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Getting the cold shoulder County commissioners divided over fate of hiring freeze By Mark Haney Editor


Groups seek to explain school bond issue

By Mark Haney Reporter

The task of explaining and promoting the May 7 bond issue has fallen to a group of Reese Public Schools parents and residents. The school board learned April 15 the group already has mailed information on the vote to every district voter. They also have created a video. They also have set up a group that will work to market and promote the bond issue. And yet another group from within their number will be identifying yes voters in the district and urging them to vote on May 7. On that day the district will be asking voters to approve an $11.85 million bond issue. The bond issue will be paid back over a period of 22 years by a 2.74-mill tax on property. If approved by the voters, the money will be used at the elementary school to replace the roof, remodel and add 2,000 square feet to the cafeteria, refinish the See BOND A6

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TV show eyes historic house – for its ghosts By Tom Gilchrist Reporter

TV ghost hunters sought spirits last week inside a storied Tuscola County house – and may feature the home on the season premiere of a Travel Channel show. “All I will say is this: I would be amazed if this were not the first episode of the season,” said Matthew Hobin, executive producer of the show featuring the “Ghost Brothers,” three self-described best friends who visited some of the country’s “most haunted” destinations on their prior shows on the Destination America and TLC channels. The trio – Marcus Harvey, Dalen Spratt and Juwan Mass – spent several nights last week inside “The Wedding Cake House” along Ringle Road south of M-81, with homeowners Conrad and Jessica Dowe, and family. “This was an amazing weekend; we had some pretty crazy stuff go on,” said Hobin, who oversaw film and sound crews working at the home for several days. “The cast wrapped up their investigation with the family on Sunday. The Ghost Brothers spent the whole weekend with the family, and finished their job and went home (Monday).” The home along Ringle Road, completed in 1880 for Richard C. Burtis and his wife, Flora (Chubbs) Burtis, is one of the best examples in Michigan of Second Empire architecture, according to architectural historian Dale P. Wolicki. Conrad Dowe, a Vassar High

(Photo by John Cook)

This home along Ringle Road, completed in 1880 for Richard C. Burtis and his wife, Flora (Chubbs) Burtis, is known for its Second Empire architecture and reports that ghosts inhabit the dwelling. Producers for an upcoming Travel Channel TV show involving ghost-hunters spent a week at the house this month.

School graduate, bought the home in 2011, and married his wife a year later. Jessica Dowe in 2016 told The Advertiser that the home is haunted by ghosts of at least three adults. One apparition – that of an elderly man – has laid claim to Jessica Dowe, she said. “The (ghost) said ‘She’s mine,’ and a psychic came through here later and said the old man is referring to me,” Dowe said. Dowe said she also saw the ghost of an old man looking back at her when she looked down the stairwell leading from the home’s former servants’ quarters into the kitchen. “He was squatting down like he

was looking through the (kitchen) doorway at me, and I screamed,” Dowe said. “He said ‘Jessica’ in a very low-sounding voice.” She added that when paranormal investigators searched the slaughterhouse barn in the backyard of the property several years ago, a voice said, “He’s mocking us with his camera.” Hobin, employed by Minnesotabased Tremendous Entertainment, said the yet-unnamed new TV series featuring the Ghost Brothers focuses only on paranormal activity in homes. The first episode airs in August. See GHOSTS A7


Decision looming on Pegasus project By John Schneider Editor

Attorneys for NextEra Energy Resources and Juniata Township were in court Monday arguing their case in regard to NextEra’s newest local wind farm project – Pegasus Wind Energy Center. On April 8, NextEra, a Juno Beach, Florida-based renewable energy corporation, filed a complaint in Tuscola County Circuit Court aiming to overturn the township planning commission’s decision last month to revoke a special land use permit (SLUP) for the Pegasus project. In January 2018, the planning commission approved the SLUP application for the Pegasus project, which calls for about 60 wind turbines to be constructed in Juniata, Fairgrove and Gilford townships. On March 26, the Juniata Township Planning Commission revoked the

SLUP. The planning commission pointed to the code compliance section of the Pegasus SLUP application as the main reason for revocation. The section reads: “The Pegasus Wind Energy Center will comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations and will obtain all required federal, state, and local approvals, licenses, permits or variances for the proposed wind project prior to the date of construction. NextEra Energy Resources performs a systematic evaluation of its wind projects to ensure they are sited in an environmentally responsible manner and in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations.” Despite a portion of the section stating that NextEra would not begin construction until it retains all applicable permits, the Pegasus Project has begun with the

construction of base supports as well as access roads to the supports. On Monday, NextEra asked for a preliminary injunction, which would allow the Pegasus project to continue. Arguments were heard by Judge Amy Grace Gierhart, who told both parties she would provide them with a written decision, possibly by Friday. “The revocation is totally unjustified,” NextEra attorney Jonathan Lauderbach said Monday. “Pegasus has complied with all of the provisions of the special land use permit and all local, county and state requirements.” In regard to the portion of the Pegasus SLUP stating that all permits will be obtained prior to the date of construction, Lauderbach said “This is one sentence of a 500-page document. The township says that means we can’t do anything until we





The freeze felt the heat Thursday. That’s when the Tuscola County Board of Commissioners fell into a rather heated discussion over the county’s ongoing hiring freeze. That policy came under fire from District 5 Commissioner Dan Grimshaw over the commission’s willingness to ease restrictions in order to let animal shelter director Leigh Nacy fill an opening for a part-time kennel attendant. Nacy and her opening were a last-minute addition to the commission’s agenda, but that item came up just a short time after the commission approved John Bishop’s request to fill a full-time position for an accounts clerk in the register of deeds office. The difference was in the process. And that is what


SANILAC CO. | A2 Canada lynx found in Sanilac County returned safely to the wild With a casual glance or two back, a Canada lynx left its holding carrier in under a minute Friday and trotted off over the snow into a stand of pine trees in central Schoolcraft County.

CARO | A2 Window-hoppers: bunnies draw visitors


Divine Design Jewelry Store has offered shoppers a carrot by placing seven live bunnies in a front-window display at the business at 177 N. State St. (M81) in downtown Caro. And the rabbits have proven popular not only among those seeking jewelry prior to Easter and Mother’s Day.

TUSCOLA CO. | A4 A message from the Tuscola County Medical Examiner’s Office In the United States, a death investigation system exists which consists of a coroner system, a medical examiner system, or a combination of the two. Michigan subscribes to a county-based medical examiner system.

MILLINGTON | B1 Respect your elders: Millington varsity beats its JV for county tournament title In what was a testament to the depth of the Millington softball program, the Cardinals’ varsity defeated their junior varsity 12-0 in the finals of Saturday’s Thumb Invitational Tuscola County Tournament.



Jarrett Price CARO

Bill Bennett CARO

Bob Cloutier Bill Jackson Dave Duke MAYVILLE CARO REESE

Steve Lesoski CARO


Monday & Thursday 8:30-6:00; Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 8:30-5:30; Saturday 9:00-3:00

Mike Holland CARO

M-81 • Caro

A2 — Wednesday, April 17, 2019, The Advertiser



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High school plays host to annual Vassar Lions Club Easter egg event (Photos by John Cook)

Yo u n g s t e r s dash to the middle of the Vassar High School gymnasium floor to get their hands on some treats Sunday at the Vassar Lions Club Easter event.


Canada lynx found in Sanilac County returned safely to the wild From the Michigan Department of Natural Resources

With a casual glance or two back, a Canada lynx left its holding carrier in under a minute Friday and trotted off over the snow into a stand of pine trees in central Schoolcraft County. The lynx had been brought north to be released in a cooperative venture by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the Detroit Zoological Society. “It went perfectly,” said John DePue, a DNR wildlife biologist who supervised the release of the cat. “She didn’t dart out of the carrier like some other animals would have, but that’s pretty typical lynx behavior.” The lynx – an animal only rarely seen in Michigan – had been making headlines since it was discovered about a month earlier on a farm in Sanilac County. The DNR received a report on March 16 of a possible lynx preying on a farmer’s domestic geese. The lynx was described as easily approachable and wasn’t spooked by the farmer’s presence. From photos provided, DNR staffers verified it was indeed a Canada lynx. Because the animal had been behaving oddly – including being easily approachable –the DNR, in cooperation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, worked with a local trapper to capture the lynx to evaluate its health. “Canada lynx are listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act,” said Dan Kennedy, endangered species coordinator with the DNR. “The DNR has the authority to handle federally threatened species through an agreement with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.” The lynx was held at the Howell Nature Center wildlife rehabilitation facility in Livingston County until she was able to be transferred to the Detroit Zoological Society for a health assessment. The female cat, believed to be less than a year old, measured just over 4 feet long and weighed 18 pounds. She was treated for a foot wound, parasites and dehydration. “The lynx was well-cared for while at our facility,” said Randi Meyerson, deputy chief

life sciences officer at the Detroit Zoological Society. “We were happy to play a role in restoring her to good health so she could be returned to the wild.” DNR wildlife biologist Cody Norton said the lynx gained more than a pound, eating rabbits and quail while under the care of Detroit Zoological Society staffers. The cat was transported north about 400 miles before a small group of DNR staffers released her into the wild. “It’s been acting like a normal healthy cat,” Norton said. DePue and Norton worked the mechanism on the carrier door to release the cat. The door swung open. The lynx stepped cautiously out of the carrier and looked behind at the two biologists before walking away in the opposite direction. “A once-in-a-career opportunity in the state of Michigan just took place,” said DNR wildlife technician Don Brown, who helped bring the lynx north. A blood sample from the lynx had been submitted to the U.S. Forest Service’s National Genomics Center for Wildlife and Fish Conservation in Missoula, Montana for DNA analysis. “The DNA of this lynx is consistent with DNA from lynx in the Great Lakes region of the U.S. and Canada,” said Kristy Pilgrim, laboratory supervisor at the center. Canada lynx are found in boreal sprucefir forests in the northern portions of North America, mainly in Canada and Alaska. While lynx do not usually occur in Michigan, the occasional dispersing individual could move through the state. “Lynx are more likely to be seen in the Upper Peninsula, with the most recent verified sighting on Sugar Island in 2010,” Kennedy said. The location where the lynx was released has good habitat and abundant food sources, such as snowshoe hare and beaver. This location is also remote and has large contiguous blocks of public lands and little human development. For more information on wildlife in Michigan, visit



Arbela Township When: 4/12/2019 8:09:00 PM Incident: Assault and Battery/ Simple Assault When: 4/12/2019 8:09:00 PM Incident: Marijuana – Sell When: 4/12/2019 8:09:00 PM Incident: Neglect Child When: 4/13/2019 2:40:00 AM Incident: Traffic, Non-Criminal – Accident When: 4/13/2019 3:05:00 AM Incident: Inspections/Investigations – Suspicious Situations When: 4/12/2019 3:00:00 PM Incident: Inspections/Investigations – Suspicious Situations When: 4/14/2019 4:30:00 AM Incident: Inspections/Investigations – Suspicious Situations Dayton Township When: 4/13/2019 2:09:00 PM Incident: Inspections/Investigations – Family Trouble Denmark Township When: 4/15/2019 3:34:00 AM Incident: False Alarm Fremont Township When: 4/13/2019 4:46:00 AM Incident: Miscellaneous – Natural Death

When: 44/12/2019 6:00:00 PM Incident: Inspections/Investigations – Suspicious Situations When: 44/13/2019 3:55:00 PM Incidents: Miscellaneous – Assist to Other Police Agency When: 44/14/2019 7:06:00 AM Incident: Inspections/Investigations – Suspicious Situations When: 44/14/2019 8:30:00 AM Incident: Burglary – No Forced Entry – Residence (Including Home Invasion) When: 4/14/2019 8:30:00 AM Incident: Vehicle Theft Indianfields Township When: 4/12/2019 8:00:00 AM Incident: Traffic, Non-Criminal – Accident When: 4/12/2019 4:13:00 PM Incident: Inspections/Investigations – Other Inspections When: 4/13/2019 3:21:00 PM Incident: Traffic, Non-Criminal – Traffic Investigations/Surveys When: 4/14/2019 12:10:00 PM Incident: Inspections/Investigations – Family Trouble When: 4/15/2019 6:24:00 PM Incident: Inspections/Investigations – Family Trouble

Juniata Township When: 4/14/2019 1:41:00 PM Incident: Traffic, Non-Criminal – Accident Koylton Township When: 4/12/2019 1:15:00 AM Incident: Traffic, Non-Criminal – Accident When: 4/15/2019 11:05:00 PM Incident: Traffic, Non-Criminal – Accident Millington Township When: 4/12/2019 4:44:00 PM Incident: Traffic, Non-Criminal – Accident When: 4/14/2019 7:00:00 PM Incident: Miscellaneous – Assist to Fire Department Tuscola Township When: 4/12/2019 11:00:00 AM Incident: Motor Vehicle Accident – Failed to Stop and Identify When: 4/13/2019 2:50:00 PM Incident: Miscellaneous – Assist to Other Police Agency When: 4/12/2019 8:00:00 AM Incident: Assault and Battery/ Simple Assault

Vassar Lions Club member Arlis Van de Veer dumps small toys and candy onto the floor of Vassar High School.


3.99% Introductory Rate for the First 6 Billing Cycles APR**

5.25 - 5.60% Variable Rate Beginning with the 7th Billing Cycle


*Subject to credit approval and program guidelines. This offer applies only to home equity line of credit account loans. Applications must be submitted between April 1, 2019 and May 31, 2019. Properties with a current Chemical Bank second mortgage/home equity line of credit are ineligible for the offer. Only a primary residence property, which the borrower owns and occupies is eligible; not available on a second/vacation home, rental/investment properties, or mobile homes. Offer limited to residences of Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio only. You must be approved for a minimum home equity line of credit in an amount of at least $5,000 at time of loan closing and have a credit score of 720 or greater at time of application to obtain the advertised special rate. Your rate and corresponding APR may be higher than the advertised special rate, depending on your credit history and Chemical Bank’s credit policies. The home equity line of credit is available for owner-occupied, primary residence properties with an 80% or lower combined loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. Property insurance is required. Flood insurance may be required. There is a $75 annual fee, waived for the first year. No processing or closing fees for loans up to $150,000. Automated Valuation Model (AVM) is required. If AVM is not available, you will be responsible for full appraisal cost. For home equity line of credit loans over $150,000, all standard fees apply. Standard fees, including closing costs and other third-party fees, generally total between $1,300-$2,500. A termination fee of $250, or 2% of the outstanding loan balance, whichever is less, may be charged if the home equity line of credit is closed within three years of the loan closing date for any reason other than the sale of the property securing the home equity line of credit or a refinance to another Chemical Bank loan product. Paying the minimum monthly periodic payments may not fully amortize the outstanding balance of your loan by your loan maturity date, and a final increased payment may result. You will be required to repay the entire outstanding balance at such time by making a full, single payment. This offer may be extended or modified at any time. **The introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 3.99% will remain in effect for the first 6 billing cycles after the loan closing date. ***After the introductory rate period ends, any and all remaining balances will automatically revert to the variable rate APR per the terms of the ChemLine Home Equity Line of Credit Agreement and Disclosure. Your APR on the home equity line of credit may vary from a minimum of 3.99% to 18% in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, or the maximum allowed by law, whichever is less.

For more information find your nearest banking center at

Vassar Township When: 4/13/2019 4:23:00 AM Incident: Miscellaneous – NonCriminal


Wednesday, April 17, 2019, The Advertiser

— A3

Thumb Community CARO

Window-hoppers: Store bunnies draw visitors Divine Design Jewelry Store has offered shoppers a carrot by placing seven live bunnies in a front-window display at the business at 177 N. State St. (M-81) in downtown Caro. And the rabbits have proven popular not only among those seeking jewelry prior to Easter and Mother’s Day. “We have a lot of people coming in to just look at them and wanting to pet ’em,” said Angela McPhee of Divine Design. “A lot of kids coming home from school will stop in the window and look, and we also have a lot of dogs looking in our windows.” The store rented the seven bunnies, which arrived earlier this month and will remain in the front window until Friday or Saturday,

said McPhee, noting store owner Bobby Baker finds such mammals memorable. “It was his idea to have them come in, because when he was a child, one of the stores in Frankenmuth always had bunnies,” McPhee said. “I said I wanted to do something neat in the store for Easter, because I design the window display. “He said ‘Well, how about live bunnies?’ and I said ‘Who’s going to take care of them?’ But they’re not as hard as I thought they’d be to take care of.” Two bunnies, however, are pregnant, McPhee said. “I told (Baker) ‘You’d better know when you’re taking these bunnies home, or you’re gonna have little baby bunnies in the window,’” McPhee said.

(Photos by John Cook)

Weight restrictions lifted

TUSCOLA COUNTY – Seasonal weight restrictions were lifted on all Tuscola County roads effective Monday, April 15, 2019, at 7 a.m. For additional information, contact the Tuscola County Road Commission at 989-673-2128.

Open House Walbro LLC • 6242 Garfield Avenue, Cass City

Saturday April, 27, 2019 | Noon – 4:00

Orphan of the Week TESLA I had a home at one time, but I’m not sure what happened b e c a u s e one day I found myself out on the streets trying to survive on my own. I overheard my foster mom telling someone that I was an unclaimed stray. I’m not really sure what that means, but since I arrived here, I’ve had 3 square meals a day, a roof over my head and went for a car ride to the vet. These are important things that all animals need, but things that I didn’t have for a while. I’m a friendly girl that has been fixed and had all kinds of vet work done, so I’m ready for a family that will love me forever. IF you can give me the home I deserve, please call Pam @ (989) 843-7723. “Like” Cass River Pet FriendZ on Facebook and visit www.



For all your local news

Tour the Walbro Plant


Donna from Manitou Beach says her Orange Kiss Me Cake is fruity and light, perfect for a spring or summer dessert. Belinda from Archbold sent in her recipe for Easy Pineapple Cake. Gayle from Hastings serves her Lynn Eckerle Breakfast Raspberry Cake with Custard Sauce. It is a delicious way to start the day. Please stop by my blog, Food, Fun and More at www.lseckerle. Send recipes and requests to The Recipe Exchange at lynneckerle@gmail. com.

