to Rs.1735 March 2008. The growth was crores. Core deposits of the total income was aided by driven by retail, SME and growth in income from Bank grew at 36% from corporate advances. The advances, income from Rs.1115 crores to Rs.1514 investments and non-interest retail advances of the Bank crores and NRE deposits income. Operating expenses grew by 27.8 % on y-o-y grew at 18.42% from 90 basis and reached Rs. 7165 were maintained at a crores to 107 crores. Bank's Cr forming nearly 31 % of the comfortable level, which advances grew at a rate of helped the Bank to register a total advances. The advance 14.33% from Rs.1419 crores to priority sector was at Rs. strong growth in Operating st 8958.18 Cr as on 31 March to Rs.1622 crores, inspite of Profit. having Rs.203 crores written 2009, the share of priority For the fiscal ended sector lending being 47.38 % off under Agricultural Debt 31.03.2009, Interest Income Waiver & Debt Relief Scheme of Net Bank Credit. Lending from advances and investof Govt. of India. to Agriculture sector was at ments grew by 40.33 % and Sri Rama Prakash, Chairman 12.62 % respectively, on a y- Rs. 2626.95 Cr as on of the NMGB in a press o-y basis supported by strong 31.03.2009. release said that the bank asset growth. The Net Interest Income (net of could surpass the loan From page 4 interest earned less interest disbursement target of expenses) for the fiscal a constituent of Congress-led Rs.1300 crores and achieved showed a growth of 51.55 % UDF. The state leaders have Rs.1321 crores during the over the previous fiscal. On a been working hard to prepare year out of which Rs.628 quarterly basis, the Net the rank and file to vote for crores was under agricultural Interest Income increased by UDF by whipping up antisector. Bank's outstanding 17.54 % y-o-y as at March CPM phobia. While BJP was advances under priority 2009. The non-interest fighting to come back in Delhi sector was 85% with Rs.1379 income, during the twelve here the BJP leaders were crores, and loans to weaker months period could report a hobnobing with Congress, sections was Rs.715 crores growth of 30.67 % to Rs. Muslim League and Kerala (44%). Outstanding advances 515.77 Crore, supported by Congress. Instead of under housing loan was fee & commission income, correcting the stae BJP unit, Rs.252 crores under 15342 central leaders like Venkaiah accounts, educational loan Naidu were encouraging the was Rs.45 crores under 4735 Kerala leaders to persue the Captiva Automatic+ in accounts and for self help wrong policies. Revival of January and its second BJP in Kerala can be possible groups was Rs.20.57 crores offering of the year, the (5771 SHGs credit linked.) only if it can get rid of its premium luxury Chevrolet Operating profit of the Bank State President, General Cruze sedan, will reach Secretaries former presidents has shown a decline from dealerships within the next Rs.15 crores to Rs.10.80 and other selfish, corrupt, few months. An all-new, crores and net profit for the criminal elements. Antisegment-leading mini-car will Marxist stand will not help to year is Rs.4.20 crores. This also hit Indian roads towards reach the party no where in decline was due to potential the end of this year. In income lost on account of the state. The party has to addition, the company will stand firmly for the welfare of From page 4 also be launching LPG and its vote bank and to fight for CNG options in its current Prof. K.V. Thomas in the overall wellbeing of the product line-up in the coming poor, oppressed and the Ernakulam also went against months. LDF. In Thiruvananthapuram common men. Hindu votes of LDF and BJP has gone over to Congress. some disappeared due to consequences were quite In Ernakulam Christian droughts and other adverse severe in parts of Europe, consolidation was very shifts in the climate.’The soassociated with loss of strong. called ‘Little Ice Age’ in the harvest and population CPI and the groupism in CPM northern hemisphere a few decline,’ Scheffran said. played a major rle in the hundred years ago was ‘Riots and military conflicts election result of the state. caused by an average drop in became more likely, as a CPI's campaign against the temperature of less than a recent empirical study has PDP and the fight over the degree Celsius.’The suggested.’ Ponnani seat was unprec-

Rs.203 crores agricultural loans written off under Central Government's debt waiver scheme and also on account of amount disallowed by the government under debt relieft scheme and absored by the Bank. Establishment cost of the Bank also increased

Bank's unique health insurance policy "NMGB Arogyam". Inorder to widen clientele base, Bank had launched a campaign of opening 100 SB accounts per month per branch and opened 114920 new SB accounts during 2008-09. NRI deposit mobilization campaign was undertaken from 17.01.09 to 31.03.09 and mobilized Rs.21 crores under 1298 new accounts. 120 branches have organised Farmers' Clubs in association with NABARD and with an aim "Development through Bank Credit". These Farmers' Club are functioning very well and are mutually beneficial Sri Rama Prakash for farmers and the Bank. 'Hill considerably on account of Top Farmers' Club' organised recruitment of 71 officers and by Bank's Kudiyanmala 96 clerks into service. Gross branch was adjudged as the NPA of the Bank is 45.91 Third best club in the state by crores (2.81% of gross NABARD. advances) and Net NPA is Debt swapping (freeing the only 1.85% with Rs.29.79 people from indebtedness to crores. Instructions from local money lenders) is competent authorities for undertaken by each branch of restructuring of eligible the Bank and at least one advances was received late ward of the Panchayat where during last week of March the Bank branch is situated is and Bank did not have time to specifically covered under the undertake the exercise of programme. Bank has restructuring. NPA would disbursed Rs.10.61 crores to have been substantially 5265 beneficiaries under this reduced if restructuring had programme. Bank has been completed. entered into an MoU with LIC North Malabar Gramin Bank of India to sell life insurance has a clientele base of 16.5 policies as corporate agent. lakhs (13 lakh depositors and By this Bank is aiming to 3.5 lakh borrowers) and 1146 substantially increase its nonemployees. Per branch interest income. productivity has increased Sri Rama Prakash said that from Rs.17 crores to the Bank has commenced Rs.19.97 crores and per work for core banking to employee productivity cover atleast 5 branches increased from 2.73 crores to under CBS by July 2009, 2.93 crores inspite of another 20 branches by increase in number of September 2009 and another employees and reduction of 50 branches by March 2010. Rs.203 crores in agricultural Technology upgradation will advances due to debt relief. help in better customer With an aim of women service and is sure to bring in empowerment through Bank new business. With launching savings and health insurof CBS, the Bank envisages ances, bank launched a to become "A local Bank with special programme namely a Global Reach". The Bank "Sthree Sakthi". Under this aim to reach a total business programme Bank could of Rs.4000 crores and mobilize Rs.64.37 crores in achieve net profit of Rs.10 36942 accounts. 1224 crores in 2009-10, chairman families were brought under added. edented. In this fight even A.B. Bardhan supported Veliyam Bhargavan and K.E. Ismail. RSP was also not happy as they didn't get seat. And CPI, RSP factor influenced the Kollam result. V.S. Achuthanandan did everything to defeat LDF candidates. He was the potential vote catcher for the UDF. While V.S. and Veliyam were keen to twart the entry of new parties to the LDF fold, Pinarayi Vijayan was

