Peregrine Falcon populations– status and perspectives in the 21st century - List of papers

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Part I: Population dynamics in Europe Karen Aghababyan and Siranush Tumanyan: On the breeding Peregrines Falco peregrinus brookei in some regions of Armenia Niels Peter Andreasen: Distribution and present status of the Peregrine Falcon János Bagyura, Mátyás Prommer, Tamás Szitta, István Lotár Molnár and Róbert Kazi: Status of Peregrine population in Hungary 1964 – 2007 Vilius Baranauskas and Darius Daugėla: Peregrine Falcon in Lithuania Jozef Chavko, Slávka Siryová and Boris Maderič: The population of Peregrine Falcon in Slovakia in 1994-2007 Andrew Dixon, Paul Haffield, Mark Lawrence, Alan Lowe, Colin Richards, Glyn Roberts and Mike Thomas: Peregrine population surveys: a case study from Wales Jon Franklin and Phil J. Everitt: Population Trends of Peregrine Falcons on the Sussex coast of the United Kingdom, 1904 – 2006 Anita Gamauf, Remo Probst and Helmut Steiner: The Peregrine Falcon in Austria: population development and ecological requirements Vladimir Ivanovsky and Alexandre Vintchevski: Status of the Peregrine Falcon in Belarus István Komáromi, István Kovács, Zsolt Hegyeli and Réka Beáta Kiss: The status of the Peregrine Falcon in Romania Jelena Kralj, Ivan Budinski and Krešimir Mikulić: Status and trends of the Peregrine in Croatia Peter Lindberg: The fall and the rise of the Swedish Peregrine Falcon population Peter Lindberg: Colour-ringing of Swedish Peregrine Falcons migration and natal dispersal Tadeusz Mizera and Janusz Sielicki: Breeding status of the Peregrine Falcon in Poland during the pre- and post- DDT era René-Jean Monneret: Evolution and current situation of the Peregrine Falcon in France René-Jean Monneret: Evolution and current situation of the French Jura mountains Peregrine Falcon population from 1964 to 2007 Tuomo Ollila: Status of the Peregrine Falcon in Finland 1993-2006 Terry R. Pickford: The status of the Peregrine Falcon in North West England: the last 35-years, a challenging road to recovery Mátyás Prommer: Peregrines in Hungary breeders, migrants, winter and summer visitors Dimitar Ragyov, Dimitar Demerdziev and Ivaylo Angelov: Peregrine in Bulgaria – general overview George Davidson Smith and Mike J. McGrady: Using passive integrated transponder (PIT) tags to better understand Peregrine Falcon population in South Scotland and North East England

Odd Frydenlund Steen: The Peregrine Falcon recovery in SE Norway Paolo Taranto: Status of the Peregrine Falcon in Italy Vitalij V. Vetrov, Sergei P. Prokopenko and Yurij V. Milobog: Distribution and number of the Peregrine in Ukraine James H. Wells and Marc Ruddock: Population dynamics of the Peregrine Falcon in Northern Ireland Iñigo Zuberogoitia, Ainara Azkona, Jabi Zabala, Lander Astorkia, Iñaki Castillo, Agurtzane Iraeta, José Antonio Martínez and José Enrique Martínez: Phenotypic variations of Peregrine Falcon in subspecies distribution border Part II: Population dynamics in European and Asian Russia Yuri Artukhin: Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus japonensis on the Kurile Islands Vladimir M. Galushin: The Peregrine Falcon populations in European Russia at the beginning of 21st century Igor V. Karyakin and Alexey S. Pazhenkov: Population trends of the Peregrine Falcon in the VolgaUral region (Russia) for twenty years Viktor Belik: Review of I. Karyakin’s and A. Pazhenkov’s paper "Population trends of the Peregrine Falcon in the Volga-Ural region (Russia) for twenty years" Sergei P. Kharitonov, Yakov I. Kokorev, Damian Nowak, Agnieszka Nowak, Daniil V. Osipov, Olga V. Natalskaya, Nadezhda A. Egorova and Svetlana A. Korkina: Current population trends of the Peregrine Falcon at the North-Western and Central Taimyr Peninsula Sergey P. Paskhalny and Mikhail G. Golovatin: The current status of the Peregrine population in Yamal and Lower Ob region Vitaliy V. Ryabtsev: Peregrine Falcon in the Baikal region, Russia Jevgeni Shergalin: Brief review of the Russian-language literature on the Peregrine Falcon between 1995-2007 Part III: Population dynamics in Americas Pablo Adreani: Status of the Peregrine Falcon in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina William Heinrich: Peregrine Falcon recovery in the continental United States, 1974-1999, with notes on related programs of The Peregrine Fund Adam Kozlowski, Jackee Alston, Frank Howe, Clayton White and Chris Colt: The status of the Peregrine Falcon in north-central Utah