Rabbits of various colors have resided for about 10 days in a frontDivine Design Jewelry Store, 177 N. State St. window display at Divine Design Jewelry Store at 177 N. State St. in downtown Caro. Many passersby have entered the store to view or pet in Caro, has attracted attention with seven live bunnies in a display in the store front window. the animals during Easter season, according to employees.



Smokey BBQ/Ice Cream

ORANGE KISS ME CAKE 1 whole large orange, reserve 1/3 c of juice 1 c raisins 1/2 c chopped walnuts 2 c flour 1 t baking soda Topping: 1 t salt 1/3 c sugar 1 c sugar 1 t cinnamon 1/2 c shortening 1/4 c chopped 1 c milk, divided walnuts 2 eggs DIRECTIONS: Using a food processor or a blender, grind the whole orange. Reserve 1/3 cup of juice. Add raisins and walnuts and process until grinded. In a large bowl, sift together flour, baking soda, salt and sugar. Add shortening and 3/4 cup of milk. Beat with an electric mixer on low speed or 2 minutes. Add eggs and rest of milk. Increase speed to medium and beat 2 more minutes. Fold in grinded orange mixture. Pour into a well greased and floured 9x13 inch baking pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 40 to 50 minutes. Test with a toothpick for doneness. Drizzle reserved orange juice over hot cake. Topping – Combine sugar, cinnamon and walnuts. Sprinkle evenly over cake. Let cool and serve. EASY PINEAPPLE CAKE 1/2 c melted butter Icing: 1/4 c soft butter 2 c sugar 2 c flour 1-8 oz pkg cream cheese, softened 1 t baking soda 1-20 oz can crushed 1 t vanilla 1 3/4 c powdered pineapple, undrained 1 egg, beaten sugar 1 t vanilla 1/2 c chopped pecans 1/2 c chopped pecans or walnuts 1 c shredded coconut or walnuts DIRECTIONS: Melt butter in a 9x13 inch cake pan. Mix together sugar, flour and baking soda. Stir into melted butter. Add pineapple with juice, egg, vanilla and pecans. Stir until well mixed. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or until done. Icing – Cream together butter, cream cheese and vanilla. Add powder sugar and mix well. Add just a little milk if needed. Fold in coconut and pecans. Frost cake when it is hot out of the oven. BREAKFAST RASPBERRY WITH CUSTARD SAUCE

Games, Prizes, Raffles Face Painting/Balloons

Giveaways • Craft Table For Kids Plant Tours • Fun for All Come Meet The Neighbors!


2 eggs, separated Sauce: 3/4 c sugar 3 large egg yolks 1/2 c soft shortening 1/4 c sugar 1 1/2 c flour Pinch of salt 1 t baking powder 2 c milk, very hot 1/2 t salt but not boiling 1/3 c milk 1 t vanilla 1 t vanilla 2 c fresh raspberries DIRECTIONS: In a mixing bowl, beat egg yolks, sugar and shortening until blended. Sift flour, baking powder and salt into a separate bowl. Using a wooden spoon, stir dry ingredients into egg mixture along with egg whites until well mixed. Stir in milk and vanilla then gently fold in raspberries. Pour into a greased 9 inch tube pan. Bake at 375 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes. Sauce – While cake is cooking, lightly whisk egg yolks in a medium sized saucepan. Beat in sugar and salt, then the hot milk. Over medium high heat, continue to whisk mixture briskly and continuously until mixture is thick as cream. Do not boil. Remove from heat and whisk in vanilla. Let cool and serve with warm cake.

A4 — Wednesday, April 17, 2019, The Advertiser

I have been promoted Last month I became these girls were and are a great-grandmother. total divas. Good divas Goodness, what a but totally feminine, bittersweet event. Little make-up loving, perfectJosiah is the most perfect, hair young women. We beautiful, sweetest have come to terms that little baby ever. He’s I don’t comment on just a peanut with his them wearing too much birthweight being under cosmetics and they have stopped seven pounds. My guys reluctantly were over nine pounds. trying to get mascaras, That extra weight makes blushers and powders on a big difference in a Grammie. They giggle baby. I cannot believe I at me being a tomboy at have lived long enough my age and I’m amazed at their natural to be a greatlady-like ways. g r a n d m o t h e r. Actually, at this I am still point in time, acknowledging we agree it is that fact. a pretty good Don’t get combination of me wrong. I personalities. am absolutely So, I get to thrilled. We have numerous the blessing of my Maxine McQueen sew r e c e i v i n g granddaughter blankets and baby having had a safe and sound delivery and quilts. The baby clothes Josiah is healthy. There are a delight to shop for and buy. I worry and is total love for all. My grandchildren fret over babies having call me Grammie. Son, babies. That comment Christopher, asked me needs to be verified. what this first great- Both girls are in their 20s grandson was going to but will always be babies call me. We discussed GG to me. We are excitedly for “G”reat “G”randma. anticipating the gender of He teased that perhaps Cassandra’s baby. If it’s Josiah could call me GiGi a boy, I have it made in with a French accent the shade. I’m confident to take the sting out of the granddaughters have being so old. Clever that taught me how to interact with a girlie girl. If God son. Matthew is the is good enough to give grandfather and I cannot me a tom girl, boy, do I make myself comprehend have things to teach her. We live two hours away that fact. Matthew is the youngest of my brood and from the granddaughters, the first to be a grandpa. so it is mostly through that we It seems like yesterday texting that I was snuggling him communicate these days. for the first time and now My heart breaks with joy I have the privilege of when I get a text picture cuddling his grandson. of Miranda and Josiah with the caption, “Hey! Life is good. Talking about life We love you!” I got to see the sonogram being good, last night we were presented with the pictures of Josiah via my wonderful news that my cell phone and will be other granddaughter is able to do the same with preggers and will present my newest great-grand. us with another great- As much as I complain about new technology, I grandbaby in October. My husband and I talked certainly appreciate the over the memories of way it brings my girls and having high tea with these their babies closer to me. girls. Grampie would sit I keep my phone charged and hold tiny, china cups at all times because I in his big hands with want to see their news to his little finger crooked me immediately. Mac loves to say that just so. Cassandra and Miranda would demand grandchildren are the total solemnity and reward God gives you for appropriateness at said not killing your children tea. The girls and I would when they were teenagers. have baked cookies ahead Sometimes I have to of time. Sometimes the agree with him. Looking tea would be pretend and back on the escapades, benders, lost other times lukewarm fender tea would be served sleep, worry and angst with offers of lemon, of Matthew’s teen years honey and milk. I’m not frightens me yet. Even a tea lover and the girls at that time, though, would reprimand me in we saw the maturity, British accents for filling love and responsibility my miniature cup with that he showers on his condiments leaving no wife, children and now grandchildren. room for tea. It is totally After five boys, the two granddaughters were extraordinary to look in quite a change for us the mirror and see the to deal with. Mac and face of a great-grandma. I automatically would I am totally content and walk to the side of the toy delighted with my new stores with GI Joe, dump promotion to this high trucks and action figures. honor. Bring on those The girls would sternly grandbabies. I have a lot guide us over to Barbie, of love, stories, play and Pretty Pony, girlie games tea parties left in me. and bubbles. Rather than L. Maxine McQueen is beat-up baseball caps, they wore crowns and an award-winning author boas. Rather than dirt and and poet. She may be grime, I would clean up contacted at maxmac.1@ glitter and sequins. Yes,


Community Focal Point


A message from the Tuscola County Medical Examiner’s Office By Dr. Russell Bush Fiorillo



Death is defined as defined as the permanent cessation of biological functions that sustain life. It’s an unpleasant topic, yet like the inevitability of living, we are all going to die. In the United States, a death investigation system exists which consists of a coroner system, a medical examiner system, or a combination of the two. Michigan subscribes to a county-based medical examiner system. A medicolegal (Courtesy photo) death investigation is conducted Members of the Tuscola County Medical Examiner’s Office. Front row by the medical examiner’s office to determine the circumstances (from left): BriAnn Sumersett, Kathy O’Dell, Cristina Pazak, Elaine Fiorillo. under which someone died. These Back row (from left): Robert Hiiter, Edward Tucker, Dr. Russell Bush. choice or transported to a morgue facility for autopsy. MEIs medicolegal investigations combine a scientific inquiry into any and all deaths falling under the routinely draw blood or urine from the deceased person on the scene. This blood or urine will be packaged and sent medical examiner’s legal jurisdiction. Each state sets its own standards for the deaths requiring for toxicology with results taking two to three weeks. investigation. Likewise, each state sets its own professional If an autopsy has been ordered, this will be scheduled and educational requirements for individuals carrying out within the next day or two after death and depending on the circumstances. The legal next-of-kin may request they these investigations. Prior to 2014, Tuscola County deaths were investigated be notified of preliminary autopsy findings. Final autopsy by state, county and local law enforcement agencies. The reports generally are not available for six to eight weeks. Soon after the decision has been made for body transport, system was updated in 2014 and now MEIs (Medical Examiner Investigators) working in the medical examiner’s the MEI will make a call to Gift of Life to evaluate the office investigate these deaths under the direction of Chief decedent tissue suitability for donation. Gift of Life is Medical Examiner, Russell Bush, M.D., M.P.H., and Kanu a state-based non-profit coordinating organ and tissue Virani, deputy medical examiner and forensic pathologist. procurement organization (OPO). This organization Virani conducts required autopsies at the McLaren-Lapeer coordinates with Eversight in Michigan and with the Region hospital in Lapeer. The medical examiner, death national coordinating OPO, which coordinates interstate records and office administration are co-located with the organ and tissue distribution. The Michigan Organ Donation Registry is checked to Tuscola County Health Department. Five MEIs are on staff and respond to death investigations determine whether a person, when alive, had declared on a rotation. MEIs are notified through Tuscola County’s their decision to donate organs or tissue at their death. Central Dispatch Center of all suspicious, violent, A registered donor decision becomes a first-person authorization and dictates that donation is to be allowed unexplained and unexpected deaths. Upon death scene arrival, the MEI is responsible for the to proceed. If the patient is not on the donor registry, the dead person and will investigate, including interviewing decedent’s legal next-of-kin is offered the opportunity to witnesses and family members, photographing the scene donate the patient’s tissue. Tuscola County has services that may be offered or and body, examining the body and any other activities requested by family or friends. Tuscola County Victim needed to determine the cause and manner of death. There are five manners of death – natural, accident, suicide, Services, located in Caro, provides support and information homicide and undetermined. Sometimes, deciding on the regarding victim’s rights, explains the criminal justice nature or cause of death can be difficult and an autopsy may process and referrals to other victim services or support be required. The chief medical examiner or deputy medical groups. The Tuscola County Volunteer Chaplain’s Corps is examiner will decide if an autopsy is necessary. Often, comprised of chaplains who provide services and will come it is not needed. An autopsy is a thorough external and and offer the family support and guidance as needed. The Tuscola County Office of Medical Examiner is a team internal body exam after death and is a surgical procedure performed by a physician expert in examination of body of individuals having varied responsibilities, foremost is the tissues and fluids. If an autopsy is not required, the legal investigation and certification of deaths of legal or public next-of-kin within a family may request an autopsy. This health interest. From the initial dispatch call regarding a autopsy requested by next-of-kin is at their own expense. deceased person and response of the MEI, through the process of death certification and signature, compiling death Insurances will not pay for autopsies in most cases. Once the decision has been made for or against an reports, identifying trends, and making recommendations autopsy based on the findings surrounding the death, the for preventing future deaths, these individuals work hard at body will be released to a funeral home of the family’s serving the citizens of Tuscola County.

The Tuscola County Office of the Medical Examiner Team Russell Bush, MD, MPH Tuscola County Medical Examiner • High regard for life-long learning; demonstrated by variety of academic teaching, learning, and advanced educational achievements • Long-term interest, involvement, and passion for medical examiner and death investigation work leading to post-mortem enlightenment • Has experienced a wide variety of career and personal interests, occupations, and business endeavors • Has passion for the importance of family, ethics, standards, personal responsibility, and behavioral accountability Dr. Kanu Virani Deputy Medical Examiner Forensic Pathologist Kathy O’Dell Administrative Services Coordinator for the Health Dept. since 2010 Medical Examiner Secretary for Tuscola County since 2010. The Medical Examiner Secretary coordinates information and documentation between the Medical Examiner, Forensic Pathologist, Investigators and outside agencies such as law enforcement, prosecutors, families, hospitals, and funeral homes. Lugene Peters Program Clerk for the Health Dept. Back-up for Medical Examiner Secretary since 1990 Elaine Fiorillo

Tim Murphy, Publisher John Schneider, Editor Carla Alderson, Office Manager 344 N. State St., Caro, Michigan 48723 (989) 673-3181 •

MESI with Tuscola County 2015 to Present BS in CJ, Homeland Security Former Paramedic and Law Enforcement Officer Reserve Police Officer Coordinator of Tuscola County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Coordinator of Tuscola County Moulage Team Edward Tucker MESI with Tuscola County 2015 to Present 30 years of experience as a Paramedic Reserve Police Officer Nearly twenty years as a critical care paramedic instructor coordinator Robert Hiiter MESI with Tuscola County 2016 to Present Fire Investigator Fire Instructor with Tuscola Co Fire Instructor’s Association Fire Chief of Mayville Reserve Police Officer Cristina Pazak MESI with Tuscola County 2017 to Present BS in Biology, Minor Forensic Sciences EMT-B for Mobile Medical Response EMT-B for Bingham Township Ambulance. Autopsy assistant for Dr. Virani BriAnn Summersett MESI with Tuscola County 2017 to Present LPN at the Genesee County Jail Autopsy assistant for five years Member of the Tuscola County Moulage Team

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THELMA JEAN MOHR CARO Thelma Jean Mohr of Caro, age 91, passed away on Wednesday, April 10, 2019, at Fisher Senior Care and Rehab in Mayville. Thelma Jean was born May 2, 1927, in Reese, the daughter of the late Cecil and Florence (Gulliver) Findlay. She was a graduate of Reese High School and went on to attend County Normal. Thelma Jean was united in marriage with Ruben Mohr on April 15, 1950, at Reese United Methodist Church, and he preceded her in death October 24, 1973. She taught school at a one room country schoolhouse in Richville before leaving to take care of her family. Thelma Jean was a member of Caro United Methodist Church, an avid Euchre player, enjoyed playing Hand & Foot, and putting together jigsaw puzzles. Thelma Jean is survived by three daughters and their spouses: Janeen and Mark Demaray of Caro, Janet and Dennis Weber of Reese, Judy Mohr of Caro; four grandchildren and their spouses: Janell Supanich, Nicole Weber, Nathan, Sr. and Isabel Demaray and Matthew and Danielle Demaray; five great-grandchildren: Owen, Ella, Zacharie, Damian, and Nathan, Jr.; two sisters-in-law: Kay Findlay and Pauline Findlay; and one brother-in-law, Don Rushlo. Besides her husband and parents, Thelma Jean was preceded in death by two brothers: Paul and John Findlay; one sister, Marion Rushlo; and one sister-in-law, Phyllis Findlay. In keeping with Thelma’s wishes, cremation has taken place. A memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. on Friday, April 19, 2019, at the Caro United Methodist Church with Rev. Dr. Anthony Tomasino officiating. Inurnment will be at Denmark Cemetery. The family will be present to receive friends at the church on Friday from 10 a.m. until the time of service. Those planning an expression of sympathy may wish to consider memorial contributions to the Caro United Methodist Church in memory of Thelma Jean. The family was assisted with these arrangements by the Ransford Collon Funeral Home of Caro. Friends may share memories, thoughts and prayers online at The family would like to extend a special thank-you to the staff of Fisher Senior Care and Rehab. ROBERT PAUL O’KELLY CARO Robert Paul O’Kelly of Caro, age 75, passed away on Friday, April 12, 2019, at Covenant Health Care - Harrison in Saginaw. Bob was born August 9, 1943, in Caro, the son of the late Joseph and Tillie (Debolski) O’Kelly. He married the former Cheryl McCoon on January 13, 1968, in Redford Township. Bob was employed at Powertrain, formerly Buick, in Flint until his retirement. He was a lifelong member of St. Christopher Parish, Sacred Heart Church in Caro and the Cass City Knights of Columbus Council #8892. Bob enjoyed being with family, watching sports, fishing, traveling, gardening, cooking, and playing cards. Bob is survived by his loving wife of 51 years, Cheryl O’Kelly of Caro; three children: Marla Carpenter (Cliff Gilliam) of Maryland, Kevin and Vanessa O’Kelly of Caro, and Ashley and Dan Graves of Cass City; eight grandchildren: Justin, Kayla, Gaven, Jacob, Chloe, Amanda (Anthony Delgado), Ammie, and Cliff (Amber); three great-grandchildren: Emma, Ethan, and Sawyer; siblings: Mary Ann Mann, Jeanette and Max Sherman, Bill and Gayle O’Kelly, Joe and Renee O’Kelly, Pat and Joyce O’Kelly, Lorraine Hampel, John and Sue O’Kelly, Sue O’Kelly, Dan and Janet O’Kelly, Patty and Dale Churchill; one sister-in-law, Ann O’Kelly; and several nieces and nephews. In addition to his parents, Bob was preceded in death by one brother, Ron O’Kelly; and infant, Todd. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, at St. Christopher Parish, Sacred Heart Church in Caro with Rev. Jerzy Dobosz officiating. Burial will be at Almer Township Cemetery in Caro. The family was present to receive friends at the Ransford Collon Funeral Home in Caro on Tuesday from 4-7 p.m. and at the church on Wednesday from 10 a.m. until the time of the service at 11 a.m. Those planning an expression of sympathy may wish to consider memorial contributions to the O’Kelly Family Discretionary Fund, c/o Cheryl O’Kelly, 205 West Sherman Street, Caro, MI 48723. The family was assisted with these arrangements by the Ransford Collon Funeral Home of Caro. Friends may share memories, thoughts and prayers online at LEWIS BERTRAND MAYVILLE Lewis Bertrand of Mayville, age 60, passed away Saturday, April 13, 2019. He was born October 24, 1958, to the late Lewis and Lenore (Dzinbinski) Bertrand in Detroit. Lewis married Geralyn Burke on September 15, 1979, in Madison Heights. He was a graduate from Madison Heights High School Class of 1976. Lewis loved hunting, target shooting, fishing and woodworking. Lewis is survived by his wife, Geralyn; two daughters: Amanda (Eric) Carter of Philadelphia, Mississippi and Kimberly Jansen of Mayville; two brothers: Michael (Marianne) Bertrand of Waterford and Arthur Bertrand of Warren; five grandchildren: Edwin, David, Tayden, Annabell and Cody. The family will receive visitors on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, from 1-8 p.m. at Avram Funeral Home, Mayville, and Thursday, April 18, 2019, from 10-11 a.m. A funeral service will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday, April 18, 2019, at Avram Funeral Home with Pastor Carol Brown officiating. Memorial contributions may be made to the family discretionary fund. The family was assisted with these arrangements by the Avram Funeral Home of Mayville. Friends may share an online condolence at

