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By Mike Woodard—Athens, Georgia, SEC football, this weekend, and it’s Bama’s big chance to reclaim it’s position as a pre-eminent national football team. After beating Arkansas like a drum, roasting that pig to a crisp, Bama has proven it can run with the pack, but is Bama up to the big dog? Is Bama big enough to defeat them Bulldogs? It’s away, crowd noise galore. It’s the strongest Georgia team in years, perhaps the national championship team Georgia has been waiting on for so long. They’re ranked number 3 in the nation. Georgia faced a weak Arizona State team last week, so they aren’t “beat up”. Alabama will have to put in their cleanest and best effort yet, in a hostile environment in order to win. Bama hasn’t been showing consistent play, the special teams and big break out plays were the standard against Arkansas. But that’s not grind it out play like was shown only against Clemson. The odds are against Alabama. Bama’s playing many true freshmen, and is not dominating against real competition. Of course Bama

Riverfront Arts Tour

Featuring Downtown Northport’s Art Night and the Art and Soul of Downtown Tuscaloosa @ downtowns Northport and Tuscaloosa. Tour local art galleries, stores and restaurants. See exhibits and demonstrations. Take the Tuscaloosa Trolley to see it all! The Trolley runs 5-9 pm. This event held on the first Thursday of each month. Call 205-758-1257 for more information.

hammered WKU, but that was expected. But beating Clemson and Arkansas so handily wasn’t expected at all. Frankly, if Bama wins most sports prognosticators will be surprised. It’s easy to start daydreaming...what if Bama wins, what if Bama wins. The fact is, if Bama wins this one, “We’re Bacccck!” Bama will have a 5-0 season going and will arguably be in position to contend for the national championship


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Alabama faces Georgia, ranked 3rd in the nation, this weekend.

for the first time since 1992. That’s a long time ago! What are the odds? Slim. Is it possible? Darn right. They may not be experienced enough, they may not have played well enough in the first four games to show they’ve got it. But they’ve won every game so far and that says something. Bama could pull this one out. I love the direction the team is taking under Saban. He has, for sure, built the potential to win such a game into the program for the first time in many, many years. I never like to wish Bama failure, and I’m not doing that here. I expect Bama will lose this one, but for the life of me, I just can’t write it down. I’d rather be wrong and drop my spotless record than to predict defeat for my beloved Bama. So here I go: Georgia 24, Bama 28. Even if Bama loses, if they put in a strong showing, bring it down to the wire, they will have accounted for themselves very well in this season. If Bama shows up strong, Georgia will have to earn it...and they just might not do that. Bama just might win. Roll Tide!

Ninette Cannon spoke in Tuscaloosa this week

By Mike Woodard—A few years back school administrators noticed our children were falling behind compared to children in other industrialized nations in the world on math and science scores in schools. A new program named AMSTI: Alabama Math, Science, Technology Initiative, is helping address that problem with hands on training. Ninette Cannon heads up the regional office of AMSTI that serves Tuscaloosa and it’s surrounding counties. She is a former Tuscaloosa City Schools teacher who has won teacher of the year awards over her long career. Ninette, and her staff, are responsible for training teachers in schools on how to administer the AMSTI program. The thing that makes AMSTI different is that children are taught in a hands on

manner in the classroom. An example of hands on math and science training can be as simple as symbolic ingredients, with prices per unit, for making a cake. Using various ingredients, and portions, a student can learn how much cost and effort it will take to make a cake. Various hands on training materials enable students to calculate and simulate real world technology applications applying math and science. This method of teaching is highly effective as the students are actively engage in the process, have to work together to solve real world problems, and connects the requirement of learning math and science to real world applications. Learning materials are purchased from developers at Carolina Biological, Delta, and others. On going analysis is being done on the effectiveness of this learning process, but early indications have been strong enough to encourage Governor Riley to seek funding to bring it to every school in the state. The local onsite location of AMSTI is the University of Alabama. Ninette Cannon said, “AMSTI is building children’s desire to learn