instrumental in the exit of Janada Dal from the front, eventhough Dal was mentally prepared to align with UDF even before the election process started. Lavelin corruption charge against Pinarayi was also capitalised by UDF with the active support of the media. The result was the success of most corrupt and communal forces campaigning against corruption and communalism.

Business Digest

July 2009

Airline, railway and bus tickets from post offices

United India's premium income up 14.39%

United India Insurance Company has registered 14.39% growth in gross ARM I-Solutions (P) Ltd. and Chairman, ARM I -Solutions international) can be booked premium income in the Kerala Postal Circle has said that the company has from the post offices. With financial year 2008-'09. The come together to make earlier tied-up with Tamil regard to buses as of now public sector general airline, rail, bus tickets and Nadu and Karnataka postal booking will be available in insurance major has achieved hotel room booking possible circles for this service and it interstate private volvo buses. Rs.4277 crore income against from the post offices in the was a success. "We are in The company is trying for tieRs.3739.56 crore in 2007-'08. state. the process of including up with State Transport G. Srinivasan, Chairman and Mrs. Shobha Koshy, Chief cinema ticket reservation as Corporations also. Mrs. Managing Director told press Post Master General, Kerala well in this Genie Ease-Ticket Mariamma Thomas, Postal persons in Chennai that the Postal Circle said that out of Service", he added. AccordDirector (Central Zone) and company has reported a 25% 5050 post offices in the state ing to Shankar Narayanan, Sreekantadas, Assistant decline in net profit to Rs.476 177 has already started these CEO, ARM I-Solutions, tickets Director (Marketing) also crore due to a fall in investservices. Dr. Usman Fayaz, for all airlines (domestic and spoke on the occasion. ment income. Net premium increased by 21.86% to Rs.3,510.41 crore against 13.88% recorded in the previous year with Rs.2,880.66 crore. Net incurrerd claims came to Rs.2,515 crore (71.65%) against Rs.2,506 crore (87%). Operating expenses rose to Rs.1,031.40 crore (Rs.912.55

Mrs.Shobha Koshy, Chief Post Master General, Kerala Circle launching the Genie Ease Ticket Service by handing over the E- ticket to Dr. Usman Fayaz, Chairman, ARM I-Solutions. Shankaranarayana, CEO, ARM I- Solutions, Ms.Mariamma Thomas, Postal Director(Central zone) and M.V. Sreekantadas, Assistant Director are also seen.

crore). The board has proposed a dividend of Rs.96 croe on a paid up capital of Rs.150 crore to the government. The book value of

Rs.3,463 crore (Rs.3,095 crore) and networth of Rs.3,613 crore (Rs.3,245 crore). Srinivasan said that amidst the slowdown affecting key sectors, the company last year increased its market share from 13.33% to 13.98%. This is the first time a PSU insurer has increased its market share amidst stiff challenges from private players after the market was opened up. Last year, it took measures to offset the impact of troubled investment G. Srinivasan climate and reduced underwriting losses to equity investments as on Rs.546.79 crore (Rs.853.35 March 31, 2009 was Rs.2,866 crore) crore (Rs.2,596 crore) and Total investments increased market value Rs.4,717 crore to Rs.8,369 crore (Rs.8.042) (Rs.7,633 crore). Net NPA but the yield on mean fund stood at 0.10% (0.13%). It basis fell to 12.25% from had reserves and surplus of 19.79% in a weak market.

Meeting on customer service by RBI

Reserve Bank of India held an interaction with representatives of banks headquartered in Karnataka at Bangalore on customer service related issues such as credit cards, on-line banking, Service charges, etc. The meeting was organized by Vijaya Bank at Dhanalakshmi Bank has corporates / Govt. organizasalary of Rs.40,000/its head office Bangalore reduced the home loan rates tions/ PSUs/ Registered (including income of spouse) under the auspices of RBI. significantly. The new rates Trusts and Societies. are eligible for the loan. The SGopalakrishna, Executive are: 9%.p.a for loans upto 5 The new product facilitates product has been launched at Director, RBI, Mumbai years, 10% for 5-10 years purchase/construction of 30 select branches across the addressed the bankers. i and 10.50% for above 10 houses/flats including take country the details of which Albert Tauro, Chairman and years. The rates are fixed for over from other banks/ are available in the website MD Vijaya Bank welcomed the first three years with an organisations. The minimum the RBI officials and repreBeing a competitive product annual reset clause thereafloan amount is Rs.15 lakhs with attractive features, the ter. The Bank has launched, and maximum Rs.200 lakhs Bank is confident it will attract at these rates, a special with a maximum tenor of 20 customers in large numbers product “Privilege Home years. Persons in the age as the rates represent a winLoan”, intended for select group of 21-55 years with a win situation for the Bank as employees of top rated minimum monthly gross VLCC, category leader in the well as the borrower. Wellness domain with presence in slimming, beauty Glimpses of Thought & fitness businesses announced the launch of another innovative offering for slimming solution - ‘Waist and Tummy Trim Treatment’ Poornendu (WTTT) at VLCC Centre located at VLCC Health Care A man's valuable asset is his own life itself. Pleasure alone is not the factor that LTD,ABM towers,1stfloor,next makes it valuable. to Rajiv Gandhi stadium, kadavanthara, Kochi. The The darkness of sorrow gives flame to the lamp of prudence. treatment was launched by For most, their own sorrows is their problem. But for some, others' well-being is a Ms. Gayarti Suresh, Reality cause of their agony. show participant. The treatment for both men and Mostly we have to seek happiness. But sorrows come seeking us. women is targeted at getting a more slimmer, toned and Often pleasures are sweetness coated with bitterness. But hardships are as bitter firmer waist line and tummy tasting outer skin of sweet fruit. helping lose two inches and seven kilograms within 45 As black and white colours mix together to create lively pictures, the movie of life is days. created by the whiteness of happiness and blackness of sorrows. Mrs. Vandana Luthra,