Wednesday, April 17, 2019, The Advertiser


— A5

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have all the permits in advance. That’s kind of like saying you can’t turn a shovel to build a house until you have all your plumbing, mechanical and electrical permits when that work is going to be done months in the future. What this means is that we’re not going to do any unauthorized work. We’re going to get all the permits that are required for the work we’re going to do before we do it. And we have.” But Juniata Township attorney Mark Bassily said the SLUP passage is more than just “a footnote.” “The township did not revoke the special land use permit because it found that Pegasus was in violation of some FAA regulation. The township revoked the special land use permit because Pegasus began construction before it had all necessary permits to do so. As we stand here today, there are three uncontested facts: 1. The application clearly says that Pegasus had to obtain all the necessary permits ‘prior to the day of construction.’ 2. Today all of those permits have not been obtained. And 3, Pegasus concedes that the project is about 75 percent complete.” Last fall, Pegasus construction commenced with the building of base supports for nearly all of the wind turbines involved in the project. On April 3, the Federal Aviation Administration approved the construction of all 59 of the turbines associated with the Pegasus Wind Energy Center. If completed, it would be the fourth local wind center constructed by NextEra. Of the 59 turbines, 52 were given a determination of “no presumed hazard” while

the other seven were given the determination “does not exceed” FAA regulations, according to the FAA’s website. The FAA determination came with a 40-day window for appeal. If interested, parties can appeal the FAA’s decision by May 15 on any of the turbines. The appeal process could take several months. If the FAA determinations stand, NextEra would next need to get approval from the Tuscola Area Airport Authority Zoning board and tall structure permits from the Michigan Office of Aeronautics in order to complete the project. Juniata Township has gone through several changes since the January 2018 approval of the Pegasus SLUP. Three members of the township board – Supervisor Neil Jackson, treasurer Heidi Stark and secretary Andrew Stark – were replaced by Garrett Tetil, Judy Cockerill and Brenda Bigham, respectively, in a recall vote in the 2018 November election. After the election, the planning commission went through a shakeup as well. The board in January added two members to the commission, making it a seven-person body. Just one member who voted on the Pegasus SLUP revocation – Ione Vyse, who levied the single no vote against revocation – was a member of the commission when it voted to approve the SLUP. Vyse was voted off the planning commission due to alleged malfeasance. John Schneider is editor of The Advertiser and can be reached at


John S. Schneider “Jajank” of Kingston, age 83, died Saturday, April 13, 2019, in Fisher Senior Care and Rehabilitation Center, Mayville. He was born March 7, 1936, in Calhoun County to John Emory Worthy and Loraine Marion (Coates) Schneider. He married Avis Leone Bracy August 19, 1964, in Olivet. She died October 9, 1991. John graduated from Olivet High School and Olivet College. He earned a master’s degree in education from the University of Michigan. John served in the Army and was stationed in Germany. He taught math and physical education for North Branch High School for 29 years until retiring in 1995. During his career in North Branch, John also coached cross country and track. In younger years, John loved drag racing his 1958 Chevy Corvette at Central Michigan, winning many trophies. He enjoyed deer hunting and perch fishing with his family and friends. John is survived by his daughter; Karyn (Greg) Peter of Kingston; his favorite grandchildren: Aracelli Peter and Dustin Peter; sister, Joanne Dodge of Saline; brothers: Walt Schneider of Mt. Pleasant; Marv (Julie) Schneider of White Pigeon; brothers-in-law: Lynnwood (Bonnie) Bracy of Charlotte; Rodney (Kathy) Bracy of Middleville; and many nieces and nephews. Visitation will be from 11 a.m. until the funeral service at 1 p.m. Thursday, April 18, 2019, in Kranz Funeral Home, Kingston with Sam Leppert, Funeral Service Celebrant officiating. Memorials may be made to Family Discretionary Fund. Family and friends may share memories, prayers and photos with the family at

YOUR INVITATION TO SERVE Senior Transportation Volunteers Thumb Area Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is seeking volunteers age 55 and older to assist with transporting seniors to non-emergency medical appointments.

Volunteer must have their own vehicle with insurance, have a driver’s license and be able to pass a criminal history background check. Mileage reimbursement is available for this position. Here is your invitation to serve – join RSVP and help today!

For an application to join RSVP call



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WED. & THURS. 7:30


We are experiencing projector problems. Making progress slowly. Thank you for your good thoughts and words of encouragement. The support extended by individuals, community groups and businesses from across Mid-Michigan has been tremendous. THANK YOU. Donations are gratefully accepted at the theatre or PO Box 100, Vassar, MI 48768

Vassar Wednesdays (before 5 pm): Students with ID $4; Concession Specials for Seniors 140 E. Huron Ave. (M15) • (989) 823-9000 • •







Visit us anytime at

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gymnasium floor, remodel and update all of the bathrooms, replace all of the interior/ exterior lighting with light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures, upgrade security, replace the public address and phone systems, replace 4,720 square feet of concrete walks, rework the main parking lot and eliminate the circle drive, while also purchasing new furnishings and equipment, especially food service equipment and classroom furniture. The middle/high school would get a new activity facility (gymnasium, weight room, community room, activity area, inside track, office space, storage, locker rooms and restrooms), updated and remodeled bathrooms, updated locker rooms, a new roof, a refinished gymnasium floor, a multi-purpose room, a remodeled fine arts facility, air conditioning in the main office, new public address and phone systems, security upgrades, a new parking lot and new asphalt for the existing lot, some new sidewalks and new furnishings and equipment, especially food service and classroom furniture. The parent-resident group has met three times, Superintendent Keith Wetters said, to map out its plans for the pro-bond-vote effort. All of this is being done outside of the school district, he said, so the group also is raising funds to support the work. The board also: • Named Jim Goka as its Thumb Meet of Champions Friend of Youth. Goka is a member of the school board, has coached baseball, softball and football and is an active member of the Reese Little League. He also runs a Bible study for Reese students. His five children – Jordan, Tyler, Brady, Connor and Emma – all attended Reese schools. “He truly believes in giving back,” said Wetters, “and he is an important role model.” • Hired Angie Compton as varsity volleyball coach and Joseph Uebler as junior varsity football coach. • Approved the Tuscola Intermediate School District’s 2019-20 budget.

irked Grimshaw, who represents the city of Vassar and Denmark, Juniata and Vassar townships. He proposed the county end the hiring freeze for open, existing positions, provided they are part of the budget. He asked why the commissioners weren’t enforcing the rules of the hiring freeze for this opening like they did the opening at the register of deeds, where Bishop had to provide supporting information and data to justify refilling the open position. “Well, we won’t be able to run the shelter, will we?” county controller Mike Hoagland said. “Not to full capacity, no,” Nacy said. “I don’t think that it is an exception in the established policy,” Grimshaw said. “How are we to run the shelter?” said District 4 Commissioner Mark Jensen, who represents Arbela, Millington, Tuscola and Watertown townships. “I’m just asking questions,” Grimshaw said. “I didn’t create this policy, you guys did. Well, it was under somebody’s leadership that it was created.” Hoagland said the hiring freeze was put in place in an effort to get department heads to consider whether or not they needed full-time employees or if part-timers could fill some vacancies, thereby saving the county money on benefits. The goal, he said, was to help the county end its dependence on the slowly declining wind-turbine revenues. “I understand the impracticality of trying to administer this policy,” he said. “But, on the other hand, I hope the finance committee, once I am gone, will sit down and seriously address what is coming. And, at the same time, you want to build a new jail. Rest assured, there will come a point when a financial crisis will confront this county, when that wind turbine revenue continually declines, year in and year out.

“So if you don’t try to solve that problem incrementally, which is tough to do, if you don’t, you should have a very solid plan as to how you are going to accomplish that in the future.” Hoagland said the idea is to force department heads to think creatively about positions. “Does it work? No. But it does kind of enforce that we are not going to be on easy street in the future.” “I see the point,” said District 1 Commissioner Tom Young. “There is no point,” said Grimshaw. “Tell me one position you’ve refused to fill.” Hoagland said they were able to reorganize the county treasurer’s office. The finance committee also was going to cut a position in the prosecutor’s office, but they didn’t. “To me it is about the efficiency of this board,” Grimshaw said. “Why are we putting department heads through this hoop to jump through? That doesn’t make sense to me. The logic to me of the previous board wasn’t good logic. “We don’t need to have a hiring freeze. They need to be able to post them and hire them.” Hoagland still pointed to the future. “When the day of reckoning comes,” he said, “you are going to be in a very precarious position. And a day of reckoning is coming.” “That may be,” said Grimshaw, “but that doesn’t mean we can’t use a practical approach for our people who are running departments and not make them jump through hoops.” District 3 Commissioner Kim Vaughan, who represents Dayton, Fremont, Indianfields, Koylton and Wells townships, pointed out that every hire still would have to get final approval from the commissioners. “It doesn’t change the hiring process,” Grimshaw said, “it just says they don’t have to go through what John had to go through to justify why he needs to fill what is a vacant,

Mark Haney is a staff writer for The Advertiser and can be reached at haney@



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When: 4/13/2019 8:03:00 AM Incident: False Alarm Watertown Township When: 4/12/2019 5:15:00 PM Incident: Inspections/Investigations – Suspicious Situations When: 4/13/2019 1:13:00 PM Incident: Inspections/Investigations – Suspicious Situations When: 4/15/2019 3:00:00 AM Incident: Traffic, Non-Criminal – Accident Millington When: 4/12/2019 2:00:00 PM Incident: Miscellaneous – Non-Criminal When: 4/13/2019 3:27:00 PM Incident: Inspections/Investigations – Suspicious Situations When: 4/15/2019 7:53:00 PM Incident: Inspections/Investigations – Suspicious Situations

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Caro When: 4/13/2019 8:08:00 PM Incident: Miscellaneous – Assist to Other Police Agency

right. That's where we come in. We hire and train the most qualified tax professionals to ensure you claim every credit and deduction you deserve so you get your maximum refund. Guaranteed.¶

When: 4/13/2019 11:10:00 PM Incident: Miscellaneous – Assist to Other Police Agency


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¶If you discover an H&R Block error on your return that entitles you to a larger refund (or smaller tax liability), we'll refund the tax prep fee for that return. Refund claims must be made during the calendar year in which the return was prepared. OBTP#B13696 ©2015 HRB Tax Group, Inc.

full-time position. “If we are going to be consistent, she ought to be putting together why she needs to replace a part-time position for 29 hours. Why not go for 25? That is what was implied in what was said.” Bishop said doing away with part of the hiring freeze now doesn’t mean it can’t be reinstated later. “Personally, I think if you are going to have this policy,” he said, “you are going to get in more trouble if you have selective enforcement. Because, at least personally, I felt I was a victim of selective enforcement.” Grimshaw cast the lone vote against authorizing Nacy to hire a kennel attendant. He also tried to amend the motion and require her to go through all of the same requirements placed on others who want to fill an opening. “If we do that,” Hoagland said, “we don’t meet again until after the employee is gone (her last day is April 25).” “That is not my issue,” Grimshaw said. “My issue is that we have a stupid policy in place and you want to selectively enforce it. That is an irresponsible position for the board to take. We either need to be consistent with what we do or not. “You either have a policy or you don’t and right now it is selectively used.” While the freeze remains in place, Young, who represents Akron, Columbia, Elkland, Elmwood, Fairgrove, Gilford and Wisner townships, raised the notion it might not last. “I do think this issue needs to be discussed, because you raised a lot of good points,” he said to Grimshaw. “And I would like our chair (District 2 Commissioner Thomas Bardwell, who was absent) to be here to weigh in on it.” Mark Haney is a staff writer for The Advertiser and can be reached at haney@

Wednesday, April 17, 2019, The Advertiser

(Photo by John Cook)

This illustration depicts the Richard C. Burtis house in 1883. An architectural historian said the home’s foundation was made from imported squared stone instead of local field stones, with hard-burned red bricks instead of lumber from local mills, and slate shingles instead of wood shakes.


— A7

(File photo)

Jessica and Conrad Dowe, with son Xavier, are shown in 2016 inside their home along Ringle Road near Watrousville. TV ghost-hunters known as the “Ghost Brothers” visited the home on the weekend to seek evidence of paranormal activity inside the dwelling.

(Internet photo)

The “Ghost Brothers” (from left), Marcus Harvey, Dalen Spratt and Juwan Mass, spent the weekend at a reportedly haunted house near Watrousville in preparation for a summer TV show about the dwelling as part of a new series about their ghosthunting exploits.

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“We’re looking for private residences, and families location was so perfect – is historical perspective,” – moms, dads and kids – who are having horrible Hobin said. “During the daytime, they’ll research in history, experiences in their home,” Hobin said. “The goal of the show is to come in and embed the guys with the and dig into backgrounds. We wanted to find a profile family, and try to figure out what the heck is going on. on Richard Burtis, who built this house, and his wife, “Sometimes it’s just as simple as validating a Flora, and the families who have owned the house family’s claim so they know they’re not crazy. since then. It’s almost like ghost-profiling. We’re Sometimes it could be more intense, based on what trying to find the personalities and identities of who experiences the Ghost Brothers may have. But really, these people were in life, and then connect that to it’s just about trying to put people’s minds at ease, what may be happening in the family’s home. “Obviously, it’s not a science, but we can say so they can find some peace in their home and sleep ‘Perhaps your house is haunted,’ and if it is haunted, better at night. “And most importantly, making sure their house is we can say ‘Perhaps this is the person who is haunting safe – for their family, their children, whoever it may it, and why.’” Production crew members visited several Vassar be.” Hobin, a Los Angeles resident, said he became restaurants during their week in Tuscola County, aware of the Tuscola County home during a group Hobin said. “The food in Vassar is fantastic, by the way,” Hobin lunch that included a good friend, Nick LaPratt, a said. “Everywhere we’ve eaten has been good, and Vassar High School graduate living near Hobin. “I was originally hired (to produce) this show a when you work late nights and long hours, a hot meal couple months ago, and we have a Sunday brunch that is really valuable. “Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of haunted houses we always have a bunch of our friends at in L.A., and over breakfast I was just mentioning that ‘Oh, I just in nice downtown areas, so we’re used to being out in got this great new job,’ and telling a little bit about the woods in the middle of nowhere.” Hobin said the Ringle Road home was the fourth what the show was about, and Nick – who grew up around Vassar and knows the family who lives in this residence his production crew has visited to film and prepare for the TV series. house – said ‘I have this really cool place for you.’ Wolicki said it’s amazing the house “has survived “This house actually has a Wikipedia page and I looked it up online and basically said ‘Oh yes, we’re unaltered from when it was built,” adding that quality going there.’ It takes a couple months, obviously, to materials used in its construction have helped it last get all the ducks in a row, but we always knew we so long. “I was amazed that a show has never been shot here were coming to Vassar pretty much from the day I before,” Hobin said, “because it’s saw what this house was.” The house was listed on the National Register of amazing, the history is intense, Historic Places in 1975, and production crews visited and certainly it’s spooky. As a the Vassar Historical Society Museum, and other area producer, it’s the perfect package for an episode.” locations, while researching the home. Richard Burtis was a shoemaker, postmaster Tom Gilchrist is a staff and general store owner in Watrousville. His home became known as the “Wedding Cake House” writer for The Advertiser. He because the multi-tiered exterior resembles the layers can be reached at gilchrist@ of a wedding cake, Jessica Dowe said. “We’ve also spoken with some local residents who will be featured in the show as well, because the Ghost Brothers are not Preschool/Kindergarten Round-Up Registration only ghost-hunters, Akron-Fairgrove Schools on April 25, 2019 but what we look Registration for Kindergarten & Great Start Readiness Program (Preschool) for – and why this 2019-2020 School Year will be Thursday, April 25th, 2019 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. at Akron-Fairgrove Elementary School.

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Kindergarten enrollment: The student must be at least 5 years old by September 1, 2019 and include the child’s original birth certificate, immunization record, and proof of residency. Kindergarten vision and hearing screenings will also be done at this time.

Children turning 5 years of age between September 2 and December 1, 2019 may submit a written request for kindergarten enrollment to the school district before June 1, 2019.

Preschool enrollment: children must be at least 4 years of age by December 1, 2019 and documentation that includes a copy of recent tax return or paystub documentation, child’s original birth certificate, immunization record, and proof of residency.




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(Photo by John Cook)

A drone camera records images Monday outside the “Wedding Cake House” along Ringle Road, south of M-81, in Tuscola County’s Juniata Township. Production crews arrived April 9 and spent about a week seeking evidence of paranormal activity at the dwelling, preparing to feature it on a Travel Channel TV show.

A8 — Wednesday, April 17, 2019, The Advertiser

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SUN 10:00 AM Van Rides Available

Sunday Services Morning Worship/Children’s Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Wednesdays CONSTRUCTION ZONE KIDS 6:30 p.m. IMPACT YOUTH Service 6:30 p.m. Thursdays Adult Bible Study - Blessing Center 10:30 a.m. Rev. David D. Dietzel, Pastor

Community of Christ

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Contact: 989-872-4055


203 N. Almer, Caro • 989-673-6630 Nicholas Schmelter

Director of Worship and Congregational Life

Bible Study: Coffee Followship: Sunday Service:

Tuesday 10:00 A.M. Thursday 6:00 P.M. Thursday 10 A.M. 10 A.M.