WEST BLOCTON CHILD 2009 CHAMPION By Mike Woodard—Kace Lightsey of West Blocton was recently chosen as Alabama’s representative in the 2009 Champions Across America, a national Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) program. As Alabama’s ambassador, 13-year-old Kace will visit Capitol Hill and the White House early next year to share his personal experience as an epileptic with lawmakers. At age five, Kace received a brain injury that caused him to have a stroke. Six months later, seizures began in earnest and lasted for two years. School became impossible, as everything from wooden desks to block walls posed great danger to him. Even at home, the Lightseys feared for the safety as their

child. One Christmas Eve, he fell through a glass table and the family spent the rest of the night in the emergency room. Two years after his stroke, the Lightsey family received the news that Kace was a candidate for epilepsy surgery, and by that time Kace was ready for anything that could possibly put an end to his seizures. Pediatric Neurosurgeon Jeffrey P. Blount, MD, says Kace’s story is not unusual. In fact, he hears similar stories every day. He says he came to Children’s Hospital in 2005 so he could develop a world-class, purely pediatric epilepsy surgery program to help these children and their families. “Epilepsy is a catastrophic condition, and one of the hardest

things about it is its terrible unpredictability,” he says. “Many of our patients are absolutely normal except for this electrical storm in their brain that comes out of the blue, unexpectedly, and robs them of their capability to be attentive, to carry on a conversation, to be there in the moment.” Kace came out of his surgery sitting upright and asking for a chocolate milkshake. “I knew then it was all worth it – all the anguish, all the preliminary studies,” says Kace’s mom, Shiann Jones. “I never imagined he would be sitting up on the gurney after that kind of brain surgery. And then to go home and have a kid who could sit at the table and eat his dinner and play his video games – these

were the simple, everyday things which before had been completely lost to us.” Today, less than two years after the surgery, Kace is a healthy, active seventh-grader who enjoys school and spending time with his family and friends. His mom credits Children’s Hospital with giving her family their lives back, and she will never forget Dr. Blount’s compassion. Kace’s journey is just one example of the miracles occurring daily at Children’s Hospital of Alabama, one of the 170 CMN children’s hospitals. Following their trip to the nation’s capital, the CMN Champions Across America will visit Disney World in Orlando.


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EDITORS COMMENTS… Look for ways to be a good citizen. Look for ways to be a good person. The rewards for you will be some of your greatest memories. I don’t give much to churches. I guess because they seem to spend too much on buildings. I never have believed Jesus would have wanted all those fancy buildings! So, I look for the hurting soul to help. I find them now and then. Or maybe they find me. And when I help them...I’m really helping myself. The greatest opportunities to me are when I can spend some money and really make a difference in other people lives. Most folks think the best part of life is what they bought for themselves. Me, it’s to see that look of appreciation on someone’s face. I get it a lot with Kidsville. Those children with those papers in their hand, parents coming up to me when I’m eating at a restaurant saying, “My son brought home that little paper. We sat down together and did the word search, and read a story together.” Man, that’s good stuff to me. I got a newer vehicle. I love it to death. But, I was at a gas station not long ago. There was a man I heard around the side of the building. His head was hangin’ pretty low. I heard him crying, sitting on the curb. I walked over to him and asked what was bothering him. He said his wife had died and he had spent all the money he had in the world trying to save her. He was trying to get to Missouri from Florida to reach family up there, hitchhiking, and he had run out of money and out of the will to live. He said he was hungry. I got him in my vehicle, took him to get some food first, then took him to the bus station, paid for his bus fair to Missouri and gave him $20. You know what that man did for me was more than most people could possibly do. He gave me a reason to live. That’s as good as life can get you know. That’s as much as one man can do for another. Many think that he should have picked himself up, should have had honor enough not to accept help. You know he never asked for help. I just put it on him. He complained the whole way. I kept telling him he was helping me. He looked at me like I was crazy. Maybe I am. He asked me to write down my name and phone number so he could contact me later and return the money and thank me proper. I told him that wasn’t necessary. I used to see the world in things, nice, homes, clothes, jewelry...and I respected and admired them so much. But their glimmer is fading for me now. Dust to dust they say we are. So I’m trying to make the right kind of dirt out of myself. And dirt don’t shine much...but what it grows in the heart...the shiny stuff can’t hold a candle to. I write this right from the heart. To my faithful readers about my journeys in life. But, I don’t do so to brag about my gifts to other...but to tell you here is where life really lives. In these things of the heart. Look for them. The greatest opportunities I’ve ever found in my life did not reward me financially, or materially, but in the realm of the heart. Find them for yourself and you will find the keys to happiness. When I gave, I received...and more than I gave. I received reason to continue on. I receive memories of gold. After the loss of my son, that’s the greatest gift that can be given this weary soul. Mike Woodard, Publisher Tuscaloosa Sun & Shopper STORAGE UNITS STARTING AT JUST $55 PER MONTH FOR A 10X10 UNIT. CALL NOW! 205-339-3518. LAUNDRY POLE, vertical, ceiling to floor 9ft. Adjustable, air dry clothing. $15 Call 205-926-6878 Leave message if no answer. Brent/C'ville area. VIAGRA USERS, WHY PAY More? Sixty 100 Milligram Tablets $219. Shipping & Handling Included, Call 1-800-607-2519 Open Everyday.