Dhanalakshmi Bank reduces home loan rates

Page No. 6

sentatives of banks. Senior executives from 8 banks participated. Banking Ombudsman for Karnataka K.R. Ananda, Chief General Manager, RBI was also present. Gopalakrishna, Executive Director, RBI brought out the areas where customer complaints are more and advised bankers that their front-line staff should be fully aware of the procedures and systems, charges, etc of the bank and impart and educate the customers. This according to him would reduce the

customer dissatisfaction and resultant complaints drastically. Just a patient hearing to the customer can boost the bank’s image. Minimum number of complaints before the Banking Ombudsman is the measure of the good customer service quality in the Banks. While extending the Vote of thanks, S C Kalia Executive Director of Vijaya Bank assured that concern expressed would be percolated to all operating units by banks and proactive steps will be initiated for customer education.

VLCC launches ‘waist and tummy trim treatment’

Pleasures and sorrows

Founder & Mentor VLCC said, “The WTT has been developed for people who have a problem of weight around the waist and tummy. Its been proven that women and men with a waist circumference of more than 80cms and 90cms respectively are prone to diseases like diabetes, hypertension and other coronary heart diseases. She further added “The VLCC ‘Waist and Tummy Trim’ treatment aims to improve the waist-hip ratio by reducing the waist circumference. The treatment, part of our efforts to create awareness among the general public on healthy living, involves breakdown of the cellular fat in the waist and tummy into consumable

energy and giving our customers toned muscles. WTT has been developed after a series of research conducted by our R&D team”. The treatment that promises 2 inch off the waistline and 7 kg weight reduction in 45 days is the latest entrant from VLCC to the already existing wide range of VLCC sliming treatments. The Treatment process includes a 30minute massage session with the Shape-UP Waist & Tummy Gel & anti cellulite oil in the abdominal area followed by a specific body firmer program, counseling on diet and activity patterns. The Waist and Tummy Trim Treatment is a 45 days treatment spread over 12 equal sessions.

Business Digest

July 2009

Focus Kerala logo released M. Beena, District Collector, Ernakulam has released the logo of Focus Kerala world investors meet to be organised by Kerala Chamber of Commerce & Industry on July 24th and 25th. Speaking on the occasion Collector said that publicprivate participation is essential for the development of the state and the initiative

of Kerala Chamber was one in the right direction. At Focus Kerala, the investment potential of 999 panchayaths will be showcased. The meet is being organised in collaboration

with the Industry Department, KSIDC, KFC, KSFE and KITCO. K.M. Abdulla, Chairman, Kerala Chamber presided over the function. Deepak L. Aswani, N.M. Sharafudheen (Vice Chairmen), Mathew Kuruvithadam (Finance Director) and S.A. Mansoor, Secretary were also present on the occasion.

Dr. M. Beena IAS, District Collector, Ernakulam, releasing the logo of FOCUS KERALA- World Investors Meet to be organized by Kerala Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Kochi. Mathew Kuruvithadam, Finance Director, Kerala Chamber, K.M. Abdulla, Chairman, S.A. Mansoor, Secretary, Deepak L. Aswani, Vice Chairman and N.M. Sharafudheen, Vice Chairman are also seen.

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IOB clocks 10% rise in net profit Indian Overseas Bank has registered a 10.27% increase in net profit during the financial year 2008-'09. The net profit was Rs.1325.79 crore compared to Rs.1202.34 crore in the previous year. The Bank's director board has recommended a dividend of Rs.4.5 per share (45%). S.A. Bhat, Chairman & Managing Director of the Bank at a press conference in Chennai said that big increase in treasury products and bad loan recovery helped to achieve the increase in net. The Bank's total business increased by 21.01% to Rs.1,75,925 crore. The total gross advances increased by 24.16% to Rs.75,809.54 crore, while its deposits increased by 18.73% to Rs.1,00,115.89 crore. Total income grew by 28.05%. The net non-performing assets rose to Rs.999.14 crore against Rs.363.20 crore a year ago. The gross NPA was Rs.1,923.41 crore (Rs.996.95 crore). Its net interest margin was 2.84% and the bank expects to maintain the same margin

this year. "We expected gross NPA to be higher as there were certain advances that were showing stress. The gross and net NPA have gone up

Bhat said, "We had plans to expand overseas but it is not the right time. However, we will be opening a representative office in Dubai." Last year, the bank had

S.A. Bhat

for many banks. The NPAs cut across all sectorsagriculture, real estate and large industries," IOB chairman said. The bank is restructuring 11,892 accounts to the tune of Rs.8,259 crore. Of this, it has already restructured 9,793 accounts worth Rs.4,896 crore. In an effort to increase its proportion of current and savings accounts or CASA, the bank brought down the percentage of bulk desposits from 19% to 14%. About its overseas plans,

struck a deal to take over the assets and liabilities of Punebased co-operative Shree Suvarna Sahakari Bank. Bhat said he expected to complete this takeover on 20 May. Through this, IOB expects to get 9 branches in Pune, with a customer base of over three lakh. For the fourth quarter ended 31 March 2009, IOB reported a 5.37% growth in net profit at Rs.322.37 crore (Rs.305.95 crore) Total income was up 27.03% at Rs.3,135.02 crore (Rs.2,467.95 crore).

