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Dianabol 411 (Oxandrolone) What is Dianabol ( Methandrostelone )

What Is Dianabol Dianabol is an oral steroid often used by those athletes who are looking to increase muscle mass and strength. Dianabol which also goes by other names like Methandrostelone or the shorter Dbol was introduced into the world in 1958 and has quickly proved it's right to be an important anabolic steroid in bodybuilding. Dbol is best used insteroid cycles where it's stacked with an injectable steroid like Testosterone Cypionate for example but it can also be used alone such as in a dianabol only cycle. Dianabol is one of the steroids that is less often counterfeited than other anabolic steroids.


How Dianabol Works The active ingredients in dianabol (Methandrostelone) works as energy storing agents and by thus doing increasing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Dianabol also has adaptogenic properties helping the body to easily acclimatize to increased workloads and combat tiredness and for this reason is often used by those seeking more strength and endurance like souldiers for example. Dianabol's anti-catabolic properties has a significant "annealing" effect on all bodily operations.


Benefits of Dianabol Combining a mixture of both anabolic and androgenic properties, dianabol also called the " breakfast of champions" and is one of the strongest and the most popular steroids on the market. Dbol acts on the body in an ergogenic way after it is taken orally. Some of the reported benefits of Dianabol are:     

Impressive muscle mass increase with least fluid retention Momentous strength gains Keeps your well-deserved muscles intact User of dianabol may experience better sleep and enhanced physical and intellectual states. Dianabol will also help to prevent athletes from overtraining


Dianabol (Dbol) Only Cycles Apart from being used in stacked cycles alongside another steroid such asTestosterone Cypionate, Dianabol may also be used as a standalone steroids in what is termed as a "Dianabol only cycle". Even though the masses prefer to stack dbol with another anabolic steroid, in times past many great physiques were built during cycles where dianabol was the only steroid being used. Because Dianabol can be toxic to the liver a dbol only cycle would mean limiting it's use to no more than 8 weeks, followed by an off period of at least half as long as the period of use. So in theory if you were to use dianabol for 8 weeks then this should be followed by at least 4 weeks without the use of any oral steroid. This off period will give your liver the needed time to repair any damages and also some well needed rest. If you can follow an 8 week cycle with an 8 week off rest(from oral steroids) cycle this would be even more beneficial to your overall health. Like with any other anabolic steroid cycle, Dianabol usage should be followed with correct PCT (postcycle therapy). A good PCT steroid is Nolvadex or better known as Tamoxifen.


Recommended Dosage for Dianabol The recommended dosage for dianabolusage ranges from 20 to 50mg per day. Many dbol users have claimed that they experience outstanding benefits on just 20mg daily while others may take 50 to 90mg daily and report momentous strength gains and increase in muscle mass. Typically it is advised that one stay within the range of the recommended dosage unless one is working with a trained physical coach has been prescribed to use higher dosage by a doctor. If after maxing out your recommended daily dosage you are still looking for more results then it is best for you to stack dianabol with another anabolic steroid like testosterone for example. This would mean combing Dbol with 500mg to 1000mg oftestosterone cypionate or some other injectable that you may choose to stack dbol with. If you're taking 20mg per day it can be taken @ breakfast or you can take 1 pill(10mg) at breakfast and one at lunch. Likewise with higher dosage you can split it up evenly so that you end up taking it 3 ___________________________________________________________ times daily.

Side Effects of Dianabol

Side effects of dianabol use may include conversion to the sex hormone estradiol, suppression of natural testosterone production, and liver toxicity.

Additionally, all other side effects common to anabolic steroids are possible, such as increased blood pressure, increased hematocrit, possible adverse effect on scalp and skin, and worsened blood lipid profile. In general however majority of Users have had a very good experience with Dianabol. Most times one may experience side effects only when the product is abused and one takes an amount which is above the daily recommended dosage.


Where to buy Dianabol? Dianabol can be bought at pharmacies where the product is sold legally and it can also be bought online. Most users prefer to purchase their dbol on the internet but a word of caution to those that are new to purchasing steroids online, It's a good idea to purchase for a site that's already established as a trusted steroid supplier. This way you will avoid having the bad experiences that many new online purchasers have been victims of. So the first thing you really want to consider when choosing a website online to buy Dianabol is: "can they be trusted?" and second "what quality of products you will be getting?". My favorite website for buying Dianabol or any any other steroids that I may need for my cycle is Steroids2go they're pretty good and have always been helpful in my experience. With Steroids2go It's simple: you order, your order is shipped, your order is delivered.  

All their products are pharmagrade including their Dianabol. So none of the products you'll be getting from them are fake. And best of all they have some of the best prices on the market. If you're considering buying dianabol or any other steroids from Steroids2go simply hit them up via their contact form and they'll get in touch with you to discuss what your goals are and what may be the best products to assist you in this.

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