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Turtle’s Soup

We are a fun & quirky stationery and gift brand that emphasizes eccentricity with bright and bold colors, whimsical design, plentiful puns, and just a splash of sarcasm. Our high-quality, one of a kind vinyl stickers, greeting cards, and more are destined to delight your customers and have them coming back for more!

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3-10 Vinyl Stickers

Our minimum opening order is $150 and re-orders are $100.

To place an order, please reach out to your local sales representative.

11 Special Stickers

Most of our products are sold in case packs of 4 or 6 items per design, with some exceptions. In the event that your order does not meet the minimum required per design, it will be rounded up to the next multiple.

Phone: 416-441-9696

PAYMENT We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

INVOICES Invoices will be sent via email upon shipment. A physical copy will also be included with your order.

12 Sticker Packs


13 Iron-On Patches


14-17 Enamel Pins

Any back orders totaling less than $50 will be automatically removed from your order.

18-20 Greeting Cards

For all other back orders, we will keep you updated on their return to stock.

21-22 Pinback Buttons 24 Art Prints 25 Notes

SHIPPING Orders ship FOB from our warehouse in Tucson, Arizona via UPS, unless otherwise specified. We generally ship all orders within 1-2 weeks. During busy holiday periods, our shipping timelines may exceed the original estimate. Should that occur, we will do our best to keep you informed and up to date on when your order will ship.

RETURNS & CONCERNS Any damaged, incorrect, or missing items must be reported within 10 days of receipt of order. Returns will only be accepted with prior authorization by Turtle’s Soup. Please email us regarding any issues at

PACKAGING By default, our vinyl stickers, special stickers, and pin back buttons are packed loose and do not include product packaging.


best sellers

newest additions


S-001 oh whale

S-002 too coo pigeon

S-003 funny cat butt

S-004 retro boombox

S-005 unicorn of the sea

S-006 seal of approval

S-007 pug life

S-008 feeling lucky cat

S-009 good vibes sloth

S-010 lazy sloth friends

S-011 unicorn sloth floatie

S-012 flamingo otter floatie

S-013 panda swan floatie

S-014 alligator donut floatie

S-015 corgi pizza floatie

S-016 roller skater

best sellers

newest additions


S-017 unicorn of the sea

S-018 kawaii donut cat

S-019 kawaii ice cream cat

S-020 kawaii cupcake cat

S-021 kawaii orange pop cat

S-022 lazy sloth friends

S-024 time for adventure

S-024 don’t be a prick cactus

S-025 saguaro cactus cat

S-026 barrel cactus cat

S-027 prickly paw cactus cat

S-028 cholla cactus cat

S-029 cute corgi butt

S-030 magical unicorn

S-031 pizza is forever

S-032 mornings are for coffee

best sellers

newest additions


S-033 be loud megaphone

S-037 meowgical kitty

S-034 floral bee kind

S-038 no prob-llama

S-035 cool fine apple

S-039 roam free buffalo

S-036 layin out sun

S-040 taco bout it

S-041 stop badgering me

S-042 chihuahua taco dog

S-043 dachshund hot dog

S-044 danger noodle snake

S-045 happy camper

S-046 take a hike

S-047 explore more compass

S-048 just peachy

best sellers

newest additions


S-049 aww nuts squirrel

S-050 barrel cactus cat

S-051 holy guacamole

S-052 go away coffin

S-053 garden gnome

S-054 rainbow kitty

S-055 retro rocket ship

S-056 90’s rad

S-057 happy little axolotl

S-058 boba kittea cat

S-059 strawberry pocky cat

S-061 cotton candy cat

S-062 little planet

S-063 tropical palm island

S-064 oh deer

S-065 sunflower

best sellers

newest additions


S-066 cowboy fish

S-067 dino-mine dinosaur

S-068 skater turtle

S-069 trash panda raccoon

S-070 don’t give a dam beaver

S-071 wildflowers

S-072 pink floral pig

S-073 bad ass donkey

S-074 snailed it

S-075 sweet watermelon

S-076 sugar skull

S-077 bite me shark

S-078 easy peasy lemon

S-079 woodland toad planter

S-080 woodland turtle planter

S-081 woodland dino planter

best sellers

newest additions


S-082 skull planter

S-083 bookworm

S-084 chill bear

S-085 stay weird

S-086 firefly jar

S-087 how’s it growing

S-088 radiate positivity

S-089 stress less panda

S-090 hot stuff pepper

S-091 junk food octopus

S-092 bicycle cat

S-093 keyboard kitty

S-094 daily driver

S-095 go outside

S-096 hiking tortoise

S-097 wanderer butterfly

best sellers

newest additions


S-098 happy daisy

S-099 ducks in a row

S-100 desert outrun

S-101 camel juice box

S-102 cat fishing

S-103 rainbow chameleon

S-104 ride the waves dolphin

S-105 camping tent

S-106 frolicking forest fox

S-107 bear and the trees

S-108 get lost

S-109 i’m a fungi mushroom

S-110 kind of a big dill

S-111 just loafing around

best sellers

S-112 turnip the beet

S-113 hygge

newest additions


SS-001 fancy ghost (glow in the dark)

