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Alameda group picture with our snazzy shirts!

7 hour bus ride‌.

‌.and yet he still smiles!

Thank you, Alameda Kiwanis! Thank you for sponsoring our trip to District Convention 2013. We had a lot of fun attending workshops, showing off our Key Club spirit and electing our 2013-2014 District Executive Board. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. With Kiwi Love, Alameda

Are we having fun yet?! :)

Key Club

DCON: Day 1

L-O-V-E, we love our LTG!

“DCON made me love Key Club so much more. DCON 2013 will always be the best and most memorable event I have ever attended.” - Bao Thai, member

Workshops can be fun! We‟ve got spirit, yes we do! We‟ve got spirit, how „bout you?!

Wakey-wakey, Sleepyhead.

DCON: Day 2

Alameda Kiwis looking good!


Motivational speaker Scott Greenberg taught us to “cut loose our sandbags”!

“I enjoyed being a delegate and electing our District Board. It was cool talking to the candidates and being able to express my opinion and concerns. It made me feel super important!” - Danica Liang, Vice President

DCON: Day 3 :(

Alameda Kiwis met ALYSSA YOCOM (Immediate Past District Governor) and CANNON JOYCE (Immediate Past District Treasurer)!

“This year's DCON was the most memorable one because it was my last DCON and I also got to spend it with most of the members! Even though I can‟t fly, I will always be a Kiwi!”” - Melissa Yip, I.P Vice President

Keyclubbers sure love to hug! :)

We have surfed the million waves of service and we have found one million reasons to serve! Thank you for helping us create these ripple effects of service.

At DCON, Alameda was recognized for:   

Membership Retention Increased Membership Outstanding Club Newsletter

"As it was my last DCON, this trip was truly unforgettable and I will always carry my experiences in Anaheim with me as I head off towards the future. Key Club and service will always stay in my heart.” - Scarlett Wu, I.P Co-president

Thank You, Alameda Kiwanis!  
Thank You, Alameda Kiwanis!  

Thank you for sponsoring us to go to DCON 2013. :) Love, Alameda Key Club