Church office 989-673-6630 • "Come Celebrate God's Love"

Kingston United Methodist Church

3453 Washington Street Kingston, MI. 48741 Ph. 989-683-2832 Pastor Mark Harriman Sunday Services 9:30 a.m. Sunday School all ages 10:30 a.m. Worship - All are welcome “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors” “The people of the United Methodist Church”



We are all in need of a Savior!


“Christ Centered Word Driven” Pastor: Kyle Roat | 4342 Beach St. • Akron PLEASE JOIN US! Sunday • 10:30am


(Furniture and Household Items) 153 Maple St. • 823-8803 Tues., Wed. 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., Second Sat. of each month: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Ph. 989-823-8697

Weekly Services: Sunday School 9:45 a.m.; Sunday Worship 11:00 a.m.; Sunday Evening Worship 6:00 p.m.; Wednesday Prayer & Bible Study 6:00 p.m.

5040 Maple St. Fairgrove 989-693-6043

Pastor Philomena

10 A.M. Worship Service 7 P.M. Wednesday Bible Study Tuesday - Youth Group 6-8 P.M. Continuing To Grow In God's Light


TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH & SCHOOL 9858 North St., Reese • 989-868-9901


8:15 & 10:45 am Worship with communion


6:30 pm worship service

Mayville United Methodist Church 601 E. Ohmer Road (M24), Mayville


Pastor Carole Brown Contemporary Worship - 9:00 a.m. Sunday School - 10:00 a.m. Blended Worship - 11:00 a.m.

St. Christopher Parish Rev. Jerzy Dobosz, Parochial Administrator

140 Atwood Street, Caro • 989-673-2346

MASS SCHEDULE: St. Christopher Parish Saturday, 5:00 p.m. Sunday, 10:30 a.m. St. Joseph Church Site 315 W. Ohmer Rd., Mayville Sunday, 8:30 a.m.


Welcomes You!

Worship in the Wesleyan Tradition Pastor Jim Mellish

website: email:

2996 N. Colwood Rd. • Caro, MI Adult Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Worship 11:00 a.m. Children’s Junior Church during worship

Mass is on Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

3822 W. Saginaw Rd., Vassar, MI

1946 S. Reese Rd., Reese Worship Services Sunday 8 A.M. & 10:30 A.M. Sunday School 9:15 A.M.; Wednesday 7 P.M Pastor, Rev. Dr. Ed Kloos Ph. (989) 868-3281

SUTTON SUNSHINE United Methodist Church

334 Division St., Vassar • 989-823-2911


Christ Lutheran Church

Fairgrove Presbyterian Church

"Church With The Bells"


670 GILFORD RD. - CARO PH. (989) 673-2246 Look us up on Facebook! Rev. Dr. Anthony Tomasino, Pastor Contemporary Service: Sat. 6pm Traditional Service: Sun. 10am

First Presbyterian Church of Caro

FAIRGROVE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 5116 West Center St., Fairgrove 989-693-6564 •


Pastor Penny L. Parkin, 989-673-6695

Watrousville United Methodist Church ON M-81 in Watrousville 989-673-3434 Rev. Dr. William P. Sanders, Pastor Sunday School: 9:30 A.M. (ALL AGES) Worship: 10:30 A.M.

Sunday Worship: 9:30 a.m. and 11:15 a.m.

Handicapped Accessible Building

565 Churchgrove Road

Nursery & Classes • 989.652.3535

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Feel your best starting with your stomach

— A9

How biking to work can benefit your overall health

Few people enjoy commuting. In fact, good and bad bacteria, for example, probioticrich foods and supplements can more readily a 2004 study published in the journal Science found that female commuters replace what’s lost. cited commuting as their least satisfying Dietary sources of probiotics include some daily activity, ranking it below housework. yogurts, cheeses, kefir, sauerkraut, miso, Perhaps that’s because commuting, kimchi, pickles, and whether commuters recognize it or not, beverages like kombucha, tends to have adverse effects on their a fermented tea. Getting overall health. A 2012 study published in probiotics from foods the Journal of Urban Health found that is the most natural way longer commutes are associated with to supplement good gut behavioral patterns that may contribute Understanding bacteria, as the foods meld to obesity and other negative health probiotics with the probiotics in ways conditions. Bodily bacteria that doctors may never outnumber body cells understand to deliver the Commuters who live close to work can by 10 to one, offers the most benefits. counter some of the negative effects of Yogurt is a dietary source of health and wellness commuting by cycling to work. Cycling probiotics, healthy bacteria and The downside is it’s resource Healthline. yeasts that may improve overall is a healthy activity that the Harvard impossible to measure just Most of the bacteria in health. Medical School notes can help people how many probiotics can the body are harmless, build muscle and increase bone density, and many of them in the gut actually are linked be acquired from foods. That is what makes which naturally decreases with age. And to numerous health benefits, such as weight supplementation so handy. Capsules and there are additional benefits to cycling to loss, enhanced immune function, reduced tablets are loaded with a variety of different work that might compel some commuters risk of disease, and improved digestion. active bacteria and yeast cultures to aid the to pedal their way to the office. Unfortunately, bad bacteria also vie for space digestive system in measurable ratios. Some in the gut. If the good bacteria and yeasts, or tout anywhere from one to 30 billion active • Biking can help you meet minimum probiotics, are not in abundance to push out the colony-forming units (CFUs) per serving. exercise guidelines. The latest Physical bad bacteria, like salmonella and E. coli, those Side effects Activity Guidelines from the U.S. bad bugs can proliferate, causing problems. It Department of Health and Human Services is essential to keep an abundance of probiotics Probiotics are generally healthy for people recommend that adults get at least 150 available to stay healthy and maintain the to consume in amounts found in foods, advises minutes per week of moderate-intensity “good vs. bad” balance in the gut. the Mayo Clinic. Most healthy adults can aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous safely add foods or dietary supplements that Getting probiotics aerobic activity each week. Biking to work contain probiotics to their diets. Introducing can help people meet and exceed those While the body can be healthy without the probiotics may cause temporary and mild weekly guidelines, providing a strong addition of probiotics, having more can be flatulence, discomfort and bloating. foundation for a long, healthy life. beneficial. The Cleveland Clinic says that food Probiotics can be yet another tool to improve and supplements containing probiotics assist • Biking to work can lower your risk of the good bacteria already present in your gut. overall health at any age, but especially for chronic disease. Regular physical activity When a course of antibiotics wipes out both adults looking to minimize illness risk. like cycling can lower your risk of chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers. Adults who can’t find the time to exercise outside of work may find that exercising during their commutes by biking to work is their best and most effective means to lowering their risk for chronic disease. Did you know that they key to personal health may begin in the core of the body? Doctors and researchers are learning more and more about how the immune system and other functions of the body are tied to microscopic players housed in the stomach and intestines. Improving this digestive environment can benefit the body in various ways.

• Diabetic Foot Care • Emergency Care • Lower Extremity Wound Care • Sports Injuries • Total Foot & Ankle Care • Heel Pain • Bunions • Ingrown Toenails • Warts (Hands & Feet) • Gout • Ankle Sprains and Fractures

Commuting is a fact of life for millions of professionals. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that the average person in the United States spends 26.1 minutes getting to work, while Statistics Canada notes the average Canadian spends 26.2 minutes getting to the office.

• Biking to work can improve cognition. The American Heart Association notes that regular physical activity like cycling has been linked to improved cognition, which can positively affect memory, attention and processing speed. • Biking to work may help reduce stress. A 2017 study from researchers at Montreal’s Concordia University attempted to investigate the impact of various commuting modes on workers’ stress levels upon arrival to their workplace. The study found that such levels were lower among cyclists than they were among people who drove or took public transportation to the office. Biking to work may not help people reduce their commute times, but it might make those commutes less taxing on their overall health.


Hope, Recovery and Wellness Abraham Khanafer, D.D.S.





The Foot Clinic of Caro Joe Aoun, DPM

CARE Millington Dental P.C.

150 Millwood St. Ste. A • Caro

(989)673-FEET (3338)

Complete Dental Care

• Mini Implants • Whitening/Zoom • Denture/Denture Repair • Invisalign/Clear Braces • Lumineers

• Preventative Dentistry • Sports Guards • Veneers/Crowns • White Fillings • Cosmetic Dentistry

- Accepting New Patients - Emergencies seen within 24 hours Hours: Mon. 8-6, Tue & Wed 8-5, Thurs 8-2, Closed Fri, Sat & Sun


International Speaker, Author, Filmmaker, Suicide Survivor, Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Advocate who has reached millions with his story of unlikely survival and his will to live.

Community Presentation Monday, May 6, 2019 at 6:30 pm

Caro Community Schools Auditorium - 301 N. Hooper St., Caro, MI You may register by email: or call 989.672.3010

Kevin Hines is an award-winning global speaker, bestselling author, documentary filmmaker, and suicide prevention and mental health advocate who has reached millions with his story of an unlikely survival and his strong will to live. Two years after he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 19 years of age, he attempted to take his life by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. Kevin dedicates his life to saving lives by spreading the message of HOPE and sharing his art of living mentally well. He is one of the most respected and admired voices of lived experience. Kevin’s story is a remarkable testament to the strength of the human spirit and a reminder for us to love the life we have.

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(Photos by Mark Haney)

Working Wednesday, April 10 to clean up the Denmark Township Cemetery in Reese were (from left) senior Gabe Robinson, advisor Rajaah Salaam and senior Tommy Pagash. Reese High School students helped with Wednesday’s spring cleaning at the cemetery.

Board to review plans Akron-Fairgrove Schools is going to update its plans. Its strategic plans, that is. Strategic planning, according to the online resource Wikipedia, is an organization’s process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. It may also extend to control mechanisms for guiding the implementation of the strategy. Strategic planning became prominent in corporations during the 1960s and remains an important aspect of strategic management. It is executed by strategic planners or strategists, who involve many parties and research sources in their analysis of the organization and its relationship to the environment in which it competes. The school district has had a strategic plan for years, Superintendent Diane

Foster said. The board just plans to review and update the plan to suit where the school district is today. On April 8, the school board scheduled that update session for May 18. The board also: • Hired Kerry Myers as an elementary school paraprofessional. She’d been working as a part-time teacher but the district needed a full-time paraprofessional. So she is taking that position. • Learned high school student Cynthia Beauvais earned a 1 rating at the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association’s state solo and ensemble competition. She plays several instruments but scored her rating on her clarinet. “She’s very talented,” Foster said. • Decided wire transfers, not to exceed $350,000, could be used to pay expenses rather than sending a check.


Reese students help with cemetery clean-up


Village to deal with drains The village of Reese is having drainage issues. Village manager Tom Raymond told the village council April 8 that he has been talking with Tuscola County Drain Commissioner Bob Mantey about issues with county drains that run through the village. One of them, on Van Buren Road, serves as an example of the problems. Several residents have enclosed that drain over the years, but Raymond said, “I doubt if many of the homeowners living there were there when any of this was done.” The problem, Raymond said, is different people installed pipes of varied sizes and made of different materials, sometimes installed at different heights so the water doesn’t flow freely down the drain. “That is problem we have,” he said. “It is holding water. If we have a heavy rainfall, it is not taking it all. We’re going to be looking at our options over the next couple of months.” Right now, Raymond said, there is a halfmile of drain without a proper cleanout. One option is to have all of the pipes removed and something properly installed to make water flow better. “It doesn’t always flow like it should,” Raymond said. “And how do you clean something like that?”

The council also: • Accepted the resignation of council member Steven Hall. He has taken a new job in Marquette. They council is accepting applications for a replacement. The council also will need to find someone to replace him as the council’s liaison to the parks and recreation commission. Applications can be sent to the village at P.O. Box 369, 2073 Gates St., Reese, MI 48757. • Shifted Department of Public Works employee Josh Burkitt from part-time to full-time. He raises the department to three full-timers, but one worker is out on disability.

Reese High School senior Lilly Pierkowski rakes leaves away from the fence at the Denmark Township Cemetery in Reese. She was part of a group of Reese High students who chipped in April 10 during the spring cleanup day at the cemetery.




Submit your pictures of Tuscola County by emailing us at Or send your photo to

334 N. State St., Caro MI 48723

Reese High School senior Brady Gugel gets another paper bag ready to receive raked leaves during the April 10 spring cleanup at the Denmark Township Cemetery in Reese. Reese students helped with the spring cleaning at the cemetery.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019, The Advertiser

— A11

Spring Car & RV Care

Develop a vehicle maintenance schedule Campers’ guide to RV care and maintenance The oft-sudden expense of vehicle repairs can throw monthly budgets into disarray. Maintaining a routine service schedule is one way for drivers to keep repair costs down. The online automotive resources says many car owners do not adequately prepare for scheduled maintenance, and may not give maintenance a thought until it’s too late. The first step drivers take upon purchasing a new or preowned vehicle should be to familiarize themselves with the vehicle’s owner’s manual, which is filled with valuable information and likely includes maintenance interval recommendations. Next, drivers should learn about their vehicle, which is particularly relevant when buying a preowned vehicle. Getting to know how the car or truck rides, as well as any sounds it may make, can provide drivers with a solid foundation they can then use to keep their cars running strong. Routine service typically includes tire rotation, oil changes and topping off of fluids. So just how long between service appointments can a car go? Here are some generalized estimates. • Oil change: Oil chemistry and engine technology have improved so much that most cars can go well beyond the once-recommended 3,000 mile interval between oil changes. Now many vehicle manufacturers recommend between 5,000 and 10,000 miles between changes,

advises Edmunds. Drivers should err on the side of caution if they do a lot of stopand-go driving and short trips. Other drivers may want to invest in vehicles that have oil change maintenance minders built in. A light or countdown will come on the dashboard, indicating when the oil has reached the end of its usefulness. • Tire rotation: Rotating tires helps prolong the life of the tires and alleviates uneven tread and wear. During the rotation, each tire is removed and relocated to a different position to ensure that all the tires will wear evenly. Michelin Tires states that tires should be rotated around every six months, or between 6,000 and 8,000 miles. • Vehicle fluids: Your best bet is to see what the manufacturer recommends in regard to fluids such as transmission fluid, differential oil, brake fluids, coolant, etc. Some transmissions need regular maintenance, while others can go 150,000 miles between changes, according to the vehicle information site The Drive. Coolant typically can last 100,000 miles. For these types of changes, it may be best to go to a mechanic or service center familiar with your make and model rather than a quicklube center, as knowing when to drain and refill can be more complicated. Service schedules can be designed to adhere to manufacturers’ recommendations and drivers’ personal preferences.

Sometimes referred to as recreational vehicles, travel trailers or campers, RVs are popular. According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, RV shipments through February 2017 totaled 73,287 units. This represents an increase of 8.6 percent from the same period in 2016. In fact, RV shipments have increased for seven consecutive years. This popularity might be driven by the affordability and convenience of vacationing in an RV. Essentially hotels or homes on wheels, campers provide many amenities in a compact package. RVs can be enjoyable, but mechanical failures and other problems can happen. Regular maintenance, care and examination is necessary to avoid trip interruptions. According to the recreational vehicle advice gurus at Do It Yourself RV, RVs require all of the standard maintenance of a car plus much more. • Schedule oil changes and filter replacement. To keep the hard-working engine of an RV operating at optimal capacity, oil changes and air filter replacements should be conducted at regular intervals and in adherence to the owner’s manual. Such maintenance prevents engines from seizing. • Keep it covered. RV roofs are susceptible to sun and environmental damage. Store the RV under a steel RV carport or cover it using a product specifically designed for an RV. Remember to routinely inspect and clean the roof of the camper as well.




The McLaren Caro Region Respite/Hospice program is staffed with a trained and supportive team of professionals who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including: • • • • • •

Find Yourself A Bargain!

We will work together with you to develop a plan of care that is unique for each patient and family member.

Smart shoppers know about the bargains hidden within the Classified pages. In the Classifieds, you can track down deals on everything from automobiles to home to farm equipment. It’s easy to place an ad or find the items you want, and it’s used by hundreds of area shoppers everyday. Call (989) 673-3181 to sell yours today!

Physicians Nurses Social workers Registered dietitians Pharmacists Therapists.

Get Your Body in Shape for Spring

High Quality Friendly Service

Combined 80 years experience Mark, Derek & Bryan

Moore Motors BODY SHOP 1725 W. Caro Rd., Caro

989-673-4171, Ext. 241

Opportunities are waiting in the Classifieds! Advertiser 989-673-3181 the

• Check for leaks. Look under the RV and/or tow vehicle for any signs of leaks. Repair leaks promptly. Transmission fluid leaks can lead to vehicle fires. When checking for leaks, check fluid levels to ensure they’re at the proper level. This includes engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, and brake fluid. • Check radiator coolant. Radiator coolant is another important fluid to check. Antifreeze protects the engine in cold temperatures, but it also helps the engine run cooler in hot temperatures. Wait for the RV to cool down before checking fluids. • Periodically run the generator. RV generators shouldn’t go unused for too long. Gasoline has a short shelf life, and after time it can break down, condense and damage the generator’s internal components. Run the generator if the RV has not been used for awhile. Be sure to change the oil and filter of the generator regularly as well. • Drain and clean water and waste systems. Water systems can benefit from being drained periodically and flushed with clean, fresh water. The disposal waste system needs to be drained as indicated in the owner’s manual. • Lubricate joints and slide-out rails. Avoid rust and corrosion by spraying moving parts with a lubricant spray. RVs can be a home away from home while vacationing or touring the country. With proper maintenance, they can run like new for years.

