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Dear Insomniac I am two courses short of graduating with a Bachelor of Archaeology, anthropology with an option in multimedia design and communication from Aarhus University, Denmark. I'm interested in a junior-design position with your company and knowing your company ideals, make it the ideal place where I can both hone my skills and contribute with my extensive knowledge and ideas. Both my studies and my correspondence with Chen Ming Jian, Ubisoft Shanghai, have taught me the different challenges a person faces when working in the industry. In addition, my academic career, gave me a broad and extensive knowledge on human history and how different types of societies are structured, which is essential to know when you are constructing either RTS games, adventure games or any games that deals with either history or strategy or sentient beings, because it raises the players awareness of their role in the game and gives a feeling of realism and thereby it can boosts the immersion. Along with my main courses, I took courses in multimedia design, game-theory, communication, interpersonal communication and presentation, which confirmed my interest and spurred my passion and I am confident my skills and knowledge would be very well suited at your company, because I can see how we in cooperation could make gaming even better! Some of my skills and knowledge include: (1) Desktop publishing - MS Office, Visio, outlook, flash (beginner), 3dsmax(beginner), Photoshop (2) Gaming experience - MMOs, RPGs, RTSs, Shooters,adventure games both for console and PC (3) Ability to work effectively as both part of a team and on my own (4) Strong Interpersonal communication skills (5) Strong public speaking skills (6) Passion and Enthusiasm (8) Strong analytical skills (9) Highly content minded (10)Creative (11)Pro-activeness and self-motivation Although this resume/cover-letter provides a summary of my background, which at this point is limited to my academic career and a little hobby-work. I would like to meet with you in person, if possible, to discuss any available opportunities at Insomniac. I can be reached at (0045)30292623 or Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Kasper Loye Selvejer


This is a resume/ inquiry. thank you for your time and consideration.