Part IV: Population dynamics in Asia and Australia Victor Gavin Hurley: An assessment of nest site imprinting in Peregrine Falcons in Australia Laurent Molard (1961-2008): Behaviour and Ecology of resident Peninsular Malaysian Peregrine Falcons Satish Pande, Reuven Yosef and Anil Mahabal: Distribution of the Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus babylonicus, F. p. calidus and F. p. peregrinator) in India with some notes on the nesting habits of the Shaheen Falcon (F. p. peregrinator) Reuven Yosef: The Peregrine Falcon in Israel Part V: Population dynamics in Africa Dave Pepler, Adrian Lombard and Edmund Oettle: Populations of Peregrine Falcon in the South Western Cape, South Africa. Current Status Robert E. Simmons, Andrew R. Jenkins and Christopher J. Brown: A review of the population status and threats to Peregrine Falcons throughout Namibia Part VI: Food and feeding Edward James Anthony Drewitt: A comparison of the diet of urban Peregrine Falcons nesting in Bath, England, during two consecutive breeding seasons Łukasz Rejt and Sławomir Sielicki: Feeding activity and seasonal changes in prey composition of Peregrines in Poland Marc Ruddock, James H. Wells, Jon P. Smith and W. Ian Montgomery: The biases in raptor diet studies; resolving conservation and sporting conflicts Part VII: Peregrine and man Christian de Coune: Influence of falconry on Peregrine Falcon conservation Phil J. Everitt and Jon Franklin: First UK record of a wild free-living Peregrine Falcon female breeding and producing young with a hybrid male falcon of domestic origin Robert E. Kenward and Matthew J. G. Gage: Opportunities in falconry for conservation through sustainable use Tadeusz Mizera: Falcons Falconinae on stamps Peter Wegner and Peter Fürst: Long-term investigation of the degree of exposure of German Peregrine Falcons to damaging chemicals from the environment and recent results

Part VIII: Reitroduction Zbigniew Bonczar and Bogusław Kozik: The Peregrine Falcon in the Pieniny Mountains Gert Kleinstäuber, Wolfgang Kirmse and Paul Sömmer: The return of the Peregrine to eastern Germany – re-colonisation in the west and east; the formation of an isolated tree-nesting subpopulation and further management Peter Lindberg and Ulrika Sjöberg: Captive breeding and restocking of the Peregrine Falcon in Sweden Werner Mayr: The status of Peregrines and re-introduction of the species in Austria. The ÖFB/Fixkraft Peregrine Project 2007 Sławomir Sielicki and Janusz Sielicki: Restoration of Peregrine Falcon in Poland 1989-2007 Part IX: Peregrine in urban landscapes Paolo Taranto: Patterns of urbanisation and hunting strategies of urban Peregrine Falcons in Italy Peter Wegner, Helmut Brücher, Stefan Brücher, Thomas Höller, Michael Jöbges, Michael Kladny, Martin Lindner, Gerald Sell, Gero Speer, Thorsten Thomas and Janina Volkhausen: Development of an urban population of Peregrine Falcons in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany: population status, nest site selection and some biological results Part X: Saker – studies and comparisons with Peregrines János Bagyura, Tamás Szitta, László Haraszthy, József Fidlóczky and Mátyás Prommer: Results of the Saker conservation programme in Hungary, 1980-2006 Václav Beran, Václav Hlaváč and Tomáš Bělka: Development of the Peregrine and Saker Falcon populations in the Czech Republic in the last 30 years Mátyás Prommer and János Bagyura: Dangerous journeys of Sakers of the Carpathian Basin Petr Zvolánek: Peregrine and Saker restoration program by the Forests of the Czech Republic