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Vol. 11, Issue 136

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Volume 11, Issue 136


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1/2 kilo( 1 lb) . Pork, cut in cubes

She believed she could so she did.

“Well,” said the doctor, “I examined her and told her she was pregnant.”

1/2 kilo (1 lb) . Chicken, cut into pieces 1 head ........... Garlic, minced 1/2 ................. Yellow onion, diced 1/2 cup .......... Soy sauce 1 cup.............. Vinegar 2 cups ............ Water 1 tsp .............. Paprika 5 ................... Bay leaves 4 tbsp ............ Cooking oil 2 tbsp ............ Cornstarch Salt and pepper to taste 3 tbsp ............ Water Directions: 1.In a big saucepan or wok, heat 2 tbsp of oil, then sauté the m ince d ga rlic a nd onions.

Cindy Crawford said: The face you have at age twenty-five is the face God gave you, but the face you have after fifty is the face you earned.

“Doctor,” exclaimed the receptionist, “That can’t be!”

What were the family names of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet?

Do not live life sad…

Answer: Capulet.



The Doctor (jokeonly) The doctor’s receptionist was startled when a nun stormed out of the doctor’s office and left.

2.Add the pork and chicken to the pan. Add 2 cups of water, 1/4 cup of soy sauce, vinegar, paprika and bay leaves. Bring to a boil. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes or when the meat is tender.

She asked the doctor what

3.Remove the pork and chicken from the saucepan and on another pan, heat cooking oil and brown the pork and chicken for a few minutes.


“Of course not,” he said, “but it certainly cured her hiccups.”

Good humor, Laughter. Rest. Happiness. These replenish health and bring long life. The happy person has the gift to improve the environment wherever they live. “Good humor saves us from the hands of the doctor.” —submitted by Loy Lai, Templeton Stroke Recovery

Templeton Newsletter Mailing Address: 204– 2929 Nootka Street, Vancouver, BC V5M 4K4 Canada Published every month, if possible. Contributions are always welcome. The articles should be in, not later than day 25th of every month. Disclaimer: The views expressed in Stroke Recoverer’s Review newsletter: articles, submissions and spotlights are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Templeton Stroke Recovery or the editor of Stroke Recoverer’s Review. Editor reserves the right at any time to make changes as it deems necessary. It is the purpose of this periodical to share a variety of viewpoints mostly from stroke survivors. July 2011 Contributors: Loy Lai Ollie Stogrin Werner Stephan Carol Roycroft Jose Suganob

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“Physical beauty is like a bottle of coke, it turns stale with time. The mind is like a bottle of wine,

“There’s life after stroke”

The longer it is kept the better it becomes.

Slow and steady wins the race, this is version of the story that we’ve all grown up with.

4.Mix the browned pork and chicken back to the saucepan a nd a dd co rns t a rch (dissolved in water to thicken).

But, by this time, turtle and hare had become pretty good friends and they did some thinking together . Both realized that the last race could have been run much better. So, the turtle and the hare decided to do the last race again, but to run as a team this time.

5.Add salt and/or pepper if desired. Bring to a boil then simmer for an additional 5 minutes. Serve hot with the adobo gravy & rice. Enjoy!

They started off at the riverbank, and this time hare carried the turtle on his back. There on river, the turtle swam across with the hare on his back. The hare carried the turtle on his back and reached the finish line TOGETHER.

Note: Option to add crushed ginger to the onions & garlic when sauteing. Ginger add a unique flavor to your adobo.

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Turtle and Hare


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Laughing Why Timothy?


Jose Notes Lies


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Volume 11, Issue 136


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Summer has arrived! I know it has, I have seen the sun 3 days in a row? I can hardly believe it, as everyone knows, it has not been a great summer to me. It seems, it should only be April. It seemed the weather wasn’t even good for outings. Although, we did manage to go to Edge Water Casino on July 7th and it didn’t rain! We had a ‘few winners’ and everybody had a nice fun day, quite different from our ‘Strides for Strokes’ day where looking at the photos everyone looks so COLD! And that was in June which should be the start of our summer. Finally, summer arrived July 28th!!! Just in time for our picnic at Trout Lake. What a wonderful day it turned out to be. In more ways than