SS-004 come in peace (holographic)

SS-007 orchid mantis (glitter)

best sellers

SS-002 bubble gum zebra (holographic)

SS-005 desert coyote (holographic)

SS-008 future is bright (glitter)

SS-003 dreamy desert scape (holographic)

SS-006 happy as a clam (holographic)

SS-009 magical moonlight (holographic)

newest additions


best sellers

newest additions


P-001 otter this world

P-002 magical unicorn

P-004 come in peace

EP-005 kittea cat teacup

best sellers

P-003 donut kitty

EP-006 just peachy

newest additions



EP-004 rainbow cat (glitter)

EP-001 just peachy

EP-002 lit fire (glitter)

EP-003 garden gnome

EP-004 kittea cat (glitter)

EP-005 hiking tortoise

EP-006 alligator donut float EP-007 unicorn sloth floatie (glitter) (glitter)

EP-008 mountain

EP-009 pumpkitten patch (glitter)

EP-010 fancy ghost (glitter)

best sellers

EP-011 desert outrun

newest additions


EP-012 sugar skull

EP-013 skull planter

EP-014 easy peasy lemon

EP-015 wildflowers

EP-016 desert coyote

EP-017 ice cream cone cat

EP-018 future is bright (glitter)

EP-019 happy cactus

EP-021 retro rocket ship (glitter)

EP-023 happy as a clam (glitter)



C-001 happy garden gnome C-002 soak it up pizza floatie C-003 you’re otter this world C-004 you are meowgical (friendship) (birthday) (birthday) (celebration)

C-008 on point cactus (birthday)

C-005 desert cactus cats (birthday)

C-006 you’re sweet cats (friendship & thanks)

C-007 funny dinomite (birthday)

C-009 purrfect cat party (birthday)

C-010 holy guacamole (birthday)

C-011 yee haw cowboy fish C-012 love you meowy much (love & anniversary) (birthday)

best sellers

newest additions


C-015 woolly like you (love & anniversary)

C-016 octopi my heart (love & anniversary)

C-017 let’s go on an adventure C-018 cuter than a corgi butt C-019 succulent & cacti (note & friendship) (love & anniversary) (note)

C-020 falling for you (love & anniversary)

C-013 love you beary much C-014 significant otter (love & anniversary) (love & anniversary)

C-021 succulent aloe there (note & friendship) best sellers

C-022 nuts about you (love & anniversary)

newest additions

C-023 happy hello smiles (note & friendship)

C-024 thank you berry much (note & friendship)


C-025 you’re hot peppers (love & anniversary)

C-026 got my eyes on you (love & anniversary)

C-027 happy bday earthling (birthday)

C-028 you’re my boo (love & anniversary)

C-029 narwhal balloons (happy birthday)

C-030 turtley awesome (lhappy birthday)

C-031 hang on sloth (birthday)

C-032 happy bday snake (birthday)

best sellers

newest additions


B-001 bee kind

B-002 adventurous

B-003 otter this world

B-004 lookin’ sharp

B-005 turtley awesome

B-006 kind of a big dill

B-007 oh whale

B-008 need my space

B-009 don’t be a prick

B-010 good vibes sloth

B-011 pug life

B-012 donut cat

B-013 you suck bat

B-014 cute corgi butt

B-015 come in peace

B-016 night agave

best sellers

newest additions


B-017 how I roll

B-018 meowgical kitty

B-019 taco bout it

B-020 fine apple

B-021 saguaro cactus cat

B-022 barrel cactus cat

B-023 cholla cactus cat

B-024 prickly paw cat

best sellers

newest additions




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Our 2020 Spring/Summer wholesale catalog has arrived. Featuring new product lines, re-mastered greeting cards on eco-friendly stock, and muc...

Turtle's Soup 2020 Spring/Summer Catalog  

Our 2020 Spring/Summer wholesale catalog has arrived. Featuring new product lines, re-mastered greeting cards on eco-friendly stock, and muc...