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Training Tips For Happy Dogs And Happy Owners! You can have a peaceful home if you train your dog correctly. Try out a few of the following suggestions. You may find life with your dog becomes less stressful this way. Your dog needs to have regular vet check-ups. If you are finding your dog is having difficulty with some aspects of training, or has regressed in his training, make sure he is in good health. Dogs are good at hiding discomfort and pain. Many times the only sign that a health problem exists are behavioral changes. If your dog suddenly forgets his potty training or behaves in an aggressive manner, you may be dealing with a bladder infection. killer deal While you can definitely teach an old dog any new tricks, keep in mind conditions or medical issues which can limit his capability to behave in certain ways. If your pet has problems with their bones or muscles, you should not expect them to be very active. Training is good for keeping a dog's brain active, which is helpful to old dogs. On the other hand, you need to make certain that exercise and training are not causing your older dog pain. In order to train a puppy to a leash, you must first place a collar around its neck during play. When he is comfortable in the collar, he'll be ready to learn how to walk on a leash, too. Dog training is a lifelong commitment. Command your dog to get into a seated position prior to being fed, petted or let outside. Reinforce your lessons in different settings so your dog understands he needs to obey all the time. If you only reinforce training at specific times, then it may not kick in during an emergency. If your dog is allowed to go inside, make sure there is a certain place designated for this purpose. Place a number of potty pads there, and then over time, migrate down to a single pad in the one spot you are okay with your dog going. Don't overlook check-ups for a pup. If you see your dog struggling or regressing with his training, ascertain that he is healthy. Dogs tend to be good at masking their pain. It's the small behavioral changes which may alert you to the problem. For instance, sudden aggression in an otherwise docile dog can indicate that he is in pain. Don't forget to praise good behavior. Get excited, smile, and give treats to help your dog relate the good behavior to something positive. Avoid rewarding improper behavior since the dog will relate this to positive reinforcement too. Try to avoid allowing your dog to bark out of boredom. A dog who barks when bored has an owner who is not attending to its needs. Obviously, the dog does not have a way to release it's energy. Play with the dog, walk him and exercise him frequently. When you are not around, give him some chew toys to distract him.

travel crates for dogs Spending the needed time to train a dog properly is sure to provide you with many happy hours of companionship. Substantial improvements in behavior are possible for even the most difficult dogs with consistent training. When you use what you've learned, success will be yours.

Training Tips For Happy Dogs And Happy Owners!  

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