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Vol. 10, Issue 131

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“Dedicated to Excellence”

February 2011

Volume 10, Issue 131

S tro k e Re c o ve re r’ s Re vi e w

February 2011 Page 2

RECIPE: “Crisp Rosemary-Garlic Chicken”

Ingredients: 3-1/2 lbs ............Roasting chicken 4 .........................Rosemary sprigs 1-1/2 tbsp..........Garlic cloves, thinly sliced Salt, coarse (optional Black or cayenne pepper, ground Directions: 1.Preheat oven to 5000F. Remove insides and all excess fat from chicken. Rinse chicken inside and out; pat dry. 2.Lift skin, and push rosemary and

WHAT IS ‘TOFU’? Also named ‘soybean curd.’ It is a derivative of soybeans. Almost no flavor, a jello-like texture, and the unique ability to absorb and adapt to the flavor of virtually any ingredients with which it happens to share recipe space. It is very high in protein. And while it is not very low in fat, the fat in it is natural and healthful (your body does need some fat to survive). When used properly ‘tofu’ provides an excellent alternative source of high quality protein if you are trying to cut down on your meat ingestion, and can substitute for cheese

garlic around breast and leg meat, being careful not to break skin. Put remaining garlic and rosemary inside the cavity. Generously salt (optional, but it causes greater crispness) and pepper chicken inside and out. 3.Put in baking pan with small amount of water to cover pan bottom. Cover the baking pan, and cook for 15 minutes, then reduce heat to 4500F, and uncover. 4.Continue cooking uncovered until skin is crispy, while meat remains moist, about 30 minutes or longer. 5.When done, remove from oven, garnish, and serve. 6.Serves 5 to 6. NOTE: Although this recipe is cooked with the skin to hold the herbs in, we strongly advise removing the skin before you eat it (the skin contains a large amount of fat).

made from cow’s milk in many instances. And if you think you don’t like the flavor, remember—’tofu’ really has no flavor; it takes on the flavor of whatever dish it’s in. STORE BATTERIES in the refrigerator in an airtight plastic bag to keep out moisture. Most batteries will hold their charge slightly longer when kept chilled. On the other hand if you plan to us e the batteries in the near future, storing them in a dry place at room temperature will do just fine.

ENCOURAGEMENTS Quotes: “How can someone be dirt poor , and another be filthy rich.” “It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it does not matter who gets the credit.” When someone share something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others. -Chinese proverb Church Signs: Where will you be sitting in eternity? Smoking or nonsmoking? You are not too bad to come in, and you are not too good to stay out. —Submitted by Loy Lai Templeton Stroke Recovery

Templeton Newsletter Mailing Address: 204– 2929 Nootka Street, Vancouver, BC V5M 4K4 Canada Published every month, if possible. Contributions are always welcome. The articles should be in, not later than day 25th of every month. Disclaimer: The views expressed in Stroke Recoverer’s Review newsletter: articles, submissions and spotlights are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Templeton Stroke Recovery or the editor of Stroke Recoverer’s Review. Editor reserves the right at any time to make changes as it deems necessary. It is the purpose of this periodical to share a variety of viewpoints mostly from stroke survivors. Contributors: Ollie Stogrin Loy Lai , Werner Stephan Deb Chow, Karel Ley Margaret Hansen Carol Rocroft Jose Suganob Production of SRR: Jose Suganob Email: Printing Person: Kiyoko Akeroyd 604-434-6513

“There’s life after stroke” TOO OFTEN…

Inside this issue: We lose sight of life’s simple pleasures. Remember when Recipe someone annoy you it takes Encouragements 42 muscles in your face to frown. What is ‘tofu’... But, it only takes 4 muscles to extend your arm and bitchslap that mother@#?!&! Last Month’s Happening upside the head.

“IT TAKES YEARS to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it.”




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What Manners? J-Notes


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Volume 10, Issue 131

S tro k e Re c o ve re r’ s Re vi e w

February 2011 Page 3

LAST MONTH’S HAPPENING...Ollie Stogrin Valerie and Jos e had a m e e t i n g w i th L i n d a McGowan, Cons umer Advocacy Manager, MVT Canadian Bus, Inc. about our HandyDart booking problem. The news is very positive, which would be good for our membership to start at 9:30am. We would be able to have a full program without the feeling that we have to cut the program short because of starting so late. That would be great! As it’s been difficult to have a full program starting at 10:30 am. Let’s hope this meeting will improve our program starting time. Feb. 24, 2011—We had speaker from ‘March of Dimes.’ Brent Page was very informative regarding the program they want to bring here from Ontario. Als o, Karel Ley (Delta Branch Director) came in to visit. It was nice to see her. She has attended some of our events. Like our picnic and Christmas dinner. Nice to see her on one of our program days, she also, is on the BLAST Committee. Key attended the Coquitlam Stroke Recovery meeting about the upcoming ‘Strides for Strokes,’ which we plan on joining this year. Seems we are all busy? Yes,