ELCA Power International 2009 expo attracts good response Notwithstanding economic slowdown, ELCA Power International 2009 (EPI2009), has drawn encouraging response with over 150 exhibitors set to showcase their technology and new product range. This event besides throwing light on power, power equipment, lighting system, new and renewable energy would showcase products from power service providers. Another highlight of the event is the technical seminars aimed at disseminating contemporary developments in the power sector. EPI2009 is organized by Electrical Consultants Association of India (ELCA) and conducted by AdsStation. This premier event would be held at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) between June 5 and June 8, 2009. The event would be inaugurated by the Karnataka Energy Minister K S Eswarappa on June 5, 2009 at 10.00 am. According to Ms Jayashree Umesh, President, ELCA, the main objective of the organization is to create awareness amongst various

stakeholders in the power sector on ways to treat, conserve, utilize and optimize usage of conventional & nonconventional energy and also educate on the installation & safety practices. EPI-2009 offers the ideal platform for the direct one on one interaction between the manufacturers and the end users. The response received for EPI-2009 has been encouraging and we hope to create waves in the power domain in the years to come. Commenting on the event, J D Krupakar, Chairman of EPI-2009, said, Who’s Who of the global power sector have confirmed participation and this reflects the importance of the event. Also for the consumers this event besides offering a rare opportunity to obtain first hand knowledge would help in identifying vendors offering not only innovative products but also energy saving equipment. According to Arjun N, Head, AdsStation, event managers of EPI-2009, EPI-2009 has been well received by the industry. The inaugural edition of this Biennial event has the

tion about this trade event please contact: AdsStation, # 1365, 2nd Floor, Sarakki Gate, Kanakapura Main Road, Bangalore 560078 Tel: +91-80-6570 7899, +91-80-6535 0128 Telefax: +91-80-26543205 Website: http:// E-mail for: Information:, Exhibition:, Seminar: The Electrical Consultants Association (ELCA) was Ms.Jayashree Umesh, President, ELCA, T.D. Kripakar, Chairman, EPI-2009, N. Arjun, Head, founded and registered in AdsStation , among others, at the press conference at Bengaluru 1990 at Bangalore by a group of dedicated consulting ideal mix of exhibitors in each Limited, ABB Limited, Limited, Star Power Control, professionals actively category namely power, Polycab Wires Pvt. Ltd, Shankar Electricals, Micron involved in the field of electrical, Lighting, New & Kamadhenu Wires, Conzerv Electricals and C& G electrical consultancy. Renewable Energy and Systems Pvt Ltd, Jeevan Associates for their support. AdsStation is a full-service Service providers. We thank Diesels & Electricals Ltd, EPI-2009 is focusing its agency offering online our Event Sponsors Anchor Entraco BKS Busducts efforts on creating a single advertising and marketing, Electricals India Pvt. Ltd and Private Limited, Dubas platform for producers, Branding services and event SBEE Cables India Limited Engineering Pvt. Ltd, service providers and management solutions. for their complete support to Siemens Limited, Vyoma consumers. Also the event EPI-2009. We also thank all Switchgear, Havells India would provide an opportunity AdsStations Event Manageour sponsors Ebasco Limited, Sterling and Wilson, for various players among the ment services encompasses Marketing, Obo Bettermann Power Point, Wire & Insulated power sector to communicate the entire gamut of event needs covering Event India Pvt. Ltd, C & S Electric Cable Product (p) Ltd, Indo amongst themselves on the Contents Preparation. Limited, Schneider Electric Asian Fusegear Limited, future promises and chalIndia pvt. ltd, Larsen & Toubro Lotus Powergear Private lenges. For further informa-

Business Digest

July 2009


Never argue with kids

Bridge of love Once upon a time two brothers who lived on adjoining farms fell into conflict. It was the first serious rift in 40 years of farming side by side, sharing machinery, and trading labor and goods as needed without a hitch. Then the long collaboration fell apart. It began with a small misunderstanding and it grew into a major difference, and finally it exploded into an exchange of bitter words followed by weeks of silence. One morning there was a knock on John’s door. He opened it to find a man with a carpenter’s toolbox. “I’m looking for a few days work” he said .”Perhaps you would have a few small jobs here and there I could help with? Could I help you? “Yes,” said the older brother. “I do have a job for

you. Look across the creek at that farm. That’s my neighbor, in fact, it’s my younger brother .Last week there was a meadow between us and he took his bulldozer to the river levee and now there is a creek between us. Well, he may have done this to spite me, but I’ll go him one better. See that pile of lumber by the barn?I want you to build me a fence - an 8-foot fence — so I won’t need to see his place or his face anymore.” The carpenter said, “I think I understand the situation. Show me the nails and the post hole digger and I’ll be able to do a job that pleases you. “The older brother had to go to town, so he helped the carpenter get the materials ready and then he was off for the day. The carpenter worked hard all that day measuring, sawing, nailing, and hammering. About sunset when the farmer returned, the

carpenter had just finished his job. The farmer’s eyes opened wide, his jaw dropped. There was no fence there at all. It was a bridge — a bridge stretching from one side of the creek to the other! A fine piece of work handrails and all — and the neighbor, his younger brother, was coming across, his hand outstretched. “You are quite a fellow to build this bridge after all I’ve said and done. “The two brothers stood at each end of the bridge, and then they met in the middle, taking each other’s hand. They turned to see the carpenter hoist his toolbox on his shoulder. “No, wait! Stay a few days. I’ve a lot of other projects for you,” said the older brother. “I’d love to stay on,” the carpenter said, “but, I have many more love bridges to build.”

Don’t jump into conclusions The train has started moving. It is packed with people of all ages, mostly with the working men and women and young college guys and gals. Near the window, seated a old man with his 30 year old son. As the train moves by, the son is overwhelmed with joy as he was thrilled with the scenery outside... "See dad, the scenery of green trees moving away is very beautiful." This behaviour from a thirty year old made the other people feel strange about him. Every one started

murmuring something or other about him. "This guy seems to be a krack." newly married Anup whispered to his wife. Suddenly it started raining... Rain drops fell on the travellers through the opened window. The thirty year old son, filled with joy "see dad, how beautiful the rain is..." Anup's wife got irritated with the rain drops spoiling her new suit. Anup, "can't you see its raining, you old man, if your son is not feeling well get him soon to a mental asylum... and don't disturb public henceforth." The old man hesitated first

and then in a low tone replied "we are on the way back from hospital, my son got discharged today morning, he was a blind by birth, last week only he got his vision, these rain and nature are new to his eyes... Please forgive us for the inconvenience caused..."

