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CREATE & INSPIRE Issue 06 June, 2010

FREE entertainment Free events this summer! Capitol Hill People’s Fair June 5 and 6th Civic Center Park Denver Chalk Art Festival June 5th and 6th Larimer Square Cherry Creek Arts Festival July 3 - 5th Cherry Creek North Denver Black Arts Festival July 9 - 11th City Park West Colorado Dragon Boat Festival July 24th and 25th Sloan’s Lake Park Golden Fine Arts Festival August 21st and 22nd 11th st. and Araphahoe Taste of Colordo Sept 2 - 6th Civic Center Park

TUSK Magazine Publisher: Denise Faddis Editor: Denise Faddis Contributing Editor: Jenny Luper Photographer: Denise Faddis Art Director: Denise Faddis Graphic Designer: Denise Faddis


people and companies, have many things in common. I write about these sorts of people and companies in TUSK and by doing so I learn a great deal about what defining characteristics set successful people apart from others. To me, the number one defining characteristic is tenacity. Hard work and perseverance is how people get to where they want to go, and the route is hardly ever a straight easy road. Road blocks and failures abound on the winding road to achievement. We have all heard stories about how a large percentage of millionaires have had to go broke or bankrupt once or twice to get where they are; putting everything they have on the line to pursue their dream. The same thing applies to musicians. We obviously hear of a band after they have made it, or when they are at least on their way. We don’t always hear about the years of people telling them they suck or that they don’t have what it takes. Or, getting boo’d off stage or simply being told they don’t make the cut by producers. There truly is no difference between art and business when it comes to success. You have to want it, and more than wanting to be successful, you have to love it whether you ever become successful or not. Want it in the kind of way that you have the courage to keep playing when there are only a handful of people in the bar and two of them are heckling you. Want it in the way that you stay up all night to work on a painting that no one may ever see or like. Want it in a way that you put all your credit and savings on the line to open the business you believe in. That type of tenacity is rare, as rare as the number of extremely successful people. I watched a documentary last night about George Eastman, the man who brought photography to the masses by developing the technology that put Kodak and Brownie cameras on the market. Now, he epitomized someone who persevered until he came up with the right solution. And yes, he is a bit of a strange bird, but I wager that is also a common defining characteristic in folks as successful as these. For most of us, we are happy to accomplish day to day goals and success without needing to be a millionaire or movie star. Nonetheless, these lessons can still be applied to our seemingly less grandiose ambitions. This month take a few minutes to read about just a few of the impressive locals that push past fear and likely obstacles to go after what they believe in.

Cheers! Denise Owner of Faddis Creative


June, 2010

This month I Love...

A few of my favorite things

Heartless Bastards By Denise Faddis

Music is almost as important to me as shelter, and live music is one of my weaknesses. Often I can’t afford the tickets but I find myself making it a priority and simply finding a way to go. I have seen an awesome list of bands perform live and I hold that list as close to my heart as any. I love when an incredible band is even more incredible live. I love when you go to a show and the energy of the band takes you over. Entering your body, washing over you like a steady rhythm of electric beetles. Sending vibrations that seem to connect to your higher energy - and stay with you forever. As though the band has given you an internal tattoo, something larger than a memory. The most recent live show I attended was the Heartless Bastards at the Larimer Lounge. I have seen the Heartless Bastards before at the Gothic and they were outstanding. I think the space at Larimer Lounge however, provided an even more intimate opportunity for lead singer, Erika Wennerstrom’s voice to penetrate your core. She has one of those voices that sounds like perhaps it could have been altered in the studio to make it sound the way it does. But Erika proves every time I see her live, that when she opens her mouth, that sound simply comes pouring out. The entire band put their heart and souls into the performance and it came through. If you ever get a chance to check out the Heartless Bastards live, you simply should. They lack the pompous attitude and inflated ticket

prices that go along with it. Their lyrics speak to many in a way all beautiful poetry does. There are so many bands like them that play simply because they love to play, and I appreciate them for it.

