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Mary Hambleton:



University of Alabama Come see wonderful paintings by artist Mary Hambleton throughout the month May! Sarah Moody Gallery of Art, 103 Garland Hall May 10, 2009 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

By Mike Woodard Although you might disagree with some of the comments or premises of some speakers at last week’s “Tuscaloosa Tea Party,” the event was democracy in action. There were around 200 or 300 citizens that came out on April 15th, tax day, on the UA Quad, to protest over taxation and the way our government is spending tax dollars. “Big Luther Strange,” a very tall man, was the keynote speaker. Luther expressed his concerns that our government is spending too much money, that the coming generations will be saddled with debt, and that inflation will result from excessive government spending. He also said the efficiency of government spending should and could be improved. There were several people carrying posters with witty quotes, like “Honk If I Paid Your Mortgage,” which made me wish I had a horn even though I’m the one paying my mortgage! There is a lot of focus on people with the most outrageous slogans on posters, or the most extreme opinions or appearance, but some of that can be just to get attention. I think that the whole concept of these people, peacefully, gathering to express their concerns about the future of the nation is a wonderful thing. Peaceful gatherings are more impressive, but less likely to make the news. Our nation allows, and encourages, expression. The event was a tribute to our forefathers who formed the nation and established the freedoms we enjoy. This type expression of our freedoms, even demanding our rights to freedom, is how we will keep it. I don’t think our leaders “get it,” even today as the nation lives in the midst of economic storm. They still don’t get it. They continue, in both parties and throughout congress, on the path of wasteful disrespect in expenditures of our tax dollars. Congress, frankly, has disrespected the taxpayers of our nation

for many years. They have been a disgrace. Congress has funded so many bridges to no where that government spending is exceeding private spending. This will not stand and could bring about the demise of our country. Some were misdirected, or supporting a political party, at this Tea Party, but most folks there seemed to get it. It doesn’t matter which party overspends. It’s bad for the country. This Tax Tea Party, it was also politically motivated, and directed in large measure by republicans. The republican party would have much more credibility at this time in this regard had they started these type parties when they were in power and were deficit spending themselves. It’s a shame they waited until they would look like sour grapes. They should have started during a republican administration. It was just as appropriate then. I suspect they know this now. I believe in the rights of the people to assemble and express their political concerns. I wasn’t at the meeting to tear anything up or down. I went to admire freedom in action. I went there for my country. It was democracy in action. Email mike:


By Mike Woodard According to Julius Wyman, director of the Federal Reserve in Atlanta, who spoke in Tuscaloosa this week, “Opportunity shows itself in overalls, and looks a lot like work”. His message is that people must work hard to get through these tough economic times. “Unlike most other recessions in history, this one is widespread and is felt throughout the economy. Almost everyone is feeling this one.” Wyman says. “The Fed has reduced interest rates it charges to .25%, for us that is considered zero.” Therefore Wyman said the Fed is creating new instruments to help improve the economy. “Unemployment comes later in a recession and therefore is the last to improve as a recession ends.” Wyman said. He showed figures of 1.9% unemployment in

the 1982 recession compared to the present 8.4%. He said he expects unemployment to continue to rise, even as the economy improves. The Federal Reserve has two primary mandates: to control inflation and to improve growth. It’s does this by manipulating the credit markets. However, Wyman said that in late 2008 the credit markets ceased to function. The economic stimulus package, which will increase federal spending, the reduction of Fed interest rates to .25%, and the new Fed “tools”, which are going to increase the money supply, are beginning to show, slightly, in an improvement in the economy, at least a bottom to the recession, according to Wyman. “We’re not out of the woods yet, but we experienced a slight uptick in March in four key areas: personal spending, home sales, durable goods orders, and consumer sentiment.. The most important of these is consumer sentiment.” Mortgage rates were around 6% in 2003, slowly increased to nearly 8% by 2007, and today have dropped to 4.75%. Refinancing has increased by double to triple the first part of 2009 which Wyman takes as a good sign. “When people refinance at a lower rate they reduce the odds of foreclosure on their homes and the money they are

saving can be spent to improve the economy.” The new economic tools the Fed is using are far beyond lowering interest rates which is their traditional market influence. With interest rates near zero to the banks this tool is fully implemented. Therefore new tools and instruments are being employed to try to just start the economy. They are: Commercial Paper Markets, Agency Markets, Private Backed Asset Funds, and others. These are designed to increase the flow of funds. The Fed expects the first half of 2009 to be very tough, but Wyman says they expect the last half to show some improvement, but not substantial. 2010 is when the true economic recovery is expected to arise. Even the pessimistic projections for the economy, which Wyman said he trusted more, showed growth returning to the United States economy in 2010, and expanding to strong growth in 2011. From what Wyman said, the Fed is doing the best it can, not perfectly, but as smartly as they can, and all that they can to encourage a return to economic growth in the United States. And that it’s going to take some time, probably another year or so for sustained growth to return. Email Mike:

APRIL 24- APRIL 30, 2009




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APRIL 24 - APRIL 30, 2009



Mike Woodard

Lot’s of negative stuff going around out there right now. The media, the politicians, and from some of us. Wastin’ tea, layin’ off, freakin’ out...all over. Well heck, this ain’t the first time things have been tough and it won’t be the last. Let’s all just hang in here if nothing else for to freak out them that wish it would defeat us. Yeah, I know, that ole power bill keeps coming in every month, and the bank called again. Heck, they called my note! But, they’ll renew it. My Dad had a way about him in similar times, back in 1980. He invited me to look at the skin on his arm and said, “See this?.....Elephant hide”. Just to make sure I knew how tough he was. And he was. He made it through the great depression, made it through World War II...and when he graduated from the University of Alabama, he was a man on top of the world, without a penny in his pocket. There’s a lesson is being a man on top of the world without a penny in your pocket. It’s call recognizing your own self worth. I have the best sales reps that could be. Ray and Betty are good at what they do. I’m as proud of them as pickled punch. They’re having a harder time selling right now, cause things are tough! But that doesn’t mean they aren’t good. They’re the best! Don’t let hard times define who you are. There are many mighty good people, hard and smart working people, who are sitting around right now thinking they are worthless, or at least worth less, because times are tough. They didn’t make these times...the times are cause of what some other folks did, not them! So, it doesn’t matter if your shirt or shoes get worn down a bit. It doesn’t matter if the car starts looking a little ratty. The value of a person is what’s inside of them...and if they continue to realize it when times get tough, imagine what they can be when things get better. So, we all need to recognize our own elephant hide. Some days are hard, take you down a bit. I understand it. You can’t let that take away hopes and dreams. You can’t let that take away your spirit inside. Because then those folks that cheated the nation, and mislead us to this point...they’d of had real power over good folks. And good folks are what makes this country worth living in, and worth being a part of. They are why I’m proud to be an American...not because of those sorry bastards that stole from America, and us, and brought her down a peg. It will be us who will bring America back up where she belongs. It will be the good in America, and that’s us who work hard and make something of ourselves...even if we are wearing worn shoes. I can’t stand to see a good man see a fool in the mirror. I’ve done it myself and it’s a hard thing. And yes, I consider myself a good man. I’ve worked seems like all my life now... five, six, sometimes seven days a watch those bastards ruin my savings and take so much from me. But we’re winners. Working folks are the real deal. Let’s just fight on to victory someday. And these times will have shown our finest. These days will better define us than any other in our lives. E-mail Mike: Mike Woodard, Publisher Tuscaloosa Sun



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APRIL 24 - APRIL 30, 2009

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RABBITS FOR SALE, many colors and breeds, including Netherland, Dwarf, Dutch, and American, starting at $15 each. Call 205-393-0261 or 333-7399 MALTIPOO PUPPIES, only 2 males left to choosefrom, unusual colors, parents on site and under six lbs, $500. Call 205-534-6691 CHICKS FOR SALE, 1 week old, all purebred, many kinds to choose from, $1 each and over 300 ready to go. Call 205-330-1323

WE NOW CARRY: *Silks *Memorials *Vases *Stands *House Plants *Shrubbery *Fruit Trees *Fafard Potting Soil *Pansies

brown’s greenhouses Open 9-5 Monday through Saturday 335 Crescent Ridge Road N.E.