Tuscaloosa’s 7-Day Forecast SEPT. 26— OCT. 2

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ARTRAGEOUS Riverfront Arts Tour

Featuring Downtown Northport’s Art Night and the Art and Soul of Downtown Tuscaloosa @ downtowns Northport and Tuscaloosa. Tour local art galleries, stores and restaurants. See exhibits and demonstrations. Take the Tuscaloosa Trolley to see it all! The Trolley runs 5-9 pm. This event held on the first Thursday of each month. Call 205-758-1257 for more information.

Moon Over Buffalo By Ken Ludwig

Come join the community at Marion Gallaway Theatre in Rowand-Johnson Hall on the University of Alabama campus as we present “Moon Over Buffalo,” by Ken Ludwig. This programs is appropriate for most ages, but parental guidance is suggested. The show will run from September 23-28 and will begin at 7:30 each night. For more information, call 205-348-3400 or email


“It’s a community thing.” Sponsored by the Girl Scouts of North Central AL

Free Admission!!! Bring the whole family and join the Girl Scouts and local business & organizations in an action packed day. There is something for every one, such as moon walks, water activities, demonstrations, musical performances, train rides, door prizes, etc. Spaces are available for free booth set-up! Sep 27, 2008 10:00 am - 02:00 pm Annette Shelby Park Corner of 15th Street & Queen City Blvd. Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 For more information, contact: Rosa Johnson at 205-759-5421 ext.23

Voter Registration Drive Sponsored by Whatley Health Services, Inc Saturday, September 27, 2008 fron 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. At Whatley Health Services Crescent East Health Center located at 120-B, 51st Avenue East. For more information, please contact Mrs. Sylvia Brown 205-349-3250 ext. 3044 CAROSEL COLLECTION: will sell separately or entire collection, will price separately, includes 4 ft. antique glazed carosel on pole and 1 wall plaque (separetely $175), entire collection $400. Call 205-399-1047 6 THROW PILLOWS, various sizes, new, beige color, $6 each. Call 205-330-5622 BEADED PURSE COLLECTION: 1 turn of the century octagon variety, 8 colors, black, white, gold, blue, & multi; $600 for all. Call 205-242-0858 LARGE bananna plants $5 each. Call, 205-333-0533 CANADIAN GOOSE, mounted, looks sharp, $35. Call 205-752-7494



AUGUST West Alabama Gardening With Candy Taylor Trees. Now is the perfect time to plant trees (except for evergreens, which is winter). The tops have stopped growing, which has reduced the demands on the root systems. Yet, the ground is still warm to encourage root growth. Transplants are safer and success rates are very high this time of year. This is a traditionally dry time of the year, and since Gustov and Ike didn’t come our way, this September is following suit. That means you need to water your tree transplants a lot for a while to set the soil and roots. Make sure you give the root ball plenty of extra dig your hole at least half again larger than your root ball. I usually put some top soil and a little gravel in the bottom of the pit before setting the tree. And use potting soil mixed with your dug soil as you fill under and around the root ball. Don’t forget copious amounts of cover around the trunk...I usually use pine bark, but any cover will do to protect and hold moisture. You don’t have to fertilize right now. We’re going into the slow growth, leaf turning season, only to be followed by the dormant season of winter. You can fertilizer spike your trees in March of next year as they get ready to bust out for spring.