Moral: The things we see may be right from our perspective until we know the truth. But when we know the truth our reaction to that will hurt even us. So try to understand the problem better before taking a harsh action.

The smart boy Once a boy went to a shop with his mother. The shop keeper looked at the small cute child and showed him a bottle with sweets and said 'Dear child... you can take the sweets... But the child didn't take. The shop keeper was surprised... such a small child he is and why is he not taking the sweets from the bottle. Again he said take the sweets... Now the

mother also hear that and said... take the sweets dear... Yet he didn't take... The shopkeeper seeing the child not taking the sweets... he himself took the sweets and gave to the child. The child was happy to get two hands full of sweets. While returning home the mother asked the child.... Why didn't you take the sweets, when the shop keeper told you to take? Can

you guess the response: Child replies... Mom! my hands are very small and if I take the sweets I can only take few... but now you see when uncle gave with his big hands... how many more sweets I got! Moral: When we take we may get little but when God gives... He gives us more beyond our expectations... more than what we can hold...!!

Cracked pot An elderly Chinese woman had two large pots, each hung on the ends of a Pole Which she carried across her neck. One of the pots had a crack in it while the

Page No. 8

other pot was perfect and always delivered a full portion of water. At the end of the long walks from the stream to the house, the cracked pot Arrived only half full.For a full

two years this went on daily, with the woman bringing home only one and a half pots of water. Of course, the perfect pot was proud of its accomplish-

My 4 year old son came screaming out of the bathroom to tell me he’d dropped his toothbrush in the toilet. So I fished it out and threw it in the garbage.He stood there thinking for a moment, then ran to my bathroom and came out with my toothbrush. He held it up and said with a charming little smile, “We better throw this one out too then, ‘cause it fell in the toilet a few days ago. On the first day of school, a first-grader handed his teacher a note from his mother. The note read, “The opinions expressed by this child are not necessarily those of his parents.” A little boy got lost at the YMCA and found himself in the women’s locker room .When he was spotted, the room burst into shrieks, with ladies grabbing towels and running for cover .The little boy watched in amazement and then asked, “What’s the matter, haven’t you ever seen a little boy before?”

A little girl had just finished her first week of school. “I’m just wasting my time,” she said to her mother. “I can’t read, I can’t write and they won’t let me talk!” A little girl was talking to her teacher about whales. The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though it was a very large mammal its throat was very small.The little girl stated that Jonah was swallowed by a whale. Irritated, the teacher reiterated that a whale could not swallow a human, it was physically impossible. The little girl said, “When I get to heaven I will ask Jonah”.The teacher asked, “What if Jonah went to hell?” The little girl replied, “Then you ask him”. The children had all been photographed, and the teacher was trying to persuade them each to buy a copy of the group picture.” Just think how nice it will be to look at it when you are all grown up and say, ‘There’s Gita, she’s a lawyer,’ or ‘that’s Arun. He’s a doctor.’”A small

voice at the back of the room rang out, “And there’s the teacher. She’s dead.” A teacher was giving a lesson on the circulation of the blood. Trying to make the matter clearer, she said, “Now, class, if I stood on my head, the blood, as you know, would run into it, and I would turn red in the face.” “Yes,” the class said. “Then why is it that while I am standing upright in the ordinary positions the blood doesn’t run into my feet?” A little fellow shouted, “Because your feet aren’t empty.” The children were lined up in the cafeteria of a Catholic elementary school for lunch. At the head of the table was a large pile of apples. The nun made a note, and posted on the apple tray: “Take only ONE. God is watching.” Moving further along the lunch line, at the other end of the table was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies. A child had written a note, “Take all You want. God is watching the apples!”

Life without girls The result: Markets silent, streets empty, police at rest, all

mobile companies in loss, no SMS, no flowers, no Valentine, no candles, no

perfumes. All the men directed to heaven.

Survey on lipstick What happens to the lipstick used by the ladies: 5% of the lipstick has been stick to the cutlery. 25% of the lipstick goes to tissue paper & cotton tabs at the

time of removing the make up.15% of the lipstick goes in drain at the time of washing face & lips. 10% is dumped in the garbage as unused. 5% of the lipstick is found in the

woman’s stomach due to newer flavors & essences. And the remaining 40% of the lipstick will find it in man’s stomach.

Democratic differences Democratic differences between USA & India: In USA you can kiss in public places but cannot shit. In India you can shit in public places but cannot kiss! I’m not going back to school ever again. Why ever not?.

The teacher doesn’t know a thing, all she does is ask questions! Mother: How was your first day at school?. Son: It was all right except for some man called “Teacher” who kept spoiling all our fun!

A software engineer was smoking.A lady standing nearby said to him “can’t you see the Warning, Smoking is injurious to health..!’. He replied “We are bothered only about Errors , not Warnings !!”

ments. But the poor cracked pot was ashamed of its own imperfection, and miserable. That it could only do half of what it had been made to do. After two years of what it perceived to be bitter failure, it spoke to the woman one day by the stream. “I am ashamed of myself, because this crack in my side causes water to leak Out all the way back to your house.” The old woman smiled, “Did you notice that

there are flowers on your side of the path, but not on the other pot’s side?” “That’s because I have always known about your flaw, so I planted flower seeds on your side of the path, and every day while we walk back, you water them.” “For two years I have been able to pick these beautiful flowers to decorate the table.Without you being just the way you are, there would not be this beauty to grace the house.”

Each of us has our own unique flaw. But it’s the cracks and flaws we each have that make our lives together very interesting and rewarding.You’ve just got to take each person for what they are and look for the good in them. So, to all of my crackpot friends, have a great day and remember to smell the flowers on your side of the path!