we are, there is always s omething that needs attention, when there is an upcoming event like annual ‘Strides for Strokes.’ There’s lots of work to be done and meetings to be had as this year ‘Strides’ will be in three place. I heard rumors that there could a fourth ‘Strides’ event? I’m not always informed on all that’s going on. We will have a ‘Easter Retreat,’ Building Life After Stroke Together (BLAST) on April 22-25, 2011 at the Lion’s Easter Camp Squamish in Brackendale, Squamish, BC. I just hope that members that haven’t been to Easter Camp will attend as this is an event that I wish our members could attend. A great weekend. You will make new friends and renew old ones, too. You will never regret it. Please tell your friends about the Squamish Easter Camp.

Our Jeanie is in Shanghai, China, attending a family wedding. Our members are doing their exercise via video. As with our volunteer shortage, I can’t lead the members in their exercise when Jeanie is away. I haven’t been able to multi task in more than one area. So, video is doing fine till Jeanie gets back. Our Loy came back from South Africa after Xmas. She had a great time. Only since she returned, she has come down with laryngitis. It’s been going around because I, also, had it for 2 weeks. It’s the ’virus’ of the season. It’s because of our warm then cold weather! Hopefully, I will be going to sunny land of Australia next month. Did I say sunny? ‘Down-under’ has had their share of weather problems as we have.

Welcome, Dianne Shaylor to our group! Dianne has been a member for many This will be my 9th time as a years to a couple of volunteer at Easter Camp. branches. She came with Even though as a volunteer gifts, loads of goodies! one doesn’t have much Coffee, tea, juice, crackers, spare time to watch people cookies, etc. A care packhaving fun and enjoying age! Ahhh. Very nice! Not events. It’s heartwarming to only the goodies but she watch and worth getting at also brought a ‘piggy bank’ 7am and working till 11pm. for our members to donate Worth the time spent their pennies to go toward volunteering. Eas ter Camp “There’s life after stroke”

BLAST! What a great idea! Our members are very helpful. They help in anyway they can like setting up the tables and chairs: Cons tantino s tarts his mornings by setting up coffee cups, tea and snacks. He and Orlando also put the tables and chairs away at the end of our program. George does the blood pressure test for members. Nancy helps in the kitchen after the program. Jeanie does the exercise, Athena takes lunch orders. Jose does our monthly newsletter. Anyone that can help, does it freely. They really just wanted to help… We have a new volunteer!!! Katlin, she is Key’s granddaughter. Katlin is getting volunteer experience from being a help to our group. Volunteering is very helpful when one is looking for work. Showing one has some work experience. I’m sure her experience with us will be helpful when she is hunting for a real and paid job. Next month maybe??? Key will be writing here. As, I hope, I hope to be in Australia. —Ollie Stogrin Templeton Stroke Recovery

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Volume 10, Issue 131

Str o k e Re c o ve r e r ’s Re vi e w

February 2011 Page 4


EASTER CAMP BLAST Additional Info... More volunteers: MOVING AHEAD CONDUCTIVE CONSULTING —Anne Wittig CE conductor. The conductor looks at what the individual can already do and from there det ermines the next step of the individual’s development. This is a positive outlook on a disability, helping to gene-rate success and confidence. Conductive Education acknowledges that one is never too young or too old to start learning new skills. CE emphasizes that the way new skills are learned is unique to the individual and requires flexibility, with a positive and encourage teaching method. Learn more, at website:

Alice McSweeney and Karel Ley dropped in to see Martha in VGH. Martha will be in rehab until the end of March and she would appreciate some visitors after 5 pm each weekday and anytime on weekends. Martha still

manages to get on the computer daily, so messages of good wishes can still be sent to her th e r e . T h e y took in a few BLAST posters for Martha to share . —Karel Ley Delta Stroke Recovery

ACTUAL GOLF SIGN in Scotland 1. Back s traight, knees bent, feet s houlder width apart. 2. Form a loose grip. 3. Keep your head down. 4. Avoid a quick back swing. 5. Stay out of the water. 6. Try not to hit anyone. 7. If you are taking too long let others go ahead of

DIVERSITY, DISABILITY AND INCLUSION— Brent Page is presently located in Ontario. Karel Ley, in the spirit of BLAST has arranged for him to come to Templeton Branch, Fe. 24/11 to speak about Conductive Education (CE). He will be moving to Vancouver and has kindly offered to join us for the entire BLAST experience. He worked 30 years for people with disabilities with Canadian Red Cross and March of Dimes, Ontario. Learn more at website: BLAST volunteers: Learn more, at website: Colleen Fraser Whistler Healing Arts Heather Bras combe Abilities Neurological Rehabilitation

you. 8. Don’t stand directly in front of others.

