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CreattivAzione 2nd edition Musical Competition "Massimiliano Maci Marini” for Emerging Groups REGULATIONS 1. The second musical competition CreattivAzione Musicale “Massimiliano Maci Marini” for emerging groups is organized by Cultural & Recreational Association “San Lorenzo Isontino Musical School”, under the sponsorship and contribution of Municipality of San Lorenzo Isontino and provincial administration of Gorizia. The aim of the competition is to stimulate youth aggregation in order to raise desire for a nearer musical approach. 2. The competition is open to groups of any nationality and residence, made up of at least three musicians, average age from fourteen to twenty-one. In any case the minimum age of any participant shouldn’t be lower than fourteen or higher than twenty-five. The age considered is that at the deadline. 3. There’s no admission fee. 4. The groups will compete with one original piece. Any musical genre is accepted. 5. In order to be eligible for selection, the enrolment application and the musical piece should be reached no later than July 10th Saturday 2010. The material to be sent is: a) a copy of the musical piece recorded on whatever audio support, or in MP3 file format if sent by email; b) if the musical piece provides a text, it is compulsory to enclose a text copy; c) the application form with all group members personal particulars, and at least one email. The application form should be signed by the leader of the group. If sent by email it's necessary to digitalize in JPG, TIF or PDF file format the signed application form; d) technical card of the group specifying the instruments used, the stage plan and other requirements needed for live exhibition; e) a photography of the group in any format, even digital; f) the acceptance form, one for each musician, filled in every part. For minors parent or parental authority signature is compulsory. If sent by email it's necessary to digitalize in JPG, TIF or PDF file format the signed acceptance form; g) copy of an identity document of the signing person of the acceptance form should be enclosed. 6. The material for the enrollment to the competition should be sent by: a) e-mail to, enclosing the required files. Organizers should not take any responsibility for technical slip-up;

b) traditional mail to the following address: “Concorso CreattivAzione Musicale”, c/o Comune di San Lorenzo Isontino, Via Boschetto 1, 34070 San Lorenzo Isontino (GO). The material to be send will not be given back. Organizers should not take any responsibility for postal slip-up.

7. Enrollment in the competition shall imply the presentation of an original musical piece. Organizers will not be held responsible for any dispute connected to the musical piece or to the performance. 8. The best groups will be chosen listening to the musical piece recorded on an audio support sent for the competition.

9. The selected groups will be invited to perform live in July 29th 2010 in San Lorenzo Isontino (Gorizia) on the occasion of Sagra dello Sport. In this final part of the competition, the groups will have 20 minutes to perform absolutely their original piece and non original ones. 10. The selected groups will receive from the organizers an email or they will be contacted by telephone. 11. The winner will be decided at the end of the live performance. The prize is a 500 euros gift token that can be spent in the musical shop PECAR, via Contavalle 5/5A, in Gorizia, sponsor of the competition. 12. Special prizes: organizers designate a special prize for the best percussionist of the competition. Organizers, together with sponsors and partners, can also designate other prizes for groups or single musicians. 13. The prizegiving ceremony will take place after the live performance. To all participant to the competition will be given a participation certificate. 14. The preliminary selection and the final decision will be taken by a jury decided by the Cultural & Recreational Association “Scuola di Musica di San Lorenzo Isontino”. All the decisions made by the jury should be considered final. Failure to comply with these regulations could result in the exclusions from the competition. 15. All forms of promotional activities (internet, radio, TV, newspapers…) and activities connected to the competition are allowed to the musical piece presented by the groups. 16. At the end of the competition, organizers have the right to create a CD with the selected pieces. With the admission to the competition, the participants accept the regulations and give the copyright to the organizers for all the necessities. Royalties still belong to the authors. 17. Punctuality and professionalism are requested to the groups on the occasion of the live performance and any other initiative. 18. All costs for the competition are to be met by the participants. 19. Any variation to present regulations will be given by an email or telephone. Decisions made by the jury should be considered final. 20. Cultural & Recreational Association “Scuola di Musica di San Lorenzo Isontino” should be responsible for assisting in the resolution of any controversy which may arise. Should any dispute arise regarding the interpretation of any article contained in these regulations, the original Italian version is to be considered binding. 21. For any information, it is possible to get in touch with the organizers in the office hours at the following telephone number +39 339 4675366 and to consult the internet site



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