Business Digest

July 2009


Centum Learning Centum Learning Limited (earlier known as Bharti Learning Systems) launched a certificate course in Telecommunication Sales & Service in collaboration with Delhi University (DU). Centum Learning in its continuous efforts to address the “skill gap” prevailing in the service sector in the country signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Delhi University.The course will entail two levels; Level 1 and Level 2 of 6 months each. Students clearing Level 1 successfully would be eligible to apply for Level 2. The course which would be first of its kind to be offered under DU will address topical issues that the telecom industry is facing today. The academic session would commence from July 2009 for which the candidates would be selected on an interview basis. The certification of the successful candidates would be jointly done by DU and Centum Learning. Also, Centum Learning alongwith DU will provide placement assistance to the meritorious students after successful completion of all the semesters of the programs as per the terms and conditions. Commenting on the launch Sanjeev Duggal, CEO & Executive Director, Centum Learning Limited said “The current global meltdown has hardly affected the Telecom sector in India, which is expected to create 1, 50,000 jobs this year alone. Centum Learning, with its years of experience in adding skill to

personnel in the Telecom sector, is launching yet another initiative in collaboration with Delhi University, which would address the skill gap and help maintain the growth trajectory for this sector.” Dr Savita Datta, Director, COL-DU said on the occasion that “DU is known for its Leadership in developing and implementing innovative methods to increase student employability. Through our collaboration with Centum Learning, which has vast experience in people development and training in the Telecom Space, it will help the students to acquire necessary skills leading to suitability in employment opportunities available across Telecom companies.” Centum Learning Centres has also launched vertical specific programmes, in collaboration with Annamalai University to build professional skills among students aspiring to join the service sector. The programmes offered include two year M.B.A. Business Applications, M.B.A. Communications, M.B.A. Retail Management, three year B.B.A. Business Applications, one year Diploma in Telecom, Diploma in Sales Management and Diploma in Insurance and Diploma in Banking and Finance. It also has collaboration with IGNOU which enjoys strong industry recognition. It is also a step in the direction of fulfilling goals of meaningful literacy and full employment in our country.

Page No. 9

Shree Ram Infotech : showing the way Shree ram infotech is a well known learning center of Sikkim Manipal university in jharkhand. This center is situated in hazaribag district which is the commissionary of

been spreading education to small towns and rural areas so that students who really have merit will be in a position to shine with out spending huge amount of

Lab sessinos for practical training

Students are being counselled for their future carrier orientation

Students of Shree Ram Infotech visited University Campus, Gangtok

On going classroom

Student refreshment after hectic semesters

Rewards for teacher day celebration

S K Jaipuriar, Registrar, Delhi University, Dr Savita Datta Director, Campus of Open Learning, Delhi University (center) and Kamini Prasad,Senior Vice President, Centum Learning Limited at the launch of Centum Learning certificate course in Telecommunication Sales & Services in collaboration with the Delhi University.

north chota Nagpur and is socially and economically a very backward region. The per capita income here is very low. Students of this region do’nt have sufficient resources for continuing their higher studies. This center gives opportunity to those weaker sections and deprived classes. Shree Ram has

money. The institute’s objective is to provide a platform for their carrier growth. Shree Ram infotech runs various carrier oriented courses in Information Technology and Management like MBA, MCA, BCA & BBA in this behalf. For making their carrier Shree Ram provides group

discussions, Personality development classes, Basic English classes in order to make them successful in present scenario. Apart from doing the above mentioned initiatives the institution is conducting interview and C.S.D.P (corporate skill development program) classes for absorption in corporate sectors. Shree Ram always organize cultural programs and picnic tour in of June. The programmes order to enhance their will be conducted as a chain until all managers are trained. personality. Work shops, Seminars and case studies Mani Vithayathil, Chairman, KSFE will inaugurate the first over the current issues are organized which update the programme.

SCMS trains KSFE Managers The SCMS-COCHIN has been entrusted with the Management training for the Managers of Kerala State Financial Enterprises Ltd (KSFE). In the first phase

covering about 400 managers, training will be done over a 3 day period and would cover business development, exposure to computers, soft skills training and Financial

management. The training will be held at the Prathap Nagar Campus of SCMS COCHIN at Muttom, Aluva, and the first batch would commence on Monday the 1st

Cultural program for leadreship develpments

students on happenings in their respective. The School have well qualified Faculty who have a sound experience of teaching and industrial exposure and do committed on their work. The outcome of the above initiative was that the students of this center got placement in various organizations like Hella, Tata Indicom, L.I.C, I..C.I.C.I, IDBI, HDFC, Impuls Zone, India Infoline, Tata AIG, Kotak Insurance, Tata Teleservices, Vinoba Bhave University, Govt Offices, Narega, Serve Shiksha Abhiyan, DAV, Airtel etc.

Business Digest

July 2009

New Henko Stain Champion with neem In line with its worldwide Murlidhar Rajagopalan, MD, endeavour of innovating with Senior Consultant & Cobrands and technologies to ordinator, Dermatology, make people’s lives easier, Venerology & Leprology, an better and more beautiful, eminent skin specialist said, Henkel India Limited that new detergent with antitannounced the introduction bacterial neem is that it would of the new Henko Stain provide natural protection Champion with anti-bacterial from bacteria and germs with neem in the Indian market. the naturally disinfecting Announcing the launch, properties of neem. Jayant Singh, Managing The anti-bacterial innovation Director, Henkel India Limited, said that the new Henko stain Champion with antibacterial Neem, kills 99.9% of Germs in the Jayanth Singh, Managing Director,Henkel laundry thereby India at the launch of Henko Stain Champion with Neem in Chennai ensuring hygienically clean clothes.’ So comes at no extra cost. The new Henko Stain Champion now with new Henko Stain with anti-bacterial neem is Champion, our consumers not only get superior cleaning available in 400 gms, 800 performance but they also get gms, 1 kg and 3.25kg packs priced at Rs. 44/-, Rs. 88/- , their laundry 99.9% germRs. 109/- and Rs.371/free.’, he added. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. respectively.

Dr. A.M. Anwar wins award Dr. A.M. Anwar, Chairman & Managing Director, Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital has won the award for excellence in health sector instituted by Kerala State Hindi Pracharak Samithi, in memory of C.P. Mammu.

Dr. Anwar has been selected for the award by the judging committee which consists of Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer, Justice K.P. Radhakrishna Menon, Kerala Varma Thirumulpad, Adv. Vakkam Vijayan and Adv. E.X. Joseph.