205-556-7535 FIRGIDAIRE DISHWASHER, white, less than four years old, $125. Call 205-759-3173 or 534-7668 110 A/C, 220 A/C, 1800 BTU. Call 205-554-1562


ANTIQUE BED, full size, Victorian oak, matching head/foot boards, wooden side boards, original wire box springs, serious inquiries only. Call 205-534-0418 ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE Elvis cover, September 1977, Death commemoration edition, very good condition, $30. Call 205-534-0418 ANTIQUE BENCH, 7 feet long, square nails, circa mid-late 1800s, good condition, $100. Call 205-534-0418 LARGE SELECTION OF OLD BOTTLES, drink, medicine, old blue/green fruit jars. Call 205-556-8594

APPLIANCES STOVE, 20”, white, works well, $80; MICROWAVE, large, like new, works well, $100. Call 205-349-3212

PAGE 8 END TABLE, Black metal frame, slate tile top, square, like new, $149. Call 205-534-0418 DESK CHAIR, adjustable height, blue uphostery, black frame, like new, $25. Call 205-534-0418 LEATHER ARM/CLUB CHAIR, comfortably worn, good condition, great reading chair or excellent leisure chair or cabin, $299. Call 205-534-0418 27” SYLVANIA COLOR TV, silver frame, w/ remote, works great, only $50. Call 205-534-0418

WASHER/DRYER, Sears, Kenmore, very good condition, clean, $375 for both. Call 205-556-7542

KING SIZE BEDROOM SUITE, light color, w/ mattress and box springs, $300. Call 205-554-7610 after 5 pm

SIDE BY SIDE WHIRLPOOL FRIDGE, works well, $150. Call 205-339-0187BAMBOO

COMPUTER DESK, $10; BOOK CASE, $10. Call 205507-3654 or 292-7599


KITTENS TO GOOD HOME, eating hard food and box trained, good with kids. Call 205-210-3531

WWII OFFICER’S WOOL PRESS TROUSERS, 32x34, $40. Call 205-345-6615

Payments as low as $20/mo


DOGHOUSE, $30. Call 205-507-3654 or 292-7599





24 HOURS a DAY 7 DAYS a WEEK Edward L. Giles - Supervising Agent Serving Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Pickens, Greene, Sumter, Marengo, Tusc 205.759.1048 All Surrounding Counties, States and Nationwide 1.800.536.8075 1606 Greensboro Ave./ Tusacloosa, AL 35401

KING SIZE BED SOFA AND 2 RECLINERS, $200 obo. Call 205-887-3079 or 462-0330 WASHER, looks and runs well, $100; DRYER, looks rough but runs well, $40; or $120 for both. Call 205-344-1223 MAYTAG DRYER, good condition; FRIGIDAIR DRYER, good condition; $85 each. Call 205-556-8594 2 LARGE MICROWAVES, $40 for both. Call 205-330-1380 for more information. FRIDGE AND STOVE, excellent condition, $495/ both. Call 205-554-1831 FRIDGE W/ ICE MAKER, 20 cubic feet, matching stove, 30” electric, great condition, very clean, $495. Call 205556-7542

FURNITURE FOLDING SLING CHAIRS, 2, great for pool side, $100. Call for more information 205-330-1519 CHEST W/ 5 DRAWERS, wooden, white, will email you picture, $75. Call 205-330-9945 ENTERTAINMENT CENTER: light wood, assembled, 55”x57.5”x19”, fits 36” TV, excellent condition, $299. Call 205-534-0418 FAMILY OVERSTOCK SALE, need to sell dining chairs, $12.50 up to $25 and small dining table $35 up to $100. Call 205-330-1519 CHAISE LOUNGE, cocoa brown microfiber suede, never used, $289. Call 205-534-0418

SWIVEL ROCKER, green, really nice, $40; GLASS TOP TABLE w/ lamp and magazine rack, $35; Call 205-556-8594 OAK COMPUTER DESK AND HUTCH, w/ printer table, $250. Call 205-758-6344 DRESSER, double size, solid wood, w/ mirror, $175. Call 205-752-6750 BEDROOM SUITE, king, solid oak, large dresser, mirror, large armiore, bed, great condition, $595 firm. Call 205-556-7542


APRIL 24 - APRIL 30, 2009




Where You Can Rent To Own 90 Days Same As Cash




margarita with this coupon


Mon Lunch: Fajita Quesadilla, Rice, Beans & Tea $5.75 Tue: Your Choice from Lunch Menu & Tea $5.75 Wed: Amigo Pasta & Tea $5.75 Thurs: Your Choice from Lunch Menu & Tea $5.75 Fri: Queso Fundido & Tea $5.75 + $2.00 Land Shark Sat: Chili Verde & Tea $5.75 + $1.75 Bud Light

The Best Margarita & Fajita In Town

Large Selection Of Bedroom Suites For Your Entire Family

Many Different Living Room Sets To Choose From To Fit Any

Becky Sadberry of I Want To Earn Tuscany Realty has 20 yrs Experience in Your Business!! Manufactured Home and Land Do you need help buyingor or selling selling aa Do you need help buying manufactured homeand andland? land? manufactured home

Formal or Casual Dining We Have Them All

We Have What You Need For Every Room Of Your Home! Come See Us Today!

930 26th Ave E 205-553-3222 Monday-Saturday 7:00a-5:30p Closed Sunday

Have you been looking for land to Have youyour been looking forhome landon? to place manufactured your manufactured home on? Let myplace 20 years experience and knowledge work for you!! Lending groups are out there and with my 20 yrs Let myexperience 20 years experience knowledge I know how and to find them.

work for you!!

I Want To Earn Lending groups are out there and I want to find the right one for you! Your Business!!

TuscanyRealty Realty Tuscany

Hillcrest SchoolRd Rd Suite Suite A 825825 Hillcrest School A Tuscaloosa AL, 35405 Tuscaloosa, AL 35405 345-4900Cell: Cell: 292-9387 OffiOffi ce:ce: 345-4900 292-9387 E-mail:

APRIL24 - APRIL 30, 2009


Little Mr. & Ms. West Blocton June 13, 2009

EV ER Y L ON West Blocton Municipal Building REC YON E A T EIVE $45 S RO PH TER N E Y O T

Sunday Best or Pageant Attire Crowns, Monogrammed Banners, Trophys

0-19 y rs Call 205-535-7587 for form Open to EVERYONE (you don’t have to be from area to enter)

8” CONCRETE BLOCKS, (30), $1 each. Call 205-556-8594 PINE LUMBER, any size, any quality, 45 cents per bd ft. Call 205-393-3058

CEMETARY/ FUNERAL 2 BURIAL LOTS, one cemented in memorial park located by 2 empty lots and butterfly girl $1500, will pay closing cost. Call, 205-339-0403

CLOTHING/ ACCESSORIES DURANGO BOOTS: women size 8.5, tan distressed slouch leather western boots, great condition, $50. Call 205-534-0418 PLUS SIZE WOMENS CLOTHES, 2 bags, $50 for both. Call 205-554-7610 after 5 pm 2 FULL LENGTH LEATHER LADIES COATS, 1 medium brown, 1 large black, $45 each; 1 FULL LENGTH LADIES FAUX SABLE COAT, $100. Call before 9 pm 205-393-7753 MILITARY HELMET, modern era, $40. Call 205-752-7494

COMPUTERS/ PRINTING DELL DESKTOP COMPUTER SYSTEM.2.20 GHZ, 512 DDR Memory, 56k phone/fax modem, 10/100 ethernet/cable connection, CD-R/RW, Windows XP-Professional SP3, Microsoft Office Suite, Nero burning software, Adobe PDF reader and more. Includes monitor, keyboard, mouse, and all cables, $200. Call 205-750-2482

HP DESKTOP COMPUTER SYSTEM: 1.60 GHZ, 512 DDR Memory, 56k phone/ fax modem, 10/100 ethernet/ cable connection, CD-R/RW, Windows XP-Professional SP3, Microsoft Office Suite, Nero burning software, Adobe PDF reader and more. Includes monitor, keyboard, mouse, and all cables, $200. Call 205-7502482 DESKTOP COMPUTER, w/ Windows XP, CD burner, clean hard drive, good for high speed internet, 30 day guarantee, will deliver, $145. Call 205-886-2813

HEALTH CARE LPN NEEDED: Aliceville Manor Nursing Home, 100 bed facility, 703 17th St NW, Aliceville, AL 35442. BCBS 401-k, cafeteria plan. Call D.O.N. Melinda Hunnicut EOE at 205-373-6307 for more information.