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Vassar Region Holy Week and Easter Easter Worship at Regular Worship Times: All Churches

St Paul Lutheran Church Mayville Easter Services

7:00 a.m. – Sunrise Service 8:15 a.m. – Easter Breakfast 9:30 a.m. – Easter Worship Service

Church: 989-843-5851 6115 First Street Mayville

Special Holy Week Services & Events Maundy Thursday, April 18th First Presbyterian, 7:00pm (Tenebrae) Watrousville UMC, 7:00pm

Easter Sunday, April 21st Easter Sonrise Services: Nazarene, First UMC, Watrousville UMC: 8:00am Grace Lutheran: 9:00am

Good Friday, April 19th First Baptist, 1:OOpm Grace Lutheran, 7:00pm Watrousville UMC, 7:00pm

Easter Breakfasts Breakfasts & Children's Egg Hunts Prior to Regular Easter Services!

Holy Week Schedule

4/14 Palm Sunday Worship 10A 4/18 Maundy Thursday Service 7P 4/19 Good Friday Service @ Grace Lutheran 7P 4/21 Easter Sunday Breakfast & Egg Hunt 8:30A, Worship 10A 250 W Huron Ave, On the Hill Corner of Washington & Huron Additional parking lot farther up Washington |

ST. FRANCES X. CABRINI CATHOLIC CHURCH 334 Division St., Vassar • 989-823-2911

Holy Week Liturgies

Holy Thursday, April 18, 6:30 pm at St. Frances, Vassar

Good Friday, April 19, 3:00 pm at St. Elizabeth, Reese

Regular Worship Service Times • Church of the Nazarene: 10:30am • First Baptist Church: 11am, 6pm • First Presbyterian Church: 10am • First United Methodist: 11 am • Grace Lutheran Church: 10:30am • Greater Ephesians COGIC: 11 am • Holiness Missionary: 11:30am

• Seventh Day Adventist Church: Saturdays, 11:30am • Saint Frances X Cabrini Roman Catholic Parish: 10:30am • Vassar Victory Center: 10:30am • Watrousville United Methodist Church: 10:30am

Easter Vigil, April 20, 8:30 pm at St. Elizabeth, Reese Easter Sunday, April 21, 10:30 am at St. Frances, Vassar

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church Fairgrove, Mi

April 18

Maundy Thursday Divine Service 7 P.M.

April 19

Good Friday Chief Service 1 P.M. Tenebrae Service. 7 P.M.

April 20

Easter Vigil Service 7 P.M.

April 21

Easter Divine Service. 9:15. A.M.

1809 S. Main St. • Fairgrove


St. Christopher Catholic Church

Easter Schedule

Sacred Heart Church FRANKENMUTH BIBLE CHURCH 565 Churchgrove - 989.652.3535

910 W. Frank St., Caro Holy Saturday Vigil April 20th at 9:00pm Easter Sunday Mass April 21st at 10:30am Good Friday Worship: 4:00pm & 6:00pm at Frankenmuth Bible Church Resurrection Worship: 10:00am at the Harvey Kern Pavilion (Heritage Park, 601 Weiss St., Frankenmuth) Regular Sunday Contemporary Worship: 9:30am & 11:15am (Nursery & Kids Classes available during services)

See Website for other Holiday and Summer Service Times as well as Youth and Children’s Programming

St. Joseph Church 315 Ohmer Rd., Mayville Easter Sunday Mass April 21st at 8:30am


To Report News & Scores Call Adam Smith at 989-673-3181 Fax at (989) 673-5662




24/7 Coverage @


Respect your elders: Millington varsity beats its JV for county tournament title By Adam Smith

The Division 3 second-ranked Cardinals’ varsity improved to 9-0 with its 3-0 run through the tournament field and has In what was a testament to the depth of the outscored its competition this year by a Millington softball program, the Cardinals’ combined 115-8. varsity defeated their junior varsity 12-0 in Last year’s state runners-up, marking the finals of Saturday’s Thumb Invitational their first state finals appearance in school Tuscola County Tournament. history, the Cardinals were led by winning pitcher Leah Denome striking out five batters in five innings to earn the pitching win of the championship game. The shutout was Millington’s sixth of the young season. Denome supported her own cause with a home run on the offensive side, while Gabbie Sherman and Hannah Rabideau had three hits each. Sherman’s contribution included her teamleading fourth homer of the season, while Rabideau’s hits included a double and she knocked in three runs. Sydney Bishop added two hits — including the 36th homer of her career — Sabrina (Photo by John Cook) Gates had two hits Millington junior varsity player Falon Wilson slides and McKenna Slough in safely to third base in front of Millington varsity homered and drove in player Hannah Rabideau in the finals of Saturday’s Thumb Invitational Tuscola County softball three runs. Sports Editor

tournament at Millington High School. The Cardinals’ varsity won the game 12-0.


(Photo by Amy Cuthrell)

Cass City’s Hadyn Horne comes up throwing from the outfield during a game with Laker High at Saturday’s Thumb Invitational Tuscola County baseball tournament at Millington High School.


Cass City outscores opponents 31-0 to claim county baseball title By A dam S mith Sports Editor

An 11-player roster doesn’t afford Cass City’s baseball team the luxury of playing in many tournaments, but the Red Hawks weren’t going to miss playing in Saturday’s Thumb Invitational Tuscola County tournament. Committing to play wasn’t without its sacrifices, however, as Cass City coach Josh Stern had to make sure his pitching

Congratulations Caro Students of the Month!

was lined up in such a way that his team could compete for the tournament title it went on to claim with a 3-0 mark. The downside, he explained, was his team taking its first loss in a nonleague setting against Memphis on Friday while looking ahead to Saturday. After posting a 15-2 win over the Yellowjackets in Friday’s opening game, Cass City lost the second game 13-3. See BASEBALL B3

Congratulations to the Caro Middle School Students of the Month Winners for March

March 2019 Caro High School Students of the Month

6th grade: Ethan Ransford and Savannah Ewald 7th grade: Alanna Harmon and Zachary Bareither 8th grade: Emma Joslyn and Conner Stetanovsky

March Star Students at Schall Elementary

Lucian Wilson, Alyssa Corrion, Elise Flikkie, Jasmyn McCrumb

Sponsored By:

205 W. Sherman St. • Caro (989) 673-2175

Under the Personal Direction of

Richard B. Ransford • Mark Ransford Christopher K. Taylor, Mgr. Michael Tharp

Remembering the Story of a Lifetime

Schall Elementary School's March Star Student Assembly was held on Thursday, March 21. There were 18 Star Students in the month of March. The character theme for the month of March was Respect. The 3rd Grade Star students were: Stella Lutz, Westeley Urchick, Melanie McIntosh, Brinleigh Princing, Landen Montei and Alexis Waterman. The 4th Grade Star students were: Vanessa Huber, Nolan Radzwion, Ben Ingram, Carter Wright, Kylee Rose, Morgan Walters and Riley Hahn. The 5th Grade star students were: Katie Bell, Jasmine Garcia, Lyndee Dufort, Eva Will and Payton VanCoillie. Congralations!

B2 — Wednesday, April 17, 2019, The Advertiser


Story Continued

Continued from B1

Millington junior varsity pitcher Ashley Ziel completes her delivery during the finals of Saturday’s Thumb Invitational Tuscola County softball tournament at Millington High School. The JV Cardinals lost to their Millington varsity counterparts 12-0.

Millington varsity player Sabrina Gates sets herself to field a grounder during the finals of Saturday’s Thumb Invitational Tuscola County softball tournament at Millington High School. The Cardinals went on to post a 12-0 win over their junior varsity squad in the championship game.

Millington’s Leah Denome pitched her team to a 12-0 win over Millington’s junior varsity in the finals of Saturday’s Thumb Invitational Tuscola County softball tournament at Millington High School.

“The girls have been playing well all year,” said running through Saturday featuring games against stateMillington coach Greg Hudie of his varsity. “It’s nice to ranked competition from bigger divisions. Also attending will be Division 1 third-ranked Clarkston, and Division 1 see they’re putting up the runs. “It’s a new year, and we’re going to go and try and win seventh-ranked Bay City Western. “It’s awesome they’re coming to our place to do it. it all this year.” Ashley Ziel took the pitching loss for Millington’s JV, It’s a big honor,” said Hudie. “We’re going to challenge which was led offensively by Falon Wilson’s two hits ourselves to the limits and see how it all works out in the end.” with a double. The JV Cardinals Caro was held to just two hits reached the finals with poolin a 7-3 loss to Laker High after play wins over the Cass City and falling to the Cardinals. Sandusky varsity clubs. Cass City lost 7-4 to “They’re a very good group, Millington’s JV, bounced back and we work together very with a 15-0 win over Sandusky closely, obviously,” said Hudie and finished its day with a 7-6 of the Millington JV. “We’ve got loss to Laker High. some kids down there that could Dawson Klein allowed four fill spots on varsity, if needed, so earned runs on 10 hits over it’s a nice situation where there’s six innings of the loss to the talent down there that pushes Cardinals’ JV, while she and some of the varsity girls to be Macey White had two hits each better. on the offensive side for the Red “We practice side-by-side, and Hawks. One of White’s hits was try to keep everything as more a double, while Hailey Beckrow of a family atmosphere,” he added a double and two RBIs. added. “We all want the same Pither Abbey Halabis guided thing, and we’re going to work Cass City to its shutout of hard together to accomplish it.” Sandusky, allowing four hits in Hudie trusts that the JV players four innings. Brittany Hamilton will grow from the loss to their had three hits including a older classmates. double, three runs scored and “I told the (JV) pitchers, three RBIs to pace the offense, ‘Don’t be discouraged if we Beckrow had three hits and hit off of you, because we’ve scored three times, Jalene Krol got some of the best hitters in had two hits, two runs scored the state,’” said Hudie. “I also and two RBIs, Abbey Salcido told them not to be discouraged if they can’t hit our pitching, Millington junior varsity player Falon had two hits with a double and because it’s some of the best in Wilson shows her focus as she chases three runs scored and Brianna down a pop-up in the finals of Saturday’s Mester tripled among her two the state. “When we do live pitching, Thumb Invitational Tuscola County softball hits to go with two RBIs and a all our pitchers throw to tournament at Millington High School. The JV run scored. White, Beckrow and Krol had everybody,” he added. “We’re Cardinals lost to the Millington varsity, 12-0. two hits each for Cass City in pretty deep all the way around.” Millington’s varsity reached the championship with a the loss to the Lakers. 2-0 pool mark that included a 12-5 win over former TriAdam Smith is sports editor for The Advertiser and Valley Conference East Division rival Caro followed by a 20-0, three-inning mercy of Laker High. In total, the can be reached at Cardinals produced 44 tournament runs on 51 hits. An over-the-fence grand slam by Caro’s Ashlin Murphy off Sherman erased a 4-1 Tigers’ deficit and staked them to a 5-4 lead in the top of the fifth inning, but the Cardinals’ offense backed their pitcher up with an eight-run bottom half of the fifth in response to pull away. Sherman (4-0) was the winning pitcher, recording 10 strikeouts in six innings. Sherman, Rabideau and Madi Hahn had three hits each to lead the Cardinals past Caro. Rabideau and Hahn added three RBIs, with Rabideau doubling twice, and Darrien Roberts, Denome and Gates added two hits each. Murphy was charged with the pitching loss for Caro in 4 2/3 innings of work, and had two hits total to match Meredith Moore as her team’s leading hitters against the Cardinals. Murphy’s grand slam followed a week of play in which, on Tuesday, she fanned 16 batters in Caro’s 9-0, six-inning win at Harbor Beach, coming within a strikeout of earning her way onto the MHSAA’s record list for strikeouts in a six-inning game. Pacing Millington’s bats in the win over Laker were Denome with four hits including a homer and three RBIs, and Roberts, also with four hits and three RBIs. Sherman had three hits with a homer and four RBIs, Bishop had two hits with a homer (Photos by John Cook) and two RBIs and Hahn contributed two hits and Millington varsity pitcher Leah Denome (16) throws two RBIs in support of the winning pitcher Gates over to first-base teammate Madi Hahn for an out during finals play at Saturday’s Thumb Invitational Tuscola (4-0), who fanned six Lakers’ hitters. Starting with defending Division 2 state County softball tournament the Cardinals hosted. Denome champion Escanaba at 6 p.m. Friday, the Cardinals’ homered and pitched her team to a 12-0 championship win varsity will host a round-robin tournament over the Millington junior varsity.

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Softball roundup: Vassar earns first wins of season Vassar scored a pair of sixthinning runs to take a 12-10 lead in the opener of Monday’s nonleague softball doubleheader, and made it stick despite Sandusky pulling to within a run of the Vulcans in the seventh for a 12-11 final. Hadley Goodell pitched Vassar to its first win of the season, while Tristin Paquette had two hits with a triple and five stolen bases and Sadie Dubois doubled twice. The second game lasted just three innings, with Vassar accounting for 16 hits in a 20-5 victory. Destiny Greenleaf was the winning pitcher, while Paquette had three hits with a triple, a double and three RBIs, Lainey Zwerk and Goodell had three hits each and Sarah Colosky had two hits with a double and four RBIs.

Friday’s games

innings. Denome took over for Millington 13, Bullock Creek the sixth and final inning, fanning 1; Millington 13, Bullock a pair of Lancers’ hitters. Creek 0: Five homers keyed the See SOFTBALL nonleague doubleheader sweep, ROUNDUP B4 including two from Gabbie Sherman and one each from Sydney Bishop, CARO DENTAL ASSOCIATES Darrien Roberts and Madi Formerly Dr. Misko’s Office Hahn. Sherman was the Game 1 winning pitcher, Dr. Marco Yousif allowing one hit with nine strikeouts. Bishop led the Cardinals’ bats with three FOR ALL YOUR DENTAL NEEDS hits and five RBIs, and • Dental Implants • Family Dentistry • Free Consultations Leah Denome, Hahn and • Orthodontics McKenna Slough added • Cosmetic Dentistry • Most Insurance Accepted two hits each. ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS Sabrina Gates earned the pitching win in the nightcap, striking out seven batters in five

Correction Reese’s Delaney Peyok was selected to the Division 3 softball all-state first team last season. The Reese softball part of Saturday’s spring sports preview was inaccurate in regards to which all-state honors she received last season.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019, The Advertiser

(Photos by Amy Cuthrell)

Cass City’s Hadyn Horne slides safely into second base in a game against Reese at Saturday’s Thumb Invitational Tuscola County baseball tournament at Millington High School.


— B3

The 2019 Thumb Invitational Tuscola County baseball tournament champions, from Cass City, pose with their championship trophy in the aftermath of a 3-0 run to the title on Saturday at Millington High School.

Story Continued

Continued from B1

and both Zack Beecher and Landon Schenk had a hit, three RBIs and a run scored for Cass City. The Red Hawks went on to claim a 4-0 win over Reese in their second game of the day, as Anthes shut the Rockets out via a one-hitter with no walks and 14 strikeouts in six innings. Beecher led Cass City with one of its four hits — a double — to go with an RBI, while Swiderski, Hadyn Horne and Tyler Czekai provided the other hits. Adam Fisher had the lone hit for the Rockets. Cass City completed its run to the title with a 12-0 shutout of Laker High that yielded just one hit off the winning pitcher Wiseman, who recorded seven strikeouts in the five-inning mercy. The Red Hawks outscored their tournament competition by a combined 31-0. Getting two hits each in the finals for Cass City were Swiderski, Cuthrell and Beecher. Anthes and Wiseman each added a double, while Luke Stern tripled. Beecher, Wiseman and Anthes led the way with two RBIs each, while Cuthrell scored three times. “Kendall and Kenton have both worked really hard at what they do,” said Stern of his top two pitchers from last season, who guided the Red Hawks to a Division 3 district title. “When they step on the mound, they give us a great chance to win every single game. “They feel like all we have to do is get them a couple of runs, and we’ll win,” he added. “We’ve got two other guys (Beecher and Stern) that can throw and help us out tremendously too.” Beecher earned Friday’s 15-2 win over Memphis, while Stern said his son Luke, the team’s starting catcher, will be Kendall Anthes completes his pitching follow- used as the team’s closer. through for eventual tournament champion Cass City “We’re scoring a lot of during play at Saturday’s Thumb Invitational Tuscola runs so far, and everyone’s County baseball tournament. contributing,” said Stern. “If “We pitched one of our starters in the first game (against Memphis), but in the second game we were holding on to our other starters for Saturday,” said Stern, adding the county title is Cass City’s first of his Red Hawks’ coaching tenure. “The boys weren’t super happy about it, but I tried to explain the bigger picture to them, which was to make sure we had enough pitching to come in Saturday and get the job done. “In the end, I’m happy with it even if they’re not completely thrilled,” he added. “We wanted to go and win it, and we were happy to do that.” Cass City opened tournament play with a 15-0, three-inning mercy of Mayville. Providing two hits each to the winning effort were Tristan Swiderski, Kenton Wiseman and Kendall Anthes. Both of Wiseman’s hits were doubles to go with three runs scored and an RBI, while Anthes, Swiderski and Bryce Fernald had one double each. The pitching win went to Fernald in two innings of relief for the starter Sandyn Cuthrell. Anthes had two runs scored and two RBIs, Swiderski scored twice and knocked in a run

that continues, with our pitching, we’re going to be in a lot of games.” Cass City improved to 8-1 on its way to winning Saturday’s tournament. “We started talking about what we wanted to do this year as soon as the (regional semifinal) loss to (Madison Heights) Bishop Foley ended last year,” said Stern. “We brought back seven guys, and we know what they can do. “There’s no doubt the kids have some high goals set for themselves and understand what it takes to get there, and we’re working to make that happen.” Caro went 2-1 on the day, beating Millington 12-10, falling Cass City’s Kenton Wiseman rears back to throw to Laker High 9-5 in its second during Saturday’s Thumb Invitational Tuscola game and then bouncing back for County baseball tournament at Millington High a 2-1 win over Reese. School. Trailing Millington 10-1 in the of its own in the bottom of the frame. That third inning, the Tigers responded with a 10-run bottom of the third while proved to be the difference. Phillips had two hits and scored once to adding a single run in the fourth to earn the lead Caro, Vandecar doubled and drove in a four-inning victory that was shortened by run and Foster doubled for the Tigers. the tournament’s time limit. Buniack earned the pitching win in six Trevor Davis had two of his team’s five innings that yielded an earned run on seven doubles in the game, joined by Tyler Foster, Logan Middaugh and Syrus Strachan. Also hits with five strikeouts. Reese also defeated Mayville 22-0 in with two hits for Caro were Miles Campbell, three innings. Foster, Strachan and Christian Buniack. Tommy Papesh had a homer and double Campbell scored twice and had an RBI, among his three hits to go with four RBIs Foster scored twice, Strachan had two RBIs and three runs scored for the Rockets, Garrett and scored once, Buniack scored twice to go Everitt had four hits, five RBIs and three with an RBI, Davis had three RBIs and a run runs scored, Mike Sheridan had three hits scored and Logan Vandecar had a hit, scored with a double and three runs scored, Bryce once and had two RBIs. Foster had two hits, three RBIs and a run Brechtelsbauer had two hits, four RBIs and scored to pace Caro’s bats against Laker, three runs scored, Alex Trombley had two Middaugh had two hits with a run scored hits, three RBIs and two runs scored, Fisher and an RBI, Vandecar had two hits with a had two hits, three runs scored and an RBI run scored and Campbell had two hits. Both and Shaun Kreger tripled with three RBIs Middaugh and Trevin Phillips provided a and two runs scored. double to the Tigers’ efforts. Adam Smith is sports editor for The In the win over Reese (4-5), Caro (5-4) responded to the Rockets starting the scoring Advertiser and can be reached at sports@ in the top of the second inning with two runs


Baseball roundup: Vassar posts sweep of Capac Vassar won the opener of Friday’s nonleague baseball doubleheader with Capac 4-3 in walk-off fashion. Tied at 3 in the bottom of the sixth inning, Luke Albrecht laid down a sacrifice bunt to look to move up Vulcans’ runners on first and second base, but when a throw down to third looking to catch the lead runner missed its mark, the winning run crossed home plate as a result of the error. Vassar starter Ethan Dunham went five innings and gave up no earned runs on two hits with six strikeouts before giving way to Jacob Preston, who earned the win in an inning of relief that produced a pair of strikeouts. Max Kukulski was 3-for-3 with two triples and two RBIs for the Vulcans, and Addison Hansard had two hits. Leading 6-1 in the second game after three innings, Vassar (3-3) broke out for eight runs in the fourth to end the game due to mercy at 14-3. Kukulski was the winning pitcher, allowing three hits with six strikeouts in three innings, and he also had two hits to help his own cause. Manny Mendham and Romeo Gomez also had two hits for the Vulcans, with Gomez adding four RBIs.