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Malabar is in Mysore have our own intelligence to assess such sudden arrivals’, says Shafeeq. True, BUSINESS DIGEST found after the last load of bus passengers for the day left at about 9.30 in the night, suddenly another load appeared at 10.30 and got their fill of Malabar meals. Some also ordered Kerala style Fish fry, some went for the Kerala parattas, of course

Mysore Hotel Complex

Taking their traditions and cultural edifices to wherever they go is any human being’s natural response to moving from place to place. That is why when a Malayalee comes to Mysore he looks for Kerala food? Can he not wait until he goes back to Kerala? This is the basis of cultural craving that has resulted in restaurants to service outside their land of origin. One sees China towns almost in all the world class cites like New York. But what one misses is the Indian restaurants. Even if one succeeds in finding one, like in Geneva, will ultimately come to see that it is run by a Bangladeshi and not an Indian. Story is different within India. When one goes to Mysore, you find a slice of Malabar. Yes we mean the Malabar plaza restaurant run by Shafeeq, a computer engineering graduate. Mysore Hotel Complex is situated on the Bangalore -Ooty road in Mysore. Interestingly Shafeeq is not an ordinary restaura-


teur, but a second generation entrepreneur and a qualified computer engineer with a AICTE approved engineering degree. After a few years stint in the midde east he felt that he is better off serving Indians in India and came beck to Mysore to run Malabar restaurant. In his talk with BUSINESS DIGEST he told about the excitement he has been getting in running the Malabar restaurant. Suddenly we got a bus load of people who walk in for their lunch and in a jiffy they were for the Malabar Fish Curry rice. ‘Over the years we perfected the menu, method of quick delivery and also

chicken the favorite of children was seen flying off from the kitchen into may plates. Major issues that stop such owners like Shafeeq is the difficulty in getting the enthusiastic bearers who would serve the patrons.

While he is ready to pay what is considered to be a very handsome salary, unfortunately the top institutes are sending their students even for internships only to seven star hotels, where they are used to be battery operated dolls just to do Namaste when the guests arrive and certainly not trained into the nitty gritties of the trade. The students are after the certificates from seven star deluxe hotels and they carry with them that kind of hollowness rather than get the hard core training at places like Malabar Restaurent even though Malabar pays ten times more than the star hotels for their employees at the start. Is KITTS listening? Shafeeq says it is paying well to run specialty restaurants and hopes to enlarge his ventures to many locations. He is also looking for partners who would do things along with him as investment partners, and Shafeeq will take care of the design, starting and running of such restaurants anywhere in the world. He seems to have got it right as

Nandi at Chamundeswari Temple

the Chef Raman, has been with the group for 16 years. Malabar provides for stay, remarked. They involve in Tyres. The list is unending… food and also other amenities impossible possible and their journey with title ‘Energetic studying the brand, recogniz- services are corporate events Maestro’. For Pax, ten years was a for the workers and they ing the target audience, period of placing new steps like product launches, press The biggest and most looked a very happy lot. creating the event concept, conferences, corporate celebrated Navy Queen, Idea and attaining success. They Shafeeq also indulges in arranging technical aspects want to be the best of meetings; corporate hospital- Rock India Concert with serving the customers as if he and finally executing the whatever they are. They ity like award ceremonies, Sunidhi Chauhan, HDFC is treating his own guests at proposed events. never try to make wrong fashion show; commercial Club Nite, Road Show for his home. With two hotels Pax provides marketing and events and also private Kotak Mahindra, 7th National advertisements for increasing under the same manageDoctors Conference of Indian the number of clients. communication tools for events like birthday parties, ment, Hotel Shoreham Academy of Allergy, Retailers Without doubt, clients companies of all sizes. HDFC weddings etc. Pax has its Palace in Mysore and Hotel Standard Life Insurance own in house production unit. Meet for JTI, Bhoomipooja for approach them for managing Maharajas in Ooty, Shafeeq Sahara Parivar, Exhibition for events. They put flesh on the is also giving the full service Company Limited, Eicher Renaissance 94- First Kerala Agriculture University, skeleton of events in the Motors, Metrolla Steels, International Fashion Show to those who do the Bangalaunch of Eicher Motor Vodafone, TATA are some of with five former Miss India’s correct way and they become lore- Mysore- Ooty tourism Vehicle in 50 cities in India, them. the bloodline of events. was the first step of Pax. circuit. The location of Cool Wheel Campaign for JK Production experts, high-tech Malabar is in Mysore Hotel They believe to make the From there, they started the designers, employees with Complex. It is a 80 rooms creative mind become the Hotel with a variety of rates strong pillars of Pax. that suits the pocket of all. Pax is advancing in their For instance, from Rs. 400 journey through the world of per day it can go all the way events as the King of its to Rs.2750. Of course the management, repeatedly season and off season rates telling us, are applicable and they also make a true difference. The ‘You Can Have More of You location is superb for those You Can Build a Better You who are looking for stay, food You Can Yield a Greater You.’ and ample parking space.

Pax : Untrodden ways for the Innovative minds An era of busy and impatient people, running with too many problems. A kiss of peace to your life –‘PAX’. Event management is the application of the management practice of project management to the creation and development of festivals and events. Pax is one of the event management firms in India, with unique identity. “Success mantra of this firm is very simple. It is the group effort of innovative brains”, the CEO, Mr. Sunil Joseph

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July 2009

Ministry of MS & ME assures all help to Coir Board Union Minister of State for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Dinsha J Patel has assured the Coir Board of all possible help from his ministry for the market development of the labour intensive coir sector, both in the export and domestic sectors. This assurance was given to the Coir Board Chairman V S Vijayaraghavan, former MP, when he met the minister in New Delhi . Vijayaraghavan presented to the minister a detailed scenario of the coir industry

The Union Commerce Ministry had already issued a notification making it mandatory on the part of the Director General, supplies & Disposals for purchase of all items of coir products, required by the Central\ government departments, from Coir Board show rooms on the same lines of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission. This was expected to give an impetus to the domestic demand for coir producs, Vijayaraghavan said.Similarly, he also met Union Defence Minister A K