one, not just the sunshine, the food, as always, was so good! And so much of it. We could of fed another 40 people. But most of all, we had all those wonderful members from other groups that came. They came from West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Killarney, Delta and Douglas Park. We had the site booked from 10 am to 2 pm only. We were still there until 3:30 pm—that says ‘people had a nice time.’ We played horseshoes and bocci. Some played cribbage. Others just sat and visited us which also was nice as the members were getting to know one another from other groups. I would love for the picnic become a yearly ‘get-together’ for the SRABC. As everyone just seems to enjoy attending our picnic. I think? They enjoy just the visit (just sitting, watching and listening other members from other groups). Our Joann, who once was our weekly volunteer, came to volunteer (she has been volunteering at Xmas dinner for the last 10 years, since 2000) and comes to our picnic with her famous ‘peanut butter cookies.’ How about that for a long time volunteer?! That’s just so great. Unfortunately, she can’t volunteer weekly, but its great to have her come two times a year. Thanks again, JoAnn!

employment the experience of working with seniors and handicapped people. This kind of interactions (seniors and handicapped people) can lead to work in the health field jobs. We have a number of volunteers that are now working in the health field because of volunteering for us. It may be of help for the volunteer and it’s definitely a great help to us or any ‘stroke recovery group.’ We also give references for anyone that puts in 3 months of volunteering for us, everybody gains. In June, we had three (3) birthdays! Very unusual to have 3 birthdays in a row in one month. Only Wanda attended the Thursday program and, of course, she came with a beautiful cake! Thank you again, Wanda! Also, Gabriel a brought a cake the following week. We get so spoiled! All these goodies!! Key had visitors, her niece, her husband and baby from Winnipeg on their way to Hawaii! What a treat. Jeanie is baby sitting her grandson. Loy didn’t even make it to the picnic as she has company and I’m expecting company from Aussie in September. So many people are so busy, summer will be over before we turn around. Have a good summer, see you next month. -Ollie Stogrin Templeton Stroke Recovery

Speaking of volunteer, Jeanie’s sister, Julie has come as a volunteer to Templeton until she finds employment. She is such a help and we also have Katelyn. She also has helped out at Xmas. We really appreciate having them helping us. Everyone is busy working at paid employment. I would like to remind anyone who reads our newsletter that volunteering for ‘stroke recovery groups’ gives anyone looking for “There’s life after stroke”

Trout Lake Picnic 2011 Page 3

Volume 11, Issue 136


July 2011 Page 4



Some people think laughing is a waste of time. It is a luxury, they say, a frivolity, something to indulge in only every so often. Nothing could be further from the truth. Laughing is essential to our equilibrium, to our well-being, to our aliveness. If we’re not well, laughing helps us get well; if we are well, laughing helps us stay that way.

There were two Catholic boys, Timothy Murphy and Antonio Secola, whose lives parallel each other in amazing ways. In the same year, Timothy was born in Ireland, Antonio was born in Italy.

Scientific studies have shown that laughter has a curative effect on the body, the mind and the emotions. So, if you like laughing, consider it sound medical advice to indulge in it as often as you can. If you don’t like laughter, then take your medicine—laugh anyway. Use whatever makes you laugh—movies, sitcoms, Monty Python, records, books, cartoons, jokes, friends (funny). Give yourself permission to laugh - long and loud and out loud - whenever anything strikes you as funny. The people around you may think you’re strange, but sooner or later they’ll join in even if they don’t know what you’re laughing about. Some diseases may be contagious, but none is as contagious as the cure...laughter!

Faithfully, they attended parochial school, from kindergarten through their senior year in high school. They took their vows to enter the priesthood, early in college and upon graduation become priests. Their careers had come to amaze the world, but it was generally acknowledged that Antonio Secola was just a wee cut above Timothy Murphy in all respects.

from the chimney and the world waited to see whom they had chosen. The world, Catholic, Protestant and secular was surprised to learn that Timothy Murphy had been elected Pope! Antonio Secola was beyond surprise. He was devastated because even with all of Timothy’s gifts, Antonio knew he was just a bit better qualified. With gall that shocked the Cardinals, Antonio Secola asked for a private session with them, which he candidly asked, “Why Timothy?”