Friday’s games

Shepherd 18, Frankenmuth 6; Shepherd 4, Frankenmuth 3: An eightrun sixth inning broke the first game




open for Shepherd, and the Bluejays completed the nonleague doubleheader sweep of the Eagles with a much closer, one-run victory in Game 2. Pitcher Davin Reif was charged with the opening-game loss for the Eagles, who got two hits each from Joby Ostrofsky and Jacob Bellinger. Game 2 saw Frankenmuth score three times in the first inning, but after scoring once in the first, Shepherd scored three times in the third to account for the final margin of victory.

Tuesday, April 9



Freeland 6, Frankenmuth 3; Frankenmuth 7, Freeland 3: Joby Ostrofsky took the opening-game loss of the nonleague doubleheader split for Frankenmuth in relief of the starter Marcos Juhasz, who allowed three runs on four hits with six strikeouts through five innings. Ostrofsky led the Eagles offensively, going 2-for-4 in the game. A four-run second inning proved to be the Game 2 difference in the Eagles earning the split. Travis Reinbold earned the pitching win, giving up three runs on five hits with seven strikeouts over five innings. Colton Bryce pitched the final two innings in relief. Ostrofsky and Jacob Bellinger had two hits each to lead Frankenmuth’s offense, which also got RBIs from Reinbold and Davin Reif.

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NOV 19


B4 — Wednesday, April 17, 2019, The Advertiser

North Branch’s Andrzejewski signs with Adrian track and field (Courtesy photo)

North Branch’s Jade Andrzejewski recently signed her national letterof-intent to enroll at Adrian College and participate on the women’s track and field team. Pictured left to right are her stepfather Daniel Stratton, her mother Sarah Stratton, Jade Andrzejewski and her sisters Gemerie Stratton and Keegan Andrzejewski.


Three firsts from Furst help Caro secure track invite title DAVISON — Three first-place finishes from Nathan Furst sparked Caro’s boys’ track and field team to a win of Friday’s Davison invitational Small Schools division with 140 points. North Branch was fifth among boys’ small schools with 57.53 points, while Unionville-Sebewaing Area was eighth with a score of 33.2. Furst won both the 110- (15.46) and 300-meter hurdles (41.97), ran second on the winning 800 relay (1:37.15) with teammates Caleb Cotton, Kyle Severn and Caleb Graves and ran the final leg on the runner-up 1,600 relay (3:41.73) with Cotton, Yami Albrecht and Graves. Albrecht, Cotton and Graves added two first-place finishes each to Caro’s efforts. Albrecht won the 1,600 (4:28.97) and the 3,200 relay (8:34.99) with Cotton, Aaron Hulburt and Bryden Miller. Cotton was in on both the 800 and 3,200 relay victories, while Graves was a part of the same 800 relay win while adding another first in the long jump (18-feet, 10 3/4-inches). Albrecht added a second place in the 3,200 (9:45.80) and aforementioned 1,600 relay, Cotton added a third place in the 800 (2:12.96) in addition to his 1,600 relay runner-up and Graves contributed to the second-place finish


in the 1,600 relay. Along with his role on the winning 800 relay, Caro’s Severn was second in the 100 dash (12.53), third in the 200 dash (25.04) and third in the discus (121-8). The Tigers also got a win from Trevin Phillips in the high jump (6-0) and a second place from Ty Inches in the pole vault (11-0). USA’s boys were led by Bentley Alderson’s win of the ninth and 10th grade 1,600 (4:51.80) race, Kyle Maust’s runner-up in the 400 dash (56.41), Bennett Weber’s second place in the shot put (42-7 3/4) and Walker Foley’s third in the pole vault (10-0). North Branch got runner-up finishes from Jacob Stone in the high jump (59) and Lance Harnden (18-8 1/2) in the long jump, and third-place finishes from its 3,200 (9:27.14) and 400 (48.3) relay teams. Forming the 3,200 relay were Spencer Murphy, Dylan Castle, Gabe Hutchins and Evan Schapman, while the 400 relay members were Josh Boyne, Christian Coy, Colin Grossbauer and Jacob Ranney. Imlay City was the girls’ Small Schools division winner with 120.5 points, while North Branch was fourth with 65 points, USA was fifth with 50 points and Caro was eighth with 42.5 points. Highlighting local girls’ efforts was USA’s Grace Williamson with four

firsts, winning the 100 dash (13.40), the 200 dash (27.30), competing as the last leg on the Patriots’ 1,600 relay (4:36.26) along with Hailey Eremia, Danielle Vogel and Ashlyn LaPratt and placing first in the high jump (5-feet, 2-inches). Sheridan Dinsmore was the highlight of the day for Caro’s girls, winning both the shot put (38-10) and discus (122-5). North Branch’s girls were led by Haileigh Bissett’s win of the ninth and 10th-grade 1,600 (5:58) race, while she joined Caitlyn Rogers, Cloye Schram and Delaney Kropp in placing second in the varsity 3,200 relay (11:40). Jamie Kirkwood added depth for the Broncos with second places in both the 100 (17.85) and 300 (55.47) hurdles, and she was third in the long jump (16-5). Placing third in the 100 hurdles for the Broncos was Jade Andrzejewski (18.65), while Mackenzie DeLong was third in the discus (103-2).

Girls’ track and field Friday’s results

Brown City invitational: Led by Haley Rowbotham’s winning time of 12:13 in the 3,200 run, Mayville placed ninth as a team at the Brown City invitational. She was also a runner-up

in the 1,600 (5:28). Also contributing for the Wildcats was Grace Middleton with a fifth place in the discus (82-2) and its 3,200 relay team with a fifth-place finish of 12:19.

Girls’ soccer Monday’s game

Frankenmuth 9, Standish Sterling 1: Host Frankenmuth got three goals each from Courtney Keyes and Baylee Stainforth to pull away for the easy nonleague win. The Eagles, who led 5-1 at the half, also got two goals from Maura Lee, a goal and two assists from Alaina Soulliere, two assists from Keyes, and an assist each from Stainforth, Margo Samson and Nissia Bernard.

Girls’ tennis Saturday’s quad results

Caro 17, Essexville Garber 4, Bay City John Glenn 3, Laker High 0 Caro records on the day: SINGLES 1. Leslie Licudine 2-1; 2. Karalee Nusz 2-1; 3. Renae King 3-0; 4. Olivia Guilds 2-1. DOUBLES 1. Teya Olan/Carli Mark 1-2; 2. Olivia Craig/Kirstan Craig 3-0; 3. Sophia Keys/Lecretia Hudson 3-0; 4. Mahriya Babcock/Maddy Knox 1-1.

Story Continued

Continued from B2

Sherman and Hahn had three hits, three RBIs and two runs scored apiece, while Denome and Bishop added two hits each. Capac 12, Vassar 5; Capac 7, Vassar 6: Freshman Destiny Greenleaf led Vassar with three hits including a double in the opener of the Vulcans’ nonleague doubleheader losses. Freshman Hadley Goodell added two hits for Vassar, but was the pitcher of record in taking the loss. The Vulcans scored three times in the top of the seventh inning to pull within a run of Capac, but that completed the scoring. Emilee Whitney had three hits with a double and two RBIs for Vassar, Tristin Paquette had two hits with an inside-the-park homer and three RBIs and Lainey Zwerk finished with two hits including a triple. Greenleaf lost the pitching decision, allowing 12 hits with no walks and five strikeouts in six innings.

Wednesday, April 10

Frankenmuth 11, Shepherd 6; Frankenmuth 13, Shepherd 5: The nonleague doubleheader sweep saw Frankenmuth score double-digit runs for the fourth and fifth times in its first six games, improving to 5-1. Emily Coulter was the winning pitcher in the first game, allowing eight hits with four walks and nine strikeouts. Kylie Wilson and Brooklin Karwat each had two-run homers lead the way, while Claire Breinager had a solo homer. Breinager led the Eagles with four hits in the opener, including two doubles to go with her homer and four RBIs, Karwat had two hits in all and two stolen bases and Wilson finished with two hits and two walks. In the second game, Frankenmuth scored eight unanswered runs after the score was tied at 5-5 after three innings. The game was ruled final after five innings due to darkness. Shea Hecht pitched the whole way for the win, allowing six hits with no walks and three strikeouts. Karwat had a

double among her three hits with four runs scored, three RBIs and a stolen base, Coulter had a double among her three hits to go with three RBIs, Kaylee Kujat doubled twice and scored three runs.

Tuesday, April 9

Frankenmuth 11, Freeland 9; Freeland 10, Frankenmuth 6: Emily Coulter guided the Eagles to the opening-game win of the nonleague doubleheader from the pitching circle. Faith Breinager highlighted the offense with four hits, two of them doubles, and an RBI, Tara Keller had two hits and two RBIs and Coulter helped her own cause with a hit and two RBIs. The Falcons avenged the loss by overcoming a 6-2 Game- 2 deficit with eight unanswered runs in the fourth inning. Coulter and Shea Hecht each had three-run homers for the Eagles, who also got two hits from Kaylee Kujat.


you can do it!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019, The Advertiser

Freeform Thursday, April 18 8 p.m. Adina (Gloria Reuben) is put in harm’s way when the past actions of her son Tyrone/Cloak (Aubrey Joseph) catch up to him on “Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger.”

April 17 - 23, 2019

FOX Monday, April 22 8 p.m. A going-away party for a bank manager turns into an emergency, and then a mystery, as firefighter/ paramedic Hen Wilson (Aisha Hinds) and the other first responders are accused of pulling off a daring heist on “9-1-1.”

WEDNESDAY • APRIL 17, 2019 Evening 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30

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10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30

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Grey’s Anatomy Station 19 ab For the People (CC) Local Kimmel ABC Local Programs Bang Pieces Mom Pieces S.W.A.T.: Invisible Local Late Show CBS Local Programs Supernatural (CC) In the Dark ab Local Programs Local information. CW Local Programs Gotham ab The Orville ab Local Programs Local information. FOX Local Programs The Good Wife (CC) The Good Wife (CC) Local Programs Local Programs MYN Local Programs Superstore A.P. Bio Brooklyn Abby’s Law & Order: SVU Local Tonight NBC Local Programs The First 48 (CC) Sex for Sale: The Untold Story (CC) The First 48 (CC) A&E The First 48 (CC) Cast Away aaac (2000, Drama) Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt. rsx Bridge of Spies aaac AMC Hangover III aaa Naked & Afraid Naked & Afraid Naked & Afraid Naked & Afraid DISC Naked & Afraid Jessie Sydney Coop & Cm Andi Mack Raven DISN Jessie: Jessie’s Big Sydney Coop & Cm Jessie SportsCenter SportsCenter Spe cial Hey Rookie E:60 SportsCenter ESPN Charlie’s Angels aac (2000) Cameron Diaz. The 700 Club (CC) FREE Jumanji aaa (1995) Cloak & Dagger Little Women (CC) Little Women (CC) Little Women: LA Little Women: LA LIFE Little Women (CC) Dou ble Shot Dou ble Shot Dou ble Shot Cat fish: Kim & Matt Catfish ab MTV Friends Friends Friends Friends NICK Loud Hse Danger Elf aaa (2003, Holiday) Will Ferrell. pqv Wife Swap af Wife Swap af Overboard aac PARM (6:30) Overboard aac (1987) Goldie Hawn. Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Bang Bang Bang Fron tal Conan Frontal TBS Dr. Pimple Popper Untold ER af TLC Say Yes Dress (CC) My 600-lb Life: Supersized: Angela’s (CC) 2019 NBA Playoffs Golden State vs Los Angeles TNT 2019 NBA Playoffs Philadelphia vs Brooklyn z{| NHL Hockey Family Family Family Family USA

American Idol af (CC) The Fix Local Kimmel ABC Local Programs Neighbor. Plan The Code af Bull: Justice Cable Local Late Show CBS Local Programs DC’s Legends (CC) Arrow: Spartan (CC) Local Programs Local information. CW Local Programs The Resident (CC) 9-1-1: Ocean’s 9-1-1 Local Programs Local information. FOX Local Programs Law & Order CI Law & Order CI Local Programs Local Programs MYN Local Programs The Voice: Live Cross Battles Part 2 (CC) The Enemy Within Local Tonight NBC Local Programs Live PD: Top 10 K9 Live Rescue: Live Rescue - 04.22.19 (CC) Live PD: Rewind A&E Live PD ab Into the Badlands Into the Badlands AMC The Fugitive aaac Taken aaa (2009, Action) Liam Neeson. Street Outlaws (CC) DISC Street Outlaws (CC) Street Outlaws (CC) Street Outlaws (CC) Diesel Brothers Jessie Sydney Coop & Cm Jessie Jessie Sydney Coop & Cm Andi Mack Raven DISN Jessie MLB Base ball Phil a del phia Phillies at New York Mets z | { SportsCenter SportsCenter ESPN (:01) The Lion King aaaa (1994) nou The 700 Club (CC) FREE Hook aaa (1991) (CC) Shadowhunters Escaping af Escaping Poly (CC) Escaping af Escaping af LIFE Escaping ab Teen Mom 2 Teen Mom 2 Teen Mom 2 Teen Mom Young Teen Mom 2 MTV SpongeB SpongeB SpongeB SpongeB Friends Friends Friends Friends NICK Dubl. Dare Dude Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops PARM Cops Fam Guy Fam Guy Fam ily Guy b a Fam Guy Fam Guy Dad Dad Conan Seinfeld TBS 90 Day Fiancé: Elizabeth & Andrei af TLC Say Yes Dress (CC) 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? (CC) 2019 NBA Playoffs z{| TNT Doctor Strange aaac 2019 NBA Playoffs Milwaukee vs Detroit z{| Chi cago P.D. (CC) WWE Mon day Night Raw Family Family USA

FRIDAY • APRIL 19, 2019 Evening 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30

TUESDAY • APRIL 23, 2019 Evening 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30

9 PM


10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30

NBA 2019 NBA Playoffs Boston vs Indiana z{| Local Kimmel ABC Local Programs I Love Lucy (CC) Hawaii Five-0 (CC) Blue Bloods (CC) Local Late Show CBS Local Programs Dynasty ab Whose Line Whose Line Local Programs Local information. CW Local Programs Man Cool Kids Proven Innocent Local Programs Local information. FOX Local Programs CSI: Miami ab CSI: Miami ab Local Programs Local Programs MYN Local Programs Blindspot ab The Blacklist (CC) Dateline NBC (CC) Local Tonight NBC Local Programs Live PD: Rewind Live PD: Live PD - 04.19.19 ab (CC) A&E Live PD ab (:35) The Expendables 2 aaa (2012) not The Expendables 3 aac (2014) AMC The Expendables aac (2010) Gold Rush af Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail: Mercury (CC) Mummies Unwrap DISC Gold Rush af Jessie Sydney Sydney Coop & Cm Bizaard Stuck Mid. Coop & Cm Andi Mack Sydney DISN Jessie 2019 NBA Play offs To ronto vs Or lando z | { 2019 NBA Playoffs Portland vs Oklahoma City z{| ESPN Pretty Little Liars The 700 Club (CC) FREE Angels Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle aa (2003) rsx LIFE The Bucket List aaa Miracles from Heaven aaa (2016) Jennifer Garner. (CC) (:33) Twist of Faith aaa (2013) MTV Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Friends Friends NICK Crashletes Danger Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles aac (2014) Pete Ploszek. Office Mom Raiders of the Lost Ark aaaa (1981, Adventure) Harrison Ford. Doom aaac (1984) PARM Mom ELEAGUE ab TBS Burgers Burgers Burgers Thor: The Dark World aaa (2013) Chris Hemsworth. 90 Day Sister Wives (CC) TLC Say Yes Dress (CC) 90 Day Fiancé: Russ & Paola: Journey af (CC) Rush Hour 3 aac (2007) Chris Tucker. (CC) Rush Hour aaa (1998, Action) Jackie Chan. TNT Bones ab (CC) Family Family USA Fantastic Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone aaac (2001, Fantasy) Daniel Radcliffe.