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT ULTRA JET 3 POWER CHAIR, new, 5875 model, $1500. Call 205-553-0465 JET 7 POWER CHAIR, 2 new batteries, excellent condition, $700 obo. Call 205-339-3174 or 349-9224

HUNTING EQUIPMENT SMITH AND WESSON STEEL MODEL 60 SNUB NOSE, will trade for Smith and Wesson Model 19 2.5” barrel or other guns. Call 205-553-0465 SPRINGFIELD XD 9 MM PISTOL, brand new in box, never fired, includes 2 light capacity clips, $475. Call 205-349-5249

RELOADING BRASS, once fired Lake City, .308 and 30 cal ammo can, 350 rounds, $55. Call 205-330-5739 ZEISS BIG 3 BINOCULARS, 8x56, like new, w/ paperwork and original box, retaiil $1495 asking $9000 obo. Call 251-680-9175

KIDS’ CORNER JUMPEROO AND BOUNCER SEAT, $30 for both. Call 205-556-1732



Children’s Corner Goal Setting for Kids

Goal setting with pictures fit together like laughter and fun. Both end with feelings of joy and contentment. Yet many grown-ups don’t experience this. They fail to turn their dreams into goals. Don’t let this become your child’s fate. Childhood is the best time to teach your child the tools for setting goals. “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” - Anthony Robbins The Parenting Tip - How to Picture the Goal: To make him goal visible, teach your child to mentally picture what he sees as he looks outward from himself. Tell him to do this mental picturing as if he is accomplishing his goal right now. This is different from picturing himself inside his goal. Let’s examine this parenting tip further. The Parenting Strategy - An Example for Picturing the Goal: If your Kevin wants to learn how to dive, pretend you are sharing this conversation: “Kevin, what would you see before you dive off the diving board?” “I’d see the water.” “What if you tucked your head in toward your body?” “I’d see the water and my feet on the edge of the diving board.” “Picture the water and picture your feet on the edge of the diving board right now.” “OK.” “As you push off and your body is heading into the water, what do you see?” “My eyes are closed. I don’t see anything.” “Kevin, before you fall asleep at night, picture the water and your feet on the tip of the diving board. Feel your head tucking in and your feet pushing off the diving board. Once off the board you don’t have to see anything. Just experience the great feeling of a good dive. Try picturing it now.” If Kevin is having trouble picturing the dive, keep asking questions to help Kevin picture it clearly. Goal Setting with Pictures - The Conclusion: Some kids might give answers different from Kevin’s. Their answers may be just as good. After all, in order for this parenting strategy to work, it must be your child’s picture. Your task is to make sure your child is not picturing himself from a distance, like from the other end of the pool or on the sidelines. Make sure he sees outward from his eyes while making the dive. Goal setting with pictures can change dreams into reality. Why not teach your child the tools for turning the invisible into the visible? If you do, your child will experience how goal setting and pictures fit together like fun and laughter. You’ll both enjoy the contentment of a job well done and you’ll be building character too.

MUSIC TENOR SAXOPHONE, with case and accessories. $650 or trade for something of interest. Call 205-926-6878. Leave message if no answer. Brent/Cville area. TENNESSEE JUMBO GUITAR BY GIBSON, brand new, in box, $1500 firm. Call 205-339-1482 DRUM SET: PREMIER 5 PIECE Fusion M/silver with brand new 13x14.5 DW pacific snare, includes tom tom mounts and floor tom hardware, $300. Call 205-750-2482

TOOLS/ EQUIPMENT RIDING MOWER, Murray, 14 hp, great condition, w/ original manuals, $475. Call 205-554-1831

TV/STEREO/ ELECTRONICS TV, PHILLIPS 62”, large screen, HD, PIP, like new, cost $2900, will sell for $1200 obo. Call 205-554-1831 or 393-3558

27” COLOR TELEVISION, Sylvania with remote, silver frame, used only 2 months, basically brand new, original box, only $75. Call 205-534-0418


WALL MOUNT TV STAND, $15. Call 205-752-7494

WANTED: Land in Tuscaloosa county area or close to the county line of Tuscaloosa county. Call 205-333-1146

WANTED WANTED: BABY GIRL CLOTHES 0-2T, toys and baby items. Call 205-553-4164 WANTED: touch screen phone, call 205-242-0327 or 339-6840 WANTED: large 2-3 gallon glass jars. Call, 205-553-8410 WANTED: vending trailer with equipment. Call, 205-317-5502 WANTED: 38x15 mud grip tires. Call, 205-229-0159 WANTED: rabbit dogs. Call, 205-453-3929 or 361-9375 WANTED: EVERETTE WOODSON OIL PAINTING. Call 205-826-0714 or 339-8727

WANTED: chain link fencing, will remove. Call 205-442-3435 I WOULD LIKE TO BUY YOUR BROKEN LAP TOP FOR UP TO $25. Call 205-886-2813

HOME SALES CUSTOM-BUILT MODULAR HOME sits on 3 fenced acres. Screened back porch overlooks 3/4 acre lake stocked with catfish, bass, and bream. For more info, pictures or to make offer go to WWW.REALTYBID.COM. For questions or to schedule walkthrough call 256-393-3714 76 ACRES & MOBILE HOME, Fayette Co Berry area, plenty of deer, turkey,

other wildlife, with timber, slag road, county or well water, $150,000 neg. Call 334-289-4556 or 888-995-7445 STOP RENTING!!! Gov’t & Bank Foreclosures! $0 to Low Down! No Credit OK! Call Now 800-724-2318 4012 flatwoods rd, 3 bed 2 bath apartment in back, $165,000. Call, 205-330-8239 3 BEDROOM 2 BATH HOME, for sale in fayette county on 1.5 acres, walk in closet in master bedroom, 2 buildings in yard, porch, separate laundry room, on quiet street, appraised at $84,900, make offer. Call 205-689-1020 DISTRESS SALE. Bank Foreclosures. Free list of foreclosure properties. Receive a free computerized printout. Free recorded message 1-866-861-1294. ID#1042 4 BEDROOM/2 BATH HOME ONLY $278/MONTH! More 1-4 bedroom HUD Homes available fom $199/ mo! 4% down 30 years @ 8%! For listings 800-570-8898 ext. T299

APRIL 24 - APRIL 30, 2009



Your Eyes Are Our Business

s Walk-In e Welcom

When it comes to selection, service and quality in eyewear, come to the best!

• Complete Eye Health Examinations • 2 Hour Service in Most Cases • Large Selection of Frames From Designer to Economy • Most Major Insurances Accepted • Sport & Safety Glases • Contact Lenses Including Colors, Monovision, Bifocals and Prescription Refilled Gretchen Lanqkawel, O.D.


5121 University Blvd E Tuscaloosa


Michelle Lanqkawel, O.D.

8:30am-5:00pm Credit Cards Accepted

Vacation in Gatlinburg, TN High Chalet Condominium

The Highest developed altitude in all of Gatlinburg

Amenities: • 3 bed/2 bath & Loft • Sleeps 6 comfortably •Full kitchen • Fireplace • Cable TV • Private Deck •Outdoor heated pool • Jacuzzi •Sauna • Washer/Dryer • Linens Furnished • Wireless Internet

$100 per night +$50 cleaning fee.

2 night minimum. Smitty & Nancy Smith

205-333-1410 205-394-1060

TUSCANY REALTY Becky Sadberry 205-292-9387

4 +/- acres with 3 bedroom, 2 bath manufactured home, just minutes from town. Only $69,90 Beautiful country setting. 3 bedroom 2 bath double wide on 1 +/- acres in Vance, has storm shelter, children-friendly, possible owner finance with large down payment. Only $44,900 4 bedroom 3 bath house with 1/5 acres on land in Duncanville For sale or possible lease purchase house with 1 +/- acres, 3 bedroom 2 bath with large back deck overlooking above ground pool. VERY PRIVATE 7 Beautiful lots for sale off Bear Creek Road. Some restrictions. Call Becky about Turn Key Deal.