Teri Damiani Yoga2go

9. Quiet pleas e. While others are preparing.

Elizabeth Dao UBC Brain Behavior Lab

10.Don’t take extra strokes. Well done. Now, flush the urinal, wash your hands and go outside, and tee off. —Submitted by Margaret Hansen Coquitlam Stroke Recovery

—Deb Chow Templeton Stroke Recovery

 “Challenges can be stepping stones or stumbling blocks. It’s just a matter of how you view them.”

“There’s life after stroke”

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Volume 10, Issue 131

Str o k e Re c o ve r e r ’s Re vi e w

February 2011 Page 5


J-NOTES...Jose Suganob

W. Stephan, NSSRC—West Vancouver Group

I have heard it said that if you have bad manners, to be yourself is not the solution but the problem. How can that be? Openness? Honesty? It seems that ‘manners’ do not depend on the individual but on society. ‘Good’ manners are different in North America than in (for example) Japan or China. (Japan: avoid #4, such as the 4th floor in hospital or hotels; avoid to stick chopsticks into rice). I would s uspect that combing your hair with your fork or using a toothpick to get the wax out of your ear and smelling your underarms in a fine-dining restaurant is not considered good manners anywhere. This short list of bad behaviors, that should be

avoided, is disgusting! Regrettable. I have a few more examples of bad behavior: playing with spoons on your teeth, gargling wine at the family reunion or indeed anywhere playing with your portable video game player during a funeral. Enough? A more complete lis t of ‘bad behavior’ can be found at: humor/life/twenty-badmanners-that-we-could-dowithout History is full of complaints of s omeone or other decrying the decline of morals and manners. The Greek philosophers did it. The Roman senators did it. Shakespeare portrayed in his writing young boys as armed and unemployed tough’s, roughing up citizens and provoking fights. It is said that at the end of the 19th century and also in the 1950’s the people in larger cities barely dared to travel d o w n to w n a f te r d a r k because of the lack of order there. Today, older people

WHEN GOD CREATED HUSBAND jokeonly While creating husbands, God promised women that good and ideal husbands would be found in all corners of world.

And, then, he made the earth round. That God— he’s such a joker. —Submitted by Carol Roycroft Burnaby Stroke Recovery

complain about younger people, who are disassociated from the world by I-pods and by living in a virtual world. Here are the most common mistakes in business manners: Failing to follow the dress code Excessive drinking Inappropriate table manners. How do we get rid of bad manners? The Internet gives us some hints, for example: We should stop chewing food with our mouth open. Be polite on the phone. Never cut into line-ups. Always remember proper manners. Therefore, if you happen to be on a sinking ship with too few lifeboats, take one lifeboat and slip quietly away. There is going to be a terrific fuss among the drowning passengers. It is rude to listen to their screams and complaints which are not your concern. —by Werner Stephan, NSSRC, West Vancouver Group

QUOTES: Life is like a hot bath. The longer you stay in it, the more wrinkled you get. There are two motives for reading a book; 1. You enjoy it. 2. You can boast about it.

“There’s life after stroke”

HANDYDART HELP Last issue of the newsletter I wrote about the HandyDart booking problem we are having and we don’t know where to go to get help. I found out, from another bran ch, that Linda McGowan, still there as C o ns u m e r A dv o c ac y Manager of MVT Canadian Bus, Inc. Valerie and I met with Linda and discussed the problem in early booking . And, she said she will do what she can do to solve this problem. I hope so, too. —Jose Suganob

Linda McGowan

Consumer Advocacy Mgr. Office phone: 604-575-6619 Fax: 778-397-2566 Cell: 778-772-4431 MVT Canadian Bus Inc 17535 55B Avenue Surrey, BC V3S 5V2

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“Dedicated to Excellence” Vol. 10, Issue 131 February 2011 SIGN UP NOW!!! EASTER CAMP—(BLAST) April 22-25, 2011 For info, visit website: