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what is seo and how to rank 1st on google ? The Question "what is seo" is asked by millions of user in Entire Digital World. Toady I will explain the term "seo" and it’s all components.

seo is short form of 'search engine optimization'. The Process of optimization digital contents on various search engines is known as seo. lets discuss briefly , We know that entire world have thousands of search engine Google, Yahoo , Bing , Msn , ask , duckduckgo etc but one of the most popular is Google search engine , 98 % of internet user prefer Google as a search engine. So term 'seo' is explained by largest search engine Google . The Process of optimization of any digital contents (Images , Words and Videos ) is seo .this is the technique to promote our digital contents on search engine.

We know that search engine have 98 percent of internet user .when we publish digital contents ( Image , Words and Videos ) on our website or blogs , search engine user search for something , they get millions of results on their keywords . This results is generated among best optimized sites. If you want lots of visitors from search engine, you must be knowledge of seo.

Why SEO is Necessary to get organic visitors ? SEO is Necessary to get organic visitors because search engine never read your digital content manually , every search engine have crawler bot and they Understand bot language. so when we do everything's according to crawler bot than bot understand what we produce and what user want. so we have to do everything according to search engine crawler bot for organic visitors .

for better understanding of crawler bot , seo is divided into two parts. 1.

On Page SEO


Off Page SEO What is On Page SEO ?

On Page SEO Is The Technique to optimize our blogs by itself. we have own hands to do every steps of seo in On Page SEO. we have to optimize our blogs with three important components keywords, tags and meta description. How To Do On Page seo ? When we do On Page seo , we have to follow these guidelines Articles Title : Always Gives Your Blog or article Titles Less Than 80 characters long.  Keywords: Use Your Keywords in H1 Tags ,H2 Tags , H3 Tags & Meta description .  Meta description: Give Informative Meta description of your digital contents in less than 160 characters.  Images: Use own Captured image or produced by image editor. Always use compressed image.  Digital Contents Length: Always produce long content , they increase your blog's onsite online time. 

What is Off Page SEO ?

in Off Page SEO , we have task to make our blog popular on other niche related website or blog. we have requirement of making relationship to other niche related website or blog . here relationship is meant by link building. we have to build backlinks of our blog or website

articles on other niche related blog or website . off page seo is possible after carefully done on page seo. Main task on Off Page SEO is making dofollow backlinks more than your competitor. What are backlinks ? backlinks are the links who is point on another blogs or website. for example our website A have ddmmmyy link and We Point on Website B . This is known as backlinks . backlinks is two types Dofollow & Nofollow . Dofollow backlinks have high value and Nofollow backlinks have no value on search engine. dofollow backlinks give juice to get higher ranking and Nofollow backlinks is worst for ranking. How to create backlinks ? backlinks is two types dofollow and nofollow . nofollow backlinks isn't necesassery for our blogs or website. but search engine algorithm want some of dofollow and some of nofollow backlinks on your site or blogs. Perfect combination of dofollow and nofollow backlinks is 70/30 percent respectively. How to Create nofollow backlinks ? there is most popular way to Create nofollow backlinks . blog commenting is most popular ways to Create nofollow backlinks. search on search engine with your keywords , you get lots of results just comments Your Valuable

suggestion with your articles link . one most important things is make backlinks for articles links not on whole website or blog links. How to Create Dofollow backlinks ? to Create Dofollow backlinks we have to pass lots of difficult tasks. but today i tell you how to Create Dofollow backlinks without wasting your time and money. now days every webmaster use two methods to Create Dofollow backlinks but i suggest three methods , 1. Guest Post : Guest post is widely used methods in backlinks building. search your website niche related blogs and write articles for him . submit with your three links on article . if you going to submit Guest Post , you have to do some tasks first.  Check Page Rank Of Guest Blog , If PR is 0 than don't choose for guest post  Check Domain Authority, if DA is Less Than 30 , don't choose for guest post  Check Blog Niche , if Niche is not related to your site than don't choose for guest post 2. Forum Posting: Forum Posting is also best methods for off page seo . this is very simple . search your niche related website forum , participate in discussion . post your links with your comments.

3. Backlinks Exchange : Backlinks Exchange is not a search engine methods and if they know you get penalty from search engine but one methods is exists for Backlinks Exchange . Old School seo methods: An old School seo method is used by some of professional webmasters. Old school seo webmaster exchange links but never got penalty from search engine. They make Site A & Site B and want to exchange with site C , than give Site A links to site C and post site C links to Site B . Google never catch him in links exchange. you can also exchange links , you have to make a sub-domain then use old school methods. 

How to rank 1st on Google ?

Steps 1 : Read about what is seo  Steps 2 : Do Properly On page seo  Steps 3 : Share your articles on social networks , gain at least 100 visitors  Steps 4 : search your keywords on Google , if your articles is not on 1st page than copy the first results and check backlinks with moz explorer . Download entire report and make backlinks on entire downloaded lists.  Steps 4 : Do Properly off page seo , make Dofollow backlinks more than your competitor  Steps 5 : wait 30 days to 90 days , search engine take time to rank keywords. if you want to rank 1st on Google and other search engine than you have knowledge of "what is seo" , "What are backlinks" & "How to create backlinks" . if you really 

understand these terms you got 1st rank on Google and other search engine. if you have high pr backlinks then your articles index faster than others, once you index your one articles than you can do for unlimited articles so first focus on one keywords .

what is seo and how to rank 1st on google ?  

what is seo and how to rank 1st on google ? The Question "what is seo" is asked by millions of user in Entire Digital World. Toady I will ex...

what is seo and how to rank 1st on google ?  

what is seo and how to rank 1st on google ? The Question "what is seo" is asked by millions of user in Entire Digital World. Toady I will ex...