7 ACRE LAKEFRONT & LOG CABIN KIT, only $89,000. 2128 sq ft log home kit & spectacular 7 acre hardwood setting with deep waterfront! Prime AL location--minutes from Interstate! Gated community, paved roads, county water, utilities. The finest in waterfront living for the discriminating buyer. Lowest

financing in years! Call now 1-800-564-5092, ask for x.1112 3 BED/2 BATH ONLY $45,000! 3 BED/2 BATH ONLY $23,700! 4 BED/3 BATH ONLY $56,000! Buy foreclosures! For listings, call 800-604-6006 FORECLOSED HOME AUCTION, AL & GA, online

752-2564 2324 6th St Downtown

bidding available, 500+ homes MUST BE SOLD! REDC, free brochure, Call 800-313-5508 4 BEDROOM, 2 BATH HOME, only $278/month, more 1-4 bed HUD homes available from $199/month! 4% down, 30 years 8% apr. For listings, 800-570-8898 ext T299 5 BEDROOM/1/5 BATH only $413/month, 3 bed, 1.5 bath home only $200/ month! 5% down, 30 years 8%. For listings 800-570-8898 ext. T405 FORECLOSED HOME AUCTION, SOUTHERN STATES, Online bidding available, over 500 homes must be sold! REDC Free brochure 800-470-9290 HUD HOMES, 3 bedroom/2 bath home $200/month! 4 bedrom/3 bath home $378/ month! 5% down, 30 years @ 8% apr! For listings, 1-800-570-8898 ext T405

LAND 1 ACRE property, private lot, new pole with meter, septic tank with water meter, with old trailer, rentable, Bibb County, $10,500. Call, 205-938-9884 LAKE PROPERTY FOR SALE: Grand Opening Lakefront Sale! 7 acres--$49,900. 8/09/08 only. New to market! Spectacular, level 7 acre hardwood seating--deep waterfront! Prime AL location, minutes from Interstate! Gated community, paved roads, county water, utilities, more. Lowest financing in years! Call now 1-800-564-5092, x. 1191



Women’s Forum The Secret of a Mothers Touch A Mothers touch is different. It seems Dad always says, “Go ask your mother”. One thing about being a mother, the touch of love, joy, protection, and care comes naturally. These are just a few attributes a mothers touch produce. When your child is sick or not feeling well-who does he call? Mothers! Dad could be sitting right next to your child. But nothing is like a Mothers Touch! When you find out you are going to be a mother, you change physically and emotionally. Preparing for this new role is challenging, most of all it can be rewarding for you and your children. Along with the touch of a mother, we must also make plans to meet our children needs--financially, spiritually and emotionally. God’s Word has given us clear instruction for training our child. Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. That touch of instruction carries great rewards, however motherhood is not easy! We can’t give up on any little obstacle: We must be determined to be the best mother we can. We can’t let challenges in life consume us. Find time to relax, read, enjoy a brisk walk, a soothing bath to keep your mind from the hustle, you encounter in life. As you continue to apply the Word of God to your life, you will find your mind renewed, and you will achieve victories! Once you become a mother, it is imperative to be there for your children. It is a must! Setting a career aside for the first five years of your child’s life can give him/her the best start in life. Remember that a Mothers Touch is like no other. One thing I know we all will agree on is time can never be replaced; money can always be earned. Many things we make commitments to are just other ways to fill a void in our life. Applying the principles and teachings from the Word of God gives clear instructions and directions to help us be the best mothers can. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts I think towards you says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. You get out of motherhood what you put into it. I see many teens left to fend for themselves and it hurts my heart when I talk with them. I learn they have no sense of direction or value on their lives. Isn’t that sad? We can’t make excuses for our children’s improper behavior. Granted there are some strong willed children who need to be dealt with according to the Word of God. Our children will at times bring disappointments and even rebellion, but one thing I’ve learned was not to dwell on the problem, but to concentrate on the Word and prayer. Also seeking counsel from friends whose children reflect their child rearing is a big plus. There is so much in our children we need to bring out to see dreams and goals come to fruition. LAND FOR SALE: Waterfront on Lake Tuscaloosa, 27+/- acres, priced at $380,000. For more information, call 205-310-8991 or 393-2122 CLOSEOUT SALE! DEEP WATER! Dockable lake front, save up to $90,000. Black Warrior Bay, Sat 4/18 only. Call for details 800-564-5092 x 1476 AMERICA’S BEST BUY! Where in the US can you own 20 acres, 30 minutes from major city? Only $15,900! $0 Down, $159/ month! Call 800-843-7537



MOBILE HOME FOR SALE: 1 bed/1 bath, older model, $700, must be moved. Call 205-938-9884

2 BEDROOM HOME FOR RENT, westside, $450/month. Call 205-886-6358

1998 SILOHETTE 72x28” pitch roof, refinance, the balance must be moved, 3 bed/2 bath. Call 205-330-1322 or 205-344-3073

MOVE IN FOR $500, brand new 1 and 2 bedroom apartment, gated community. Call, 205-469-9339

MOBILE HOME FOR RENT, 3 bedroom/2 bath on private lot. Call 205-554-1562

2 BED/2 BATH FOR RENT, $625/month, including water, washer/dryer, 3 minutes to campus, community tennis courts and swimming pool. Call 205-826-4602

APRIL 24 - APRIL 30, 2009






Check Cashing Money Orders And More!

Home of the Payday Advance

$50-$500 Get Cash Not A Check!

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Pick your DIRECTTV package Lock in your price until 2010 for 12 months


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7 CHANNELS All prices reflected included an $18 bill credit for 12 months after rebate, plus an additional $5 bill credit when you enroll in AUTOBILL pay program. Valid email address required.

Over 200 Channels

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Local channels included in select markets

ONLY DIRECTTV OFFERS YOU ALL THIS! 99.9% digital signal reliability Over 130 of the best channels in High-Def-3 times more than cable!

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12 Convenient Locations To Better Serve You 1206 3rd Ave W Birmingham, AL 35208 (205) 781-4653 2445 Old Springville Rd Birmingham, AL 32002 (205) 815-9447 2119 5th N Birmingham, AL 35203 (205) 2549404 6521 1st Ave N Birmingham, AL 35206 (205) 836-0271 7001 Crestwood Blvd Birmingham, AL (205) 591-8111 191-D W Valley Ave Birmingham, AL 35209 (205) 942-9123 6542 Aaron Aranov Dr Birmingham, AL 35064 (205) 780-7178 2821 McFarland BlvdE Tuscaloosa, AL35405 (205)507-0577 1716 Hamric Dr Oxford, AL 36203 (256) 835-8136 3380 McFarland Blvd 15-B Northport, AL 35476 (205) 330-9910 1426 Martin Luther King Blvd Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 (205) 758-5939 511 Hargrove Rd E Tuscaloosa, AL 365401 (205) 345-0088

APRIL 24- APRIL 30, 2009




Express Heating and Cooling Service 24 HOUR SERVICE 7 DAYS A WEEK




•Cleaning Coil In/Out •Service Indoor & Outdoor Fan Motor VISA AND MASTERCARD ACCEPTED

SUBLEASE: lease ends July 31, 2009, 2 BR/1 BATH duplex, 3 blocks from campus. Very clean, quiet are, $500/monthy, $400 deposit. Call 334-341-7263 519 40TH STREET, 2 bedroom/1 bath on dead-end street, central heat/air, large yard, fresh paint throughout, no pets, $500/month, $300 deposit, taking applications for rental, leave message at 205-342-0351 CABIN RENTALS, cabin of the three bears, hunting, fishing, canoeing, nature tails, or just rest and relaxation. Call 205-367-8467 for more information

GENERAL MAID TO ORDER-southern cleaning service, housekeeping, move in/out free est., licensed & bonded. Call Nikki at 205-233-2591 HANDYMAN, from home repair to lawn care. Call Richard for all your minor home needs. 205-886-7045 NOW HIRING; companies desperately need employees to assemble products at home, no selling, any hours. $500 weekly potential info. Call, 1-985-646-1700 Dept. AL-717 I SIT WITH LOVED ONES, caregiver in hospital and home, 2yr experience at duchy, references available. Call Sylvia at 205-752-6677 offering sitter services, call 205-344-2765 if interested DAYCARE WORKER NEEDED, 19 and up, prefer experience. Call, 205 765-6688

