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Newlywed Nutrition by Cindy Huggins, RDN, LD, Newlywed Nutrition Blog


edding planning is a piece of cake,” said No Bride Ever. Planning a wedding takes up enough of a bride’s time without her having to worry about weight loss, too. Fortunately, time-saving solutions to managing weight loss are literally in the palm of your hand . Smartphone applications continue to thrive, offering assistance in nearly every aspect of life. Consistent evidence shows that weight management is most successful when food and exercise are tracked on a daily basis. One of the biggest complaints from patients and clients is that writing down food and exercise takes up too much time and often feels like a chore. With new app technology, logging food and exercise has never been easier and quicker. The following apps are very powerful in aiding with weight loss and weight management.


A personal favorite, Fooducate allows users to easily find healthy foods using a barcode scan feature. It really answers the question: “is this really healthy or just a fancy health promotion?” After scanning or browsing food items, the app generates a letter grade scoring the food item. Foods are graded A through D, based on their nutrition facts and ingredients list. This is an awesome app that helps weed out the healthy food impersonators! It also has features that allow food tracking and weight management based on a points system.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by My Fitness Pal

One of the most popular health apps is My Fitness Pal. This apps allows for complete customization. Start by entering a goal for weight loss, weight maintenance, or weight 4

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gain. After entering your height and weight information, the app suggests a daily net calorie goal, projected weight change, and amount of weight change by a certain date. Another nice feature is access to the Hello Healthy blog, which posts daily recipes, motivation, and strategies to overcome goal barriers.


Rise allows you to speak face-to-face with your very own personal registered dietitian nutritionist. No need for office visits — just open this app and have immediate access to motivation. This app is for those who may need a little more motivation and personalized diet structure. Participants are able to speak daily with their dietitian, snap photos of meals and get feedback. This app delivers on accountability. An in-app purchase is needed to utilize the program.

Sattva—Meditation Timer and Tracker

This free meditation app helps bring down stress levels in a big way. Don’t let “meditation” scare you away. A moment of meditation is just a moment to stop and let the mind and body rest. Stress has been linked to hormone imbalance, causing hunger and satiety cues not to operate as intended. This app is designed to bring goals and priorities back into focus by clearing the mind and body. Even if time only allows for two minutes, this app can provide guided meditation to enhance overall health.

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