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•Cook the chicken in heated veggie oil till no longer pink, drain and set aside. Crumble enough Tortillas in the bottom of a 9x13 baking dish. •In a bowl mix the cream of mushroom & cream of celery, then add the Rotel and cooked chicken. Mix well. •Pour all over the chips, spread cheese to cover top. Put in a preheated 350° oven, bake till heated through and cheese is melted. That’s it, a very easy but very good recipe. My whole family loved it. I didn't put an amount on the cheese, I’m not sure if Ray gave me a measurement, I always put more than the recipe calls for anyway. Do you have a recipe your family enjoys? Want to share it with our readers? If so please send to me at:

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In the past few months I’ve had several opportunities to be away from home. These trips have been for different reasons, each one involving the outdoors. Many of these stays were in places where much of my outside communications were cut off. During the first few hours this is no problem. As the hours and days go by, I realize that I need technology detox. A few weeks ago, I spent nearly three days on the lake in Alabama, and I wasn’t fishing. I stayed in a nice and comfortable house but I had no television, internet, or phone service. After a few hours, I went to my truck just to listen to the radio. Every time this happens I think about an invitation I received to go to Alaska. This invite was not about hunting or fishing, but about being alone for a week in a wilderness cabin. Forget about internet and phone service, this would be a place where the only electricity would come from a generator. I would be flown in, dropped off, and checked on every other day or so until I was picked up after seven days. Now there would be opportunities to do a little fishing, but overall this would be about finding out what would happen if you took me away from people and things. At first this sounded exciting, until I thought about the realism of this experience. The reality is I would have to deal with a lot of things that all involved some type of fear. There would be the fear of bears and the fear of Jason…. You know, Friday the 13th, Jason. By biggest fear, however, would not be facing animals and people. It’s really about facing myself, and facing God. I don’t really know what I would look like after seven days alone, without my cell phone, TV, internet, family, and friends. And I don’t know if I really want to be alone with God for that long as well. Now some of you super spiritual types might jump for such an experience, but I would not look forward to seeing my faults and sins, as God sees them. The truth is, God wants a much closer relationship with me than He has. He can’t, however, because I have no room. That trip that I dread, is exactly the trip t hat He wants me to take. He wants to get me clean, so I can see who I really am. He wants to get me I n such a position that I can clearly hear and see Him without the interruptions that I call necessities and needs.

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“ Day after day men came to help David, until he had a great army, like the army of God.” I Chronicles 12:22 “... the trouble is that most people in this country think that we can stay out of wars in other parts of the world. Even if we stay out of it and save our own skins, we cannot escape the conditions which will undoubtedly exist in other parts of the world and which will react against us.... We are all of us selfish ... and if we can save our own skins, the rest of the world can go. The best we can do is to realize nobody can save his own skin alone. We must all hang together” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Blessed are the Peacemakers! That’s what we are to be. I pray we never forget that,…. Or run from it. It’s easy to be a Destroyer. Look at what the terrorists do. They’re not after peace but annihilation of those different from them. We must pray for ourselves that we will never become that way. Our goal is peace and harmony among people who are diverse in their cultural approach. Yet, having said that we must know that there are special times that call for special measures. As I pray no one of us will want to hurt others… I also pray that no one of us will shirk the responsibility we have to do what is necessary to ensure the safety of others. As the Old Testament says, “There is a time for war.” It’s not a good time… but it is a time that is now and again necessary. Oh that we would become as those men to joined to David, “like the army of God!” Let us live and fight that those who follow may not have to fight to do what is right. -D. Lee Vail


World Watch with Mike Woodard

Heaven forbid our government would get into the medical care business. You know, concerning itself with making sure everyone has health care. All the other industrialized nations of the world have it, but we don’t. Why, because that would be letting government run private enterprise. As the present administration said, that’s against the capitalist way, that’s socialism when government gets into private enterprise. So, instead, these stalwarts of the division of democratic government and private enterprise decided our government should go into the mortgage, banking, and mortgage insurance business! Our government is now the largest guarantor and owner of these businesses on earth! Well, so much for that aversion to socialistic government! I guess that only matters when it doesn’t affect the rich. After completely ignoring the lessons of the great depression of 1929, and decrying the evils of government regulation…there is now the possibility of every American household being responsible for $300,000 in federal government debt. When Bill Clinton was in office your families share of the federal deficit hovered around $30,000...during the Bush year’s it ballooned to $60,000….but, in the past six months it’s jumped to around $100,000. If panic would help, I’d say do it. But, of course it won’t. How did the world’s richest nation become the world’s greatest debtor nation? How did it all come to this? How did these anti-regulators let it come to this? Well, lack of regulating! A void of management. Who’d have thunk that we’d see the potential for a economic meltdown in America? Well, the writing was on the wall folks. Anytime you start hearing people say what you want to hear, ALL THE TIME, you’re fixing to get into trouble. It took about six years of building houses for people who had bad, or no, credit to get us into this predicament. Combine this with financial institutions using “creative instruments” and regulators not requiring reserves for a rainy day or that those creative instruments make any sense...and we are! What happens now? Man, I wish I knew. Which candidate is prepared for this? Neither one of them. Any man who presides after Bush exits as president is doomed from day one to inheriting the worst economic situation since FDR took over from Hoover. It’ll be a curse. You know what I’m doing about it? Nothing. I get up, go to work, unlock my office door everyday, and do the best I can. I get life one day at the time. So do you. No fools in Washington or New York are going to stop my life. The fact goes on. Let’s keep living. Work is good medicine and takes my mind off of the fools.