1604 Greensboro Ave Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 Offer expires 05/15/09

Seeking job as sitter in private home will do some light house cleaning, call anytime at 205-657-7136 PRIVATE SITTER wanting job 5 days a week, experienced, refrences when you call 205-242-8870 LOOKING FOR WORK, experienced sitter, references- hospitals, retirement homes, your home, nursing homes, will furnish references when you call so if you need help give me a call 205-333-9489, more reasonable price than other companies NORTH RIVER TOUCH LESS CARWASH, FREE VIC w/ super wash; Detail $17 (hand wash, outside), Hand Wax $65 and up. Call 205-345-4500 or 792-6000 STYLIST NEEDED, booth rental $100/wk, apply at or call Salon Vision 205-752-7522 HANDYMAN FOR HIRE! If you need any home repairs done, from electrical to hanging a door, CALL ME at 205-523-3028 TERRY CLEANING SERVICE, A clean home is a phone call away! Residential/commercial offices, free estimate, visit or email reginabeau2008@ or Call 205-886-3455

GENERAL EMPLOYMENT A/CDL- LOCAL ROUTE, best route in town. Benefits: health, dental, vision, 401k, vacation 1 year-2 weeks, 5 years-3 weeks. Contact Reddice by fax 205-3393398 or email jhallmon@ with resume/ information.


IF YOU HAVE LOST YOUR JOB due to lay-offs or downsizing. Plus you have bills to pay. Call 205-345-8429 for a phone interview today. POST OFFICE NOW HIRING NATIONALLY! Avg. pay $20/hour or $57K annually including Federal Benefits, OT optional, fee based, test prep materials not affiliated with US Postal Service. 1-866-920-8396 HVAC TECH TRAINING! Heat up your career! No exp. Needed. Get Nationally Certified in 3 weeks… Local Job Placement asst. financing available. Classes start now! 877-994-9904 GOVERNMENT JOBS- Earn $12-$48/hr, full benefits/paid training. Career Positions in Homeland Security, Clerical/ Admin, Law Enforcement, Accounting/Finance, Wildlife, More! 1-800-320-9353 Ext. 2803 DRIVERS: LEASE PURCHASE & Co. Drivers. It’s not just about driving “It’s A Life Style”! Make money & have time to spend it! A-A 2 yrs exp red, Shelton Trucking Leeann 888-458-0104 DON’T SWEAT IT!! FIRE UP YOUR FUTURE! Nationally accredited 4wk HVAC Training Program. Get EPA/SHE Certified. Local Job Placement Asst. Financing Available. 1-877-994-9904 STYLIST POSITIONS AVALIABLE, exp reg, commission or booth rental avaliable, call or come by Bladez 205-333-8648 DRIVERS: Avg. weekly earnings $1000-$1200. Work Over the Road. Growing Tanker Company in Birmingham. Great Pay and Benefits! A-A w/X, 2 years exp required. 866-339-0072


APRIL 24 - APRIL 30, 2009





Bedroom Suit with Mattress $375 & up Coffee Table Set $45 & up


Dinette Set

$99 &


Plus Mark Martin Took Phoenix Can it be Dega time again? You betcha! The world’s largest fastest track is right near home, some of the tickets have been reduced to half price,

and it’s this weekend. One of the greatest shockers to me about this season is Dale Jr.’s position. Dale’s not in the top 10 in cup points. He wrecked late at Phoenix and...things just aren’t looking real good for Dale, Yet, he was doing well in the race until the end. Jeff Gordon’s pit crew nearly threw him out of the lead in the cup standings by leaving a lug nut loose costing him

a good finishing position. Stewart almost took Phoenix, coming in second. He vowed his time is coming soon in victory lane. The biggest news of the week was Mark Martin, a racer I think everybody loves, winning Phoenix. It was Mark’s first win since 2005. For a racer, that’s eternity! But, Mark is 50 years old now. That’s pretty impressive in a young man’s game. Most people don’t realize just how intense racing is and how much energy and stamina it takes. Most 50 year old men simply couldn’t do what Mark is doing. And, he won. I doubt there are many NASCAR fans who felt bad about their driver losing to Mark Martin. He is truly a driver for all fans to love. There’s just something about this man that makes him a crowd pleaser. Now….it’s Dega time. Oh boy, let your horses run. This Saturday and Sunday in Alabama...NASCAR doesn’t get any better than this.

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Many people die at age 25 but aren’t buried until they are 75. –Max Frisch A point of view can be dangerous when substituted for insight and understanding. –Marshall McLuhan He was lost in the desert and his Mom cried. Then everyone else cried when they found him. -Paul Merton. I wish I was less awkward around strangers. I never know what to say when someone asks me who I am and what the hell I’m doing in their house. –Andy Ihnatko. Bills travel in the mail twice as fast as checks. Paper is always strongest at the perforations.

OK APRIL 24 - APRIL 30, 2009

Hwy 69S



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El Secreto de un Toque de Madres

Un toque de Madres es diferente. Parece Padre siempre dice, “Va pregunta su madre”. Una cosa acerca de es una madre, el toque del amor, la alegría, la protección, y el cuidado vienen naturalmente. Estos son justo unos pocos atributos un productos de toque de madres. ¿Cuándo su niño está enfermo o no sintiéndose bien-que hace él llama? ¡Madres! El padre podría estar sentándose bien junto a su niño. ¡Pero nada está como un Toque de Madres! Cuándo usted averigua que usted será una madre, usted cambia físicamente y emocionalmente. Preparando para este nuevo papel desafía, sobre todo puede estar recompensando para usted y para sus niños. Junto con el toque de una madre, nosotros también debemos hacer planes para encontrar nuestras necesidades de niños -- financieramente, espiritualmente y emocionalmente. La Palabra de dios ha dado nosotros vaciamos instrucción para entrenar a nuestro niño. Los proverbios 22:6 Tren arriba un niño en la manera que él debe ir, y cuando él es viejo que él no partirá de ello. ¡Ese toque de instrucción lleva gran recompensas, sin embargo la maternidad no es fácil! Nosotros no podemos dar por perdido cualquiera obstáculo pequeño: Debemos ser determinados a ser la mejor madre que podemos. Nosotros no podemos permitir que desafíos en la vida nos consuma. Encuentre tiempo de relajarse, leer, disfrutar de una caminata vigorosa, un baño calmante mantener su mente de la prisa, usted se encuentra con en la vida. ¡Cuando usted continúa aplicar la Palabra de Dios a su vida, usted encontrará su mente renovada, y usted logrará las victorias! Una vez que usted llega a ser una madre, es imprescindible estar allí para sus niños. ¡Es un debe! La colocación una carrera aparte para los primeros cinco años de la vida de su niño le puede dar a él/ella el mejor comienzo en la vida. Recuerde que un Toque de Madres está como ningún otro. Una cosa que sabe que todos convendremos en es tiempo nunca puede ser reemplazado; dinero siempre puede ser ganado. Muchas cosas que hacemos compromisos a son justo otras maneras de llenar un vacío en nuestra vida. Aplicar los principios y las enseñanzas de la Palabra de Dios dan instrucciones y direcciones claras a ayudarnos somos las mejores madres pueden. Jeremiah 29:11 Para sabe los pensamientos que pienso hacia usted dicen el Señor, los pensamientos de la paz y no de mal, para darle un futuro y una esperanza. Usted sale de la maternidad lo que usted pone en ello. Veo a muchos jóvenes dejaron para defender para sí mismos y duele el corazón cuando hablo con ellos. Aprendo que ellos no tienen sentido de la orientación ni valor en sus vidas. ¿No está eso triste? Nosotros no podemos presentar disculpas para nuestra conducta impropia de niños. Otorgado hay algún fuerte hizo a niños que necesitan para ser tratados con según a la Palabra de Dios. Nuestros niños a veces trae desilusiones e incluso rebelión, pero una cosa que he aprendido fue de no habitar en el problema, pero para concentrar en la Palabra y la oración. El consejo también buscando de amigos cuyos niños reflejan su criar de niño es un más grande. Hay tanto en nuestros niños que necesitamos para sacar para ver sueños y objetivos se cumplen.