The Happs Cherry Blossom Festival When:June 26 - June 27

Where: Sakura Square (between Lawrence and Larimer)

Volunteer Recruitment Open House When: Sunday, June 6, 1 p.m. Where: Denver Art Museum, North Building

Collection Showing by Tricia Hoke A celebration of Japanese culture including food, art, Where: Beatrice and Woodsley exhibits and demonstrations! When: June 10, 2010 3 TUSK

June, 2010

Everyday vs. Sommelier

check out Adam’s blog at


June, 2010

Bout #2 Tupun vs. Luzon Verde Sommelier Adam Weiner has been a Sommelier for 6 years, working in restaurants and wine shops in the Denver area. He loves sharing his passion with people and putting wine into context for everyday life. Adam is certified through The Court of Master Sommeliers, and also has an advanced certification from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. His next chapter includes attending UC Davis. 2008 Bodegas Luzon “Verde” Monastrell, Jumilla, Spain $10.49 Joy Wine & Spirts, 6th Ave. Sommelier: Very full bodied, showing aromas of licorice, tart cherry and a slight gaminess. The cherry and licorice are well pronounced on the palate, along with a little white pepper spiciness that carries on the long, long finish. Overall a solid wine considering the small price tag. It’s made from organic grapes, which is always a plus. I would rate this wine 85/100 points. Would I buy it again? Definitely. Everyday: Light color, smells a bit acidic, smooth going down, big game but tires out quickly (bold upfront), blackberry and peppercorn, dark plum earthy and boysonberry, long leggs, full body. We would purchase again but would choose the Tupun Malbec out of the two this month. 2005 Bodegas Tupun Malbec Reserva, Mendoza, Argentina $12.49 Joy Wine & Spirts, 6th Ave. Sommelier: The first thing I noticed was the great inky purple color, which I expect from Malbec. A slight earthy funk in the nose, along with jammy blackberry, fig and just a touch of anise. Lots of cinnamon and cedar aromas from the extended oak aging. Dark berry flavors are followed by spice and minerality. This wine is showing wonderfully; a complex wine for the price. My rating: 88/100. Not only would I buy this wine again, but I’d buy several bottles to watch it’s evolution over the next several years. Everyday: Gorgeous color, some great flavors we do not recognize, nice and smooth, possibly plum and tabacoo flavors, very earthy and bold. We would purchase again for sure! 5 TUSK

June, 2010


FACEless Fashion Footwear with less wear and tear. Story & Photography by Denise Faddis

Tricia Hoke 6 TUSK

June, 2010

Lisa Sommers Ahimsa Footwear 1668 Marion Street Denver, Colorado


June, 2010



June, 2010

FACEless Fashion Lisa Sommers opened Ahimsa Footwear in 2007 to provide Denver with an easy way to purchase shoes that are not only fashionable, but also Vegan, Eco-friendly and Sweatshop-Free. Ahimsa’s mission is to seek out products consumers can feel good buying, and between you and me, not only did they accomplish that, but Lisa’s impressive dedication to her mission is inspiring and encouraging. Story & Photography by Denise Faddis TUSK: What’s behind your name Ahimsa? Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word which literally means non-harm and is synonymous with non-violence. I became familiar with the term through my yoga practice. I thought it would be a great name for the store since the premise of the business is to provide shoes and accessories that are made without harming animals, fellow humans, or the environment.

store in Boulder, but the overhead was higher and I thought it would have a better chance of being profitable in Denver. TUSK: What is your favorite thing about living in Denver? There is always something going on! I’m especially impressed by the number of exceptional large and small live music venues and musicians they draw.

TUSK: What made you decide TUSK: What’s something most to open Ahimsa Footwear? After people don’t know about you? “Ahimsa is a Sanskrit moving to Denver in 2004 I was I suppose the most obvious thing that word which literally surprised to find that neither Denver most people who come in the store nor Boulder had a shop with any don’t know about me is that I’m a means non-harm and is professional or stylish work shoes physician. I interrupted my practice synonymous with non- and opened Ahimsa Footwear a few for men or women that were nonleather. It appeared to me that there years ago. Now I’m transitioning back violence.” was an unmet need for a vegan shoe into medicine and planning to keep the store in the area. Additionally I was store running as well. aware that there were only a few online vegan shoe stores nationwide. So I felt that a brick TUSK: What do you like to do when your not running and mortar store combined with an online store would have your company? I really enjoy practicing yoga, cooking, and good chance of success. Finally, I was looking for something snowboarding. new and interesting to do. At the time I had taken a break from my previous career and was looking to take on a project TUSK: What is the best piece of advice you a have ever that supported my values of compassion towards animals, been given? Is it bad that I don’t think I can remember the best humans and environmental sustainability. advice I’ve ever been given? What comes to my mind is when I complained as a kid my dad would say “Life’s rough Lisa, even TUSK: How long has Ahimsa been in business? the birds are walking!” It’s probably kept me from feeling too We opened in November of 2007. sorry for myself or too alone when things don’t go my way. TUSK: Why did you choose Denver to start your business? Mainly because I already lived in Denver and have Please read more about Ahimsa Footwear and Lisa at really enjoyed my time here. I thought about opening the 9 TUSK

June, 2010

TUSK Reader Reviews

Denver is the full of incredible people and those people are TUSK readers. Who better to give the lowdown on the best of Denver. Get in on the action, become a fan of TUSK on Facebook and share your opinion with us.