Their rise through the ranks of Bishop, Archbishop, and finally, Cardinal was swift to say the least, and the Catholic world knew that when the present Pope died, it would be one of the two who would become the next Pope.

After a long silence, an old Cardinal took pity on the bewildered man and rose to reply, “We knew you were the better of the two, but we just could not bear the thought of the leader of the Roman Catholic Church being called POPE SECOLA!”—jokeonly

In time the Pope did die, and the College of Cardinals went to work. In less time than anyone had expected, white some rose

—Submitted by Carol Roycroft Burnaby Stroke Recovery

TOWN MORAL jokeonly


Sarah, the self-appointed supreme authority of the town’s moral, stuck her nose into everyone’s business.

I used to phone long distance to my relatives in the Philippines and it cost me a bundle. Internet-based and cable-based phones are now found in more than one million Canadian homes.

She made a mistake, however, when she accused her neighbor, George of being an alcoholic after spotting his pickup truck parked in front of a bar one afternoon. “George, everyone who sees it there will know what you’re doing.” she told him in front of their church group. George ignored her and walked away. Later that evening, he parked his pickup truck in front of Sarah’s house and left it there all night. “There’s life after stroke”

Skype, a free program that allows users to make unlimited calls to other Skype users, and charges an added fee when you call cell phones or land line. Last summer, Google did Skype one better by adding their Internet telephone service, Google Voice, to Gmail and offering unlimited free calls to any number in North America. Page 4

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Our picnic was bless with sunshine. Early in the week everybody was tuned to weather forecaster news, sunny or rainy??? So, when the sun was shining early morning of picnic day, I was happy. Maybe it’s the start of summer, we’ll see!

Have you heard the saying: ‘If all else fails, don’t overlook the possibility of telling the truth?’ Or remember the writer George Orwell, who wrote: ‘In time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act?’

Stroke Survivors and guests from North Vancouver (Werner, Deborah, Sue, Ray), Killarney (three stroke survivors, sorry, I forget get their names), Delta (Karel and Blair), Martha (Douglas Park). Made a Smilebox of the picnic (Photos and video of the picnic). More a decade of late booking problem , HandyDart finally gave us early booking so that our stroke recovery programs can start on time. We want to thank you, to Dwight D. Sayer and Linda McGowan. —Jose Suganob

Some time ago, an Internet site asked: Who can lie more successfully, men or women? One of the answers: The one with the most experience, of course. The magazine (The Atlantic, 06/07/10) asked what they (whoever ‘they’ maybe; the media, the politicians, anybody?) are lying about. The answer is everything. Some of their examples: A customer service representative will be with you shortly (who believes it?) Global warming (not whether or not it happens, but why) It is good for you (Yeaah right)

example) We should learn to recognize ‘deflectors’ who deliberately are not answering the question you asked but one which you didn’t ask. Illustrators and manipulators: Illustrators are using hand gestures while they are talking. This might be a sign of the answer be true. Manipulators are the opposite; they tend to play with their wrist-watch or jewelry or pulling an earlobe, etc. Mind exaggerated details because too many details may indicate a desire to get you to believe the lie. Notice a person’s eye movement (shifty eyes) There are many more signs to detect lies but it takes an expert to correctly interpret them. For most of us, our instinct will have to do to detect lies. Also, we have to be aware of cultural differences. Caution: If we become too efficient in detecting lies, we might not have any friends. Also, why lie? Just re-define the meaning of a word or even of the whole question!

One web-discussion concerned about philosophy and society asked: ‘How to lie successfully?’ The answer: To redefine the meaning of words or to distort the question to create a believable lie.

Somebody else is supposed to have advised: ’Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they (the people) will believe it.’ No, I won’t tell you who said it, just guess!

To have access to a polygraph (lie detector) certainly helps to detect lies, but even a polygraph is only about 90% accurate. Also, there are some very bad polygraph examiners out there with no training whatsoever.

—by Werner Stephan, North Shore SRC,

So, how do we detect lies? Ask the experts ( Does the answer make sense? (some use the environmental movement as an “There’s life after stroke”

Some of Picnic Volunteers!

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