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World Watch with Mike Woodard


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There is so much change coming from the Obama administration that it’s hard to keep up with it all. For those who think Obama is the one who destroyed our economy…you must believe he’s a very very fast worker as...he’s just now hitting three months in office! One surprising speed of the Obama administration has been it’s new established contacts with Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, Russia, and the entire European community. They hated they love us! Good! Although some people think it’s a bad idea to speak with your enemies...that’s goes counter to wisdom throughout the ages. There is truth in the age old saying, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Obama is pulling them in. Enemies are much easier to Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: 10:00 to 6:00 deal with this way. Wed: 9:00 to 12:00 The thing about an enemy is, they really just “want things”, and they know they are more likely to get them in negotiation rather than from the frustration of isolation. There is another old saying, trading partners don’t make war on each other. When Mercedes Benz, a German company, came to Tuscaloosa I’s a company from a nation that required the loss of millions of American soldiers in World War I & II, which will now have an economic interest in America. To war on us would jeopardize their own interests. Germany and Japan aren’t threats to America today, so they are not like Iran, or, they were much, much worse in their day...and they could of been again had we not made trading partners of them and made lasting bonds of friendship with them. When you hear the anger directed at Obama for reducing security of America remember this...nations seldom attack others who are proved to be friendly. It can happened, but the likelihood of it happening is ten to one less than enemies...that’s what Obama is accomplishing. You may witness a terrible backlash against Obama if he is successful. For in failure his enemies have all they need to attack him as a failure. That’s a much easier path for them. But, what will stir them up the worst is if he is a great success. If you think it’s hard to beat an adversary who is losing, try taking one on who is winning big! They’ve already called him everything...on day one I got emails comparing Obama to Hitler. I’m not sure what they can call him worse than that! I don’t believe there is a figure in our vocabulary which would be a worse name to call...and that was brought out on day one! What can they call him after a year or two that would up the anti? 1992 PLYMOUTH 1997 TOYOTA CAMRY, They are hoping they can take congress back mid term, because if Obama is very VOYAGER, runs, drives runs great, good shape, new successful their only alternative will be to impeach him. great, must see, call after belts and battery, $5500.

2801 Lurleen Wallace Blvd Suite #5 Northport, AL 35476

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8am. Call, 251-653-8427

1991 ACURA INTEGRA, black, 2dr good motor and transmission, 2 small dents, cv axle bad, clear title $975 cash. Call 205-556-7542 or 393-3558 $500 POLICE IMPOUNDS! Hondas, Chevy’s, Jeeps, Fords, Toyotas and much more from $500! Cars/ trucks/Subs! For listings call 800-521-8673 1990 Buick Lasabre, runs with cold air, inside clean $1200. Call, 205-242-8589

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1998 Chevy Camaro parting out, v6, good motor and transmission, good body parts, midnight blue. Call, 205-331-7157 or 248-8589

4690 Hwy 43N Guin, AL 35543 Now Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday Starts Friday April 24th

At 7:45

At 9:30

Hannah Montana: The Movie

Race to Witch Mountain Starring: Dwayne Johnson

Rated G At 7:45 Taken Starring: Liam Neeson Rated PG-13

1993 Dodge labaron, v6, auto with cold air, good tires, well kept, looks and runs good, $1800. Call, 205-242-8589

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Blue Moon Drive In

Starring: Miley Cyrus

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APRIL 24 - APRIL 30, 2009


Musings On Faith



With Tom Woodard

Find past and current Musings on Faith articles online at “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise (Psalm 51:17, KJV).” This is a well-known Scripture, but what does it mean? First of all, “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit.” Another way of saying this is “My sacrifice to You, O God, is a broken spirit.” In other words, broken in the willfulness of man, convicted of my sin, repentant, and turning to God for salvation or redemption; realizing that all else is meaningless, and that the answer lies only in God. If we are not “broken” in spirit, we will not turn to God in the way that He wishes for us to do. We are not His slaves, but His children. Nevertheless, if we come before Him in an attitude of entitlement or privilege, we will not surrender our will to God’s will for our lives, and we will not receive the fullness of the blessings He wishes to pour out upon us. We will still have one foot in the carnal world and the other in the Spiritual. The Scriptures make clear, over and over again, that this is unacceptable to God. Then comes that word “contrite”. What is “contrite”? Webster’s New International Dictionary of the English Language defines it as “(1) Regretful, sorrowful, broken in spirit because of a sense of sin; (2) Broken down with grief and penitence; deeply sorrowful for sin; humbly and thoroughly penitent.” A penitent person is a person who repents of sin (Webster’s). If we approach God full of pride, or defensiveness, or denial, or selfjustification, or uttering excuses, we certainly are not contrite. Why is this important? Well, first of all, God tells us, through His Word (Psalm 51:17, above) that if we do not come to Him with a “broken spirit” and “a broken and a contrite heart” He will despise our supplications and prayers. Why? Because they are prayers of words only, and not uttered from a soul deeply yearning for the healing of the Spirit of God. Word prayers are distinguished by utterances of repentance not followed up with actions reflecting true repentance. If we come to God with a broken and contrite heart, seeking His will for our lives, then both God and man will see a difference in us. There will be a turning away from sin and from the carnal life toward a new life, lived in accord with the Spirit and will of God, through Jesus Christ. Contrition is necessary to true repentance and a genuine turning away from sin. Let us not deceive ourselves. Do we have a true repentance, borne of a broken spirit and a broken and contrite heart? If so, the fruit of that contrite and broken condition will be a life lived in daily obedience to God’s will for our lives. Father, give us a broken spirit and a contrite heart, in Christ’s name, Amen. Yours in Christ, Tom

1999 TOYOTA COROLLA AUTOMATIC, POWER STEERING, HAS A REAR SPOILER,172,327 MILES, CD PLAYER AND TAPE PLAYER, AUTOMATIC, AND POWER LOCKS AND LEATHER INTERIOR, COLOR OF THE CAR IS MAROON (205) 292-9793 95 BUICK CENTRY SPECIAL, reverse problems, gear issues, 62k original miles, like new, $1300. Call, 205-756-3657 1964 CHEVY IMPALA, 4dr, new carpet and interior, 327 motor, $9000 obo. Call 205-643-0405 or 339-1484

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2008 WHITE NISSAN PATHFINDER, pw/pl/am/fm/ cd player, cloth seats, V6 automatic, asking $18000, will consider any offer. Call Kevin 205-399-1253 1995 Buick Centry Special, has bad transmission $1500 or will sale motor with 62k for $1000 runs clean. Call, 205-765-3657 1997 GRAND CHEROKEE FOR SALE, 190k miles, one owner, asking $2800. Email or call 205-553-7756 1996 BLAZER LS, red, 4 dr, 4WD, $3500. Call for more information 205-330-1380

2005 CHEVY UPLANDER, loaded, dvd, low miles, nice van, asking payoff. Call 334-683-6983 MERCEDES ML350 SUV, black, navigation system, leather seats, loaded, sunroof, tubular side step bars, $29,500. Call 205-330-1519 1997 PONTIAC BONIVILLE, sunroof, black, leather, low miles. Call 205-792-4894 HONDAS FROM $500! Police impounds from $500! More Hondas, Acuras, and Toyotas available! For listings, 800-570-8736 ext T406

$500! POLICE IMPOUNDS! Hondas, Fords, Chevys, Jeeps, etc. from $500! Cars/ trucks/SUVs! For listings, call 800-521-8673 2001 HONDA ACCORD, $1300; 1998 FORD MUSTANG, $900; 1997 TOYOTA COROLLA, $900; Buy police impounds! For listings, 800-384-6519 ext A189 CHEVY LUMINA 96 $900! FORD EXPLORER 95 $500! VW JETTA 96 $500! Police impounds! For listings, 800-546-2991 x4357 GRANNY’S CAR FOR SALE, 1996 Honda Accord, $3600. Call 205-339-0187