Question of the month:

What is your favorite restaurant or bar to enjoy a cold cocktail outside (patio or deck) during summertime in Denver? One of my favorite places is the Thin Man. - Gabriel The wife and I like Sloans. Mainly because it’s close to us but it is pretty chill. - James 1st would be my backyard with a blender! 2nd would be the roof top patio, uh......someone should make a bitchin rooftop patio besides anything in LoDo. - John Vine Street Pub - Lisa Aside from our patio, Adam and I love Osteria Marco in Larimer Square. You can enjoy a great glass of wine, amazing pizza, & panninis with house made mozzarella and a full salumi bar. Our personal favorites are their meatball sliders, mussels, and a glass of Soave wine. - Vanessa

Beach cruisers to Park Burger... Good patio - bikeable from Denver - great Draught beers and wine, and the burgers are my favorite in town... - Joe I would say Root Down because they have a really good mixologist and the aesthetic of the place is really unique. - Eric Poor House - Shane Lola; great food, heaters if it’s a little chilly, and a great view of downtown - Denise Govener’s Park has a large patio and cheap beer. - Brett Margaritas at Platte River! Great view and live music on the weekends. - Randy


June, 2010

TUSK Reader Reviews From the ‘burbs

Review of East Moon Asian Bistro & Sushi By Jenny Luper

A couple of weeks ago, I was looking for a place to eat with my husband. It was 7:30 pm on a Friday night and we live on the north side of the ‘burbs; not too many options were open that didn’t have a 30 minute or longer wait time. The line looked significantly shorter at East Moon Asian Bistro & Sushi, so we decided to give it a try. We had been there before several months back, loved the food, atmosphere, and the prices, but the service had been less than stellar; that’s putting it nicely. Times have now changed. We were seated immediately, found excellent service, great bar specials, and plates large enough to share. Try their Thai dishes and noodle bowls; they have an incredible peanut sauce. Huge portions, delicious flavors, and most of the time you will find some sort of drink specials on wine, wells, or sake. It’s a great place to eat and no one knows about it!

East Moon Asian Bistro & Sushi 10431 Town Center Dr. Unit 101C Broomfield, CO 80021 www.

From the Shadows of the ‘burbs

A Zombie Take on East Moon Asian Bistro & Sushi – Two Disarticulated Thumbs Up By Jenny Luper

So I’ve decided to ask a friend of mine what he thought about East Moon Asian Bistro & Sushi.

He’s a zombie. By the way, don’t call him one of the undead; their nomenclature is a very touchy subject. They prefer to be called the living dead. Claudius loved the atmosphere. It’s dark, but not so dark that you can’t see what you’re eating, or what’s eating you. He thought it was safe enough for people who don’t want to become a zombie snack to hang out and enjoy their dinner. This comment held so many implications. It startled me. When I questioned him on this point, why exactly would it be safe and does that mean there are restaurants that aren’t so safe and how could he eat on someone without their knowledge, he just smiled at me and didn’t say a word. Maybe he said too much already. I didn’t want him to get in trouble. The makeup he wears to pass as living had caked up a little bit on the corner of his jaw. I told him it helps to blend the base along the jaw line, that way it doesn’t look like a line of makeup. He said he loves these little tips from me and would be happy to share some more of his zombie tips in exchange. Claudius gives two disarticulated thumbs up for East Moon Asian Bistro & Sushi; a great place to eat and a great place to not get eaten!