9 PM


10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30

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Large Estate Auction Saturday, April 13, 2019 10:30 am, 6720 State Rd. Millington MI. Household, glassware, tools, general merchandise. #4 of 10 auctions for the same client! www. 989-912-4313

Special Education Teacher Consultant: Full-time position. The full job posting is available at employment. Send letter of application, and resume to: Carol Brown, Director of SE Huron ISD 1299 S. Thomas Rd., Ste. 1 Bad Axe, MI 48413 cbrown@huronisd. org Deadline: May 3, 2019

BUNK BED, SOLID WOOD, complete with brand new mattress, $300. Call 810-922-0591

ATTENTION DEER HUNTERS - Food plot season is upon us! I have access to round-up ready corn seed at $135 a bag, which will plant almost 3 acres. I’m taking orders until April 22nd. Call 989-673-11889.

An AMISH LOG HEADBOARD AND Queen Pillow Top Mattress Set. Brand new-never used, sell all for $275. Call anytime 989-923-1278.

DISCOUNT METAL ROOFING, half off on special colors. Seasonal special on custom built pole barns. Licensed and insured builders. Quality work for 40 years! 517-5753695.

SPECTRUM TRIPLE PLAY! TV, Internet & Voice for $29.99 ea. 60 MB per second speed No contract or commitment. More channels. Faster internet. Unlimited voice. Call 1-866729-0394

CARO - MONTAGUE PLACE APARTMENTS1 bedroom & 2 bedroom (waitlist) apartments, rent based on income (if qualified), barrier free unit available, accepts Sec 8, contact Tina 989673-7676 or Susan (616) 942-6553, Equal Housing Opportunity, This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer, TDD 711

Automobiles CASH FOR CARS: We Buy Any Condition Vehicle, 2002 and Newer. Competitive Offer! Nationwide FREE Pick Up! Call Now For a Free Quote! 888-3665659

Classes DOG TRAINING CLASSES: Puppy and adult obedience, agility and trick dog classes. Call/text 989-286-6548 or e-mail: sutter_cm@ for more info

Employment EXPERIENCED CARPENTER needed for log home construction company. Full time. Call or text 989-529-0125. School Psychologist Full-time position. The full job posting is available at www.huronisd. org/employment . Send letter of application, and resume to: Carol Brown, Director of SE Huron ISD 1299 S. Thomas Rd., Ste. 1 Bad Axe, MI 48413 cbrown@huronisd. org Deadline: May 3, 2019.

THUMB MOTORCYCLE CHROME in Caro is looking to add a licensed Mechanic to their growing business. Applicant must be licensed or able to become licensed. Call 989-673-2750 for more information.

Furniture A KING PILLOW TOP MATTRESS SET new in plastic, slightly damaged in shipping, cost $2,100, sell for $350. Call 810-922-0591 A QUEEN MATTRESS SET, new with warranty, $175. Call 810-922-0591. ADJUSTABLE BED WITH IM COMFORT GEL Memory Mattress. New with warranty would cost $4700. Must sell! $975 Call 810 922 0591 AN AMISH LOG HEADBOARD and Queen Pillow Top Mattress Set. Brand new-never used, sell all for, new in plastic. Cost $800, sell for $275. Call 810-922-0591

ASSISTANT MANAGER SAVE-A-LOT • Full-time position • Retail management experience required • Mail resume or bringg in to

1253 E. Caro Rd. • Caro

Apply in person. No phone calls please.

Help Wanted ADULT FOSTER CARE hiring in Caro for 2nd shift and weekends. Experience a plus but not necessary, we will train. Call 810-6563568 for interview. Must pass a background check. BOYS AND GIRLS needed for detasseling seed corn in July and August at Saginaw Valley Seedcorn Producers, LLC ( Ed Mantey & Sons ) Must be at least 13 years old to apply. Visit www. for online application. Questions can be directed to info@ HELP WANTED - DIRECT CARE STAFF in Millington/Clio area. Immediate openings 2nd shift, must be 18 and able to pass background check. Hourly pay depends on interview. Call Management 7am-3pm weekdays 810-564-9569 or 989-871-5090. HELP WANTED Truck driver, laborer, heavy equipment operator. MUST HAVE CDL Class A and clean driving record. Send resume to Brinkman Excavating LLC 2780 Jacob Road Caro, Michigan 48723 or call 989-673-6088 after 6 p.m.

FOR SALE: Thompson Center Encore 50 cal. Muzzleloader, Whitetail edition, only 100 made. Nikon BDC scope , sling and hard case. $1,700.00. Remington 870 Wingmaster, walnut stock, VR barrel. $400. Carbon Express Crossbow, scope, bolts and case. $400. PSE Spyder bow, womens or youth, ready to hunt. $250. Matthews Ultra Max Bow, ready to hunt. $350. 2 Gorilla self climbing tree stands $50 each. All prices OBO. 989670-8399.

Lawn & Garden PROTEX TUBE TREE PROTECTORS - used, in excellent shape. 24” tall, 25 for $13.75, 36” tall, 25 for $21.25. Half price of new, minimum order 25 tubes. 989-5530772

Lots & Acreage BEAUTIFUL WOODED 1 ACRE building site on Fenner Rd. close to Caro. Call Diane for more information 517-4553295.

Miscellaneous A PLACE FOR MOM has helped over a million families find senior living. Our trusted local advisors help solutions to your unique needs at NO COST TO YOU! Call 866-760-7235. Adjustable Bed Brand New with Imcomfort gel memory foam mattress. Retail Cost $3,995.00, sacrifice for $575.00. Call for showing or delivery: 989-6152951.

Attention: Oxygen Users! Gain freedom with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator! No more heavy tanks and refills! Guaranteed Lowest Prices! Call the Oxygen Concentrator Store: 855-970-1066 BUILT BEST BARNS Michigan’s Largest Pole Barn Company Best Quality, Best Service, ORDER NOW for Spring Delivery at Winter Prices License/Insured 1-877802-9591 (Office) 989-205-2534 (Cell) BUILT RITE POLE BUILDINGS Statewide, 24x40x10 =$11,865.00, 30x40x10= $14,000.00. Erected on your site. Call for price not shown on any size building or go to Toll Free 1-877-296-6802. DENTAL INSURANCE. Call Physicians Mutual Insurance Company for details. NOT just a discount plan, REAL coverage for 350 procedures. 844-3937068 or http://www. Ad# 6118 DIRECTV & AT&T. 155 Channels & 1000s of Shows/Movies On Demand (w/SELECT Package.) AT&T Internet 99 Percent Reliability. Unlimited Texts to 120 Countries w/AT&T Wireless. Call 4 FREE Quote- 1-888351-0154. DIRECTV NOW. No Satellite Needed. $40/month. 65 Channels. Stream Breaking News, Live Events, Sports & On Demand Titles. No Annual Contract. No Commitment. CALL 1-844-2797390

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Stay in your home longer with an American Standard Walk-In Bathtub. Receive up to $1,500 off, including a free toilet, and a lifetime warranty on the tub and installation! Call us at 1-855-2718452 VACATION CABINS FOR RENT IN CANADA Fish for abundant walleye, perch, northern pike. Boats, motors, gasoline included. For free brochure call Hugh 1-800-4262550

Motorcycles 2010 YAMAHA 400cc MAJESTIC MOTORCYCLE 11900 Miles, Black with back luggage. Step through type cycle. Asking $3500. Call Harry at 989550-5606

NEWLY REMODELED, new appliances, 2 bedroom 1 bathroom. 900 sq ft. Finished basement and finished attic. No pets, no smoking. $800/ month plus utilities and deposit. Call 517-582-1053 PEACEFUL 2 BEDROOM MOBILE HOME Country, 5 miles from Caro; Included: Dryer ,stove, fridge, water & trash. Enclosed entrance, storage building. No pets, no smoking. $450/ month plus security deposit,references. 989-673-5433

Pets SARDEX is the greaseless & odorless way to treat mange and kill fleas!!! At Tractor Supply ( )

Rentals 3 BED/2 BATH NEW AND USED MOBILE HOMES for sale at Evergreen Estates. We offer large treed lots in a beautiful country setting. Starting at $519 mo . Bad Credit OK. Call 989-460-8258 for more info BOOTH RENTAL AVAILABLE at Kris & Ko Salon & Spa in Frankenmuth; hair dressers, nail techs, and Massage Therapists; reasonable rate. Call 989-2847007.

SugarCreek Apartments APPLY FOR ONLY $50 & SECURITY DEPOSIT AS LOW AS $99!! We now have pet friendly buildings with extra fee & deposit. Rent ranges from $610-$870. (Rent is not based on income). Central A/C, dishwasher, W/D hookups and walk-in kitchen pantry in every lovely apartment home. Corner of M-81 & Romain Rd. Call Diana today at 989-673-0515, evening appointments available! Check out our new website: & on Facebook!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019, The Advertiser

Vacancy SEEKING:TRUSTEE FOR KINGSTON SCHOOL BOARD Kingston Community Schools is seeking any interested applicants to be appointed to fill one vacancy as a trustee on the Board of Education. The term expires in 2024 and must be filled by May 1st. For more information or to apply please contact Superintendent Matt Drake by email or by US Mail: Matt Drake, 5790 State St, Kingston MI, 48741. Application Deadline is April 18th, 2019. Interested candidates must apply in writing.

— B7




Newstand locations below:

Akron: Halies Party Mart

Caro POLE BARN/ESTATE SALE in Caro 2050 N. Colling Rd. Friday, 4/26 9am - 5pm and Saturday, 4/27 9am - 3pm. Something for everyone. Household, tools, holiday decor, and some furniture.

Caro: M46 Mini Market Caro Tobacco GC Express (M46/M24) Lucky’s Patriot Party Mart Rite Aid Speedway State Street Pharmacy Thumb Meat Market VG’s Walmart Z’s Wine Shop

Millington DOWNSIZING/ESTATE SALE: April 25th & 26th at 9am - 5pm and Saturday, April 27th 9am - 12pm. 3662 Swaffer Rd. Millington. Tools, garden tools, small appliances, dishes, linens, some furniture. Too much to mention.

Cass City: Coachlight Pharmacy Forwards Mr. Chips Parkway Quakermaid Wild Johns

Opportunities are waiting in the Classifieds! Advertiser 989-673-3181

Fairgrove: Fairgrove Oil

Kingston: Kingston Corner Store Marlette: Ben’s Supermarket Clark Gas Rite Aid Mayville: Mr. Chips Wingert’s Grocery Millington: Millington Pharmacy Simon’s Speedway Worth’s Market North Branch: Bryans Market Whistle Stop Reese: Beacon & Bridge Dunn Hardware Speedy Q

Fostoria: Fostoria Grocery


Frankenmuth: CVS Pharmacy Kroger Seven Eleven

Richville: Norm’s Market Richville Party Mart Sebewaing: Forwards Luke’s Grocery Scheurer Pharmacy Sebewaing Market Silverwood: Silverwood Grocery Tuscola: 4 Corners Market Unionville: Log Cabin Grocery Village Mini Market Vassar: Beacon & Bridge Central Shop Rite Colosky’s Forward Speedway Vic’s

THUMB NEWS. TWICE A WEEK. Call us at 989-673-3181

Watrousville: Watrousville Market

PUBLIC NOTICE Vassar Township 4505 W. Saginaw Rd. Vassar, MI 48768 989-823-3541 Vassar Township is currently seeking bids for roadside lawn mowing (44 miles). Bids to include price for a single cut and a double cut as well as the width of the cut. Bids must be received by May 2nd. Vassar Township is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

PUBLIC NOTICE BRUSH SPRAY The Tuscola County Road Commission will be spraying all local road right of way in Koylton Township for brush. The work is scheduled for mid-June 2019. Property owners may request to opt out by submitting a "No Spray Form" available at the Caro Office, 1733 S. Mertz Road, or online at Forms must be returned by June 1, 2019 for review by Management. If the request is granted, property owners shall comply with all conditions listed on the form. Anyone with questions on the material used should contact The Dalton's Inc., P.O. Box 724, North Webster, IN 46555 Phone: 574-267-7511. Any other questions, contact the Caro Office at 989-673-2128.



Written bids are being accepted for the Sexton position at Watertown Township Cemeteries. This is for the digging of the graves only, not the maintenance of the property. Must have own equipment. Please submit bid in writing, no later than Tuesday, May 7th, 2019. Questions? Call Watertown Township Clerk at (989) 795-2127

The City of Caro, Michigan hereby invites qualified individuals/firms interested in providing mowing services for the cutting of Noxious Weeds/Grass in accordance with City ordinance.

Watertown Township 9405 Foster Street PO Box 39 Fostoria, MI 48435 (989) 795-2127 phone (989) 795-9139 fax

City of Vassar will be accepting sealed bids for the sale of a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1-Ton Truck, with 49,797 miles and equipped with a dump box. Truck may be inspected Monday – Friday, 8:00AM to 2:30PM, at 514 E Huron Ave, Vassar, Michigan. Sealed bids must be received by 4:00PM on May 2, 2019 and sent to: City of Vassar – Truck Bid, 287 E. Huron Avenue Vassar, Michigan 48768 Support Local Businesses, 989-673-3181 Check out the Service Directory.



JUNIATA TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP BOARD NOTICE OF ORDINANCE ADOPTION: ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 20, ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING AND PERMITTING COMMERCIAL MEDICAL MARIJUANA FACILITIES On April 8, 2019, Juniata Township (the “Township”) adopted Ordinance No. 20-2019, “Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 20, Ordinance Authorizing and Permitting Commercial Medical Marijuana Facilities” (the “Ordinance”). The following is a summary of the Ordinance. A true copy of the Ordinance is available at Township Hall, 1971 S. Ringle Rd., Caro, MI, by appointment only.

The City of Caro will receive sealed bids at the City Clerk’s Office, 317 S. State Street, Caro, MI 48723 for the Cutting of Noxious Weeds/Grass on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at 11:00 am. Bids shall be submitted in a sealed envelope and plainly marked “2019 MOWING OF NOXIOUS WEEDS/GRASS – CITY OF CARO. A complete bid specification may be obtained from::

The Thumb’s Only Road To



City of Caro ATTN: City Clerk 317 S. State Street Caro, MI 48723 Phone 989-673-7671 Bids will be publicly opened and read aloud at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 in the Council Chambers of the Caro Municipal Building, 317 S. State Street, Caro, Michigan.

Led Zeppelin • Pink Floyd • Eagles • AC/DC • Lynyrd Skynyrd • Aerosmith • Journey • Fleetwood Mac Queen Boston • Chicago • REO Speedwagon & More

TOWNSHIP OF JUNIATA NOTICE OF ADOPTION OF ORDINANCE NO. 2-2019, AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE TOWNSHIP’S ZONING ORDINANCE REGARDING SPECIAL LAND USE PROCEDURES To the residents and property owners of the Township of Juniata, Tuscola County, Michigan, and all other interested persons: On April 8, 2019, the Township of Juniata adopted Ordinance No. 2-2019, Ordinance Amending the Township’s Zoning Ordinance Regarding Special Land Use Procedures (the "Ordinance"). The following is a summary of the regulatory effect of the Ordinance. A true copy of the Ordinance is available for inspection or purchase at the Township Hall, 1971 Ringle Rd, Caro, MI 48723 by appointment only. AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE TOWNSHIP’S ZONING ORDINANCE REGARDING SPECIAL LAND USE PROCEDURES Section 1. Amendment of Article 6. This section amends sections 601, 603, 604, 605, 606 and 607 to provide that the Township Board has the final review and approval authority for special land use permits and to clarify the process for considering and revoking special land use permits.

Section 1: Amendment to Ordinance No. 20, Section 2, Paragraph 2.

Section 2. Amendment of Section 104. Section 104 of the Township Zoning Ordinance shall be amended to provide that the Township Board has the final review and approval authority for special land use permits.

This section amends Section 2, Paragraph 2 of Ordinance No. 20 to reduce the maximum number of Commercial Medical Marijuana Facility Permits that may be in effect at any time as follows:

Section 3. Amendment of Section 319(7). Section 319(7) of the Township Zoning Ordinance shall be amended to provide that the Township Board has the final review and approval authority for special land use permits. Section 4. Amendment of Section 401(4)(H). Section 401(4)(H) of the Township Zoning Ordinance shall be amended to provide that the Township Board has the final review and approval authority for special land use permits.

a. Grower Permits,

Class A – 0 (Not Allowed) Class B – 0 (Not Allowed) Class C – 1 b. Safety Compliance Facility Permits: 2 c. Secure Transporter Permits: 5 Section 2. Validity and Severability. This section provides that if any portion of this Ordinance is found invalid for any reason, such holding shall not be construed as affecting the validity of the remaining portions of this Ordinance.

Section 5. Validity and Severability. This section provides that any section or subsection not expressly amended by this Ordinance shall remain in full force and effect. Should any portion of this Ordinance be found invalid for any reason, such holding shall not be construed as affecting the validity of the remaining portions of this Ordinance.

Section 3. Repealer Clause. This section provides that any ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed only to the extent necessary to give the Ordinance full force and effect.

Section 6. Repealer Clause. This section provides that any ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed only to the extent necessary to give this Ordinance full force and effect.

Section 4: Effective Date. This section provides that the Ordinance shall become effective immediately following publication.

Section 7 Effective Date. This section provides that this Ordinance shall take effect seven days after publication as provided by law.