I tried to think about how many birthday parties I had when I was young. Let me see…… none! As a result of all of that rejection, I am now living as a victim of society, haunted by my past. I also remember when my children were born. I had absolutely no desire to watch my wife give childbirth. I took no classes to enhance the experience. Men just didn’t do that. At the last minute, I did decide to go in with her on all of our children, without Lamaze. There’s no doubt that I am obsessive compulsive now because of my ignorance then. And what about showers? I’m not talking about the water type, but the baby, wedding, newcomer, housewarming, and any-other-occasion shower. It seems that showers are now as much a part of a man’s life as they are a woman’s. I just can’t get there from here. I think that’s a metrosexual thing. And not only are showers a common occurrence for every occasion, but now they are telling us where to buy them something from. Each invitation will let us know where they are “registered.” I’m still having a hard time getting there from here. When my children were young, I let them know they would be having only a limited number of birthday parties. Not only did mom and dad have limited funds, but so did all of our friends, and family. And if I didn’t watch it, there would be some shower/party event every weekend! I knew hunting and fishing would be nonexistent if I let that happen. I must admit my wife was not in compete agreement. After all, these were HER children and she wanted everybody to rejoice with her each year. After some compromise, we both were satisfied that our children would not suffer because of the lack of attention they would receive compared to all the other children. I would say they turned out fine, but I’m leaving them in the barrel, with the lid on it, until they’re thirty. I’ll know then. Now I’m not trying to be a party pooper, or an old fuddy-duddy, but I’m just not ready to sit around a room with other men and sell Tupperware. The next thing you know there will be a Mary Kay party just for men. Well, maybe I am trying to be a party pooper. In fact, I guess I’m a little upset. Okay, I’m mad! If she could register for china at Belk’s, what was really wrong with me registering in the fishing department at the Bass Pro Shop anyway?

APRIL 24 - APRIL 30, 2009 MARCH 6 - MARCH 12, 2009


205-333-7525 205-333-7525


Randy Rogers Auto Sales Inc.

Your Relationship Dealer!!!!

It’s Tax Time!! Come by today and pick our your new car, truck, or s.u.v!!

Another Dunn Deal by Dan!

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2215 15th Street Lot 1 Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 205-758-1999

1766 McFarland Blvd N Lot 2 Tuscaloosa, AL 35406 205-391-9160

2215 15th Street Lot 1 Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 205-758-1999

Big Hearted Randy!

Dan Dunn

Edgar Hoots

APRIL 24 - APRIL 30, 2009

www.TUSCALOOSA-SHOPPER.COM 1985 CHEVY TRUCK, rowback bed, 17.5’ aluminum w/ hydrolic wench, 10k miles on motor, good condition, $8500. Call 205-553-5293 1995 CHEVY SILVERADO 1 TON.. EXTRA CAB..6.5 DIESIEL-LOOKS GREAT..$3500 DBO--NEEDS MINOR WORK (205)792-1683 2006 GMC SIERRA z-71, crew cab, white, tool box, 28k miles, take up payments, never off road, as new. Call, 205-665-9095 1986 CHEVY SILVERADO, runs well, needs power steering pump and paint job, $900. Call 205-239-5457 1978 Ford Xlt f150 loong wheel base truck, v-8, auto, with air. Call, 205-938-3963 2002 FORD RANGER, 4 cyl, 5 speed, runs great, $2495. Call 205-292-0569 1994 TOYOTA TACOMA, 4 cyl, auto, 2wd, regular cab, 101k miles, $4000. Call 205-283-9294 CHEVROLET Z-71, $7900. Call 205-333-3148

1987 VOLVO, w/ sunroof, not running, includes extra motor, $495. Call 205-507-3654 or 292-7599 1997 HONDA GL, 97k miles, light blue, grey interior, $1500. Call 205-393-9896 HONDA CIVIC, 1995, 2 door, 5 speed, 4 cyl, Teal green, cold air, CD, stereo, 18” wheels/tires, 34 mpg, great car, no mechanical problems, $2874 firm. Call 205-556-7542


2004 KIA SEDONA VAN, 85k miles, v-6, nice, grey interior and exterior, cloths seats, good tires, cold a/c, great gas mileage, CarFax, lower, service records, $7000 ono. Call 205-534-4342 1989 CHEVY ASTRO VAN, blue/white, v6, 4.3, chrome wheels, white letter, needs painting, clear title, $975. Call 205-556-7542 1997 JEEP SAHARA, 6 cyl, hard top, auto transmission, power steering, $6800. Call, 205-349-7352

1972 CHEVY PU, has new 283 engine, needs some finishing on motor installation $1500. Call, 205-765-3657 1983 CUSTOM CHEVY VAN, low mileage, great shape, $4000. Call 205-242-7570 FLATBED TRUCK, 12 foot dual bed, $400; 1989 FORD F-350 DIESEL, parting out, $300. Call 205-372-4341 1964 FORD TRUCK, short bed, 292, 3 speed, doesn’t run, $340 firm. Call 205-442-3435

1989 NISSAN 4 WHEEL DRIVE PICKUP TRUCK, tool box, bed liner, nerfbars, $2500. Call 205-657-2309 CHEVY S-15, 5 speed, work truck, $500. Call 205-393-9596 1992 DODGE TRUCK, excellent condition. Call 205-339-0187 1988 FORD F-150, 2 wd, 5 cyl, runs well, $1500. Call 205-799-6830 2002 CHEVY Z-71, white, extended cab, new tires, new brakes, great condition, $7600. Call 205-764-2802 1993 PLYMOUTH CARAVAN, a/c, radio, auto, V6, $750 or will trade for utility trailer. Call 205-477-6313


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JON’S AUTO 205-556-9355

6029 Univ. Blvd E Cottondale 2001 NISSAN ALTIMA GXE Auto, 92k, $1800 down $280/mo or $6990 2001 HONDA CIVIC LX 5 speed, 96k, $1600 down $280/mo or $6990 1999 TOYOTA COROLLA LE Auto, 86k, $1500 down $200/mo or $5490 2001 HONDA ACCORD EX 148K, $2200 down, $300/mo or $7990 1997 FORD EXPLORER XLT V-8, 119k, $1500 down $260/mo or $5990 2000 TOYOTA CAMRY LE Auto, 128k, $2000 down $300/mo or $7990 2002 TOYOTA COROLLA Auto, 59k, $1800 down $280/mo or $7500 2005 TOYOTA COROLLA LE Auto , 22k, $3000 down $350/mo or $11,490 2004 FORD FOCUS ZX3 5 sp, 40k, $2000 down $300/mo or $8990 1999 NISSAN MAXIMA GXE Auto, 146k, $1800 down $270/mo or $6990 2001 CHEVY PRISM LXI Auto, 72k, $1400 down $260/mo or $5990 2005 HONDA CIVIC DX Auto, 36k, $3000 down $320/mo or $10,990 2003 MAZDA B2300 P/U Auto, 24k, $2000 down $300/mo or $8990 2003 TOYOTA CAMRY LE Auto, 66K, $3500 down $350/month or $11,990 2003 TOYOTA TACOMA PICKUP 5 speed, 52k, $2500 down $300/mo or $8,990 1995 NISSAN QUEST MINIVAN Auto, 72k,$1000 down $250/mo or $4490 1995 JEEP CHEROKEE Auto, 118k, $1000 down $200/mo or $3990 1997 GEO PRIZM Auto, 86k, , $1200 down $240/mo or $4490 2001 NISSAN SENTRA SE Auto, 94k, $1600 down $260/mo or $6490



The Good News Weekly Newspaper

Established 1995

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Publisher Mike Woodard Advertising Consultant Betty Honeycutt Ray Reeves Graphics & Production Manager Candy Taylor Graphics Peggy Rossmanith Delivery: Johnny Jackson, Gail Jackson, Lynda Pike, Ben Miller, Dave Dombrowski

Published every Thursday Physical Address: 2917 Main Ave Northport, AL 35476 Mailing Address: 3309 66th Ave Northport, A: 35473 Phone: 205-333-7525

APRIL 24 - APRIL 30, 2009



loaded, leather & sun roof $8,500

205-556-2455 or 2505-310-2251 2003 FORD FOCUS

1999 SATURN low miles, 4 door $3,900

WOOD 205-562-WOOD OR


205-310-8943 $1400 DOWN

2001 FORD EXPEDITION 116k miles

$1800 DOWN

Mention This Ad And Receive $100 OFF DOWN PAYMENT! Why WOOD you go anywhere else?