June, 2010

M Eric Hines & Peeve Red Light District Netherlands HonestAmsterdam, Bros. Photograph by Denise Faddis Denver, Colorado 12 TUSK

June, 2010

Honest Bros. Eric Hines- Shop Forman Anderew Carr- Lead Mechanic Drew Ehrgott - Systems Tech

Master Mechanic

& his pet Peeve

Honest Bros. is the company behind Denver’s Text vs. Ticket and other great campaigns and designs throughout the city. Shop Forman, Eric Hines, gives TUSK a little insight into the mind of a “Concept Mechanic”. Story & Photography by Denise Faddis

TUSK: What’s behind your name, Honest Bros.? And the idea of Concept Mechanics? It’s simple, each person at Honest Bros. has a voice and therefore the ability to explain reasoning behind their design and technique. Are we brothers? No. It’s a nostalgic throwback to the idea of garage businesses and the mentality during the 60’s and 70’s. Additionally using somebody’s name or an acronym for a design firm just feels like a copout when your supposed to be a “creative.” Our processes often involve rolling up our sleeves and using our hands rather than computer to solve a problem, hence the title. Additionally, we really toying with vehicles of all kinds but only for fun. 13 TUSK

June, 2010

Master Mechanic TUSK: I think most creatives are looking for outlets of expressing their creativity and art from the beginning. What kinds of things did you do when you were a kid to feed your obvious natural ability to create? I was an artistic kid, but I understood the concept of design and knew it was what I wanted to do as early on as middle school, which is pretty rare. Outside of taking art classes I was pulling bikes and skateboards apart and toying with anything mechanical. TUSK: How long has Honest Bros. been in business?  Honest Bros. has been in business for just over two years. We’ve been lucky to weather the tough economic times by leveraging our marketing materials and creative thinking.

TUSK: What is your favorite thing about living in Denver? The attitude towards small business owners. The support system for small business owners is really solid here making it one of the top entrepreneurial cities in the U.S..

TUSK: What’s something most people don’t know about you? This is what I do because I love it. Sometimes my passion for design is “We’ve been lucky seen as arrogance but it’s simply not the case. I share the same passion for a to weather the tough prospective project, business or brand economic times by that I do for my own company and it’s always common for designers to leveraging our marketing not have that sort of devotion.

materials and creative thinking.”

TUSK: Is there a creative campaign TUSK: What are your favorite or concept out there that you wish projects to work on? you would have thought of ? Mostly branding and conceptual So incredibly many campaigns that I thinking. This includes working with clients to figure out wish I had done. The “Use Only What You Need” campaign how to touch their market through different ideas and media by “Sukle” for Denver Water is really solid. Not only was the vehicles rather than saturating a medium with advertising. idea great but they got to augment everything from barrel billboards to taxi cabs.  TUSK: Any project in particular that stands out to you as your most memorable? TUSK: What do you like to do when your not working The Text vs. Ticket campaign that we did to remind people as a concept mechanic? about street sweeping. It allowed us to do several things. Currently I am creating a custom motorcycle. It’s not too First, it showed our thinking and how an idea can create a involved but it won’t look like anything else on the road large amount of buzz for a company. Second, it promoted which was the objective really. Outside of that I do a lot of us which never hurts. Finally, the software was created to silkscreening and photography. work in additional cities outside of Denver. TUSK’s question of the month for our readers: What is TUSK: Why did you choose Denver to start your your favorite restaurant or bar to enjoy a cold cocktail business? outside (patio or deck) during summertime in Denver? The mountains & outdoors was my original thinking, like Just one? I would say Root Down because they have a most transplants. Three hundred days of sunshine doesn’t really good mixologist and the aesthetic of the place is hurt either.  really unique.  14 TUSK

June, 2010

Honest Bros. make it easy and convient to sign up for Text vs. Ticket. Above is a screen capture of the options on their website. Sign up and take a few minuest to checkout their extensive portfolio of projects.

Honest Bros. 1804 S. Pearl St. Denver, CO 80210


June, 2010

TUSK MAGAZINE John Balistreri and his daughter Julie having fun and teaching us about their wine.

Balistreri Barrel Tasting Bringing the saying “eat, drink & be merry” to a whole new level. By Denise Faddis

There are times that Denver seems small, and those times usually come to me

on a Saturday night when I feel like I have done or tried everything Denver has to offer. Of course I know that’s not the case, and TUSK continues to prove to me that there are wonderful adventures still waiting for me around every corner. A few months back I was introduced to the amazing Balistreri family. They have a certain charm all their own and they won me over instantly; their wine and hospitality keeps me coming back for more. One of the many fantastic things about Balistreri Vineyards is their love of what they do and their passion to share it with others. Every year they have a number of events at their home base just 20 minutes from the city. My husband Shane and I attended the last of the week long Spring Barrel Tasting evenings on Sunday, May 16. The wine was flowing and plates of delicious food supplied by Executive Chef of Jax Fish House, Sheila Lucero, wowed us course after course. I took some photos of this fabulous event and will be featuring a full story about Balistreri Vineyards with an interview with Julie Balistreri in the next issue of TUSK Magazine.