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Bangalore Bio 2009

Biotechnology beyond boundaries the promise of India , is the focal theme of the Ninth Edition of Bangalore Bio organized by the Department of Information Technology, Biotechnology and Science & Technology, Government of Karnataka, Vision Group on Biotechnology and MM Activ Sci-Tech Communications Co. The event will be held at Hotel Lalit Ashok, Kumara Krupa from June 18th to June 20th 2009. Bangalore Bio this year is attracting 100 Biotech expert Speakers, 700 Conference Delegates, 120 Exhibitors and participation of leading countries like UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, South Africa, USA Italy, Spain, Singapore & Japan. Some of the companies who are participating in Bangalore Bio 2009 Biocon, Novozymes, Merck, Quintiles, BioRad, Mayar Coir Board Chairman V S Vijayaraghavan presenting a bouquet to Union Minister of State for Micro, Small and Medium Biotech, Mawdsley Brooks & Enterprises, Dinsha J Patel in New Delhi. Co, Imperial Life Sciences, and its scope of reaching an Antony and Railway Minister WALDNER Laboratory ambitious export target of Rs Mamata Banerjee, as part of Systems Strand Genomics, 1,000 crore by the end of the his efforts at securing the co- Eppendorf India Limited, Waters India to name a few. 11th five year plan(2007-2012) operation of these important The event will also witness from the present level of Rs ministries to enhance 634 crore achieved during consumption of coir and coir huge participation from Indian 2008-09, against the target of products, particularly coir states namely Gujarat, Rs 600 crore for the year, based cushions for railway Andhra Pradesh, Madhya despite global economic coaches. Vijaraghavan, also Pradesh and countries down turn. Vijayaraghavan called on Prime Minister Dr namely Germany , State of also took advantage of his Manmohan Singh, Congress Victoria , Australia presence in New Delhi to President Sonia Gandhi, Nobel Laureate Dr. Richard J. meet Union Finance Minister Union Agriculture Minister Roberts will deliver the Pranab Kumar Mukherjee Sharad Pawar, Minister for Inaugural Keynote address in and Commerce Minister Overseas Indian Affairs the Opening Plenary of the Anand Sharma to seek their Vayalar Ravi, Home Minister Conference at the Bangalore support in raising the financial P Chidambaram and T K A Bio 2009. Dr. Roberts was outlay and market support Nair, Principal Secretary to awarded the 1993 Nobel from the respective ministries. the Prime Minister. Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery of Paul Joseph of Cochin Port introns in eukaryotic DNA and Trust who has secured First the mechanism of geneRank in the Diploma Course splicing. His amazing in Sports Coaching discovery of interrupted (Volleyball) 2008-09 held at genes transformed the model National Institute of Sports for understanding how (NIS) of Sports Authority of proteins are synthesized from India at Bangalore. Paul is a genes. For the first time in member of Cochin Port India, the organizers have Volleyball Team which had introduce the most powerful won the Federation Cup in bio partnering tool in 1999 and 2000. He had won collaboration with Technology the Gold Medal in the South Asian Port Games 2008 held Vision Group LLC, the at Colombo.He had also represented India in the Asian leading producer of InternaBeach Volleyball Championship 2008 held at Hyderabad. tional Bio Partnering Meets. BioPartnering(.com) is From page 10 interactive partnering There is a mini mall that arrangements can be done by software that will enable facilitates the shopping the Hotel for a fee. The Bangalore Bio delegates to instincts of the tourists. concierges are a friendly lot find and contact potential Making a visit to wild life and ready to anything for you. partners weeks before, during sanctuaries like Bandipur, Mohan at the reception goes and after the event. The Mudhu malai, Sultan Battery, out of the way to make your delegates not need wait till Nagarhole, Madikeri, stay comfortable, memorable June 18 to start networking religious places like and also you start feeling that with prospective partners; but Chamundi hills and also you miss Mysore Hotel begins as soon as they Nanjangud have been a Complex pampering once you register and upload their pleasant task if one stays in get home. This is what we products and profile. It Mysore Hotel Complex as all call a lasing impression ! provides access to search for

Business News Service the databases of other companies participating in the event. The portal further lays out provisions to preschedule ones interaction at Bangalore Bio 2009. Bangalore Bio 2009 Conference, this year will offer increased know-how and net-working opportunities, insights from some of the key industry stalwarts and thought leaders on the 5 special focus tracks and 22 sessions focusing on Changing Models of Collaborative Research, Partnerships & Services, Medical Devices, Diagnostics & Informatics, Process Development & Bio Manufacturing, Industrial Biotechnology and Bio Business with HR and IP. Dr Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, CMD Biocon, the leading Biotech company of India and the Chairman Vision Group on Biotechnology believes that, The economic downturn has forced biotech companies and countries to look new ways of developing new biotech products. Affordable Innovation is the way forward and in this context it is Advantage India. The CEO Conclave will witnesses a high power meeting point of various professionals with key industry stalwart delivering the Vision Talk at the Conclave on the first day of Bangalore Bio 2009.




For the first time, the organizers have introduced an exclusive Bio-IP Zone. This will create an exclusive opportunity for leading National and International IP firms to come face-to-face with Biotech fraternity. This will facilitate dialogue of IP firms with startups as well as established players in biotech to address issues related to Licensing, Valuation, Patents,

Trademarks & Copyright. The International Trade Show is the largest congregation of biotech professionals to conduct meaningful interactions and business. This year it is expected to attract over 600 conference delegates and over 5000 business visitors from across India and overseas with over 150 exhibitors from Asia, Europe and USA.

Spices Board invites entries for Spices Productivity Awards Applications are invited from eligible spice growers for considering Spices Board Spices Productivity Awards during 2009-10. The following are the categories of awards. Cardamom (Small) Productivity Award, Cardamom (Large) Productivity Award, Award for Organic Spice Farmers and best IPM/Post Harvest Practices in spices, Award for Organic farming of Cardamom, Vanilla Productivity Award, Award for Organic farming of Vanilla. The award has been instituted by Spices Board to encourage healthy competition among growers of cardamom(small & large) and



vanilla and to promote organic farming and best IPM/Post Harvest Practices in spices . The awards consists of one first prize and two second prizes. The first prize carries a cash award of Rs.1,00,000/-, a citation and a certificate. Each second prize carries a cash award of Rs.25,000/-[one for women grower and other for general category], a citation and a certificate. Spice growers of various regions can forward their applications in the prescribed format (available from the Office of Spices Board) to the respective offices of the Board on or before 30-82009.




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