MOTORCYCLES 1984 SUZUKI BR250 4 stroke dirt bike, $800 obo. Call 205-344-1223

Call us at

4 cyl

2003 CHEVY S10 $5,200 17

4908-A Univ Blvd E



1998 LINCOLN TOWN CAR nice ride

$1600 DOWN

1995 CADILLAC DEVILLE great buy

$1000 DOWN

1998 GMC Z71

4 door, loaded, low miles $9,700

choose either one for only $4,500

2005 CHEVY COLORDO 4 door, ext cab, low miles $9,995


3714 Hargrove Rd E Tuscaloosa, AL




2004 BEE 2 Horse trailer, excellent condition, with saddle racks and escape door, $4000 obo Call 205-330-1222 anytime 1979 motor home, set up in trailer park, engine/transmission 16x12, $2500. Call, 205-535-4596 7x16 D AXLE FACTORY TRAILER. Call, 205-938-3963

3 door, ext cab $4,900

2003 FORD ESCAPE 4x4, loow miles $7,900

2004 HALLMARK ENCLOSED TRAILER, 24 ft., 2 7000 lb axles, side door and pull down door in rear, $9500.

8 FOOT CAMPER SHELL, sliding windows w/ screens, like new, $200. Call 205-556-5380 or 799-1117

Call 205-712-1405 or 698-7010 ALLEGRO MOTOR HOME, 1976 model, 27 feet, sleeps 6, roof air and generator, HUNTERS’ SPECIAL, $2500. Call 205-349-9524 or 339-6241

TRAVEL TRAILER, 20 ft, fridge, stove, bath & shower, toilet, a/c, need very little repair, $1800. Call 205-554-1831


COACHMAN 2003 26 ft pull behind, excellent condition. Pull out. $8500 Call, 205-330-9045 or 826-0015

2000 LOBE 18 FT ALUMINUM BASS BOAT, 98 hp Johnson motor, 44 lb thrust, Evinrude trolling motor, GPS depth finder, $8000. Call 205-759-3173 or 534-7668

TRI-AXEL GOOSENECK TRAILER, 26’, dovetail, w/ ramps, $3500 obo. Call 205-361-7396 TRAILER, 18 ft, dual axel, from camper trailer, needs minor floor repair, heavy duty, $295 firm. Call 205-554-1831 or 393-3558


2005 YAMAHA WAVE RUNNER, blue and silver, low hours, comes with trailer & ski vest, $6600. Call, 205-330-7883


1998 HONDA CIVIC at, 4cyl, extra sharp

1999 FORD MUSTANG at, v6, low miles

2001 TOYOTA SOLARA at, super clean

2001 PONTIAC SUNFIRE at, ac, sunroof

1995 HONDA ACCORD at, 4cyl, 89k, gas miser

2000 TOYOTA COROLLA VE at, sun roof, gas mizer

1997 FORD EXPEDITION super nice, leather, loaded

1998 DODGE INTREPID at, ac, extra clean

limited, at, leather, sunroof, cd


1998 ACURA GL COUPE at, sunroof, leather

1997 HONDA CIVIC EX 5 speed gas saver

1997 PONTIAC FIREBIRD t-tops, at, v6


1995 NISSAN MAXIMA se, leather, sunroof, at



Kirkland Motor Company 205-553-6121 at, a/c, 4 cyl, gas saver

convertible, 5 speed, v6

APRIL 24 - APRIL 30, 2009


hard top, 6 cyl

“sharp”, V8


MAZDA B2300 SE auto

MAZDA B3000 k-cab, V6, auto


2002 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE GT, one owner, v6



14 ‘ Aluminum Boat W/trailer with New Tires,7HP Johnson Motor , Also has plywood Floor. Has a Hand Control Minn KotanTrolling Motor & Battery, Like New, Price $750.00 (205) 292-9793 1994 POLARIS JET SKI with trailer, 100+ hp, power trim, 2 Sweater, runs good. $1800 obo Call 205-826-9052 WE SERVICE SEA DOOS, MOTORCYCLES, AND BOATS AT HOME. Call Bobby 205-333-6959 12 FT ALUMINUM FLAT BOTTOM BOAT, w/ trailer, 9.9 Johnson, $900. Call 205-210-3032

FORD F150 69k miles

95k miles

HOUSE BOAT FOR SALE, 43 ft, fully self contained, heat/ air, generator, many extras, docked at Eagle Cove Marina. Call 205-553-3773 or 344-2444 1988 BAYLINER, 24’, like new motor, can see at Eagle Cove Marina. Call 205-556-3356 COBRA BASS BOAT, 15 ft, 25 hp Evenrude, 44 lb thrust trolling motor, 2 nice seats w/ storage, storage on side, airrated, live well, stick steering, $4000. Call 205-556-5380 BATTERY AND EXTRA OMC TROLLING MOTOR, $1200. Call 205-339-8718 1997


68k miles

2710 McFarland Blvd Northport, AL 35476


74k miles, one owner


2001 CHEVY S10

k-cab, auto, one owner

87k, 4 door, v6, auto



2002 JOHN DEERE SKID STEER, 65 hp, diesel with grapple bucket, steel tracks, heavy duty trailer $1500. tractor: 1953 ford 8n, 4ft bush hog, very good condition, $1600. Call 205-616-0344

URBAN SPORT 1500CC MOTOR SCOOTER, 850 miles, $900. Call 205-553-0465 DOUBLE SEATER GO-KART. Call 205-554-1562 JAZZY MOTOR SCOOTER, never used, $495. Call 205-210-3032

2 FOOT BUSHHOG CUTTING DISK, 10 FOOT DISK w/ new blades, 2 ROW PLANTER w/ dry fertilizer, 4 ROW JOHN DEER DUALL, 6 FOOT 3 PT DISK, all for $7000 or will sell seperately. Call 205-270-1486

1996 YAMAHA 4 WHEELER, electric start and pull start, front/rear racks, new tires, wench on front/back, $1700 or trade for pick up truck. Call 205-477-6313

OIL CHANGE up to 5 qts

(next to Budget Inn)





1972 KINGFISH BOAT, w/ trailer, 50 hp Mercury motor, $475. Call 205-507-3654 or 292-7599




1990 CORONET CRAFT BAREFOOT NAUTIQUE, w/ wake board tower, $7000. Call 205-792-7245

101K, one owner, “new”


2000 DODGE 1500

PONTOON, Starcraft 20’ and trailer, 150 hp, very good condition, too many extras to mention, $5000. Call 205-556-8594


85K miles



We Also Offer

one owner


one owner

STRATTUS 285 PRO ELITE TOURNAMENT READY BASS BOAT, 175 hp Evenrude, extra nice and clean, has new battery and extra OMC trolling motor, $12,000 obo. Call 205-339-8718

•Towing Available •Over 40 Years Experience • Free Estimates •Foreign & Domestic Repair • Engine Repairs •A/C Tune - Ups •Full Service Major or Minor Repairs

2006 PONTIAC G-6

76K, one owner


4 door


2001 Kia Spectra LX





auto, 99k miles





k-cab, V8, one owner









Drive A Little, Save A Lot!!



HEB TRACTOR & EQUIPMENT, for all your farming equipment needs call 205-339-4041

UTILITY TRAILERS 15 FOOT DOUBLE AXLE TRAILER, w/ ramps, $500. Call 205-393-9896 TRI-AXEL GOOSENECK TRAILER, 26’, dovetail, w/ ramps, $3500 obo. Call 205-361-7396 TRAILER, 18 ft, dual axel, from camper trailer $295 firm. Call 205-554-1831






$2. HOURS: Mon, Wedn, Fri 7am-6pm Tues, Thurs 7am-7:30pm



open til 7:30 both nights


up to 1 lb Freon



APRIL 24 - APRIL 30, 2009

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3010 Skyland Blvd E





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APRIL 24 - APRIL 30, 2009



Tuscaloosa Sun April 24 2009  

Tuscaloosa Sun Weekly Community Newspaper for April; 24 2009