June, 2010

TUSK MAGAZINE Shannon Briese

Vanessa La Velle

Stacy Nelson

TUSK’s Recycled Fashion Contest, 2010 And the winners are...

We challenged you all to show your style as well as help local non profits by finding a unique outfit for under $20.00 at an ARC Thrift or Goodwill store. Not only did you find super cute purses, belts, jackets and dresses but your entries all came in under $12.00! Talk about a great way to lesson your carbon footprint as well as save your bank account. In fact, most of the selections found were big name labels. You rock Ladies! (all photos provided by TUSK readers) See my entry on the cover and in the following photo spread. “Strength of Art”.


June, 2010

Nature Com Natural Photography & Creative Direction by Denise Faddis Model: Artist, Vanessa La Velle


June, 2010



June, 2010


June, 2010


June, 2010


June, 2010


June, 2010


June, 2010


June, 2010

From the heart Note worthy non-profits

Renee’s Friends Fund (RFF) was one of the first charities of it’s kind in Colo-

rado. In 2004, RFF began providing non-medical financial assistance to breast cancer patients who were being forced to choose between medical treatment and paying for food, gas, utilities, or their mortgage, because while going through treatment they were no longer able to work. Since then, Renee’s Friends Fund (RFF), has provided more than $323,000 in financial assistance to people facing the challenges of living with breast cancer. This has been made possible by the overwhelming support from the Colorado horse community. RFF is run by an all volunteer board and staff, which means over 90% of all funds from individuals and community events goes directly to clients giving help and hope to those facing the disease.

Mission: Providing non-medical financial assistance for breast cancer patients

Renee’s Friends Fund is a Colorado based, 100% volunteer, non-profit which assists with normal living expenses as patients obtain the treatments and therapies necessary to fight breast cancer. Treatment and medical costs make it difficult to work and meet the expenses of daily living. Through Renee’s Friends Fund, middle to low-income women and men in need can receive assistance for a variety of non-medical expenses, such as transportation, household costs, food and breast cancer supportive therapies and related supplies. All funds benefit patients in Colorado. Renee’s Friends Fund PO Box 303 Florence, CO 81226 Photos and text from their website.

Learn more at


June, 2010

TUSK MAGAZINE TUSK Magazine is part of Faddis Creative All rights reserved Please contact me and tell me what you think. Do you know a great company or artist you think I should visit and possibly write about? Let me know. Do you own a product or clothing line you want me to feature? Contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Enjoyed this issue? Send it to your friends and coworkers. Please let companies and people you read about in TUSK know where you heard about them. Also, visit our website to learn more about advertising opportunities with TUSK. Peace, Denise TUSKMagazine.html This issue is dedicated to my friend Amber. She is an amazing women with courage, strength and drive. She has overcame obstacles right and left and puts her all into being a good mom to her son Kaleb, as well as being a great friend and person. Thanks for being a cool chick, Amber, and inspiring people around you daily.

TEAM NO LIMITS Healthy Living Seminar Thursday, June 10, 2010 6:30 PM Sharp! In the Back Room at Den Deli 1501 South Pearl St., Denver, CO 80210 Presented by Usana Health Sciences & Team Northrup members: Jack Donisvitch, C.R., C.M.T., MA and Elizabeth Montana, Wellness Lifestyle Coach Are you ready to live the healthy lifestyle you have always dreamed of ? Whether you are prepared to make big changes in your eating habits, or just want to go from good to great, this one hour FREE seminar is for you. The Healthy Living Seminar teaches cutting edge health information on nutrition and smart lifestyle choices. We will show you how to easily and conveniently eat for health, energy, fitness and weight management. Sample several selections of healthy and delicious foods provided by Den Deli! You’ll learn about: 1. The triad of balanced health 2. How to take the guesswork out of proper nutrition 3. Easy methods to master the art of a healthy lifestyle 4. Demystify low-glycemic eating and weight management 5. How to set yourself up to feel alert and energetic all day, every day. 6. How to make healthy restaurant choices Register ASAP! Call: 303-504-6151 or This program is limited to 20 participants as seating is limited!


June, 2010

TUSK Magazine June 2010  

TUSK Magazine June 2010

TUSK Magazine June 2010  

TUSK Magazine June 2010