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Places to Visit and Things to See in Florence Whether you’re an avid lover of Renaissance art, interested in the delicious cuisine of Italy, or enthralled by the stunning architecture, there are numerous places to visit in Florence to satisfy any of these desires. Where to begin? Unless you have weeks to spend there, prioritise what is most important to you. There are many historic places to see in Florence which have Renaissance art under their roofs. Galleria degli Uffizi is considered the world’s greatest gallery of Renaissance art, whereas the Museodell’ Opera del Duomo is full of Gothic and Renaissance sculpture. Allow plenty of time to visit these places. And of course Michelangelo’s ‘David’ is one of the many iconic things to see in Florence, situated in the AccademiaGallery. Don’t be fooled by its replica outside the Palazzo dells Signoria, which was its original home. Now David stands alongside four unfinished stone slaves in this beautiful gallery. The capital of the region is home to some of the most beautiful cathedrals and chapels in the world, and Il Duomo is just one of the places to visit in Florence that will take your breath away. In the heart of Florence, you can climb the bell tower for unforgettable views across the city. The many palazzos across the city are also enchanting places to see in Florence. Palazzo Vecchio is the massive town hall that looks like a fortress, and Palazzo Medici Riccardi is a Renaissance palace, and Palazzo Pitti has a beautiful adjoining garden that is not to be missed. Something else to put on your list of things to see in Florence is the MercatoCentrale, the city’s largest covered market selling fruit, vegetables, olive oils, and many other Italian treats. You haven’t visited Italy unless you’ve experienced one of its fine markets and tasted the delectable food on offer. Italy is renowned for having some of the best food in the world, and deserves this title, especially when it comes to their ‘gelato’, or ice cream. The best gelateriais Vivoli, near Santa Croce, and is one of the definite places to visit in Florence to savor the fine Italian flavors such as lemon or pistachio. The famous Ponte de Vecchio is the only surviving bridge from Florence’s medieval days. As the first bridge built in 1345 across the Arno river, it still stands strong today, lined with shops selling gold and silver jewellery. Make it one of your top places to see in Florence, you won’t be disappointed. Travelling in the beautiful regions of Tuscany can make a wonderful holiday, but can also be challenging without the expertise of a guide. With very few tour buses or guided trips available, one of the best ways to see Tuscany is by car. Accompanied by a comprehensive travel ebook with GPS coordinates designed specifically for the iPad, iPad Mini, and Kindle Fire, you will not only discover all the hidden gems of the region, but you won’t get lost in the country roads. Visit us today at to see how we can help make your Tuscan holiday a memorable and stress-free Italian adventure. Contact Details: Wanaka Enterprises, Inc. 855 Village Center Drive, #310 St. Paul, MN United States, 55127 Telephone No.: 1-952-838-2883

Places to Visit and Things to See in Florence  
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