Brenda Bigham, Clerk Juniata Township 1050 S Fenner Rd Caro, MI 48723 (989) 550-5652

Brenda Bigham, Clerk Juniata Township 1050 S Fenner Rd Caro, MI 48723 (989) 550-5652

B8 — Wednesday, April 17, 2019, The Advertiser

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3 months $170, 6 months $330, 12 months $600 | Call today for more details 989-673-3181 BUILDING MATERIALS








Residential & Commercial

CARPENTRY Specializing in complete Interior - Exterior Renovations Plumbing Kitchens & Baths Garage Doors Drywall & Paint Roofing and Siding Small Repairs Welcome! *Quality work at a fair price* By Henry R. Gere IV Insured Free Estimates

“Handling Bankruptcies for All Walks of Life”

“The Compassionate Attorney” I Can Help! We are attorneys that help people file for bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code. Free Consultations

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Dost Electric



Licensed Electrical Contractor Residential & Commercial

Concrete & Excavation • SIDEWALKS






Affordable Computer Repairs, Web Design & Much More! Free Pick-up & Delivery in Caro/Mayville. Labor Discount 25% for US Small Businesses & College Students 50% for Educators and Seniors (989) 672-5606

Gutter 660 N. State • Caro 7236 Michigan Ave • Pigeon 17 E. Sanilac Rd • Sandusky


989-551-5820 LAWN CARE

“No job is too small.”

810-793-5171 989-795-3037 LAWN CARE

Are your driveway stones in your yard? Well, have your winter stones removed by your neighborhood commercial sweepster. Garden tilling and lawn dethatching available



Call Bob Greenia 989-274-9623

JOSH 989-551-8990

to make your appointment today Rates as low as $99 and I come to you!!

•Tear Out & Replacement

•Curbs & Gutters

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Custom Stone Works






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* Tear Offs * Repairs * Flat Roofs * Barn Roofs * Steel Roofs





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Cultured Stone. Licensed & Insured


Wallpaper Texture Ceiling

Water & Smoke Damage

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Serving all of Michigan Over 30 years experience AC Tune-Ups $59.00

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$300 off any A/C Purchased $600 off any 96% High Efficiency Furnace & A/C Purchased RANDY SIR 586.531.3402

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Open to the Public: Mon, Wed & Sat 10 AM - 4 PM Monthly $2 Bag Sales!! Thrift store offers gently used household items, and clothes for the family, most for 25c

Licensed & Insured

Traditional & Non-traditional Weddings


Also: Hypnotherapist Specializing in Weight Loss, Stress, Quit Smoking

6037 Fulton St.


Donations accepted during business hours and pickup of larger items available upon request.

(Just south of the light on the east side)

Mayville, MI 48744 Trailer Repair

le r s Ta r p S ho p

Closed Thursday & Sunday 4169 Moore Rd. Cass City 2 miles West of M-53 & 3 1/2 miles North of Bay City Forestville Rd.

• Shingles • Metal • Flat Roofing

6012 S. Linden Rd. Swartz Creek

Rev. Beverly LaJoie Minister

Specializing in Roofing

Construction, LLC

Office: 810-655-0806

Mayville Area Share Shop

• Boat Covers • Tonneau Covers • Custom Covers • Enclosers • Zipper Replacement • ATV Covers • Repair Truck Covers • All Kinds of Repair


Scott Hetzner






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Paul’s Pump Repair

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Professional Comprehensive Cleaning of * Air Ducts * Heating/Cooling Equipment * Dryer Vents * Air Handling Equipment State Licensed & Insured Friendly Over The Phone Price Quotes “Helping furnaces & people breathe better since 1998”


Water pump and water tank sales & service Geothermal Pump Systems Salt free iron conditioners & water softeners * In-home service on all brands

New Construction & Remodeling



Ceramic tile


State Licensed & Insured


•Brick • Block • Stone • Veneers • Fireplaces • Chimneys Repairs • Saw Cutting • Masonry Repairs • Flat Work • Foundations

Basement finishing off



Cell: 989-770-0062

Caro, MI


Give Dave a call for free estimates


John Pugh 989-670-1155


Over 40 Years of Quality Workmanship Licensed & Insured

• Central A/C • Gas & Oil Furnaces • Mobile Home Furnaces •Hot Water Boilers • Sales & Service

Bill Pomeroy

Commercial & Residential



•Pole Barns •Basements •Driveways •Garages •Patios •Steps •Sidewalks


Brick, Block & Stone


Fresh Air Duct Cleaning

SIR Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC


Generator Hookup • New House Wiring • Remodel Wiring • Sevice Upgrades


Pole Barns

Caro | Pigeon | Sandusky

Computer Repair Routers/Networking Lenovo Computers Software Installation









Office: 989.823.1562 Cell: 989.996.1344

Caro, MI


Kerkau’s Tree Service LLC Family owned and operated Over 20 years experience Licensed and Insured

Thomas Kerkau Owner 9695 West Gilford Rd. Reese, MI 48757 Office: (989) 574-7952 Cell: (989) 574-7955

• Complete Tree Removal • Stump Removal • Hi-Ranger Rental • Snow Removal Veteran’s Discount • Free Estimates • Senior Discounts * Will Beat Any Competitors Price *

Dine Local

Castamore Zangalotti's Cafe Dine in or take out

Open: Mon. - Fri. 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.

2034 Main, Fairgrove, MI 48733


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3 months $170, 6 months $330, 12 months $600 | Call today for more details 989-673-3181

L&L Tree Top Services, LLC


Raymond’s TREE Inc.



Thumb Stump Removal

Tree Trimming & Removal • Brush Chipping • Hedges • Lot Clearings Storm Damage • Stump Removal

*Licensed and Insured* • All Job Sizes • Cutting, Trimming, Chipping • No Stump Grinding • Free Bids • Year Round Services

989-315-6219 Loren 989-670-7893 - Lee

Hours Open Mon. - Sun. 8 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Free Estimates • Quality Workmanship Insured • Over 30 years experience Residential & Commercial Offers senior discounts

810.537.1757 Lonny Jr. 810.346.2593 Lonny Sr.

Fast Service

Free Estimates, Insured, Large or Small Specializing in Back Yard & Fenced-in Areas Quantity Discounts

989-691-5344 Cell: 989-284-5041


• Implement repairs & alterations • Weed burners • Trailer repairs • Grain doors • Lift axles • Food Grade Stainless Steel Tanks • Work Tables Countertops • Sinks

Wells & Pumps for Residential, Commercial & Agricultural

William Cragg Jr.

4th Generation Geothermal Heating & Cooling

2074 Mertz Rd. Caro, MI 48723 ph#: 989-673-8787 Year-Around Drilling



Countryside Woodworking

Anderson, Tuckey, Bernhardt & Doran, P.C.

Quality Custom Woodworking at an Affordable Price

Cabinets • Desks Bedroom Furniture Tables • Repairs & More!

We use high quality materials for durability & beauty to last many generations!

Allen Miller

5303 Cumber Rd. Ubly, MI 48475 989-872-5442


**Advertising deadline is Thursday at 10 a.m., all ads start in the Shoppers Advantage**


Bill Cragg Water Well Drilling Co.

Agricultural Commercial Fabrication

SERVICE DIRECTORY PRICES 1 year $600 ........... $2.88 an issue 6 months $330 ...... $3.17 an issue 3 months $170 ...... $3.54 an issue 1 month $75 .......... $4.69 an issue the





Certified Public Accountants ~Shareholders~ Thomas B. Doran, CPA Valerie J. Hartel, CPA Jamie L. Peasley, CPA ~For Additional CPAs and other Staff check our website~ -Three locations to serve you -Caro- 715 East Frank St. Ph. (989) 673-3137 -Cass City6476 Main St. Suite 1 Ph. (989) 872-3730 -Marlette- 2956 Main St. Ph. (989) 635-7545 Email:

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THE ADVERTISER (WED. & SAT.), CASS RIVER TRADER (SAT.) SHOPPER’S ADVANTAGE (SAT.) AND VASSAR PIONEER TIMES (WED.), exposing your business to over 65,000 people per week!

CONTACT MICHELLE TODAY! Email: Phone: 989.673.3181 • Fax: 989.673.5662 344 N. State St., Caro, MI 48723

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Community Calendar salads, sandwiches and desserts. The building is handicap accessible. Mayville Golden Years Club hosts euchre and pinochle on the first Friday of every month and euchre on the remaining Fridays. Play at 6 p.m. Two hands around the table and finger food by the coffee pot. Play 10 games. Everyone is welcome. MEETINGS Caro Lions Club meets the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 7 p.m. at the Brentwood. Membership applications available. Call 989-673-5588 for more information. Rotary Club of Caro meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every moth from 5-6 p.m. at the Harvest Coffeehouse and Deli, 157 N. State St., Caro. To learn more, contact Karly at Tuscola County Coin Club will meet every fourth Tuesday from 6-8 p.m. at the Caro Library. For more information, contact Dan at 989-843-5247 or ksfdaf@ Vassar Historical Society meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:55 p.m. For more information, call 989823-2651. Eaton-Grady Retiree Breakfast Group meets the first Monday of each month (except September) at 8 a.m. at Riverside Grill in Vassar. Indivisible in the Thumb meetings are held every other Tuesday from 6-8 p.m. at the Tech Center. For meeting dates or more information, call Vicki Leland at 425-2695553. Free Community Bingo hosted by Medilodge of Cass City is held every Tuesday at 2 p.m. in the dining room. Kingston AMVET Post 1072 meetings are held the third Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at The Meeting Place in Kingston. Exchange Club of Caro “Unity for Service” meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Brentwood in Caro. New members are welcome. Contact 989-551-4619 for more information. Tuscola County Democratic Committee meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at Brentwood, 178 Park Dr., Caro. Side door will be open. All are welcome. Free & Accepted Masons #226 Mt. Moriah Lodge regular business meetings on the first Wednesday of each month in the Masonic Temple, 156 N. State St., Caro. Fairgrove High School Class of 1958 meets the first Thursday of every month at Castamore Zangalotti’s in Fairgrove at 11:30 a.m. Classmates come join us. Tuscola Dive Rescue Team meets 2nd Thursday every other month. Seeking new members. Call 989415-4526 for more information. Caro American Legion Post 7 meetings are the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. American Legion Auxiliary #421 meetings are held the second Thursday of the month at 4 p.m. at the Unionville American Legion Hall. American Legion Post #181 meets the first Monday of the month at 7 p.m. at 248 W. Main St., Mayville. TOPS Club 1627 (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) meets Thursdays at the Brentwood, Caro, from 9-11 a.m. For more information, call Cecelia at 989-673-6023 or Bev at 989-693-6648.

Feb. 15, 1968. Writers Guild of Shay Lake meets the first and third Thursdays at 4 p.m. at the Caro Public Library, 840 W. Frank St., Caro. Contact Rod Merton at 989-293-8854 for information. “SAVE A LIFE” Learn free by-stander/compression only CPR the third Tuesday of each month at Caro Area District Library, 6-7 p.m. Call 989-615-0078 to enroll or Tuscola County Conservation Club, Gun Club Road and M-24, Caro, open to the public for trap and skeet Thursday from 6-9:30 p.m. and Sunday from 1-4 p.m. Free trap and skeet lessons every Thursday at 7 p.m. Shooting six stand Thursday nights. Handgun & trap shooting – Marlette Sportsmen’s Association will be open to anyone wishing to shoot handguns (pistols) every Tuesday beginning at 6 p.m. and trap shooting every Thursday beginning at 6 p.m. The club is located 2 miles west and 4 ½ miles north of Marlette. For more information, call Bill Maher at 989-635-7072. Euchre every Monday, 7 p.m. at American Legion Hall in Caro. Open to the public. Food Outreach hosted by Spring of Life Community Church in Mayville the third Saturday of each month. Free groceries will be available to all who attend. A free dinner will also be available. For more information, call 989-843-0194. Community service rooms open every Tuesday from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. at Vassar Seventh-day Adventist Church, 5920 Frankenmuth Rd. for free clothing, shoes, bedding, etc. Donations greatly appreciated. Phone 989-823-8791 or 989-823-3069. Closed when school closes due to weather. SouthernCare Hospice is searching for Volunteers for our Volunteer Program. Volunteers make a big difference in the lives of Hospice patients and their families. Call us at 989-790-7533 to learn more about becoming a Hospice Volunteer. Volunteer drivers needed: Tuscola County Office of Veterans Affairs is in need of volunteer drivers to take county veterans to their doctor appointments in Ann Arbor, Detroit and Saginaw. The county has a van to transport the veterans, but not enough drivers to get the job done. Call Mark Zmierski or Ana Farris at the Tuscola Co. Veterans Office, 989-673-8148, for more information. Heartland Hospice of Bad Axe Volunteer Training is available for caring and dedicated people with an interest in serving terminally ill patients and their families in Caro, and the outlying communities. Volunteers provide services such as friendly visiting, patient outings, errand running, child care, and clerical services. Volunteer classes are available to fit each person’s schedule. Please call Jeff Keen at 877-486-6671 for further information. St. Frances Mission Store in Vassar, household resale shop for anyone is located at 153 Maple St., near the high school. It is open every Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and the second Saturday of each month from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Profits benefit the local food pantries and organizations that help the needy. Store phone is 989-8238803. Free community lunch - last Saturday of every month from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. in fellowship hall at First United Methodist Church, Marlette. Menu includes soups,



Fairgrove Fire Department’s Fish Fry at the Fire Hall

March 22, 29: 4-8pm April 19 (Good Friday): 12-8pm

3rd Thursday of the month


Fish • Fries • Coleslaw • Rolls Dessert • Drinks • Chicken Nuggets (kids)

(Now - April)

Adults $9.00 Kids 10 & under $5.00

Adults - $10.00 • Kids: 5-9 yrs. $5.00 Under 5 yrs. - FREE • Take-Outs $10.00

- We are open 4:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.

Take-Outs available


Thank you for coming! AMERICAN LEGION

Proceeds used for Fairgrove Fire Fighting Equipment

Take Outs Available!


Adults: $10.00 6 - 10 years old: $5.00 5 & under: FREE!


4 PM - 7 PM

989-673-4818 and 989-823-2060

m es Ga



Saturday, April 27, 2019

Crafts ds

Homemade Pie Homemade Bread And all the fixin’s

Trinkets & Treasures o Go

Music from various countries will be presented with singing, recorders, handbells, drums, organ, and hand chimes. A free-will offering will be received to benefit a new furnace at the CTK school. Everyone is invited to attend both the concert and the dessert buffet afterwards in the Great Room. All are welcome! Please tell your friends and family about this enjoyable way to spend an evening.

Home cooking for all!


800 E. Bay St., Sebewaing, MI.

April 27th 8:30 am - 5 pm April 28th 11:00 am - 4 pm.

$13 AYCE Buffet

as Gl

Immanuel Lutheran Church


1st Friday of the Month

April 25-27 Thursday-Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


on Tuesday, April 23, 7 p.m. at


April 27th and 28th


4750 South St., Gagetown


All God’s Children



Grades 3-8 will present their spring concert

FREE at Richville Conservation Club


Sebewaing, MI


Hillside Community Church 3 DAY SPRING SALE

To y

Christ the King Lutheran School


American Legion Hall Post 7 110 W. Frank St., Caro

5005 W. Center St. • Fairgrove

Pu z

-Editor’s note: Community Calendar listings are available free of charge to non-commercial and nonpolitical businesses and organizations that are not charging a fee for their event. Space is limited to availability. PLEASE NOTE: All Community Calendar listings that advertise a fundraiser containing a cost will be charged a minimal fee for their listing. PUBLIC ACTIVITIES Millington Arbela District Library: Story Time will be held from 10:30-11:15 a.m. Wednesday, April 17, and 24; Lego Club from 6-7 p.m. April 17; Garden Highlights at 7 p.m. April 23; Family Movie night showing “Mary Poppins” at 10 a.m. April 27. M.A.R.S.P. (Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel) will meet 11 a.m. Apr. 17 at The Brentwood. Program is Annual Business Meeting. Lunch to be served. Tip of the Thumb Dancers will be held Saturday, Apr. 20 from 7-10 p.m. at the Huron County Senior Center, 150 Nugent Rd., Bad Axe. All ages welcome. Bring finger foods and friends! Spring Fling Luncheon will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Apr. 24 at St. Christopher Parish Center, Caro. Also includes bake sale, crafters, raffle. Carryout and delivery in town of 5+ orders – call 989-673-2276 to order before Apr. 24. Open House for veterans will be held Apr. 27 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Tuscola County VFW Post 4164, 1030 W. Caro Rd., Caro. VA representatives will be present to provide assistance. VFW and Auxiliary will be recruiting for members. Bring you DD-214 and see what’s available. Thumb Dance Club will be held Saturday, April 27 from 7-10:30 p.m. at Sandusky Maple Valley School, 138 Maple Valley St. Everyone welcome to enjoy live bands with slow dancing, square dancing and line dancing. Bring a snack to share. For more information, contact Nancy at 586-663-5306 or Cooking School will be held 6 p.m. May 12 at Vassar Seventh-day Adventist Church, 5920 Frankenmuth Rd., Vassar. Plant-a-Row-for-the-Hungry will begin picking up donations of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, or nuts from local gardeners on July 16. Drop off donations at the shed behind the MSU Extension Office, 362 Green St., Caro, on Monday evening or Tuesday mornings before 8 a.m. Weekly donations will be picked up until Sept. 17 by the Caro United Methodist Church. For more information, call 989-672-3870. Volunteers wanted for Care Team Hospice to provide comfort visitations with patients in Tuscola County. Please contact Volunteer Coordinator, Gail Makuch at 810-2416201 or email Senior Dining Center, for ages 60+. Come and join us on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Locations in Caro, Mayville, Millington, and Vassar. Lunch, socialization, cards, and new friendships. For more information, please contact 989-673-4121. Spoonfuls of Plenty free community meal every Wednesday of each month at Human Development Commission, 429 Montague Ave. in Caro, 3:30-6 p.m. Good home-style dinner, everyone is welcome. Tuscola County Senior Citizens dining center at Caro K of C Hall, second and fourth Monday of the month. Call Joyce, 989-683-2791. Opperman Memorial Library check out the new features that the public library has to offer: Overdrive (digital e-books and audiobooks), RBDigital (digital e-magazines), Kingston Enterprise newspaper available online from 1941 to

THE LOG CHURCH 1400 Cleaver Rd., Caro

North M-24 down from the State Police Post

Baked & Fried Cod, Shrimp, 4 Kinds of Wings, Fries, Slaw & Rolls.

Caro Moose Family Center

1366 E. Caro Rd.

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