With Mike Woodard

AUBURN TO FACE TENNESSEE I hated to see Auburn lose last week, but I predicted it...and am batting 1000 so far this year predicting wins and losses for Bama and Auburn. This week Auburn faces Tennessee at Auburn at 2:30 pm. Tennessee and Auburn should be about equally beat up from the last weekend as Tennessee was gunned down by Florida at home as Auburn lost out to LSU. Auburn should have beaten LSU, and would have had they just held the ball in the final 4 minutes of the game. When the offense gave up possession, they gave up their position

over the win. This week I predict Auburn’s abilities should overpower Tennessee. The home field advantage should help, a need to redeem themselves after losing to LSU, and the fact that I think Auburn has just a little more firepower than Tennessee this year. But, look for it to be a close one as this is SEC ball! Auburn needs a little more offensive production to rate a top ten position, which they lost when LSU beat them. However, the Auburn defense is as strong as any in the SEC. Auburn 20, Tennessee 14.


Who’d of thunk Greg Biffle would be sitting third in the cup race after winning two in a row and Kyle Busch would be in 12th after finishing last in the last two races? The Dover 400 was a Jack Roush shootout with three Ford’s fighting it out, nearly wrecking each other, in the final twenty laps. Jimmie Johnson held 1st for around 100 laps before losing position to Biffle near the end. The little short, 1 mile, tight race track makes for some exciting position fights, but nothing as exciting as the last 20 laps with Biffle, Kenseth and Edwards driving the three Fords to 1,2, 3 winning positions. Mark Martin and Jimmy Johnson rounded out the top five. Gordon won the pole

and actually lead for about the first 100 laps before falling behind saying, “I’m just not very good today.” Gordon still landed a top 10 at 7th. Earnhardt got knocked down a lap and was lucky to wind up 24th. He had run pretty strong, in the top five, for about half the race, but his car was just too loose. Kyle Busch was the biggest surprise of the day, as he was last week, when he didn’t finish. Loosened up by a bump he hit the wall and the DNF probably takes Kyle Busch out of the running for the cup. This week the Camping World 400 in Kansas promises to be short track shootout. Then, look out Talladega, here we come!

Q: What is Bama’s team record yards gained in a single game?

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A: 833 yards, in 1973 against Virginia Tech





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Established 1995

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2001 FORD Explorer Auto, V-6

1999 CHEVY Malibu Auto, V-6

1998 FORD Explorer $500 dn, Auto, V-6

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2000 FORD Taurus V-6, Auto

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Auto, 6 Disc Player, All Power 23K

Auto, V6, Loaded, 41K

Auto, V8,16” Rims, 109K

Auto, Sport Pkg, V6 85K





Auto, V6, Moonroof, 58K

Automatic, Sun Roof, 35K

Auto, 2.0L, All Power, 11K

Auto, V6, Moonroof, 50K




Auto, 6 Cyl, Moon Roof, 15K

Auto, V6, Moon Roof, 44K

Auto, V6, Alloy Wheels, 106K

Auto, V8, Limited, 31K





Auto, 2.5L, All Power, AWD, 18k

Auto, 2.0L, 6 Disc, Loaded

Auto, 3.5L, All Power, 25K

Auto, 2.0L, 46K



Auto, 1.8L, 53K

Auto, 2.4L, Limited, 29K


Auto, 2.4L, All Power, 14K

Auto, V6, All Power, 76K

Tuscaloosa Sun Sept 26 2008  

Tuscaloosa Sun

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